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Kazakhstans PM extends warm congratulations北京申办冬奥成功 哈萨克斯坦表示祝贺And following the announcement, Kazakhstans Prime Minister expressed his warm congratulations to Beijing.北京申办冬奥成功后,哈萨克斯坦总理对北京表示了热烈的祝贺。;China is our good friend.“中国是我们的好朋友。We are very delighted that today Beijing has succeeded.我们很高兴北京申办冬奥成功。Congratulations to you,; Kazakhstans Prime Minister Karim Massimov said.我们向你们表达祝贺。哈萨克斯坦总理卡里姆·马西莫夫说。 译文属201508/390188UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for The Shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Whos the leader the US Federal Reserve, the countrys central bank? If you think you know it, shout it out. 美国联邦储备局的主席是谁?如果你认为你知道的话,就大声喊出来吧!Is it Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Mary Barra or Warren Buffet? Youve got three seconds. Go. 是珍妮特·耶伦、本·伯南克、玛丽·拉还是沃伦·巴菲特?你与哦三秒钟的时间,开始!Last year, Janet Yellen became the first woman ever to chair the US Federal Reserve. Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout. 去年,珍妮特·耶伦称为美联储历史上第一位女主席。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: One way the Fed can influence the US economy is by raising or lowering interest rates. 联邦储备局可以通过调高或者降低利率来影响美国的经济。It wants to keep the economy growing, but not too quickly. 联邦储备局想要促进经济的发展,但又不能发展过快。That can cause inflation, when prices go up and the value of the dollar goes down. 那会造成通货膨胀,也就是价格上涨,美元贬值。Interest rates right now are very low. 如今的利率很低。Some critics say thats keeping Americans from saving money in savings accounts. 一些家指出低利率会让人们的储蓄得更少。Why do it if you dont earn interest? 如果赚不到利息的话,为什么要存钱呢?The other side argues that now isnt the time to raise interest rates because even though the stock market has been setting record highs, Americans wages are growing too slowly. 另一种观点指出现在不是提高利率的时候,因为尽管股市再创佳绩,美国人的工资增长太慢了。Thats not a good sign for the economy. 这对不是一个好现象经济征兆。 /201503/363363Humanitarian agencies are warning that Fiji may be facing a potential health crisis after one of the most powerful cyclones on record battered the Pacific island nation.人道主义机构警告称,太平洋岛国斐济遭遇有记录以来最强飓风,可能面临潜在健康危机。Harsh winds and torrential rains cut power, water and communication links across the country on Saturday night.周六晚上,强风和暴雨切断全国电力、水和通讯。The archipelago of about 300 islands was hit by winds that gusted up to 325 kilometres an hour.大约300个岛屿的群岛遭遇每小时325公里的飓风袭击。The capital Suva escaped the brunt of the storm after it changed direction at the last minute.首都苏瓦躲过了风暴的冲击,飓风在危急时刻改变了方向。Residents flocked to more than 700 evacuation centres, while tourists hunkered down in hotel ballrooms and conference rooms in coastal areas.居民涌入700多个疏散中心,而在沿海地区游客被困在酒店的宴会厅和会议室。Fiji’s prime minister confirmed that at least five people were killed in the cyclone. He has extended a nationwide curfew to Monday .. and declared a month-long state of emergency.斐济总理实,飓风至少造成五人遇难。他延长全国宵禁至周一,并宣布一个月的紧急状态。译文属。 /201602/427457And they reckon just one foot of water is enough to take a man off his feet.有人估算 1英尺深的水量 就足以把一个成人冲跑Two feet-- enough to take your car away.2英尺就足以冲跑一辆车But this has aly risen at least three or four feet.但是这起码已经上涨至3至4英尺了And its going up fast.And the bare facts are--上涨速度之快 明摆着的事实就是you drop into this now, where all of this amount of water racing through,如果你掉进这 飞速上涨的山洪中its game over. Its properly game over.就玩完了 完全有可能玩完了This is now quite a scary place to be.This water level is still rising.这真是个令人恐怖之地 水面还在持续上升I want to get off this ledge.Im gonna try and upclimb this, okay?我得要离开这里 试着爬上去 如何This river is definitely now out of action.And were back into the jungle.这条河现在绝对是没用了 我们得回到丛林里But as far as the jungle is concerned,theres no such thing as a safe place to be.但是 就丛林而言 也没有所谓的安全之地Cover your eyes. Cover your eyes.Spitting cobra.快来拍 快来拍 黑颈眼镜蛇Ive been following a mountain river deep in the Vietnamese jungle,but its turned into a death trap.我本来想沿着一条河流 深入到越南丛林中去 但是后来差点变成一场死亡之旅In a matter of seconds,its gone from a trickle to a deluge.在短短几秒之间 就由涓涓细流变成洪水泛滥Until the surge dies down,theres absolutely no question of following the river any further.在山洪消逝之前 明显不能再沿着河流前进了But heading back into the jungle brings its own dangers.但是当我调转回头进入丛林 又遇到了危险201603/430042

明天就是愚人节,快跟Adam, Spencer学学愚人节和各类整人把戏英语怎么说。201508/392996

A Y chromosome might make you a man, but it takes a more than genes to be manly.一条Y染色体决定了你是男性,但是有男子气概不仅仅是性别的问题。You Will Need你需要Tools工具Gym健身房Literature and films文学作品和电影Self-defense自卫Emotional stability情绪稳定Courage勇气Extreme conditions (optional)极端的环境(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Get the job done1.完成工作Identify tasks that need to get done. Use the appropriate tools for every job you take on.鉴别出需要完成的工作。每一项工作使用恰当的工具。Remember: a manly mans hands and brain are often his most effective tools.记住:对于一位有男子气概的男性,双手和大脑通常是最有效的工具。STEP 2 Build your body2.锻炼身体Hit the gym regularly -- a manly mans body should be fit for any task. Learn to play all major manly sports -- few things are as unmanly as a girly run, throw, or kick.经常去健身馆锻炼,有男子气概的男性的身体应该能够担负任何任务。学习所有有男子气概的体育项目。像女孩子一样跑,扔,踢打等动作最没有男子气概了。To make your workouts more manly, train in extreme conditions.为了让你的锻炼更加有男子气概,在极端的环境下锻炼。STEP 3 Study up3.仔细研究Study up -- classic manly literature and watch manly movies to find out how to master your desires, lead other people, and achieve your manly goals.仔细研究——阅读经典的男性文学读物,观看男性电影,看一下怎样掌控自己的渴望,领导其他人,达成更有男子气概的目标。STEP 4 Be a rock4.坚如磐石In an emotional situation? Be a source of stability for those around you. Push your feelings aside until youre alone and can display your emotions with manly dignity.处于非常多愁善感的境况?成为周围的人淡定的源泉。把自己的感情放在一边,直到自己一个人的时候。有男性尊严地展示自己的情感。STEP 5 Have some respect5.尊重Show respect to people who treat you with honor and stand up to those who dont. Have the courage to fight for justice -- a manly man knows hes responsible for defending others, no matter the personal cost.尊重那些尊敬你的人,敢于面对那些不尊重你的人。有勇气为正义而战——有男子气概的男性知道自己有责任不计个人代价保卫他人。The motto on Marylands state seal, translated from Italian, is ;Manly deeds, womanly words.;马里兰州的箴言翻译自意大利语,意为“行为果敢,语言温和”。 /201501/353126



S.Korea celebrates 62nd anniversary of armistice韩国民众庆祝停战62周年South Korea is marking the 62nd anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the Korean War.韩国纪念朝鲜战争结束、停战协定签署62周年。South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn delivered a speech on Monday pressing the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program.周一韩国总理黄教安发表讲话敦促朝鲜民主主义人民共和国放弃核武器计划。He called on Pyongyang to work together with South Korea for co-prosperity.他呼吁平壤与韩国共同合作走向繁荣。 译文属201507/388770

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