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It can be difficult to feel hopeful during a worldwide economic meltdown. Give these mood-lifters a try.You Will NeedA gratitude journal A volunteer job Low-cost fun Home improvements A savings plan Counseling Step 1(历史明经济危机会很快过去的)Take heart that the recession will soon be over, if history is any indicator. The average length of the 10 recessions since World War II is only 10.4 months.Step 2(记录下让自己幸福的事情)Count your blessings. One study found people who keep a gratitude journal – a diary of what they’re thankful for – are happier than those who don’t.Keep your situation in perspective. Look around and you’ll probably find someone worse off than you.Step 3(让自己成为一名自愿者)Become a volunteer. The fastest way to feel better about your situation is to help someone else. That’s not just a platitude: It’s been proven in studies. Plus, if you’re out of work, volunteerism can lead to a paying job.Step 4(如果你因为买不起房子或者炒股失败了而难过,你可以想想那些和你一样处境的人)If you’re beating yourself up over losing money in the stock market or buying a home you couldn’t afford, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.Step 5(如果你很幸运拥有自己的房子,却担心它会贬值,那么你可以通过一些结构的改造来提升房子的价值)If you’ve been lucky enough to hang on to your home, but are depressed over how much its value has decreased, learn some do-it-yourself home improvements that will increase its worth.The remodeling projects that add the most value to a home include a kitchen upgrade, new siding, bathroom remodeling, and adding a bathroom.Step 6(钱赚的不多,不代表你的社交也相应地跟着减少,可以去找一些相对便宜的社交)Find low cost ways to replace the treats you’ve had to give up. You don’t have to be less social just because you have less money.Step 7(如果你的烦恼来自于金钱,那么做一个计划,一定要还清债务)If your depression stems from financial problems, make a commitment to get out of debt and then start a savings plan, even if it’s just taken out of your weekly paycheck. You’ll feel better day-to-day with the security of a nest egg.Step 8(如果你状况非常不好,衣食住行都有问题,那么你最好去看一下心理医生,帮自己开导一下)If you’re seriously depressed – you’re having trouble eating, sleeping, or concentrating – ask a health-care provider about mental-health counseling.Since World War II, the longest recessions have lasted 16 months, from late 1973 to early 1975, and from mid 1981 to late 1982.201005/102996In 1775, Versailles celebrated1775年 新王与其王后the coronation of a new king and queen.在凡尔赛宫加冕Louis XVI had lived most of his 20 years here,路易十六20年来都居住于此surrounded by courtiers and power brokers.簇拥着幕僚和权力掮客But, like his young Austrian wife, Marie Antoinette,但就如他的奥地利妻子玛丽·安托瓦内特he didnt feel y to rule.路易并没有为统治作好准备Despite their kings private feelings,尽管国王内心并非情愿the public had high hopes.公众却对他寄予厚望Hes young, he has a beautiful wife,路易十六风华正茂 怀拥娇妻so theres everything to expect所以人们对他的新治from this new and hopefully glorious reign of Louis XVI.与极有可能的光辉时代满怀期望Louis XVI wants to rule in a grand manner.路易十六希望统治空前浩大He wants to be an absolute monarch.他想成为绝对专权的君主He wants to live up to the style他希望效仿路易大帝of Louis the Great, Louis XIV.即路易十四的风格But, interestingly, he wants also但有趣的是 他也希望to rule in a way which is popular.自己的统治受到爱戴201206/186429

Paola Antonelli 预报了突破性的展览 设计与弹性思维 - 充满了反映我们现在思考方式的产品与设计。201304/234789

How To Make Egg Salad on HowcastThe perfect sandwich starts with an egg salad that has some zip to it.You Will Need6 large eggs Large pan and lid A knife frac12; medium onion 1 celery stalk 3 tbsp. parsley A dill pickle frac14; c. mayonnaise frac12; tsp. yellow mustard 1 tsp. lemon juice frac12; tsp. Dijon mustard frac12; tsp. horseradish Salt Pepper A loaf of b Step 1: Boil eggs(将鸡蛋煮熟)Place your eggs in a pan in a single layer. Add cold water to an inch above the eggs. Cover the pot and boil the eggs for one minute, remove from heat, and let stand, covered, for ten minutes.Your egg is hard boiled if you can spin it in place on a hard surface. Undercooked eggs are wobbly and unsteady.Step 2: Peel eggs(将壳剥掉)Drain the water and rinse the eggs under cold water. Then crack and peel them.Step 3: Slice and dice ingredients(将配料切成片)Cut the eggs into sixths. Chop the onion, celery, and parsley, and finely dice the dill pickle.Step 4: Mix ingredients(将材料搅拌在一起)Combine the chopped ingredients in a large bowl, and add mayonnaise, yellow mustard, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and horseradish for an extra kick. Mix carefully and add salt and pepper to taste.Step 5: Sp egg salad on b(将做好的鸡蛋沙拉均匀涂在面包上)Sp the egg salad on your favorite b, and enjoy!Did you know? Crossflow microfiltration membrane separation — or CMF — was shown to remove about 99.9 percent of inoculated Salmonella enteritidis from unpasteurized liquid egg whites.201005/104478How To Be Happy如何做个快乐幸福的人The best minds in science and academia weigh in on the mystery of happiness.Step 1: Be A Do-Gooder(多做好事)Researchers caution against mistaking "pleasure" for "happiness. " Pleasure is based on external factors, and leaves one craving more, more, more. Happiness, however, is influenced less directly- even by putting off your own pleasure for the good of someone else. People who perform selfless acts of kindness, whether by volunteering for a shelter or just helping out a friend, raised their reported level of happiness.Step 2: Don't Sweat Decisions(做决定不要磨磨蹭蹭)The longer a choice is debated, the less happy the decider is with the outcome. Whether it's what to eat or where to live, first set your standards- the factors most important to you- then take the first option that meets them.Step 3: Spend Well(要会花钱)If you're going to splurge, do it on an experience you'll remember, not goods or gadgets. Research indicates that people often regret purchasing an expensive ITEM, but tend NOT to regret money spent on "experiences" such as dining and travel.Step 4: Aim High- But Not That High(目标定高些,但别太高)Those at the pinnacle of financial success don't report significantly higher levels of happiness than the average Joe. Ask yourself if that overtime is REALLY worth it.Step 5: Be A Joiner(加入社团)Whether it's a church choir or street dance crew, being part of a defined community group raises happiness levels.Step 6: Stop Dwelling(不要沉湎于过去)Leading psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky has found that the happiest people don't dwell on negative or ambiguous events. Furthermore, excessive introspection may sap your mental resources, making it harder for positive changes to occur. So turn off that Morrissey record and go outside.Step 7: Be Grateful(学会感恩)Several professors and scholars in this field instruct students to keep a regular journal of what they're thankful for. The results indicate that gratitude reliably increases happiness. Who knew that those greeting cards urging us to "count our blessings" were right?201107/145339Being romantic might be difficult in your everyday life, but on vacation it can be much easier. A getaway is just what you need to become fluent in the language of love.日常生活中时时做到浪漫可能有困难,但是假期浪漫一点则轻松的多。开溜一段时间正是表达爱的语言所需要的。Step 1 Plan out the trip together1.共同计划旅程Plan the trip together and include activities that youll both love. This should be about strengthening the connection between you and your partner, and anticipating the trip together will bring you closer.共同计划这次旅程,安排两人都喜欢的活动。这样可以增强你和伴侣之间的联系,共同期待这次旅程会让两人更加亲密。Step 2 Stay in your room2.待在室内Spend some quality time in your room. Order room service and spend the whole day ;getting to know each other.; Turn off the cellphones, televisions, and other distractions.在房间内度过一些有品质的时间。预订房间务,花一整天的时间来“互相了解”。关闭手机,电视机和其他干扰源。Step 3 Get your heart pumping3.充满活力Do something active together, whether its playing tennis, hiking, or going for a long walk or bike ride. Engaging in physical activity is a fun way to bond and to get your heart pumping.一起做一些积极活跃的事情,无论是打网球,徒步旅行,散步还是骑自行车。一起进行体育活动是增强联系,增加活力的有趣的方式。Step 4 Dont hold back4.不要抑制Use the change of scenery and the downtime to tell your partner the romantic things they dont get to hear often enough.利用环境的改变和难得的休闲对你的伴侣说出对方不经常听到的浪漫的语言。Step 5 Splurge5.奢侈一点Splurge on something that you dont normally get to have together. Go for a romantic dinner or schedule a couples massage.Youre aly on vacation; you might as well do it all!多花点钱享受一下你们不经常享用的东西。共享浪漫晚餐,或者安排夫妻。你们已经在度假了,大家都可以做到。According to a 2010 poll by _Travel and Leisure_ magazine, Honolulu is the best American city for a romantic escape.根据2010年旅游和杂志的民意调查,檀香山是进行浪漫旅程最好的美国城市。201302/223720

Taiwan's president calling on rescue crews to step up their efforts---this is as he confirms about 500 deaths from last week's massive Typhoon.More than 80 inches of rain were dumped on the island last weekend. Typhoon Morakot triggered widesp flooding and mudslides that have left 7,000 people homeless. Aly more than 15,000 people have been ferried to safety. But the president is asking that rescue operations be stepped up to reach 2,000 people stranded in remots villages. He is calling it the most severe damage on the island in half a century.词汇Step up: to increase the amount, speed, etc. of sth 增加,提高(数量,速度等)He has stepped up his training to prepare for the race.他为准备那场赛跑而加强了训练.Leave sb homeless…使某人无家可归Leave在这里的意思就是"使某人/物处于某种状态".Leave the door open, please. 请把门开着吧.The bomb blast left 25 people dead.那颗炸弹炸死了25个人.Stranded: a person or vehicle that is stranded is unable to move from the place where they are 滞留的The strike left hundreds of tourists stranded at the airport.这场罢工使成百上千的游客滞留在机场.08/81503

How To Stop Swearing on Howcast Is your cursing and cussing out of control? Stop the profanity with this behavior modification plan.You Will NeedIntrospection Word substitutes Visualization Step 1: Realize why you're cursing(诅咒通常是用来发泄愤怒和沮丧的,可以试着学会用其他方法来处理)Realize why you’re swearing: it’s often just a lazy way of expressing rage or frustration. Learn other anger management coping skills and you may not be so tempted to curse so much.Step 2: Hear how unattractive it is(当别人诅咒或破口大骂的时候,注意看一下,客观地了解这种做法非常不好)Pay attention the next time someone else lets a few choice words rip. Is that really how you want to sound to others?Step 3: Learn some new words(寻找一些文雅的词来抒发自己的情绪)Scan a thesaurus for satisfying stand-ins for your favorite swear words. A good vocabulary allows you to be as cutting and colorful as you want to — without the foul language.Try using silly substitutes, like “fudge” and “fiddle-dee-dee.” You’ll feel so stupid, you’ll probably swear off swearing.Step 4: Imagine an audience(设想一下,如果被你诅咒的人是婴儿或牧师,你会怎样?)The next time you’re on the verge of a four-letter tirade, ask yourself if you’d use this language around a young child, an elderly person, or a clergy member. That should stop the swearing.Step 5: Go ahead(尽量避免使用脏话)Go ahead and drop the F-bomb — if you’re in pain. A group of researchers concluded that cursing intensifies our fight-or-flight response, making us better able to withstand pain by minimizing our perception of it. Guess that explains all the swearing in hospital delivery rooms!Often, people who speak more than one language report that they always curse in their native tongue.201007/108515PRr(N~zv]Mb|_rL*.gAbhUuOToday in History: Monday, September 24, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月24日,星期一R4f;5%;e6~CQSlb!V;-FOn Sept. 24, 1976 Newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was sentenced to seven years in prison for her part in a 1974 bank robbery.1976年,报纸女继承人帕特里夏·赫斯特因参加1974年的一次抢劫案被判处7年监禁-#(1gH)3hUP.+Z。2(5JKxFa~R,rOb-z1755 John Marshall, the fourth chief justice of the ed States, was born in Germantown, Virginia.1755年,美国第四位首席大法官约翰·马歇尔在弗吉尼亚日耳曼敦出生7ai5v_lEiCNzDHSmBmd。Brv2WRWP1K4,.dAKM51789 Congress passed the First Judiciary Act, which provided for an attorney general and a Supreme Court.1789年,国会通过了第一个司法法案,规定实行一个总检察长以及一个最高法院kqX@a1W^O]r,m*4x@。;NMl4_H19.|Nxb1869 Financiers Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to corner the gold market, sending Wall Street into a panic and leaving thousands of investors in financial ruin.1869年,金融家杰古尔德和杰姆斯堡试图垄断黄金市场,造成华尔街陷入恐慌,成千上万的投资者经济损失g9iMf,k!I,ZlFzoi。pGIa.hMnLQ!FiWCR1_1896 Author F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minn.1896年,作家斯科特·菲茨杰拉德在明尼苏达州圣保罗出生bT][+wc1x(xZqW5w]yA。*[WUb_+nAEn.INGeq6g1957 The Brooklyn Dodgers played their last game at Ebbets Field before moving to Los Angeles for the next season.1957年,在下赛季转移到洛杉矶前,布鲁克林道奇队在埃比茨棒球场进行了他们的最后一场比赛^[LJLv.n9~B。ixNr.X.rR]B[]FS)T1960, the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was launched at Newport News, Va..1960年,美国第一艘核动力航母;企业号;在弗吉尼亚州纽波特纽斯启动xnf2]!icHF。#vxh;BpAt]Fz1968 ;60 Minutes; premiered on CBS.1968年,“60分钟”节目首次在CBS上演9,v++f](Dky;bS2G[。~mCeg8ZSj2rCh^1991 The album ;Nevermind; by Nirvana was released.1991年,涅槃的专辑《无所谓》发布zB|*3mKP~。4JGm0zXr2aJR^KpF(!22007 ed Auto Workers walked off the job at GM plants in the first nationwide strike during auto contract negotiations since 1976. (A tentative pact ended the walkout two days later.)2007年,通用汽车工人离开工作岗位参加自1976年以来在汽车合同谈判里的首个全国性罢工(两天后,一初步协议结束此次罢工yGx[f|Pd,~S^。)1,^bV|rvEy0D.hmwYM!emp2A[Zhy8y6Vg|F;1|uu8^wC5-XN /201209/201443

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