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Chinese telecom conglomerate ZTE Corp unveiled a prototype handset, embracing 5G even before it#39;s commercialized for smartphone users.我国电信集团中兴通讯日前发布了一款原型机,使智能手机用户在5G商业化之前即可享受5G体验。Dubbed Gigabit Phone, the device will become the world#39;s first smartphone with download speed reaching up to 1Gbps, 10 times faster than most of the existing handsets.这款设备名为;千兆手机;,将成为世界首款下载速度最快可达每秒1G的智能手机,比大多数现有机型快10倍。;ZTE is an end-to-end solution company that focuses on 4G and 5G network evolution,; said Lou Wei, the product head for Devices and Terminals of ZTE North America.中兴设备和终端北美地区的产品负责人;中兴通讯是一家专注于4g和5g网络进化的端对端解决方案的公司。;;We#39;ll utilize technology innovations to improve our smartphone#39;s experience,; he added.他补充说道:“我们将利用技术创新来提高我们的智能手机的体验。”The new phone, powered by the Qualcomm#39;s Snapdragon 835 mobile platform, integrates the Snapdragon X16 Long-Term Evolution modem with a series of ZTE#39;s Ramp;D optimization techniques to achieve the download speed.这款新手机由高通骁龙835移动平台驱动,集成骁龙X16长期演进调制解调器和一系列中兴的研发优化技术,实现了这一下载速度。The improved download speed will enhance users#39; experience by allowing for 360 degree panoramic VR , instant cloud storage, entertainment upgrades and fast cache of ultra hi-fi music and movies, and instant APP, which removes the need for download or installation of applications.提升后的下载速度将使360度全景虚拟现实视频、即时云存储、升级、快速缓存超高保真音乐和电影以及无需下载安装的即时应用成为可能,从而提升用户体验。 /201703/496282

Linklaters and Pinsent Masons have become the latest law firms to invest in artificial intelligence, as the legal profession tries to automate the mundane tasks that have traditionally been the preserve of junior lawyers.法律业正尝试让传统上由初级律师承担的枯燥工作实现自动化,年利达(Linklaters)与品诚梅森(Pinsent Masons)就是最新一批投资人工智能的律师事务所。Linklaters has developed Verifi, a computer programme that can sift through 14 UK and European regulatory registers to check client names for banks. The company said it could process thousands of names overnight.年利达律师事务所开发了电脑程序Verifi,可以筛查14家英国及欧洲监管登记机构的材料,为核查客户姓名。该公司表示,这一程序一夜时间可以处理几千个名字。Edward Chan, banking partner at Linklaters, said: “Previously it would have taken a trained junior lawyer an average of 12 minutes to search a single customer name.年利达业合伙人Edward Chan说:“以前,受过训练的初级律师检索一位客户的姓名平均需要12分钟。”“AI is an indispensible tool for coping with the ever-growing amounts of data which lawyers have to handle in running complex matters. Our lawyers are not engineers or data scientists. Good solid legal skills remain what we look for in our lawyers.”“律师在处理复杂事务时不得不面对日益庞大的数据量,人工智能已成为处理这些数据的必要工具。我们的律师不是工程师,也不是数据科学家。优秀、扎实的法律技能仍是我们的律师应具备的。”Pinsent Masons has developed a programme that s and analyses clauses in loan agreements. Its TermFrame system also helps guide lawyers through transactions and point them towards the correct precedents at each stage of a process.品诚梅森律师事务所开发了一个可以读取并分析贷款协议条款的程序。其TermFrame系统还可以在律师处理事务的过程中提供帮助,在进程的每一阶段指引他们参考恰当的先例。Another law firm, Dentons, has set up NextLaw Labs, a virtual company which looks at the application of technology with the law. It has invested in ROSS, an IBM Watson-powered legal adviser app that streamlines legal research, saving lawyers’ time and clients’ money. ROSS is currently being pilot-tested at Dentons and approximately 20 other law firms.德同国际律师事务所(Dentons)创建了虚拟公司NextLaw Labs,致力于将技术应用在法律事务上。NextLaw投资了一款基于IBM的沃森(Watson)超级计算机系统、名为ROSS的法律顾问应用,该应用可以简化法律检索、节省律师的时间及客户的资金。ROSS目前正在德同等大约20家律所进行测试。Hodge, Jones amp; Allen, a law firm, has worked with academics from University College London to create software that assesses the merits of personal injury cases.Hodge Jones amp; Allen律师事务所与伦敦大学学院(University College London)的科研人员合作,开发了评估人身伤害案件是非曲直的软件。Professor Richard Susskind, a technology adviser to the Lord Chief Justice, has predicted radical change in the legal sector, pointing out that intelligent search systems could now outperform junior lawyers and paralegals in reviewing large sets of documents and selecting the most relevant.最高法院首席法官(Lord Chief Justice)的技术顾问理查德#8226;萨斯坎德教授(Richard Susskind)曾预测,法律业将发生根本性变化,并指出,在查阅大量文档并选取最具相关性的材料方面,智能检索系统如今可以比初级律师和律师助理做得更好。He told a legal conference last month that the legal profession had five years to reinvent itself from being legal advisers to legal technologists and criticised law schools for “churning out 20th-century lawyers”.上月,他在一场法律会议上表示,律师这一行有5年时间进行自我重塑——从法律顾问转变为法律技术专家。他还批评法学院“培养20世纪律师”。A recent study by Deloitte suggested that technology has aly contributed to a reduction of about 31,000 jobs in the legal sector, including roles such as legal secretaries and a further 39 per cent of jobs were at “high risk” of being made redundant by machines in the next two decades.德勤(Deloitte)最近的一项研究表明,技术进步已导致法律业减少了约3.1万个工作岗位(包括法务秘书),而且还有39%的工作岗位在未来20年将面临被机器淘汰的“高风险”。There has been speculation that law is ripe for “Uberisation”, becoming the next target of technological disruption.有人推断,法律行业将迎来“优步化”(Uberisation),成为被技术颠覆的下一个目标。One smaller firm, Riverview Law, has partnered with the computer science department at Liverpool University to work on artifical intelligence products.规模较小的律所Riverview Law已与利物浦大学(Liverpool University)的计算机科学系合作研发人工智能产品。Riverview is setting-up a separate technology business to exploit its software and the intellectual property that it has and is creating. It has launched a virtual assistant Kim designed to help legal teams make quicker and better decisions.Riverview Law正在创建一家独立的技术公司,以更好地利用其已拥有以及正在开发的软件和知识产权。该公司推出了一款名为Kim的虚拟助手系统,旨在帮助律师团队更快、更好地作出决策。Karl Chapman, chief executive of Riverview, said Kim has three varying levels of complexity including one level where a lawyer can ask it to suggest the best order to renegotiate a series of corporate contracts.Riverview Law首席执行官卡尔#8226;查普曼(Karl Chapman)表示,Kim有三个复杂程度等级,在其中一个等级,Kim可以给出律师重新谈判一系列公司合同的最佳顺序。Many believe that AI will simply automate more routine parts of legal work so that lawyers focus on more complex, high value areas of client work.许多人认为,人工智能不过将使法律工作中的常规环节实现自动化,以使律师专注于客户务中比较复杂、高价值的领域。“I would liken it to mathematicians calculating sums on slide rulers before computers. Computers didn’t do away with mathematicians who are probably more highly valued now than they were before,” said Orlando Conetta, a computer scientist and head of research and development at Pinsents.计算机科学家、品诚梅森律师事务所研发主管奥兰多#8226;科纳塔(Orlando Conetta)表示:“我把这比作电脑出现前数学家使用滑动标尺计算总数。电脑并没有淘汰数学家,他们如今可能比以前更受重视。” /201606/448015

A new Chinese supercomputer has dethroned the country#39;s Tianhe-2 from the top of a list of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world.近日,我国新型超级计算机“神威太湖之光”取代“天河二号”问鼎全球超级计算机500强榜单。For the first time, the country has taken top spot without using US technology.这是中国首次在未使用美国技术的情况下登上该榜单榜首。The newcomer, called Sunway TaihuLight, is twice as fast and three times as efficient as Tianhe-2.神威太湖之光的运算速度是天河二号的两倍,效率是其3倍。The new system was developed by the Chinese National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering And Technology and installed at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.新系统由国家并行计算机工程技术研究中心研制,目前放置于位于江苏省无锡市的国家超级计算机应用中心。Some experts said, ;China maintained its No 1 ranking on the 47th edition of the TOP 500 list of the world#39;s top supercomputers, but with a new system built entirely using processors designed and made in China.;一些专家表示:“中国在国际TOP 500组织第47期榜单上保持第一名的位置,凭借的是一个完全基于中国设计、制造处理器而打造的新系统。”Tianhe-2, an Intel-based supercomputer, had claimed the top spot on the past six TOP 500 lists.基于Intel处理器的天河2号超级计算机,此前已在TOP 500榜单上连续六度称雄。It is also the first time since the list was initially drawn up in 1993 that the US is no longer home to the largest number of supercomputer systems.此外,这也是自该榜单发布以来,美国首次跌下拥有最多超级计算机系统的宝座。;With a surge in industrial and research installations registered over the past few years, China leads with 167 systems and the US is second with 165,; according to a statement about the list.榜单的相关声明称:“随着过去几年工业和研究安装注册数量的激增,中国以167套系统居于首位,美国以165套系统位居第二。” /201606/451681

  日本女性新选择 文胸变身购物袋Bra-maker to turn Japanese women into bag ladiesA Triumph employee displays a "No More Plastic Bags Bra" -- a shopping bag made of a transformed bra -- at the company's showroom in Tokyo.Japanese women who don't indulge in the national passion of buying designer bags and who care about the environment may soon have an alternative -- their bra.Alingeriemaker, in a bid to discourage Japanese from using plastic bags, on Wednesday unveiled a bra whosecup paddingunfolds to become a handheld shopping bag.Lingerie maker Triumph has regularly designed bras aimed at drawing attention to social issues and to raise its own profile. Last winter it unveiled a bra that can be heated in a microwave so as to help save on indoor heating costs.The "Bra Rangers" -- named after the television characters that morph into superheroes -- come with matching underwear whose pocket has the inscribed message, "No more plastic bags!"The bra-turned-bag is made of polyester fiber created through recycling. The bra straps can be tied onto the bag as ribbons.Japanese shops hand out some 30 billion plastic bags per year, of which nearly a third of them are thrown away without being reused, said Triumph.Few businesses, faced with tough competition, will risk alienating customers by not handing out bags, Triumph said."In this context, what deserves the most attention is the significance of each and every customer understanding the importance of not using plastic bags," it said in a statement.Triumph said it had sought a patent for the eco-bra, although it has no plans for now to put it on general sale.C: A Triumph employee displays a "No More Plastic Bags Bra" -- a shopping bag made of a transformed bra -- at the company's showroom in Tokyo. 不爱买时装包及环保意识较强的日本女性很快就会有一种新的选择--可变身为购物袋的文胸。日本一家内衣制造商为了使人们少用塑料袋,于本周三推出了一款新型文胸,这种文胸的胸垫展开后,可以变成一个手提购物袋。内衣制造商黛安芬公司为了提高自身的知名度和公众形象,常会设计出一些具有“社会效应”的内衣。去年冬天,黛安芬公司为了响应日本政府的节能计划,就推出了一款可以用微波炉加热的文胸,从而减少室内供暖的成本。新推出的这款名叫Bra Rangers的内衣得名于电视剧中的变形超人,与其配套的内裤口袋里还绣有"别用塑料袋!"的字样。这款变形文胸由循环再生聚酯纤维材料制成,文胸的肩带可以系在包上作饰带。据黛安芬公司介绍,日本的大小商店每年要向顾客提供约300亿个塑料袋,而其中的三分之一没有经过再利用就被扔掉了。而且,在激烈的市场竞争条件下,没有几个商家会为了几个塑料袋而去“得罪”顾客。黛安芬公司在一份声明中说:“在这种情况下,让每个顾客认识到不用塑料袋的意义才是最重要的。”黛安芬公司说,公司已为这款环保文胸申请了专利,但目前还不准备在市场上销售。 Vocabulary:lingerie : 妇女贴身内衣cup padding : 胸垫 /200803/32942

  Yahoo secretly scanned millions of its users#39; email accounts on behalf of the US government, according to a report.据一份报告显示,雅虎曾协助美国政府对其数百万用户的邮件进行了扫描。Reuters news agency says the firm built special software last year to comply with a classified request.据路透社表示,雅虎去年开发了一款特殊软件来满足分类要求。;Yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the ed States,; the tech firm said in a statement provided to the B.雅虎公司在一份提供给B的声明中说道:“雅虎是一家守法公司,遵守美国的法律。”The allegation comes less than a fortnight after Yahoo said hackers had stolen data about many of its users.在这起指控之前不到两周的时候,雅虎曾经宣称黑客窃取了该公司许多用户的数据。Yahoo is in the process of being taken over by Verizon Communications in a .8bn (3.8bn pound) deal. The telecoms provider declined to comment on the report.雅虎正在被威瑞森通讯公司收购的过程中,据悉该公司以48亿美元(约合38亿英镑)的价格收购了雅虎。威瑞森通讯公司拒绝就这份报告发表。Reuters reports that the scans were requested by either the National Security Agency (NSA) or the FBI, according to three sources - two of whom it says were ex-Yahoo employees.据路透社报道,三名知情人士(其中两人以前是雅虎的员工)透露称,扫描邮件是受美国国家安全局或者联邦调查局的要求。The news agency says that the software scanned for a string of characters within all incoming emails, but adds that it was unable to determine what information was handed over or if other internet companies had received a similar demand.路透社表示,这款软件在所有载入的邮件里检索了一个字符串,但是该社也表示无法确定雅虎到底移交了什么信息,也不能确定其他互联网公司是否也收到了类似的要求。US law allows the country#39;s intelligence agencies to order the release of customer data that they believe could prevent a terrorist attack, among other reasons.美国法律允许该国情报机构在认为可以防止恐怖袭击或者其他原因的情况之下,命令企业公布客户的数据。Companies can challenge such orders behind closed doors in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.在“外国情报监控法庭”上,企业可以对这些命令提起反对。But Reuters reports that Yahoo decided not to fight the matter because it thought it would lose. It adds that some Yahoo employees were upset by that decision.但是据路透社报道,雅虎决定不反对这件事,因为它知道自己一定会输。据悉,当时雅虎一些员工对这一决定感到非常失望。The whistleblower Edward Snowden, who previously revealed details about the US#39;s cyber-spying efforts, has tweeted in response to the unverified allegations: ;Use @Yahoo? They secretly scanned everything you ever wrote... close your account today.;斯诺登是此次雅虎事件告密人之一,他之前曾经公布过关于美国从事网络间谍活动的详细信息,他在推特上回应这起尚未被实的指控说:“还在用雅虎?他们偷偷地扫描了你写的所有东西,马上注销账号吧!” /201610/470192。


  This is not an easy article to write. I have been hurt by someone very close to me and I know that I need to forgive that person, but it is easier said than done. Intellectually, I know that until I can forgive, I will stew in my resentment and hurt - harming myself, not the person who hurt me. I could seek revenge, but countering a wrong with a wrong is… well, wrong.What to do?As I reside in the limbo between true forgiveness and painful hurt, I struggle with the tug-of-war between heart and head. I won’t seek revenge, but I am also not y to forgive despite the realization that forgiving is precisely what I have to do to stop hurting. People don’t ask to be hurt, but the offended must be the ones to initiate the resolve.Forgiveness is the pill we must swallow when we suffer from hurt inflicted by others. We must move past the feelings of a hurt-felt heart and use our reason, our mind, to guide us to healing. Age, maturity, teaches us to “let it go,” “forgive and forget,” but sound reason does not manifest a quick cure. It does, however, keep us from making a bigger mistake. The mind must win the tug-of-war between heart and head. To do otherwise, we would be hurting ourselves even more.How do we make the head win?When our heart and mind are conflicted, thinking more about the offense will only exasperate the situation; we need to distract the mind. Our thoughts need to move on, get off-track, and the best way to distract the mind is to busy the hands.Performing tasks like cooking, gardening, car maintenance, writing, anything that requires the mind to think about what the hands are doing will give our heart and head the time to eclipse the pain and coalesce into a more productive, positive realm. Manual exercise restores the balance to life necessary to heal. The sooner we become productive, the quicker we will be able to forgive. Busying the hands also gives us the time to move past the initial harm. We still may feel hurt, but the hurt won’t feel as deep. The urge for revenge will pass; the head eventually wins.If you’ve been hurt and find yourself in the tug-of-war between heart and head it may be helpful to take the Forgiveness Test created by Dr. Susan Brown as part of her doctoral dissertation at Fuller Theological Seminary. It is a 14-question, multiple-choice test which helps to identify personal thoughts and behaviors regarding forgiveness. I took the test and discovered I’m half-way there.What I neglected to consider (as I wallowed in my self-pity) was the source of the problem. Question 13, “I looked for the source of the problem and tried to correct it,” caused a light bulb to go off in my head. Again, the heart was clouding my rational thought. The test made me realize that if I don’t want to be hurt by this person again, I should look for the source of the problem and work to correct it. Being hurt involves two people. Forgiveness is what I do, but that is only half the solution. Resolving the source of the hurt involves both of us. That is what’s necessary for true reconciliation and lasting peace...the ability to truly forgive and forget, forever.I’m glad I took the test and I’m glad I wrote this article. I took the time to busy my hands. I don’t feel as hurt now as I did when I began writing. I’m getting closer to true forgiveness and realize I have more work to do before all is well again. In the end, my head won, but so did my heart. 这是一篇难以书写的文章.曾经,我被我很亲密的人伤害过,我知道我得原谅他"她,但这一切说起来很容易,做起来好难.理智上我知道我若不能原谅,伤害我自己的是我内心的怨恨与烦恼,而不是那个人.我曾想过报复,但这只是错上加错…..是的,是错的.要做什么?当我徘徊在真正原谅与痛苦伤害的边缘时,我正经历着内心与头脑之间激烈的斗争.我不会去报复,但我也没有做好去原谅的准备,虽然事实上原谅是停止我伤痛的最佳办法.人们都不想被伤害,但是受伤了的人就必须找办法治疗.当我们被人家伤害时,原谅是我们必须选择去用的良药.我们必须消除内心那些彻心的痛楚,在我们的理智与意识的指引下治疗我们的心灵.经历过伤害的人告诉我们要“让它随风而去”,要“原谅然后忘记”,但这不是我们能进行快速治疗的充分理由.然而,它可以防止我们犯下更大的错误.头脑的意识必须赢得这场内心与头脑的斗争的胜利,否则,我们只会把自己伤害得更深……如何做才能是头脑获胜?当我们的内心与头脑意识发生冲突时,过多地想着攻击对方反而把事情弄得更槽.我们需要分散我们的注意力,我们的思想必须得沿着轨道动起来,而分散注意力的好方法是让自己的双手忙起来.做一些烹饪,护理一下花园,保养一下汽车,写一些东西.做任何需要我们意识去指导的事情,这会让我们的内心与头脑有一定的时间去冲淡痛楚,合并更多积极有效的思想领域.身体运动能恢复生活的平衡,这是身心恢复所需要的.我们越快恢复效率,我们就能更快地去原谅.使自己的双手忙起来也能给予我们时间去除最初的伤痛.也许我们仍感到痛苦,但那痛苦已经没有原来那么深了.报复的冲动没有了,头脑会最终获得胜利.假如你被伤害了并发现自己正处于内心与头脑的斗争中,你可以尝试做一下由Susan Brown士在福乐神学院做士论文时研发的原谅测试,这对你是有用的.测试有14道多项选择题,它能帮助你分清关于原谅的个人思想和行为.当我做完测试时,我发现我已经成功了一半了.我不想去考虑是我问题的根源,因为我完全沉浸在自怜之中.第13道题目“我寻找了问题的根源并设法去改正了它”像一个小灯泡照耀在我的脑海里.再一次,内心笼罩着我的理智思想.这个测试让我明白,如果我不想再一次被那个人伤害,我就必须找到问题的根源,然后努力去改正它.伤害是相互的.原谅是我需要做的,但这只是解决问题的一半而已.解决伤害的根源需要两个人去努力.这是真正的和解与永远的友好所需要的……需要一种能力去真正地原谅,然后永远忘却.我很高兴我做了这个测试并写下这篇文章.我花了时间让自己的双手忙了起来,我没有像刚写作时那么痛苦了.我离真正原谅更加近了.我意识到.在完全恢复前有许多事情要我去做.到最后,我的头脑获胜了.然而,我的内心也是如此. /200806/41879Despite viewing it from a distance this footage demonstrates the magnificent force of one of the world#39;s most powerful dams.尽管我们是从远处端详它,但这个镜头着实向我们华丽地展示了世界上最强悍的大坝。The Xiluodu Hydropower Station on the Jinsha River in China - which was built with 240 million cubic feet (6.8 million cubic metres) of concrete - spews out a record 164 feet (50 metres) of water per second when it is in full flow.溪洛渡水力发电站坐落在中国的金沙江(四川和云南交界处)畔,这个大坝用掉了680万立方米混凝土,当大坝蓄满水时候开闸放水的速度突破每秒50米下降水位的记录。Standing 937 feet (285.5 metres) tall it is one of tallest dams around - measuring almost six times the height of Niagara Falls. New clips taken from the sky shows water violently cascading through the giant artificial barrier with mist filling the surrounding steep-cut valley.大坝高285.5米,是世界上最高的大坝,据测量是尼亚加拉瀑布的6倍高。最新的航拍视频里可以看到水从大坝中冲出,溅起的水雾弥漫整个峡谷。Xiluodu which opened in July 2013 is the world#39;s third-largest hydropower station. It took eight years and 79.2 billion yuan (£9 billion) to construct the beast.2013年投入使用的溪洛渡水电站是世界上第三大水电站。建成这个巨型水电站耗资792亿元人民币,工程历经8年完工。Last year it received global recognition after the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) awarded the station as a FIDIC Outstanding Project of the Year.Liao Jianxin an engineering director with the project#39;s contractor China Three Gorges Corporation said the #39;intelligent management system#39; of the dam won the judges over.去年获得国际咨询工程师联合会杰出建筑奖,作为三峡集团的工程指导,廖建新说到是大坝的智能管理系统赢得了大会的认可。#39;The digital dam in a nutshell consists of the thermometer strain gauge and other detecting equipment in the concrete of the dam.大坝的智能管理系统是由无数温度检测仪器和其他检测设备组成。#39;The whole construction process was monitored by these equipment which gives a real-time account of the stress state and condition of the dam for the convenience of adjustment#39; said Liao.廖工程师说,在整个大坝施工过程中,对大坝的受力情况进行实时检测预警,并有相应对策。The Three Gorges Dam also in China is the world#39;s largest power station in terms of power output.三峡大坝是中国也是世界上最大的水力发电站。This is then followed by the Itaipu Dam on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay. Xiluodu scores third place.世界上第二大水电站是坐落在巴西和巴拉圭交接的巴拉那河上的伊泰普水电站,溪洛渡水电站紧随其后成为世界第三大水电站。 /201702/494020



  Chinese scientists have begun developing a sample machine that will play a part in the development of a new era supercomputer capable of a billion-billion calculations per second, researchers revealed last Tuesday.研究人员上周二透露,我国科学家已开始研发一台用于研制新一代运算能力达每秒百亿亿次的超级计算机的样机。The National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin is developing the exascale supercomputer with the National University of Defense Technology, said Meng Xiangfei, assistant director at the center. The aim is to make the computer, which will be capable of a quintillion calculations per second, by 2020.国家超算天津中心主任助理孟祥飞表示,该中心正同国防科技大学联合开展对百亿亿次超级计算机的研发。研发此计算机的目标是在2020年使其能够完成每秒百亿亿次的计算。It will be 200 times faster than China#39;s Tianhe-1 supercomputer, and even faster than the most powerful supercomputers in the world, he said.孟祥飞表示,该计算机将比我国的;天河一号;超级计算机快200倍,甚至比世界上最强大的超级计算机还要快。At present, Tianhe-1 supports various tasks including oil exploration, high-end equipment manufacturing, biological medicine and animation design, and serves nearly 1,000 customers.目前,;天河一号;持多种任务,包括石油勘探、高端装备制造、生物医药、动漫设计,为近1000名用户务。Meng expected the new era computing system will mark a huge advancement in terms of intensity of calculation, calculation capacity of single chips and the rate of data transmission.孟祥飞预计新一代计算机系统将在计算强度、单块芯片计算能力和数据传输速率上均获得极大的提升。The new supercomputer is expected to enter service by 2020. Its sample machine will hopefully be y by early 2018, he said.他表示,这种新型超级计算机预计将于2020年前投入使用,其样机有望于2018年初前完成。 /201608/458941。




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