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福建泉州市人民医院开双眼皮手术多少钱福建整容医院Car-hailing apps in China中国的打车软件More than mobility不只是客运The ambitions of Didi Kuaidi, Ubers Chinese rival, go far beyond taxi-hailing作为Uber的竞争对手,滴滴快的不再只限于召唤出租车。FOREIGN internet giants often struggle in China. Facebook, Twitter and Google are largely irrelevant on the mainland. Uber, an American car-hailing app that is conquering markets everywhere else, is also finding China hard to crack. But unlike those other tech titans, the taxi disrupter is not being frozen out by unfair Chinese regulations favouring local firms. Ubers biggest problem is that it has encountered a world-class local upstart.国际互联网巨头经常在中国栽跟头。Facebook, Twitter和Google基本上都无法涉足这个市场。就连在世界其他地方都所向披靡的美国打车软件Uber(优步),也认为中国市场难以攻克。然而,不像其他科技巨头那样,Uber所面临的最大难题,不是中国政府对本土企业的偏袒政策,而是,它遇上了有世界级水平的本土竞争对手。Didi Kuaidi was forged last year by the merger of rival taxi-hailing apps controlled by Alibaba and Tencent, two Chinese internet giants. It now dominates Chinas online market for personal transport. Last year it arranged 1.4 billion rides in China, more than Uber has done worldwide in its history. It has perhaps two-thirds of the market for private-car rides (the source of most of its revenues) and provides a taxi-hailing service in several hundred cities. Uber, with a third of the market for private-car service, this week announced plans to expand to cover 55 Chinese cities. Both have spent heavily on subsidies to lure drivers to sign up.去年,由中国互联网两大巨头阿里巴巴和腾讯分别控制的滴滴打车和快的打车合并为滴滴快的。如今,它主导了中国线上个人交通市场,去年仅在中国就接单14亿次,比Uber过去在全球的战绩还要辉煌。滴滴快的已经占领了三分之二的私家出租车市场(也是其收入的主要来源)并为几百个城市提供了打车务。而为剩下三分之一的私家出租车市场提供务的Uber,本周宣布将扩张至55个城市。滴滴和Uber都在加大补贴以吸引司机的注册。Unlike Uber, which in China focuses on private-car services, Didi lets users select a taxi, private car, shared car, shuttle van or bus to pick them up. During next months Chinese New Year mass migration, when millions of travellers will encounter sold-out flights and trains, Didi will help users share intercity rides at prices comparable to train fares.不同于Uber在中国主要专注于私家出租车市场,滴滴让消费者有权利选择让什么车来接他们——出租、私家车、拼车、往返货车、甚至是公交车。在下个月的春运期间,数百万乘客可能买不到机票或火车票,滴滴软件则能向用户提供跨城拼车业务,价格与火车票相当。It has also forged alliances with, and invested in, Ubers rivals elsewhere: GrabTaxi in South-East Asia, Ola in India and Lyft in America. Jean Liu, Didis president and a former Goldman Sachs dealmaker, helped Didi raise billion to take on Uber. Soon half of the global market will be on her alliances technology platform, Ms Liu says, which will help both Chinese people travelling abroad and foreigners visiting China.滴滴还与Uber在全球的其他竞争者结成同盟或者投资他们:东南亚的Grab出租车,印度的Ola以及美国的Lyft。柳青,滴滴的董事长也是前高盛集团投资经理人,帮助滴滴筹集30亿美金来与Uber竞争。柳青表示,很快全球一半市场都将纳入她的联盟科技技术平台上,这既有助于中国人去国外旅行又便于外国人来访中国。But getting people from A to B is just the start of Didis ambitions. It plans to offer a variety of other services that make the most of its huge base of users and the trove of data it holds on them. On January 26th the firm announced an agreement with China Merchants Bank (CMB). A growing number of Didis drivers want to buy a new car, and many have a steady income thanks to the app, but often lack formal credit. Didi and CMB will start offering car loans—first to drivers, but in future perhaps to passengers as well.但是在两地间接送乘客仅仅只是滴滴野心的开端。滴滴还计划提供其他多种务,充分利用大规模的用户资源及其数据库。1月26日,公司宣布与中国招商达成合作协议。多亏了这一打的软件,许多司机都有了份稳定的收入,越来越多的滴滴司机想要买辆新车,但是常常缺乏正规信贷。滴滴与中国招商将开始提供汽车贷款——起初给司机,但是未来可能也会面向乘客。Didis app aly lets passengers book test drives of new cars on behalf of several carmakers, including Mercedes and Audi. Some 1.4m customers have taken one of 92 models for a spin since this service was launched in October.滴滴软件已经能让乘客预约多个汽车品牌的新车试驾,其中包括奔驰与奥迪。自十月提供了这项务以来,已有大约1400万用户从92款车型中挑选其中一款进行试驾。Perhaps Didis quirkiest new sideline is that of matchmaker. Hitch, its ride-sharing service, will soon allow drivers and passengers to select each other based on their shared interests. It aly has a deal with LinkedIn, to let people join up their accounts on the two networks. The intention of such initiatives is that white-collar workers, who often endure daily commutes of an hour or two, will have more fruitful journeys during which business, friendship and maybe even romance will develop.也许滴滴最奇特的附加业务是做介绍人。滴滴顺风车,这一拼车务将会允许司机与乘客基于共同的兴趣选择彼此。滴滴已经与LinkedIn(领英)达成协议,可为用户提供两个网站的账户合并。这些举措的初衷是为每日需在上下班路上花费一两个小时的白领工作者提供更多收获的旅程,而在通勤路上,他们可以拓展商务关系、发展友谊甚至邂逅浪漫的爱情。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:王丹培 amp; 鲁城华 译文属译生译世 /201602/426676福建省泉州泉港区手臂脱毛 Terror inCanada加拿大国内的恐怖主义Losing your immunity失去免疫力Attacks on soldiers in a mainly tranquil land stir talk of global action against terror士兵在一片宁静的土地上遭受袭击引发了全球有关反恐行动的讨论IT WAS a sombre Stephen Harper who addressed Canadians on October 22nd. A lone gunman had fatally shot a young soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in the capital,Ottawa, and then entered Canadas parliament building where he was killed. The prime minister linked the shooting to the murder earlier in the week of another Canadian soldier. Both, he said, were a grim reminder that Canadais not immune to the type of terrorist attacks seen around the world.10月22日,加拿大总理斯蒂芬·哈珀向全加拿大人民发表了一次沉重的讲话。在渥太华,一名持者射杀了一位守卫在国家战争纪念碑旁的年轻士兵,并进入附近的会议大楼,最终在楼内被击毙。总理将此次击案和本周早一些的另一起士兵被袭击的案件联系在一起。同时,他说,这冷酷地提醒着我们加拿大无法免疫在世界其他地方看到的那些恐怖袭击。His government would redouble its efforts to work with its allies in fighting terrorist organisations abroad, the Conservative prime minister vowed. It would also “take all the necessary steps” to identify and counter threats at home.保守党首相发誓,他的政府将与其盟国一起加倍努力,打击海外的恐怖主义;同时,他将“采取一切可能的行动”来识别和打击国内的威胁。In fact, this was not the first time Canadas parliament had been a target, nor was it the biggest terrorist attack in the countrys history. An inept bomber intent on killing as many MPs as possible blew himself up in the same building in 1966, and an armed man hijacked a bus and fired shots outside parliament in 1989. The 1985 bombing of an Air India flight to London from Toronto, in which 329 people died, remains the largest terror attack originating inCanada.事实上,加拿大议会大楼不是第一次成为恐怖袭击的目标,这次袭击也不是该国历史上最大的一次恐怖袭击。1966年,为了杀死尽可能多的议员,一架轰炸机在该大楼里引爆了自身携带的炸药;1989年,一名武装分子劫持了一辆公共汽车并在议会大楼外开;1985年,印度航空公司的一架从多伦多飞向伦敦的飞机炸毁,329人遇难,这是源自加拿大的最大的一起恐怖袭击。But two things gave this weeks strike added impact. It badly frightened MPs, most of whom had gathered for weekly caucus meetings in rooms on either side of the corridor where the gunman exchanged fire with security officers. They used furniture to construct makeshift barricades and had to remain shut away for hours. Second, it took place amid a heated debate over the Conservative governments decision to increase anti-terrorist powers at home and to join the military campaign led by the ed States against Islamic State in Iraq.但是有两件事加大了本次袭击的影响力。首先,它极大地恐吓了议员,当时大多数议员正在走廊两侧的房间里开每周例行的党团会议,而走廊里,手正与保安人员激烈交火。议员们用家具抵住大门,阻止手闯入,坚持了好几个小时。其次,此次袭击旨在强烈抗击保守党政府所做的加强国内反恐力量,以及加入美国领导的打击伊拉克极端组织“伊斯兰国”的军事行动的决定。Mr Harper chose to interpret the shooting as part of a broader bid by terrorist groups to bring “their savagery to our shores”. Missives from his office after the attack underlined this message. He had telephone conversations with President Barack Obama, and with Binyamin Netanyahu and Tony Abbott, the prime ministers of Israel and Australia. John Baird, the foreign minister, took up the theme of global solidarity against terror: he said in a tweet that he had told John Kerry,Americas secretary of state, “This is why were with you. This only makes our resolve stronger.”哈珀先生选择将此次击事件解释为恐怖组织“将他们的野蛮带向我们国家”的一次巨大冒险。事件发生后从他办公室流出的信件突出体现了这一观点。他分别与美国总统巴拉克?奥巴马,以色列总统本雅明?内塔尼亚胡和澳大利亚总统托尼?阿特通了电话。外交部长约翰·贝尔德提起了全球团结一致反恐的主题,他在一条tweet(即Twitter上的留言)里说,他告诉美国国务卿约翰·克里“这就是我们要和你们结盟的原因。袭击事件只会让我们更加坚定反恐的决心。”It was unclear as The Economist went to press whether the gunman, a Canadian named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, had links to any terrorist group, but he was described by a person who met him at a mosque in British Columbia as having a “disturbing” side, suggesting mental-health problems. Nor was there any sign of a link to Martin Couture-Rouleau, shot dead by police on October 20th after he struck two soldiers with his car, killing one, near a military academy in Quebec. Mr Couture-Rouleau was under sporadic surveillance and his passport had been seized because he was one of an estimated 130 Canadians whom the security services suspected of terrorist leanings. Mr Zehaf-Bibeau had also been barred from travelling.在《经济学人》付印时,我们还不能确定那位名叫迈克尔·泽哈夫·比的加拿大手是否与某一个恐怖组织有关,不过,据一个在不列颠哥伦比亚省清真寺见过他的人描述,他是一个“令人不安”的人,可能患有心理疾病。同时,也没有据表示该手与Martin Couture-Rouleau有联系。10月20日,在魁北克附近的军事学院,Martin Couture-Rouleau开着车向两名士兵开,并最终被击毙。Couture-Rouleau先生现在被不定时地监视着,并且被没收了护照,因为安全务部认为有130个加拿大人有恐怖主义领导人的嫌疑,而他是其中之一。Zehaf-Bibeau先生也被中断了旅行。The two main opposition leaders, Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats and Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, avoided making any political hay out of the incident, and neither posited any theory about a terrorist plot. “We woke up this morning in a country blessed by love, diversity and peace, and tomorrow we will do the same,” said Mr Mulcair, leader of the official opposition. Mr Trudeau referred to the gunman as a criminal and said that Canada was a nation of fairness, justice and the rule of law, and should not be intimidated into changing that.两大对立政党的领导人,新民主党的Thomas Mulcair和自由党的贾斯汀·特鲁多,都没有利用这次事件来达到什么政治目的,同时也没有提出任何有关恐怖阴谋的理论。“今天,我们在一个充满爱、多样性和和平的国度里醒来,明天我们仍会如此。”官方反对党领袖Mulcair先生这样说道。特鲁多先生认为手是一名罪犯,并说加拿大是一个公平、正义和法制的国家,不应该因为畏惧而改变这一点。Yet intimidation seemed contagious. Legislatures across the country boosted security, as did some large cities like Toronto. An ice-hockey game scheduled for October 22nd in Ottawa between two National Hockey League teams was cancelled. In the province of Quebec, soldiers were warned they could be targets and should avoid wearing their uniforms when off duty.然而,恐惧是会传染的。立法机构在全国范围内推动加强安全措施,就像多伦多这样的大城市做的那样。原定于10月22日在渥太华举行的两国冰球联盟赛被取消了。在魁北克,士兵们被提醒他们仍有可能是别人的目标,且不当值时最好不要穿制。Such an atmosphere will make it easier for the government to pass counterterrorism legislation which would give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service a freer hand to pursue investigations and work with foreign counterparts. Yet that will not deal with one immediate problem revealed by the gunman—security in the parliamentary precinct. In the days ahead, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the national force responsible for guarding Parliament Hill, will have to explain how it was possible for an armed man to walk across the lawn in broad daylight and gain access unhindered into Canadas seat of government. It should surely be possible to prevent that without a draconian regime.这样的气氛会使政府更容易通过反恐立法,这能让加拿大安全情报局自由地展开调查并与国外同盟合作。然而,这不能解决手带来的一个迫在眉睫的问题—议会分局的安全问题。在未来几天,负责守卫国会山的加拿大皇家骑警,不得不解释一下一个武装分子如何能在光天化日之下穿过草坪,畅通无阻地进入加拿大政府所在地。即使没有一个严厉的政权,这也是可以被避免的。译者:王素瑶 译文属译生译世 /201410/338817For some time now, scientists have understood that the earths crust is divided into plates that move about at the rate of a few inches a year.现在科学家们已经搞清楚地壳分为各个板块,而且板块间以每年几英寸的速度移动着。But over time, form mountain ranges and volcanoes. 但随着时间的推移山脉和火山得以形成。They have also known that the earths mantle, the layer between the earths crust and core, was the major player in the movement of the plates. 他们也已经搞清楚地球的地幔,就是地壳和核心之间的那层是板块运动的主要参与者。Scientists talk about the mantle as a kind of weather system. 科学家认为地幔是一种天气系统。There are cooler and warmer sections of the mantle that are in constant flux with one another, much like gathering storm clouds. 地幔部分持续的流动有冷却器和温暖,就像风暴云聚集一样。These subterranean storms miles below the earths surface, though very slow in development, can eventually exert powerful force on the earths crust.这些地下风暴低于地球表面,虽然发展非常缓慢,最终会对地壳产生强大的力量。201502/359494泉州prp丰额头哪家好

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