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|33X8ZGnxk7a9AT7IuI7~g#D3cToday in History: Friday, October 05, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月5日Rj4!!I%0*pOn Oct. 5, 1953, Earl Warren was sworn in as the 14th chief justice of the ed States, succeeding Fred M. Vinson.1953年,厄尔·沃伦接替弗雷德·文森,宣誓就任美国第14任首席大法官HN^x]wEyh27es%。a2DlkoE7YsU(9XHcq_1829 Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president of the ed States, was born in Fairfield, Vt.1829年,美国第21届总统Chester A.Authur在费尔菲尔德出生dDl^W,_WQh+A。mI)0hm|+I,.;z+8E!fu1936 Czech playwright, dissident and politician Vaclav Havel was born in Prague.1936年,捷克剧作家,异见人士及政治家瓦茨拉夫·哈维尔在布拉格出生XH284%,QX-Ec;iDRU。x_.xHmB+qY|y~Z1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for a ;quarantine; of aggressor nations.1937年,罗斯福总统呼吁对侵略国家实行;隔离;9T(zTTm_CQnm-。_Zy_.zXqI2j8gXnQ1941 Former Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, the first Jewish member of the nation#39;s highest court, died at age 84.1941年,国家最高法院第一个犹太人,前最高法院法官路易斯·布兰代斯去世,享年84岁7JTz9;a]T.TFT#。pLx]]qBo7tH~2uFuR1947 President Harry S. Truman delivered the first televised address from the White House.1947年,杜鲁门总统发表第一次白宫电视演讲Dh!,Kg@57lt。5~#%vR%4^X_iCA8+1962 The Beatles#39; first hit, ;Love Me Do,; was released in the ed Kingdom.1962年,披头士第一张热门专辑;Love Me Do;在英国发布BXfiOhZ*^i53T。fG[~yC;]ssEKA1969 ;Monty Python#39;s Flying Circus; debuted on B Television.1969年,《巨蟒剧团之飞翔的马戏团》在英国广播公司电视首映W9i.VZ[NF!7i.N。NEX[Jv_fOLq1983 Solidarity founder Lech Walesa was named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.1983年,团结创始人瓦文萨或诺贝尔和平奖提名XTBoz)gf5oM。x[GCjG2^1E*loE5n1986 American Eugene Hasenfus was captured by Sandinista soldiers after the Contra supply plane he was riding in was shot down over Nicaragua.1986年,美国人Eugene Hasenfus驾驶补给机在尼加拉瓜被击落后被Sandinista士兵抓获0I2F96H%zi5,v。V_lTv.*,~TaZ1988 Democrat Lloyd Bentsen lambasted Republican Dan Quayle during their vice-presidential debate, telling Quayle, ;Senator, you#39;re no Jack Kennedy.;1988年,在副总统辩论赛期间,民主党人劳埃德·本特森严厉谴责共和党人丹·奎尔,说;参议员,你不是杰克·肯尼迪#ncMPZoVw*H#hEihl-。”RQZT,-F1)T]yF9Wnjq2000 Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic, who had refused to accept defeat in the country#39;s presidential election, was ousted when huge mobs rampaged through Belgrade.2000年,当大量暴徒在贝尔格莱德橫冲直撞寻衅滋事,曾拒绝接受该国总统选举的南斯拉夫领导人米洛舍维奇被罢黜aGzVE^K5nN#TC!hc。G2Yw09OsKQ--F9Rz^2001 A man died of inhaled anthrax in Boca Raton, Fla.2001年,一男子在佛罗里达州死于吸入炭疽病c9,PoWd(+)nY。wwALL9js;db!)8;.UQ-l2005 Defying the White House, the Senate voted 90-9 to approve an amendment that would prohibit the use of ;cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; against anyone in U.S. government custody.2005年,公然反对白宫,参议院以90 - 9的投票批准一项修正案,禁止对美国政府拘留的任何人使用“残忍、不人道,有辱人格的对待或处罚”,Y;rUPqZn#_2S。7KLH4~vh3^XY2007 American track star Marion Jones pleaded guilty to lying when she said that she hadn#39;t taken steroids.2007年,美国田径明星马里恩·琼斯承认有罪,自己说的没使用类固醇是在说谎Y2-r3]*IY1eLL。n)fXfS#KWOpw*62010 Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani immigrant who#39;d tried to detonate a car bomb in Times Square, was sentenced to life in pirson by a federal judge in New York.2010年,,巴基斯坦移民费萨尔·沙赫扎德曾试图在时代广场引爆一枚汽车炸弹,被纽约联邦法院法官判处无期徒刑ffgrtWP#Q2Q!06m。K6B)Hy-+!p I[.6Xc]G,ApZlVXB)4_#vsfbfi[3Mvy2)T /201210/202750

越来越多的非洲学生正在学习汉语。More and more African students are studying Chinese. Our reporter Susan Mwongeli visits the Confucius institute in the University of Nairobi.The University of Nairobi is a beehive of activities, as students rush to the respective lecture halls for various lessons. Many here in search of knowledge to enhance themselves and also give them a competitive edge in the job market. It is here that you find the Confucius Institute.Established in 2005, the institute was set up In order to not only meet the rapidly growing demand for training in Chinese language but also facilitate cultural interchange in various countries.The institutes in Kenya had an initial enrolment of 40 students, the institute now boast over 700 students.Kenya like many African countries has over the years experienced a strong cultural influence from western nations. The growing number of students enrolled at the Confucius institute may just be an indication of a changing trend. The institute now has up to three intakes every year.Anthony is in his third year at the Confucius institute, he did not just stumble into it, it was a very calculated move.Through his interactions at the school he has not only learnt the Chinese language but also accessed opportunities that he previously could only dream about.The school not only offers the students an opportunity to learn the Chinese language but through it they learn the chinese culture. Recently the schools hosted the11th Chinese brigen competition which not only offered the student an opportunity to display their knowledge of the language but also show case their talent and learn more about the Chinese cultute.Many here believe that other students in various parts of the continent and the world should get an opportunity to learn chineseLinguistic diversity in the world is a matter of great importance, and the confucious institute in Kenya is proving this, by providing student in kenya an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and the Chinese culture.Now this will not only enhance bilaterial trade relations between the two countries but on a personal level it also makes this student competitive in the job market and make it easier for them to do business with china which provides a bigger market with its population of over 1.3 billion people. Article/201205/184061

Pilates is an exercise regime that lays prime focus on shaping up the body in order to look taller, slimmer and healthier. Although it may not burn some heavy calories, it does make you look better in the long run. Here are a few Pilates and weight loss tips for you.普拉提健身的主要目的在于给身体塑形,以显得更高、更瘦、更健康。尽管消耗不了太多的卡路里,长期锻炼还是会有一定的效果,本期视频将会给你一些指点。I am going to talk to you about Pilates and weight loss. As with any type of exercise, if you do it with enough intensity and for long enough, you are going to burn calories and you are going to lose weight. However, muscle does weigh more than fat and if you do Pilates properly, you are not really going to be losing weight as such.我来给你讲讲普拉提和瘦身的关系吧。体育,任何一种类型的运动,如果在运动中保持足够的紧张度和锻炼时间长度,都能达到消耗热量减轻体重的效果。但是肌肉的重量比脂肪要重,所以你需要正确地做普拉提,以减轻体重。You will however look taller, slimmer, fitter and healthier. You are going to become your proper height, a little bit like, if you pack a suitcase and throw all the items in, it is going to look very lumpy and you have to sit on it in order to shut it. But if you pack everything, folding it up and putting it in very neatly, then the suitcase has even extra room in it.无论如何你都会看起来更高,更瘦,更健康。你会达到满意的身高,这个过程就像是,把所有的东西都放进一个手提箱中,你得压在上面才能合上它。但是如果你把每一样东西都叠好按顺序摆放,你会发现箱子中会有很多空间剩下来。It is the same with the body. If you have bad alignment, then you stand badly. If you are not doing Pilates, you are not going to look tall as you really are.这个道理同样适用于身体锻炼,如果你身姿不整,看起来就不好看,如果不做普拉提,你看起来可能会没有实际身高那么高。You are not going to look at your best. However, with Pilates, you will lengthen, your alignment will be improved and you will appear slimmer, taller. Your clothes will fit you better. You will make healthier food choices.可能达不到最佳状态,不过普拉提运动能够让你舒展身体,矫正身姿,也可以显得更加苗条,或者更加高大,穿衣也会更加合身,而且会让你拥有更健康的饮食习惯。You won#39;t be so likely to stuff yourself with a few Mars bars. If you haven#39;t got time, instead you will look for a piece of fruit. You have better self-esteem and you will make much better choices.你将不再会用零食充饥,相反,即使时间不充足,你也会选择用水果填饱肚子。你会有更好的自我意识,所以也会更加聪明。Although Pilates won#39;t make you lose that much weight, you will lose a little. But you are going to look as if you have grown a few inches, look much fitter, look much taller, look much healthier and feel a lot better. And that#39;s some information about Pilates and weight loss.尽管普拉提不能让你减轻很多体重,但是也能进行一定程度的瘦身。而且你还可以在其他方面从中受益,比如显得更高,更健康,精神更好等等。以上内容就是关于普拉提和瘦身的一些信息。Thanks for watching How To Do Pilates For Weight Loss谢谢收看“普拉提瘦身”节目。 /201208/196765

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