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Microsoft on Tuesday warned that a group of hackers linked to attacks on the Democratic National Committee had exploited a vulnerability in all Windows PCs that it would not be able to fully mend for another week.周二,微软(Microsoft)警告称,一群与美国民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)受到的攻击有关的黑客,已对所有Windows系统个人电脑上的一个漏洞加以利用,而该漏洞还需要一周时间才能被完全修补。The flaw was disclosed publicly on Monday by Google, 该漏洞是周一由谷歌(Google)公开披露的。provoking a sharp rebuke from Microsoft about the dangers of revealing flaws like this before fixes are available.谷歌此举引发了微软的强烈谴责,后者称在发布补丁前就披露这样的漏洞很危险。Microsoft said the software flaw had been used by a group it calls Strontium, and which is known more widely as Fancy Bear. 微软表示,这一软件漏洞已被一家它称为锶(Strontium)的组织利用。该组织更为人熟知的名字是Fancy Bear,迄今已运作了将近十年。The group, which has been operating for nearly a decade, has been linked by security researchers to the Russian military and has been tied to a number of attacks on government, military and corporate systems. 安全研究人员认为,该组织与俄罗斯军方有关联。人们还认为,该组织与多起对政府、军方和企业系统的网络攻击有关,其中包括今年对美国民主党全国委员会的一次攻击。These include an assault on the DNC this year that is believed to have led to subsequent email leaks that have embarrassed the Democratic party in the run-up to the presidential election.这次攻击据信导致了随后的电子邮件外泄,令民主党(Democratic Party)在美国总统大选前夕狼狈不堪。The flaw was uncovered by two security researchers at Google and notified to Microsoft on October 21. 该漏洞由谷歌的两名安全研究人员发现,谷歌在10月21日通知了微软。On Monday, when the software company had still not released a patch to repair its Windows operating system from attack, Google publicly announced the vulnerability.周一,在微软还未发布补丁修补其Windows操作系统以防范这一攻击之际,谷歌就公开宣布了这一漏洞。Terry Myerson, head of the Windows business, hit out at the internet company on Tuesday afternoon, suggesting that it had not shown responsible technology industry participation. 周二下午,微软Windows业务主管特里.迈尔森(Terry Myerson)对谷歌发起猛烈抨击,称谷歌未表现出负责任的科技业参与意识。Disclosing a so-called zero-day exploit before it has been repaired alerts other hackers to the flaw and can lead to more attacks on Windows PCs.在一个所谓的零日漏洞被修补前就披露它,会提醒其他黑客注意该漏洞,这可能会引发对Windows系统个人电脑的更多攻击。Google’s decision to disclose these vulnerabilities before patches are broadly available and tested is disappointing, and puts customers at increased risk, Mr Myerson wrote in a blog post.迈尔森在一篇客文章中写道:谷歌决定在补丁被广泛提供和测试前就披露这些漏洞,这令人失望,会将用户置于更大的风险之中。Google defended its actions on Monday, saying it always published details of critical vulnerabilities seven days after it warns other software companies about them so that computer users will be aware of the danger.谷歌则为其周一采取的行动进行了辩护,称它总是会在就关键漏洞向其他软件公司发出警告的七日后公布这些漏洞的细节,以便让电脑用户能够意识到其中的风险。It said it had also warned Adobe about a flaw in its own Flash software which, used together with the Windows vulnerability, had enabled hackers to exploit machines. 谷歌表示,该公司还曾就Adobe Flash软件中的一个漏洞向Adobe发出警告。该漏洞与Windows的那个漏洞结合起来,令黑客得以攻陷电脑。Adobe released a patch for its own product last Wednesday, less than a week after being warned about it.Adobe在上周三发布了对其自身产品漏洞的补丁,距该公司接到谷歌警告还不到一周时间。Anyone using Microsoft’s new Edge browser, which is included in Windows 10, should be protected, the company said. 微软表示,任何使用微软新的Edge浏览器(该浏览器被包含在Windows 10系统中)的用户应该不会受到攻击。But other versions of Windows will be exposed until at least November 8, the date when Microsoft said it planned to release a patch to solve the problem.不过,其他版本的Windows至少在11月8日前会面临受攻击的风险。微软表示,它计划在11月8日发布补丁解决这个问题。 /201611/475753

The ed States government is increasingly using social media to investigate people who may represent a security threat to the country.美国政府越来越重视利用社交媒体调查可能对国家安全造成威胁的人。The latest example comes from the Department of Homeland Security#39;s Customs and Border Protection office. It wants to ask foreign visitors to provide information about their accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.比如说美国国土安全部下属的海关和边境保护局。该机构拟要求外国游客提交Facebook和Twitter等社交媒体账号的个人信息。An optional – or non-required – question would be added to the form that people must complete before entering the ed States. The form asks information like the person#39;s name, phone number, and countries they have visited since 2011.入境美国前需填写的表格中将纳入一项新的可选填问题。该表格要求入境者填写姓名、电话号码及2011年以来到过哪些国家等信息。The proposed social media question would only concern travelers who do not need a visa to enter the ed States. Travelers from 38 countries are permitted to enter the U.S. without a visa.要求出示社交媒体账号的提案仅针对那些通过免签计划进入美国的游客。约38个国家的游客无需签即可进入美国。The Customs and Border Protection office said in its proposal that adding the question would affect about 24 million people. There is a 60-day comment period for the public to share their opinion about the proposal.美国海关和边境保护局在其提案中称,这一新增选项将影响约2400万人。公众可以在60天的评议期内对该提案提出建议。U.S. lawmakers have also proposed bills concerning the use of social media for researching possible terrorism links.美国国会议员也提出了关于利用社交媒体追查潜在恐怖主义的议案。Senator John McCain sponsored a bill that would require the Department of Homeland Security to look at internet activity and social media profiles of anyone seeking entry to the ed States.参议员约翰·麦凯恩提出的议案要求美国国土安全部检查所有意图进入美国的境外人士的互联网活动及其社交媒体账户。Senators Martin Heinrich and Jeff Flake sponsored a bill that would permit the Department of Homeland Security to ;search open source information, including internet and social media postings; of people applying for a visa to enter the U.S.参议员马丁·海因里希和杰夫·弗雷克提出了一项议案,议案允许美国国土安全部对申请签入境人士的公开类信息进行调查,包括互联网和社交媒体的贴文。Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed a different plan to help officials search for possible terror links. He wants to reward people who send officials terrorism-related information from social media posts. Anyone whose information leads to the arrest of someone planning an attack in the U.S. would be paid money.参议员查克·舒默提出了一项不同的议案来帮助官员查找潜在的恐怖袭击线索。他希望政府奖励那些举报社交媒体贴子中含恐怖主义信息的民众。民众只要提供有利于抓捕恐怖分子的线索都会获得奖励。Schumer#39;s proposal would make use of the Justice Department#39;s Rewards for Justice program. Schumer said that investigators need the public#39;s help.舒默的提案将利用到美国司法部的正义奖励计划。舒默表示,调查人员需要群众的帮助。Schumer said he wants to award people who come forward with information anywhere from ,000 to million. In the House of Representatives, Congressman Stephen Fincher proposed a bill that centered on stopping prisoners from becoming radicalized.舒默说,他希望给举报者提供2.5万到2500万美元的奖励。而众议院的议员斯蒂芬·芬奇提出的议案重点是阻止囚犯变得激进。His bill would require volunteers in federal prisons to provide their social media accounts during their background investigations. Fincher called U.S. prisons a ;breeding ground; for Islamic radicalization.该议案要求申请联邦监狱的志愿者在接受背景调查时要提供其社交媒体账户。芬奇解释称,美国监狱向来是伊斯兰极端主义的“温床”。 /201607/453774

President Xi Jinping presented the 2016 State Preeminent Science and Technology Award to Tu Youyou, co-winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, and physicist Zhao Zhongxian last Monday.国家主席习近平上周一将2016年度国家最高科学技术奖颁予2015年诺贝尔生理学或医学奖得主之一的屠呦呦以及物理学家赵忠贤。Tu is best known for discovering artemisinin, which is used to treat malaria. She is the first woman to receive the national award.屠呦呦最广为人知的成就是发现了可用于治疗疟疾的青蒿素。她是首位获得国家最高科学技术奖的女性。Zhao Zhongxian, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has spent four decades researching superconductors.赵忠贤是中国科学院院士,他致力于超导体研究四十年。27 scientists have received the nation#39;s top science and technology award since it was established in 2000. It comes with a prize of 5 million yuan.国家最高科学技术奖2000年设立,奖金为500万元人民币,至今已有27位科学家获奖。The award is one way the government encourages fundamental research, Premier Li Keqiang said at the ceremony.李克强总理在仪式上表示,该奖项是政府鼓励基础研究的一种方式。Li paraphrased a Chinese proverb, saying, ;(Scientists) could stay silent for a decade, (but they should) try to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.;李克强总理引用了一句中国的谚语称:“(科学家们)可以十年不鸣,但是他们要争取一鸣惊人。”Li also expressed gratitude to foreign scientists and scholars who have contributed to China#39;s scientific progress.此外,李克强总理还对那些为中国科技事进步而奉献的外籍科学家和学者表示了感谢。 /201701/489585

Earth#39;s days are getting longer but you#39;re not likely to notice any time soon — it would take about 6.7 million years to gain just one minute, according to a study published last Wednesday.据上周三公布的一份报告显示,地球的白天时间正在变得越来越长,不过人类很难感觉到--因为大约要等670年才增加1分钟。Over the past 27 centuries, the average day has lengthened at a rate of about +1.8 milliseconds (ms) per century, a British research team concluded in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A.据英国一研究团队在《英国皇家学会学报》上发布的报告称,在最近的27个世纪里,每个世纪的白昼平均延长了大约1.8毫秒。This was ;significantly less;, they said, than the rate of 2.3 ms per century previously estimated — requiring a mere 5.2 million years to add one minute.该小组的研究人员明确指出,这“大大少于”之前被认为的每个世纪增加2.3毫秒。人们当时认为“只”需520万年就会增加一分钟。;It#39;s a very slow process,; study lead co-author Leslie Morrison, a retired astronomer with Royal Greenwich Observatory, told AFP.报告的作者之一、皇家格林尼治天文台退休天文学家莱斯.莫里森向法新社透露:;这是一个非常缓慢的过程;。;These estimates are approximate, because the geophysical forces operating on the earth#39;s rotation will not necessarily be constant over such a long period of time,; he specified. ;Intervening Ice Ages etcetera will disrupt these simple extrapolations.;他解释说,;这个预估只是相近的,因为推动地球自转的力量在如此长的一段时间内并非一成不变。冰河时代的干预等其他因素会打破这些简单的推理。;The previous 2.3 ms estimate had been based on calculations of the moon#39;s known earth-braking forces, causing the ocean tides.之前估算的2.3秒的结果就是基于已知的月球引力引起海洋潮汐来预估的。Factors which influence the earth#39;s rotation include the moon#39;s braking effect, earth#39;s altering shape due to shrinking polar ice caps since the last Ice Age, electro-magnetic interactions between the mantle and core, and changes in the mean sea level, said the team.该团队表示,影响地球转动的因素包括月球的制动力,自冰河世纪以来极地冰川消融造成的地球形状的改变,地幔和地核的电磁相互作用以及海平面的变化等。 /201612/484633

There are many types of natural detoxes that one could undertake and here are five popular natural detoxes one could find out about:Colon cleanse - to clean out old food and chemicals that are in our system. This helps get rid of parasite that produce some of the toxins in our body.Juice fasting - nourishes the body with the vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruit. Live enzymes can jump start the systems in our body and get them to vitality again.Apple cleanse - for liver cleansing to remove toxins so the liver can function without being clogged.Water fasting - a stringent and effective way to detoxify your body because it forces metabolism of body fat and releases stored toxins into the blood stream for elimination. Can produce overwhelming toxic and sick bodies so water fasting should be for those who are very healthy.Lemon juice and honey fasting - for someone getting onto the path of detoxification as not as hard as water fasting.In part five of this series, I will write about the popular liver cleanse in more detail. 人们可以采取很多自然的方法排除毒素,以下是最受欢迎的五种自然排毒法:1.清肠——将遗留的食物及化学物质排出我们的身体组织之外。这能够帮助我们排出寄生虫,寄生虫会在体内形成一些毒素。2.禁食——只为身体提供维生素和新鲜水果的养分。活性酶能够推动我们的生理系统,使我们的身体再次富有活力。3.苹果清洁法——排出肝脏内的毒素使得肝脏能够没有负担,轻松工作。4.饮水疗法——这是一个艰苦但十分有效的清除体内毒素的方法。这个方法迫使身体的脂肪进行新陈代谢并释放体内积存的毒素,随着血液流动逐渐消除。此方法能够产生过度毒素导致身体虚弱,所以只有健康的人才适用饮水疗法。5.柠檬汁蜂蜜排毒法——这适用于那些初涉排毒之路的人们,这个方法没有饮水疗法那么辛苦。在这一系列等等第五部分,我会详细介绍这些受欢迎的排毒疗法。 /200804/34589

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