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Chinese military officials denied Thursday that they used technology from an arm of ed Technologies Corp. to build an attack helicopter, saying the allegation is #39;seriously inconsistent with the facts.#39; 中国军方官员周四否认中国使用联合技术公司(ed Technologies Corp.)旗下子公司的技术研发中国的武装直升机,并说相关指控“与事实严重不符”。 Last month, ed Technologies pleaded guilty to illegally supplying China with restricted military technology and agreed to pay more than million in penalties. Federal prosecutors had accused the company of violating U.S. arms-control laws by agreeing to help China build its first military attack helicopter as the price for the chance to win millions of dollars in civilian business. 上个月,联合技术公司对于非法向中国提供受限军事技术一事表示认罪,并同意付超过7,500万美元的罚金。美国联邦检察官此前指控该公司违反了美国武器控制方面的法律,称该公司同意帮助中国研发其首架武装直升机,以换取在华赢得数百万美元民用业务的机会。 In a statement Thursday on its website, China#39;s Defense Ministry disputed the accusation, saying it developed the helicopter #39;with completely independent intellectual property rights.#39; China #39;has always followed the principle of independent innovation, and relied on its own capability in research and production,#39; it said. 中国国防部周四在其网站上发表声明驳斥了美方的指控,称中国的武装直升机具有完全自主知识产权,中国始终坚持独立自主、自主创新的原则,依靠自己的力量研制和生产。 The statement-which the Defense Ministry said was made by a spokesman at a monthly news conference-was the Chinese government#39;s first public comment since U.S. attorneys said ed Technologies#39; Pratt amp; Whitney Canada Corp. subsidiary violated the embargo when it exported controlled technology. 这是中国政府自美国检察官提出上述指控以来首次就此事发表公开声明。此前,美国检察官说,联合技术公司的旗下子公司普拉特惠特尼加拿大公司(Pratt amp; Whitney Canada Corp.)出口受限技术的行为违反了美国的禁运政策。中国国防部说,这一声明是国防部发言人在月度新闻发布会上做出的。 Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd referred to the court documents and the June statement in which the government said the technology was used in the development of the attack helicopter. ed Technologies declined to comment. 美国司法部发言人伊德(Dean Boyd)提到了多份法庭文件和6月份的一份声明。美国政府在这份声明中说,这项技术被用于武装直升机的研发。联合技术公司拒绝就此事置评。 Initial batches of the Z-10 helicopter were delivered to the People#39;s Liberation Army of China in 2009 and 2010, according to the Justice Department. 据美国司法部说,最初几批直-10武装直升机是在2009年和2010年交付中国人民解放军的。 The conglomerate also admitted making false statements about the sale of software that aided the development of the attack helicopter and not making timely disclosures of the violations, which happened from 2002 to 2003. 联合技术公司同时承认,在有关出售武装直升机研发辅助软件一事上曾做出虚假陈述,且没有及时披露在2002年至2003年期间发生的违规情况。 Lured by the promise of being the exclusive engine supplier to China#39;s civilian helicopter program with the potential to generate billion in sales and service, executives at Pratt Canada dodged concerns that the sale of the engine software violated U.S. export laws, according to the Justice Department. 按照美国司法部的说法,由于有可能成为中国民用直升机项目的独家发动机供应商(这可能带来20亿美元的销售和务收入),受此诱惑,普拉特惠特尼加拿大公司的高管刻意不去注意向中国出售发动机辅助研发软件违反了美国的出口规定这一事实。 When Pratt Canada told the Chinese about the potential difficulty with exporting the technology for military use, the Chinese came up with a briefing paper about a civilian helicopter program that was running in parallel with the military one, the Justice Department said. 美国司法部说,当普拉特惠特尼加拿大公司告诉中方因军事用途出口这项技术可能存在困难时,中方抛出一份有关民用直升机项目的简报文件,中国的民用和军用直升机项目在同时开展。 By 2004, executives in the U.S. offices of Pratt and ed Technologies learned of the possible breaches, according to the Justice Department. 美国司法部说,直到2004年,普拉特惠特尼加拿大公司美国办事处和联合技术公司的高管才认识到此前的做法可能违反了美国的有关规定。 #39;I would say the #39;2 seat version#39; is code for an attack helicopter,#39; a ed Technologies legal official wrote in an email cited in Justice Department documents. #39;This has the possibility to be very controversial…. Any concerns?#39; 美国司法部文件引用的一份联合技术公司法务人员所写的电子邮件说:我想说“两座版”(2 seat version)就是武装直升机的代号;这有可能引发非常大的争议……有人为此感到担心吗? The companies didn#39;t disclose the breach to the U.S. authorities until July 2006 after a Scandinavian group that offers advice on socially responsible investing raised the issue with ed Technologies, saying they were #39;carrying out in-depth research,#39; according to an email cited by the Justice Department. 两家公司直到2006年7月才向美国有关部门披露违规情况。在那之前,一家专门就投资行为如何尽到社会责任的事宜提供建议的斯堪的纳维亚组织向联合技术公司指出了这一问题。美国司法部引用的一份电子邮件显示,联合技术公司回复该组织说,他们正在“进行深入研究”。 /201207/192533You#39;re in the job you always wanted and you#39;re doing well, even making more money than your husband.你有一份自己一直想要的工作,而且你做的很好,甚至比你丈夫赚钱更多。But beware. Women who become the chief bwinners in their domestic partnerships are more likely to pay the price with divorce.但是当心了,那些在家庭中成为主要经济柱的女性更易付出离婚的代价。Researchers admit that the reason is unclear, but it may be that male pride is wounded by not being the biggest earner in the household.研究人员们坦言尚不明确导致这一问题的原因,但这可能是由于男性因不能成为家庭的主要经济柱而自尊心受挫所致。Successful women, for their part, may grow to resent a husband who doesn#39;t appear to be pulling his weight.对于成功女性而言,她们可能会由于丈夫没有尽自己的本分而渐生不满。The finding is the result of a 25-year study of more than 2,500 marriages, comes hot on the heels of other research showing that house-husbands are prone to affairs.上述发现来自于一项历时25年的研究,该研究对2500多对夫妇的婚姻进行了分析。此前有其他研究表明家庭妇男更易产生婚外情。Jay Teachman, of Western Washington University, said there could be several reasons behind the statistic. For instance, financial independence makes it easier for women to find a way out of an unhappy marriage. Dented egos - of both sexes - may also play a role.西华盛顿大学的杰伊·蒂奇曼说,这一数据背后可能有几方面的原因。例如,经济独立让女性更容易找到摆脱不幸婚姻的方法。自尊心受挫——双方皆有——也可能是其中一个原因。Professor Teachman said: ‘There may be ;wounded pride; on the part of the male that may lead to tension in the relationship. It may also be the case that some women react negatively to a mate that does not earn as much as themselves.#39;蒂奇曼教授说:;男性‘自尊心受损#39;可能导致双方关系紧张。还可能出现的情况是,有些女性对挣得比她们少的伴侣态度消极。;A sudden increase in hours worked was also linked to marriage break downs, the Journal Of Family Issues reports.美国《家庭心理学期刊》有文章报道称,工作时间的突然延长也同婚姻破裂相关。Examples of the phenomenon include the collapse of Kate Winslet#39;s marriage to Jim Threapleton, an assistant film director, in 2001, which was blamed on the actress#39;s burgeoning movie career.这种现象的其中一例是2001年凯特?温斯莱特同助理导演吉姆·塞普莱顿的婚姻破裂,他们的婚姻失败被归咎于这位女演员电影事业的突飞猛进。And this year when singer Charlotte Church separated from her rugby player fiance Gavin Henson friends pointed out that he earned much less than her.今年,歌手夏洛特·丘奇同她的橄榄球手未婚夫加文·汉森分手了,朋友们指出,他挣钱比她少得多。For a happy marriage, Professor Teachman recommends a 60:40 split in income, with the husband being the highest earner.关于幸福的婚姻,蒂奇曼教授建议男女收入比应为60:40,而且丈夫应是赚钱最多的那个。His findings chime with a recent American study which reported that men who are financially dependent on their other halves are more likely to be unfaithful - and the greater the earning gap the more likely the man is to cheat.他的发现和近日发布的一项美国研究相似,该研究指出,那些在经济上依赖另一半的男性更易出轨——而且收入差距越大,男性出轨的可能性越大。For instance, house husbands whose wives worked all day were five times more likely to have an affair than those who contributed an equal amount of money to the partnership. Low-earning men may use an affair as a way of reasserting their masculinity.例如,那些妻子整天工作的家庭妇男,同那些与妻子赚钱相当的男性相比,有外遇的几率要大五倍。收入低的男性可能会将婚外情作为重树男子汉气概的一种方式。 /201210/202790

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