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An office partyA: Mrs. Montgomery? I’ve been trying to figure out when we should have the New Year’s party. Could you take a book at these dates?B: Sure. The twenty-ninth is out. I’ll be out of the office all day at a seminar. Either the twenty-eighth or the thirtieth is fine.A: Well, why don’t we make it the thirtieth? We can set it up from three to five. That way, everybody can just go home afterwards.B: Sounds good to me. You make up the invitations, I’ve got run. I’ve got a meeting in five minutes.办公室聚会A:蒙格玛利女士?我正在盘算着哪天开一个新年聚会。你看看这几天行吗?B:当然。29号不行了。我要外出开一整天演讨会。28号或30号都行。A:嗯,那我们就定30号吧。可以从3点开到5点。这样的话,大家可以结束后就回家。B:我觉得不错。你来做请柬,我得走了。五分钟后我有个会要开。 /200704/12526。

Catherine最近真是运气不佳,工作中频频出错,接连不断的疏忽已经让领导颇有微词。这天,部门经理把她叫到办公室,严肃地对她说:Concentrate on your job, or you'll be given the pink slip. Catherine听后一脸的茫然,问道:“给我一张粉色的小纸条干吗?“这一问反倒把经理给逗乐了。于是,Catherine出来后就去问同事Jane。Catherine: Today I was called to the manager's office, and I was told to be more careful about my job. Otherwise he'll give me the pink slip.凯瑟琳:今天经理把我叫到办公室了,要我工作更细心些,否则他会给我张粉色的小纸条。Jane: Really? That's horrible! You've got to be more careful.珍妮:真的吗?那太糟糕了!你还是小心点吧。Catherine: What is "the pink slip"? Is it that bad?凯瑟琳:什么是the pink slip呀?它就那么可怕吗?Jane: Oh, my God! If you're given the pink slip, you won't be able to work here any more, it means you'll be fired!珍妮:哦,老天那!如果你收到the pink slip,那么你就不能再在这上班了,它意味着你会被解雇的! Concentrate on your job, or you'll be given the pink slip. 专注于你的工作,否则你会被解雇。concentrate on sth.意思是”专心于某事“;pink slip中slip是小纸条的意思,所以pink slip这个短语从表面上看,指的是一种粉色的小纸条,但在交际中它有”解雇“之意,与walking papers同义。所以,give sb. the pink slip就意味着dismiss sb.(解雇某人)。 Carl:I was scolded by my boss today, because I made lots of mistakes.卡尔:今天我被老板臭骂了一顿,因为我出错太多了。Amanda:You‘d better concentrate on your job, or you may be given the pink slip.阿曼达:你最好工作专心点,否则你可能被开除的。背景音乐:Addicted to love◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201007/108859。

1.Introduce capabilities 介绍能力 A: Let me introduce to you our development capabilities.B: Go ahead. A:请允许我介绍一下我们的开发能力。B:请开始吧。 2. Laser pointer 激光笔A: Could I borrow a laser pointer from you?B: Certainly. Here you are.A:能借用一下您的激光笔吗?B:当然,给您。3.Next slide please 请翻到幻灯片A: That's all I want to say for this example. Next slide please.B: Okay.A:这就是我就这个例子想说的,请翻到幻灯片。B:好的。4.Raise questions 提问A: Don't hesitate to ask questions.B: Raise your questions whenever you have one. If you wait, you may forget.A:有问题尽管提。B:有问题随时提出来,要是等着的话,就可能会忘掉。5.Show the findings 展示成果A: Let me show you the findings of our project.B: Make it as detailed as possible.A:下面我将向你们展示一下我们项目的成果。B:请尽量详细一些。 /200808/46592。

Now that the basic ground rules are set ,the details have to be cleared up. In the next stage of the negotiation, May learns what Mike needs and has to decide if she can do that.既然现在这些基本规则都订好了,细节也都说清楚了,在下个阶段的谈判中,梅知道了迈克的需求后,得确定自己是否能达到要求.May:What happens if we make a deal and thirty to sixty days after delievery the price goes down and you didn't get the best possible price?如果我们达成了交易,但交货的30~60天内,市面降价,导致你的价格不是最好的,该怎么办?How do I handle that?我要如何处理?Mike:Well,these things happens,I know that. You just have to stay straight with me.嗯,这是难免的,你只要直接告知我就可以了.May:Right! So how do I do that? What will make you happy?好!那我该如何配合,才能让你感到满意?Mike:Well,I suggest you just keep me posted.That should do it.我建议你随时跟我报告最新状况,这样就够了.That way the burden is on me to decide when to buy, not you.那样,我就能看准时间下单.毕竟做决定的人是我,不是你.May:Excuse me?什么?Mike:Yeah,it really is that simple.没错,就是这么简单.Every time there's a change in the items we do business on , you let me know. That's all you need to do .只是交易的项目有变动,你就要让我知道.这么做就够了.May:What kind of change,just in prices?什么变动,只有价格吗?Mike:No,any change.I want you to keep me as informed as you are.不,任何变动,我要你随时提供最新进展给我.I need to know as much as you do . If you hear about something that might happen,then tell me about it.你知道的事,我也要知道.如果你听到什么风声,你就要告诉我.Tell me it's rumor, what it's based on and your opinion on how likely it is.就算是传言,也要告诉我为什么会有这种传言,你认为其可信度怎样?May:You mean on product availability,reliability and price?你是指产品的获得性?可信度?还有价格?Mike:No ,everthing.不只,是每件事.Those things for sure,but also labor problems,raw materials,new subcontractors,mergers,in short,anything and everything.当然包含你刚刚说的那些项目,还有劳工问题、原料、分包商、合并等。决而言之,每件事我都要知道。So I can make a fully informed decision.这样我的决定才不会错。MaY:So it's like you want me to be your eyes and ears into the indutry.也就是说,你要我当你在业界的眼线。I can do that,provided the company I'm working for isn't hurt.可以是可以,只要不影响我的公司就好。Mike:I think we'll get along fine.我想我们会合作愉快。 /200812/59672。

flight risk 有离职危险的员工(俚语)英文释义An employee who is quite likely to leave his or her company soon.例句We need to raise the compensation of our best sales representatives before they become flight risks.我们需要提高最佳销售员的报酬,以免他们萌生去意。 /201304/234991。

Narrator: 上周 Anna 得到了 Tip Top 贸易公司的销售专员职位。这还得归功于 Anna 面对紧急情况头脑清楚,反应快,处理问题得当。今天是她上班的第一天。How are you feeling now, Anna?Anna: Excited, but a bit worried. I really want to make a good first impression.Narrator: 没事儿,我教你几句和别人初次见面时常用的一些表达,比如:你好,我们好像以前没见过面。Hello, I dont think weve met.你一定是 Tom. You must be Tom.我刚加入公司。Ive just joined the team.很高兴认识你。Nice to meet you.你在这儿工作有一些年头了吧?Have you worked here long?你看公司的销售经理 Tom Darcy 就在那边,你快去打个招呼吧。Tom: (On the phone) Yah, no, yah, yah, yah, OK. Ill seal the deal, yah, no worries. Yah, alright, see ya mate, bye. (Hangs up)Anna: Hello, I dont think weve met.Tom: No.Anna: You must be Tom. Im Anna. Ive just joined the team.Tom: Uh huh.Anna: Nice to meet you. Have you worked here long?Tom: Sorry, Im quite busy right now – Ive got a big deal just coming through. But lets get together sometime. Um... can you do lunch tomorrow?Anna: You want me to do lunch? Well, Im not very -(Telephone rings)Tom: Sorry, important client. Lunch tomorrow at 12.30 then?(On the phone) Tom speaking. Yah! Frankie! So whats the latest, are we on?Anna: Well, OK then.Narrator: 真棒!Anna, 你用了些挺好的表达来介绍你自己。遗憾的是 Tom 好像对你有点儿爱搭不理的。Anna: Im sure hes just busy. But Im a bit worried about tomorrow!(The next day…)Anna: (Struggling into the office carrying cooking implements) Good morning Paul!Paul: Good morning Anna, are you OK?Anna: Fine, the kitchens through there, isnt it?Paul: Er, yes.(Kitchen noises as Anna starts preparing lunch)Denise: Anna!Anna: Oh hi, Denise!Denise: What are you doing?Anna: Cooking lunch for Tom.Denise: You what?Anna: Tom asked me to have lunch y for 12.30.Denise: Did he indeed?Tom: Er, Anna.Anna: Hi Tom!Tom: What are you doing?Anna: Spring rolls, followed by crispy duck in black bean sauce.Tom: No, I mean, why are you cooking?Anna: Well, if I dont start now, it wont be y for you by 12.30.Tom: Oh, you misunderstood me, Anna. When I said ;Can you do lunch?; it didnt mean ;Can you make lunch?; It meant ;Are you available to come to lunch with me?; In a cafe or something.Anna: Oh!Paul: Mmm... something smells good, but whats going on here?Denise: Anna thinks its her job to cook for people!Anna: No, no, I misunderstood!Tom: Anna just got a bit confused.Paul: Well, never mind, it looks tasty.Anna: Theres enough for everyone if you want some.Paul: I think thats a splendid idea, we can have an office picnic!Anna: Yes!Paul: Mmm, that sauce looks delicious.Anna: Yes, its my favourite.Narrator: 看来 Anna 今天这个头儿还开的不错。让我们一起回顾一下她刚才用到的一些表达:Hello, I dont think weve met.You must be Tom.Ive just joined the team.Nice to meet you.Have you worked here long?Narrator: 记住如果有人对你说 ;Would you like to do lunch?; 意思可不是说让你给他们做午餐。这句话的实际意思是我们一起吃个午饭吧。好了,下次节目再会。听力挑战:Tom 在 Tip Top Trading 公司的的职称是什么?上期:为什么记忆棒是湿的?Because it had been in Pauls tea. 因为它掉到 Paul 的茶杯里了。 /201207/191734。