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This is a quality product.这是一种高质量的产品Those overcoats are of good quality and nice colour.这批大衣质量高、成色好Our quartz technique is well known in the world, and we believe our watches are of fine quality.我们的石英技术世界闻名,相信我们生产的手表具有高质量Our price is a little bit higher, but the quality of our products is better.虽然价格偏高,但我们的产品质量很好Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers.和其他厂商相比,贵方产品质量上乘The equipment are of good quality and very useful.这些器械质量好,用处大Our products are very good in quality, and the price is low.我们的产品质高价低We have received the goods you send us, the quality is excellent.我们已经收到贵处来的货,质量很好good quality好质量fine quality优质better quality较好质量high quality高质量fair quality尚好的质量sound quality完好的质量best quality最好的质量superior quality优等的质量choice quality或selected quality精选的质量prime quality 或 tip-top quality第一流的质量first-class quality 或 first-rate quality头等的质量above the average quality一般水平以上的质量below the average quality一般水平以下的质量common quality一般质量standard quality标准质量usual quality通常的质量popular quality大众化的质量unim quality一律的质量average quality平均质量fair average quality (f.a.q.)大路货 3778CHINESE author Mo Yan yesterday defended his Nobel prize from some critics who accused him of being a ;Communist stooge.;中国作家莫言昨天捍卫了他的诺贝尔文学奖,因一些批评家指责他是一个“共产党的走”。Speaking after his Nobel Literature Prize on Thursday, Mo dismissed his detractors, saying they probably had not his books.莫言在上周四获得诺贝尔文学奖之后,驳斥了他的诋毁者,说他们可能还没有读过他的书;Some say that because I have a close relationship with the Communist Party, I shouldnt have won the prize. I think this is unconvincing,; said Mo in his hometown of Gaomi, where many of his dozens of works have been set. He called his award ;a literature victory, not a political victory.;“有人说因为我和共产党的密切联系,我不应该赢得这个奖。我认为这不能令人信,”莫言在他的家乡高密市说,那里是他众多作品的背景设置地。他称他的获奖是“文学的胜利,而不是政治上的胜利”。But Mo also backed remarks of New Chinas founder Mao Zedong who wrote that Chinese art must serve the Party. ;I think some of Maos remarks on art were reasonable,; he said.但莫言也持新中国的创立者毛泽东写下的中国文艺必须务于党的言论“我认为毛泽东关于文艺的一些言论是合理的,”他说。Mo is more likely to keep his head down and avoid politics, his translator said yesterday.莫言更可能是为了保持低调,以及避免政治,他的翻译昨天说。The 57-year-old Chinese author has achieved his success by working within a system with distinct boundaries, not ignoring them, said Howard Goldblatt, who has translated several of Mos works into English, including the acclaimed ;Red Sorghum.;这位57岁的中国作家在一个有着明显界限的系统内工作已经获得了成功,而非忽视他们,葛浩文说,他把莫言的作品翻译成英文,包括著名的《红高粱》。The book was later the basis for a film directed by Zhang Yimou.后来这本书成了张艺谋执导的电影的基础;He wants to continue to write, and to continue to write the kinds of things he needs and wants to write, he has to live within certain parameters,; Goldblatt said.“他想继续写作,继续写他所需要和想写的东西,他不得不在特定的范围内生活,葛浩文说。Mo is the first Chinese national to win the prize, which comes with a financial reward of US.2 million.莫言是中国首个赢得诺贝尔文学奖的人, 并获20万美元的经济奖励。Some critics have called the decision odd, and that Mos works were not artistically original, emulating Latin American authors. That is neither accurate nor fair, though, said Goldblatt, who noted that Mo started writing his trademark fantastical novels before ing Latin American authors, including Gabriel Garcia-Marquez.一些批评人士称这一决定诡异,莫言的作品不是艺术上的原创,模仿了拉丁美洲作家。但这既不准确又不公平,戈德布拉特说,他指出莫言是在他开始写传统魔幻现实小说之后才阅读拉丁美洲作家的,其中包括加西亚.马尔克斯;If hes influenced by anything, hes influenced by Chinese storyteller traditions, by the mindset and the concept of place by Faulkner,; he said, referring to US writer William Faulkner.“如果他受到什么东西影响,一定是被中国的叙事传统以及福克纳的观念模式和理念所影响,”他说,指的是美国作家威#8226;福克纳。Mo is a Communist Party member who grew up in a small town and served in the military, which Goldblatt said colored his world view. But he was not very different, in that respect, to other authors in China.莫言是一个在小镇长大的共产党员,并在军中过役,戈德布拉特说,这些丰富了他的世界观。但他在这方面与中国其他作家并没有很大的不同。The prolific Mo is known for exploring Chinas tumultuous 20th century with a cynical wit in dozens of works. He is best known abroad for his 1987 novella ;Red Sorghum,; set amid the brutal violence of the countryside during the 1920s and 30s.多产的莫言在几十部作品中以一份玩世不恭的机智去探索中国动荡的20世纪,他因此而知名。他987年的中篇小说《红高粱》而响誉国内外,小说背景设置在二十世纪二三十年代中国乡村的残酷暴力下。来 /201210/203740

The crisis in South Sudan, which has left hundreds dead, has started to hit global oil supplies, compounding the effects of production losses in Nigeria and Libya and putting upwards pressure on oil prices.已造成数百人死亡的南苏丹危机开始冲击全球石油供应。原本尼日利亚和利比亚减产,对油价产生上行压力,现在这种压力更大了。Africa has replaced the Middle East as the focus of concern over global oil supplies due to re#173;cent disruptions in the three petroleum-rich countries. “People are expecting a shortage in supply,Ali Naimi, the veteran Sau#173;di oil minister, said this weekend in an unusual warning.由于这三个盛产石油的非洲国家近来产量降低,非洲已取代中东成为全球石油供应领域引发担忧的焦点地区。资深的沙特石油部长阿里#8226;纳伊Ali Naimi)上周末发出一次非同寻常的警告,称“人们预计石油供应将出现短缺。”Rebels yesterday captured the capital of South Sudan’s oil-rich y State, Bentiu, intensifying fears over the risks to the country’s oilfields.昨日叛军占领了南苏丹石油资源丰富的联合州(y State)的首府本提乌(Bentiu),令市场更加担心该国油田面临的风险。Foreign oil companies operating in South Sudan have started to reduce production from some oilfields, a process that would take several days, industry executives said. Before the crisis started, the country pumped about 250,000 barrels a day.行业高管表示,在南苏丹经营业务的外国石油公司已开始降低一些油田的产量,这一过程要花上几天时间。危机爆发之前,南苏丹石油日产量5万桶。The executives, who refused to be named because of security concerns, said they could not quantify the output loss. Though this was still relatively small, they warned that escalation of the conflict could deal a damaging blow to output.出于安全原因要求匿名的高管表示,他们无法给出具体的减产数据。尽管减产幅度相对很小,但他们警告称,危机升级可能对产量构成很大冲击。“The loss will depend on what happens this week on the ground,said an executive. “If the fighting continues near the fields, we will see more wells shut down; if both sides guarantee some security, the production may continue,he added.一位高管说:“减产幅度有多大,要看本周南苏丹的局势发展如何。”他补充道:“如果战斗在油田附近持续,那么将有更多油井被关闭;如果双方在一定程度上保障油田安全,那么产量可能不会受到太大的影响。”The crisis comes as the oil market also weathers the loss of about 350,000 b/d from Nigeria due to sabotage and theft, and at least 1.1m b/d from Libya because of fighting between Tripoli and local militias.这场危机发生之际,石油市场已经在艰难应对供应的下降:尼日利亚由于破坏和盗窃每日减产约35万桶,利比亚由于政府军与叛军之间的冲突每日至少减10万桶。The cumulative loss of production in Africa is now hovering about 1.5m b/d well above the total incremental oil production this year from the US shale revolution. Seith Kleiman, oil strategist at Citigroup in London, said that supply disruptions had underpinned oil prices throughout 2013: “The year is ending in familiar fashion.”目前,非洲石油减产幅度在每50万桶附近徘徊,远高于今年以来美国页?革命增加的总石油产量。花旗集Citigroup)驻伦敦的石油行业策略师塞#8226;克兰Seth Kleinman)表示013年全年,供应减少对油价构成了撑:“今年底的油价行情跟往年相似。”Oil prices are set to hit their third highest annual record in 2013, with Brent crude, the global benchmark, averaging 8.6 a barrel so far this year. The average is slightly lower than records set in 2012 and 2011 of 1 and 0, respectively.今年迄今,全球油价基准——布伦特(Brent)原油价格平均价达到每08.6美元,这将使2013年成为历史上全球油价第三高的年份。上述平均油价略低于前两次最高纪录—012年的每桶111美元011年的110美元。The crisis in South Sudan showed little sign of receding at the weekend. US military aircraft were hit by gunfire as they tried to rescue stranded Americans.上周末,南苏丹危机未显出丝毫减弱的迹象。美国军机前往救援受困美国公民之时,遭到了地面火力的袭击。来 /201312/269914

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang has been appointed Party chief of Chongqing, replacing Bo Xilai, according to a decision of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday morning. Bo will no longer serve as secretary, standing committee member or member of the CPC Chongqing municipal committee, according to the decision.据新华社报道,中共中央日前决定:中国国务院副总理张德江将接替薄熙来担任重庆市委书记。薄熙来不再兼任重庆市委书记、常委、委员职务。The decision was announced by Li Yuanchao, head of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, at a meeting of officials in Chongqing on Thursday. Li said the CPC Central Committee made the decision after discreet consideration and based on current circumstances and the overall situation.35日,重庆市召开领导干部会议,中组部部长李源潮在会上宣布了这项决定,称这次调整,是中央从当前形势和大局出发,经过慎重考虑决定的。Zhang Dejiang was born in Liaoning Province in 1946. He graduated from the Department of Economics, Kim Il Sung University, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK). He became a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in 2002 and began serving as vice premier of the State Council from 2008. Zhang had previously served as Party chief in Jilin, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, respectively, between 1995 and 2007.张德江,1946年生,辽宁人,毕业于朝鲜金日成综合大学经济系002年任中央政治局委员008年起担任国务院副总理995年至2007年,张德江曾先后担任吉林、浙江和广东省委书记。Bo Xilai had served as the Party chief of Chongqing since 2007. From 2004 to 2007, he was the minister of commerce of China.薄熙来从2007年担任重庆市委书记004年至2007年,薄熙来任商务部部长。On a press conference after the fifth session of the 11th National Peoples Congress (NPC) yesterday, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the Chongqing authorities must ;seriously; reflect on and draw lessons from the Wang Lijun incident.昨天,在第十一届全国人大第五次会议的新闻发布会上,温家宝总理表示,重庆市委和市政府必;深刻;反思,并从王立军事件中吸取教训。The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has decided to remove Wang Lijun from the position of vice mayor of Chongqing, a senior official with the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee was ed Thursday by xinhuanet.com. He Ting, vice governor and police chief of Qinghai Province, has been nominated to replace Wang as vice mayor of Chongqing.据新华网周四报道,中央组织部有关负责人实,中央已决定免去王立军的重庆市副市长职务。青海省副省长、公安厅长何挺拟调任重庆市副市长。来 /201203/174486

Prince Charles, the longest-waiting heir to the throne in British history, has spoken of his impatience to get things done.英国史上等待继位时间最长的王位继承人查尔斯王子近日谈到他已经“等不起”了。Joking about the vigour with which he pursues his pet projects, he declared: Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest! Yes, of course I am.在他谈到自己推行宠物计划的活力时,他开玩笑说:“迫不及待?我吗?这说的什么话!是啊,我当然等不及了。”He added: Ill run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if Im not careful.他补充说:“我所剩的时间不多啦。也许一不小心,我就离开人世了。”Charles was speaking a few days before his 64th birthday during a visit to Dumfries House, a stately home in East Ayrshire he has helped save for the nation.查尔斯在4岁生日的前几天拜访邓姆福瑞宫时说了这些话。邓姆福瑞宫是东艾尔郡开放供参观的豪华古宅,查尔斯王子也曾为保住这一英国古宅出了力。The comments, which were recorded for a film on the Clarence House website, were in the context of his involvement with Dumfries House.查尔斯在为克拉伦斯王府网站录制一部影片时说了这些话,当时他正在访问邓姆福瑞宫。But they will fuel speculation that the Prince is more eager than ever to take the throne.不过这些言论也引发了人们的猜想,认为查尔斯王子比以往更迫切地希望继承王位。In 2008, he became the longest-waiting heir in British history, overtaking his great-great grandfather Edward VII.2008年,查尔斯王子超过了他的曾曾祖父爱德华七世,成为英国史上等待继位时间最长的王位继承人。Courtiers insist Charles is fulfilled by his present role as one of the hardest-working members of the royal family, undertaking hundreds of charitable engagements a year.英国朝臣坚称查尔斯很满足于他目前的角色,作为英国王室工作最努力的成员之一,他每年要参加数百个慈善活动。But many royal commentators have suggested he feels frustrated his reign has not yet begun. With a history of longevity in his family the Queen is 86 and in good health while the Queen Mother lived to 101 Charles may have some time to wait until he succeeds his mother.不过许多王室员指出,查尔斯对至今尚未开始统治感到沮丧。因为他的家族有长寿史——女王现6岁,依然身体健康,女王的母亲活到01岁——这意味着查尔斯要继承母亲的王位可能需要等很长时间。He has nothing but praise for the way the Queen has led her country for 60 years.对于女王60年来领导英国的方式,查尔斯只有赞美之词。But he has previously hinted at his impatience with the long wait for succession. In 1992, when his then-brother-in-law Charles Spencer became Earl Spencer on the death of his father, Charles told him: You are fortunate enough to have succeeded to the title when still young.不过他先前也暗示了自己等待继位时间太久,已经不耐烦了992年,他当时的小叔子查尔斯#8226;斯宾塞在父亲去世时继承了斯宾塞伯爵的封号,查尔斯王子告诉他说:“你够幸运的了,在你还年轻时就继承了这一头衔。”In 2004, after a Guards officer congratulated him on his 56th birthday, the Prince is reported to have said: Im now at the age at which my grandfather died.2004年,一位禁卫军军官6岁生日的查尔斯表示祝贺时,据报道查尔斯王子说道:“我现在这个年纪是我祖父去世的年龄。”Professor Robert Hazell, director of University College Londons constitution unit, said Charles had to fit a unique job description.英国伦敦大学学院的宪法研究中心主任罗伯特#8226;哈泽尔教授说,查尔斯需要一个独特的职位描述He is an age when most people are starting to contemplate retirement, yet hes not actually started the job he has spent his adult life preparing for. That is burdensome.“在他的年龄,大多数人都已经开始考虑养老的事情,而他却还没有开始他成年后一直所预备做的工作。这挺恼人的。”Royal biographer Penny Junor said: He is impatient, but when he becomes king, his activities and all the projects he most enjoys where he can make a difference will be seriously curtailed.王室传记作家彭妮#8226;朱诺说:“他是不耐烦了,不过当他成为国王时,他最喜欢从事以及他能发挥影响力的活动和所有项目都会被大大削减。”来 /201211/211173

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