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Are you an evil supervillain? Are you looking for a new lair? Then check out this list of diabolical-looking buildings for some seriously sinister inspiration. They might look like dodgy dens from a James Bond movie, but they#39;re actually a bunch of awesomely creative, non-nefarious structures from around the world. The list contains everything from a dancing house in Prague and a train station in Lyon to a congress centre in Hangzhou and a research institute in Berlin. You#39;re sure to find some great design ideas.你是一个邪恶的大反派吗?你是否在寻找一个新的巢穴?不妨来看看以下这些风格阴暗、带有一丝邪恶气息的建筑。它们可能看起来像詹姆斯·邦德电影中避难的巢穴,但是事实上它们是来自世界各地一群赫然有创造力、无可挑剔的巧夺天工之作。这份表单从布拉格的舞蹈剧院到里昂火车站,杭州会议中心,再到柏林的研究所。你一定能从中发现一些伟大的设计灵感。#1 Buzludzha, Bulgaria保加利亚Buzludzha#2 Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, USA美国费城市政厅#3 Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok, Thailand泰国曼谷MahaNakhon大厦#4 Polygone Riviera, France法国Polygone Riviera购物中心#5 Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK英国格拉斯哥,河畔物馆#6 Former Research Institute For Experimental Medicine, Berlin, Germany德国柏林前实验医学研究所#7 Catholic Church, Paks, Hungary匈牙利柏加斯天主教堂#8 Bahnhof Office Built Into A Former Anti-Atomic Shelter, Stockholm, Sweden瑞典斯德哥尔,前防原子庇护所(现互联网办公室)#9 Maison St Cyr, Brussels, Belgium比利时布鲁塞尔Maison St Cyr#10 Fort Alexander (Plague Fort), Saint Petersburg, Russia俄罗斯圣彼得堡亚历山大堡#11 Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, Clermont-Ferrand, France法国克莱蒙·费朗大教堂#12 Dc Tower I, Vienna, Austria奥地利维也纳Dc Tower#13 The National Library Of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus白俄罗斯明思克国家图书馆 /201701/488334I#39;m just sitting here in my room today, listening to music while it rains outside my window, and I can#39;t stop thinking about how happy I am and how great my life is. There#39;s nothing particularly special about it - I#39;m not rich or famous, I#39;m not exceptionally talented, and I don#39;t do anything particularly fabulous for a living. But I feel somewhat organized, I have a clean room and a car and a job, and most of all what makes it great is the mere fact that I feel happy.今天我坐在自己的房间里,听着音乐,窗外下着雨,我不由得感到自己是多么愉快、生活是多么美妙。尽管我不是什么大富大贵,社会名流,也没有智力超群,或是做什么伟大的事情来营生。但是我感觉一切井井有条,我有一个干净的房间、一辆车以及一份工作。但是最重要的是,我单纯觉得快乐。I know this may not seem like the most interesting story in the world, but when I was twelve, I was deeply suicidal.我知道这看起来不像是什么世间的奇闻异事,但是在我12岁的时候,我非常想自杀。I#39;m sharing my good mood today because I know there are tons of people out there who struggle with life.今天我和大家分享这种岁月静好的心情,是因为我知道还有很多人都遭受生活的苦楚和折磨。Not even necessarily the outward details of their lives, but the inner demons that exist within their minds.不仅仅有生活中的外在琐事给他们添堵,还有内心的怪兽在作祟。I want you to know - if that#39;s you - that the mere possibility of reaching a place of inner peace is worth it. It is worth hanging on for.我想让你们知道的是,很少有人能真正达到内心平和,但是这种为达到这种状态值得坚持磨炼。I was probably 25 when happiness and contentment became my default emotions. It took a long time, and it took a lot of change, pain and growth. But now that I#39;m here, it feels permanent. And the emotions of the past feel like they happened to someone else. They are so foreign and distant to me. For some, it may take even longer, and it may take even more. But I cannot imagine even for a second that the struggle wouldn#39;t be worth it if this is the end result.我可能直到25岁才让知足常乐变成一种情绪上的常态。这中间需要很长的时间,很多的改变,痛苦让你成长。现如今我的情绪变得稳定而长久,回忆起之前的种种好像是发生在别人的身上,对于现在我来说是那么的陌生和遥远。对于有些人来说,获得这种安定的心境要花更长的时间,做更多的改变。但是如果经历了所有折磨还是无法改变什么,结果一点都不值得,关于这个我想都不敢想。That#39;s it. I just wanted to share my positive vibes with everybody. The world can be an amazing place if you let it, and you can be an amazing person. You probably aly are. Good luck, and please never give up. I hope that today, you all feel a little bit of love. Thanks for ing.我想用这种积极的情绪感染大家。只要你想世界就会变得美好,同样的你也可以成为更好的人。也许你已经足够好了。那么好运,要保持不要放弃。我希望我的分享能够让你感觉到一点小温柔。感谢阅读。 /201702/490778

Law of Supply amp; Demand:供求规律:This is the founding block of economics.这是经济学的基石。Whenever supply of something increases its price decreases and whenever supply decreases price increases.物品供给增长则价格下跌,供应减少则价格上涨。Thus, when you have excess production of corn, food prices decrease and vice versa.因而谷物产量过剩,食物价格则下降;反之亦然。Think of this intuitively. You will find its applications in 1000s of places.凭直觉判断,你会发觉这条定律适应于千千万万个地方。Growth rate:增长率:The growth of an economy is commonly measured in terms of GDP growth rate.经济体的增长一般是依据国内生产总值增长率来衡量的。Since GDP is a measure of national income, this growth rate is a rough proxy for how an average person#39;s income grows every year.国内生产总值衡量国家的收入,所以增长率可以粗略衡量平均每人每年收入增长多少。Inflation:通货膨胀:You aly know that the price of most products now are higher than in your grandfather#39;s time.你知道现在大部分产品的价格比你祖父那时要高得多。Inflation (measured in percent) is measure of how much a bunch of products have increased in price from last year.通货膨胀(以百分比计)衡量自上一年起众多产品价格的涨幅。In mature economies, annual inflation is around 2% - that means on an average the prices of stuff goes up by 2% every year.成熟的经济体每年的通货膨胀率约为2%——即物品价格平均每年上涨2%。The fundamental role of central banks is to manage this rate and keep it to a low positive number.中央的基本作用即控制通胀率,确保其增长呈小幅态势。Interest Rates:利率:When you loan money to somebody, you expect something extra in return. This excess is called the interest.你借钱给别人时,你便会有额外的期待,这额外的部分就是利息。Interest rate is a positive number that measures how much excess you will get.利率是衡量你额外获益多少的一个正数。In the short term, this rate is usually set by the Central Banks.从短期来看,利率通常是由央行规定的。Right now it is close to zero. In the long term, this is set by the market and is dependent on inflation and the long term prospects of the economy.现在短期利率接近于0;从长期来看,利率是由市场决定的,取决于通货膨胀和长远的经济前景。The mechanisms in which the central banks control the short term rates is called monetary policy.央行控制短期利率的机制就叫做货币政策。Interest Rates vs. Inflation vs. growth:利率、通货膨胀和增长:There exists almost an inverse relationship between interest rates amp; growth and interest rates also can affect inflation directly.利率和增长呈反相关,利率也会直接影响通货膨胀。Thus, when you increase interest rates inflation tend to come down, along with growth.因此,提高利率时,通货膨胀会趋向缓和,增长也是如此。One is good and other is bad.一方得势,另一方就失势。Thus, the constant tension on setting the interest rates.因此,利率的规定有恒定的张弛。In the US, Federal Reserve sets the short term rates making it one of the most watched economic news.在美国,美联储制定短期利率是最受关注的经济新闻之一。Fiscal Policy:财政政策:Government can control the economy in a big way by adjusting its expenditure.政府能够通过调整开大力控制经济。The group of mechanisms using expenditure form the fiscal policy.花销机制形成财政政策。When government spends more it can lead to more demand and that means more price increase. This means both high growth and high inflation. And it works in the reverse too.政府出更多时,则会导致更大需求,即更多价格上涨,这也意味着高增长和高通胀;反之亦然。Thus, governments try to spend more during periods of low growth amp; low inflation and cut spending during periods of high growth amp; high inflation.因此,在低增长和低通胀期间政府就会设法加大开,而在高增长和高通胀期间政府就会削减开。 /201704/506033

While we all try to find happiness, sometimes we still end up feeling low. While most people can control this feeling, low moods (情绪) can stay with some, leading to depression (抑郁).虽然我们所有人都在努力寻求快乐,但有时我们还是会心情低落。尽管大多数人能控制好这种情绪,但一些人却会陷入其中,导致抑郁。About 322 million people suffered from depression in 2015, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February. This is more than 4 percent of the world’s population.据世界卫生组织2月发布的一项调查报告显示,2015年全球大约有3.22亿人饱受抑郁症的煎熬。这一数字已超过全球总人口的4%。Depression is described by the WHO as a mental disorder (精神病). It has several symptoms (症状) including sadness, loss of interest and feelings of low self-worth. In severe cases, depression may lead to suicide (自杀).世界卫生组织将抑郁症界定为一种精神疾病,表现为悲伤、丧失兴趣、感觉自己没有价值等多种症状。在严重的情况下,抑郁症可能会导致患者自杀。The number of people living with depression is increasing. The WHO reported a rise of 18.4 percent between 2005 and 2015. This is not only because the world’s overall population grew, but also because life expectancies (寿命) rose.郁抑症患者的人数正日益上升。世界卫生组织报告称,2005年至2015年这十年间,抑郁症患者的人数上升了18.4%。这并不仅仅是由于世界总人口的增长,更是因为人均寿命的增加。There are three age groups that are particularly likely to develop depression.有三类人群尤其容易患上抑郁症。One group is the elderly (年长的), while another group is women who are pregnant (怀的) or have just given birth.一种是老年人,还有一种是妇或者产妇。In addition, young people are another group known to suffer with depression. “The pressures on today’s youth are like no other generation, perhaps,” Dan Chisholm of the WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse told Reuters.除此之外,年轻人是已知的易患上抑郁症的第三类人群。“现今年轻人所承受的压力或许和之前几代人完全不一样,”世界卫生组织精神卫生和物质滥用部门的丹·奇泽姆在接受路透社采访时表示。In China, depression among young people is on the rise, Zhu Zhuohong, a psychology (心理学) professor with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told Xinhua News Agency. Competition to outperform others, especially in education, can cause a lot of pressure for Chinese youth.中国科学院心理学教授祝卓宏在接受新华社采访时表示,在中国,年轻人中抑郁症患者的数量正在不断增加。赶超他人的竞争,尤其在教育方面,会给中国年轻人带来巨大的压力。Almost 1.2 million Chinese people aged 15 to 24 suffer from depression, according to a report released by British science journal The Lancet in May.据英国科学期刊《柳叶刀》去年五月发布的一项报告显示,几乎有120万15-24岁的中国年轻人饱受抑郁症的困扰。“My parents always tell me my classmates are competitors. So I take them as my enemies and feel upset whenever I see them,” Xiao Min, a 14-year-old sufferer of depression, told Xinhua.“我的父母总是和我说,我的同学们都是竞争对手。所以我将他们视作敌人,每当我看见他们,我都会觉得难受,”今年14岁的抑郁症患者小敏(音译)在接受新华社采访时表示。Luckily, more and more efforts are being made to deal with this problem. This year’s World Health Day, held on April 7, will focus on depression. The day will highlight (强调) the “Depression: let’s talk” campaign. The campaign aims to make sure that people with depression both seek (寻求) and get help.幸运的是,为解决这一问题人们正在做出更多的努力。今年于4月7日举办的世界健康日关注的就是抑郁症这一主题。当天将启动一项名为“抑郁症:我们来谈谈”的活动,致力于确保抑郁症患者能够寻求并获得帮助。“We feel that this is a key first step. If we want to bring mental health, depression and other mental disorders out of the shadows (阴影), we need to be able to talk about them,” said Chisholm.“我们认为这是关键的第一步。如果我们不想让精神卫生、抑郁症和其他精神疾病躲在阴影里,我们(首先)需要能够谈论这些疾病,”奇泽姆表示。 /201704/503118

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