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泉州治疗盆腔炎医院哪家便宜泉州看不孕不育哪家好“水”的译法(原版英语)泉州新阳光医院医院收费标准   ×我听见有三千年前的诗人们书写的、完好无损地流传至今的、有印度教士传授给得意门生的、有关爱情故事、战争和格言人口老龄化Aging of the Population -- ::01 来源: 人口老龄化Aging of the Population  Population officials and demographers have much to worry about China’s increasingly aging population. It is estimated that the proportion of people aged 60 or older in China will rise to .8 percent in . By the middle of this century, people aged beyond 60 will take up 7. percent of the total population — that means one out of every four people will be senior!  The aging population poses a serious challenge to families and the society. On the one hand, with families becoming smaller and living pace escalating, it is even graver families to care aged members adequately. On the other hand, aging causes a relative decline in working ce. Consequently, the productivity of the whole society will be affected to some extent.  The rapidity of the population’s aging has made it more urgent the adoption of countermeasures. There is no doubt that the key is to build a solid economic foundation. Meanwhile, importance should be attached to overall social progress by changing the backward situation in social security, welfare and service. What’s more, family care and commy-based services should also be encouraged.福建泉州新阳光女子医院贵吗

泉州三甲医院  . 我读过很多小说,在学校里所见所闻也不少,对于爱情自然就知道得很多泉州市妇幼医院到底好不好 你这头蠢驴!怎么会干出那种事儿来?福建医科大学附属第二医院是几甲

泉州做全面孕检多少钱At last the wind turned the ship towards me and now I cut all the way through the rope.终于又来了一阵风,大船向我靠近了一些,于是我割断了最后几股绳索。As fast as I could,I pushed my little boat along the side of the ship,desperate to get away before the ship crashed into me.我以最快的速度沿大船边缘推动我的小船,急于在大船撞上来之前逃开。Just as I gave the final push,my hand found a rope over the end of the ship.我刚推完最后一掌,我的手忽然碰到大船上挂下来的一条绳子。I don#39;t know why I took hold of the rope,but I did.我自己也不知道为什么要抓住绳子,但我已经这样做了。I pulled my boat near to the ship,then stood up to see through the cabin window.我拉住绳子往大船边靠,然后站起来从船舱的窗户往里看。I had wondered why the two men weren#39;t on deck,我原来不知道这两个人为什么没在甲板上,but one look through the window gave me my answer.不过我只看这一眼就全明白了。It was Israel Hands and the man in the red cap,now locked in battle,each with a hand round the other#39;s neck.伊斯莱尔·汉兹和那个戴红帽的正打作一团,互相扭着对方的脖子。I dropped down in the boat again,looking over my shoulder at the shore.我又跳回到座板上,扭头向岸上望去。And there,right behind me,was the pirate#39;s fire on the beach!就在我身后的海滩上是海盗们的篝火堆。Then the wind,with sudden violence,turned the Hispaniola,and my little boat with it,and we were both sailing fast into the open sea.忽然来了一阵大风,大船和小船被一起拉到了宽阔的海面上。关于《金银岛》小说描写了敢作敢为、机智活泼的少年吉姆·霍金斯发现寻宝图的过程以及他如何智斗海盗,历经千辛万苦,终于找到宝藏,胜利而归的惊险故事。 /201308/251908 年英语六级翻译指导及练习(5) --5 ::33 来源: 翻译策略  增词法  译文中添加一些原文没有的词句,表面上看似不忠实于原文,但仔细分析就会发现这些增加的词句所表达的意思并非无中生有,而是隐含在原文中的要知道,从一种语言文字向另一种语言文字转换,有时可以找到一种语言文字在另一种语言文字中的对等词,然而要想全部依赖对等词的转换来达到翻译的目的是几乎不可能的不同语言文字所持有的习惯决定了必须根据其中一种语言文字的习惯来适当地增词(或减词)达到多语言交际的目的如果机械地照字面意义直译,不仅不能表达原文的思想,精神与形象,而且还会使译文前后矛盾,闹出笑话试想,如把“七擒孟获”机械译成to catch capture Meng Huo 7 times,不同文化背景的外国读者就很难真正理解这个典故的内涵  例1 听到你平安的消息,非常高兴!  译文: I was very glad on hearing that you were in safety!(增补主语)  例 勤能补拙  译文: It is diligence that makes up the deficiency. (增补强调句里的it)  例3 对不起,打扰一下!  译文: Excuse me interrupting you!(增补作宾语的代词you)  除了在翻译时要注意及时增补语法功能词之外,有时还需要增补与汉语文化内涵相关的信息如:“三个臭皮匠,抵个诸葛亮”应当译文:Three cobblers with their wits combined equal Zhu Geliang, the master mind. 译文里the master mind就是个增补注释性表达否则外国人不可能知道Zhu Geliang是谁  减词法  减词是在不影响原意的情况下省略无关紧要的词语,避免拖泥带水如“他们开始研究近况,分析近况”中的两个“近况”可以省略一个,只译成They began to study and analyze the recent situation. 因为原汉语句中的两个“近况”是为了强调,但英文里如果也译成两个the recent situation,不仅显得罗嗦也不符合英文表达习惯  例1 这种制度,条件成熟的可以实行,条件不成熟的不要实行  译文:This system can be adopted where conditions are ripe and not otherwise.(省略原文中重复出现的词语)  例 我们要解决失业问题www.33.com考试就上考试大  译文:We should reduce unemployment.(省略范畴词“问题”)  例3 She laughed and then shrugged her shoulders.  译文:她大笑起来,然后耸了耸肩(省略物主代词“her”)  另外,有些汉语里的词语如果译成英文反而会影响英语修饰效果,必须在译成英文时省去如:“活到老,学到老”应该怎么翻译呢?  译文1:If we could live an old age, we should keep learning at the old age.  译文:We’d better keep on learning even though we are old.  译文3:Live and learn.  上面三种译法,大家认为哪一种可取呢?前两种是逐字翻译,将“老”字译出来,虽然说理解上不受影响,但总觉得说话拖泥带水,松散无力“活到老,学到老”是表示一种坚持不懈的精神,即:人无时无刻要学习译文3没有把“老”译出来,看似不忠于原文,但却充分传达了原文鼓励大家不懈努力,坚持学习的精神,而且语言生动简练,表达有力度,也符合英语习惯所以说,这句用减词法恰到好处  Exercise Six  1.In this way, I believe that all the people may be able to _______________ (像我一样享受乘坐公车的乐趣).  .By practicing these, I have been able to _____________ (在智育方面我一直能不断进步).  3.According to a recent survey, four million people ______________ (死于与吸烟有关的疾病)each year.  .______________(没有一项发明获得如此多的表扬和批评)than Internet.  5.An increasing number of people are beginning to realize ______________ (教育不能随着毕业而结束).  :  1. enjoy the bus ride like me  :“享受……的乐趣”直接用enjoy翻译即可“乘坐公交车”在这里相当于一个名词短语,应翻译成bus ride而不是take the bus如果将句子翻译成enjoy taking the bus,意思就与enjoy the bus ride稍有区别前者强调动态,表示某个动作的进行,后者强调静态,表示某一经常性习惯性做法  . make constant progress in intellectual education  :“不断进步”是指不断取得进步,“取得进步”用短语make progress“不断”应选择constant“在智育方面”作状语置于句末  3. die of diseases linked to smoking  :本句意为“由最近调查显示,每年有00万人死于与吸烟有关的疾病”“死于……”既可以用短语die of也可以用die from,但考生应注意两者用法上的区别“与……相关”可以选用related to,associated with,linked to  . No invention has received more praise and abuse  :本题考点是关于“没有……比……更……”的表达,前后比较的是物——“其他发明”与“因特网”它的基本结构是:no + sth. …more than…也可以用于人的比较,如:Of all the people I know, perhaps none deserves my respect more than Miss Chang, my English teacher5. that education is not complete with graduation  :“随着……而结束终结”要用be complete end with sth.,采用的是词性转换法将句中的动词“结束”转换成英语里的形容词complete当然,如果大家译成动词end也是可以的,即:that education cannot end with graduation另外,本句需填入的是一个从句,不能遗漏that泉州市无痛人工流产泉州引产哪家医院好



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