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Like Mercury, the Earth takes a beating from the suns violent temper.像水星一样,地球也需要承受太阳暴躁的脾气。Flares, sun storms and other solar hissy fits can cause electronic mayhem for the satellites that roam above our heads.火焰,太阳风暴以及其他太阳的暴脾气会导致我们头顶的卫星产生电子混乱。Fortunately, the earth is protected from its radiation by a magnetic shield, a kind of force field generated by our molten iron core.幸运的是,地球由于一种磁屏障而免受辐射,这是一种由于我们的熔铁芯而产生的磁场。Planetary magnetic fields are shield planets their surfaces and their atmospheres from charged particles that are always coming off the sun.行星磁场保护表面和大气层免受太阳发出的带电粒子影响。The auroras that light up our polar skies are evidence of our protective shields that work.点亮我们极地天空的极光明了我们的防护盾正有效的起作用。Without it, life would not exist here.没有它,生命将不会存在。Visit Mercury, and you will be visiting the only other planet in the inner solar system with a magnetic field.访问水星,你将拜访的是太阳系内部仅有磁场的另一个行星。But its very existence defies explanation.不过它的存在难以解释。Now the mystery there is that in order to have a magnetic field, you need to have a interior to the planet that is at least partially molten.现在神秘的就是为了形成一种磁场,而你需要在行星内部至少有一部分熔融。Mercury, one of the smallest planets, would have been expected to be really frozen all the way through.水星,最小的行星之一,曾经被期望从里到外都是一颗冰冻星球。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/177464江西第一附属医院整形南昌市中西医结合医院吸脂手术多少钱Business商业报道3D films struggle Flat expectations预期值过高3D films, cinemas great hope, have become niche products电影公司最大的希望—3D电影—让人失望了Voldemort looks no prettier in 3D3D版伏地魔并没有更好看TEN years after it took off, Hollywoods biggest film franchise has finally alighted from its broomstick.十年前首映的好莱坞最大电影系列《哈利波特》,今日终于走向尾声。Between July 15th and July 17th Americans shelled out 9m to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2—a record for any film, in nominal terms.7月15至7月17日,《哈利波特与死亡圣器 第二部分》从美国人的口袋中掏走了1.69亿美元—这是任何影院都无法企及的记录。But barely a third of the audience opted to watch the boy wizard battle his snake-faced foe in three dimensions.但只有仅仅三分之一的观众选择3D版。Two years ago it seemed as though a new, improved 3D projection system could rescue a film business battered by falling DVD sales.两年前3D模式看似可以挽救一个被DVD打得伤痕累累的电影行业。Fully 71% of the box-office spending on Avatar on its opening weekend, in December , went on the 3D version.年12月,《阿凡达》上映一周就有整整71%的票房来自3D影院。The 3D showings of Shrek Forever After accounted for 61% of American box-office spending.《怪物史瑞克》的美国票房有61%来自3D影院。Cinemas generally charge at least more for a 3D showing—far more than the glasses cost.一般来说,电影公司会向3D影院的观众多收取至少3美元—那副眼镜远远值不了这个价。This lucrative business is now looking flat.这个获利丰厚的行业现在看起来似乎不大乐观。Despite rapid growth in digital projectors and 3D-capable screens, the proportion of total box-office spending that goes on 3D has dropped this summer.且不说数码投影仪以及3D功能屏幕的发展迅速,今夏3D电影的总票房比例也下降了。Four of the past five 3D blockbusters—Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda 2, Green Lantern and Harry Potter—made more money from 2D screens on their opening weekend than from 3D ones.刚刚热映的五部3D巨片—《加勒比海盗》、《功夫熊猫》、《绿灯侠》以及《哈利波特》—上映第一个星期赚的票房更多来自2D影院,而非3D影院。That was true of only one widely released 3D film last summer, and none the year before.去年夏天热映的唯一一部3D电影的时候,情形也是这样,前年就不会这么冷淡。Richard Gelfond, the boss of IMAX, reckons customers have become picky.IMAX的老总Richard Gelfond认为消费者变得越来越精明了。People used to see something just because it was in 3D, he says.过去人们因为3D而选择3D。他说道。Now they ask how much pleasure the glasses will add.现在人们会质疑这副眼镜能带来多大的愉悦感。The explosive Transformers 3 did well in 3D; perhaps the 2D version was not sufficiently headache-inducing.巨作《变形金刚3》3D版很卖座,也许是2D版的画面不够震撼。The key to three-dimensional profits, then, is to put out hugely popular films with extraordinary special effects.这样说来,要让3D版盈利的关键,就是在那些备受欢迎的影片里加入更多特效。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201302/226204南昌同济整形美容医院皮肤暗黄怎么样

江西省同济整形医院去痘印多少钱南昌美白祛老年斑哪家医院好Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:I have a wonderful friend who has become a complete cell phone addict. Last week I gave her a ride to the airport, which I was absolutely happy to do, but it was clearly a favor. All the way there, she ignored me and yakked on her cell phone to her grown children.我有一个很好的朋友,现在已经完全成了一个手机控。上周我开车搭她到机场,我绝对很乐意那样做的。我显然是在帮她的忙。但是整整一路,她都把我当空气,在她的手机里和她已经长大的孩子喋喋不休。I was insulted, but figured if I complained, I would appear jealous of her relationship with her kids, of which she is quite proud. Did I make the right choice? Dont cell phone addicts realize they make the people they are with feel like a dime waiting on a dollar? What can I do? - Cell Free我被冒犯了,但我不知道是不是心存抱怨,是否会显露出对她和她孩子之间的关系的嫉妒之情;;她颇为自豪的就是她和孩子的良好关系。我该怎么做?难道手机控们没有意识到,他们的行为让和他们在一起的人感到备受冷落吗?我该怎么做? ;;;一个无手机的人;Dear Cell Free:亲爱的;无手机的人;:People who are overly attached to their phones do not realize how rude they are, and in this instance, your friend may have been showing off a bit. You can tell her that it bothers you to be deliberately ignored and hope she will shape up. Or, you can simply stop whatever you are doing and pointedly but politely wait for her to finish her conversation. If that means parking the car, do it.过于注重自己手机的人没有意识到他们的行为是多么地粗鲁。在这种情况下,你的朋友可能是想稍稍炫耀一下。你可以告诉她,你被故意冷落了,你希望她收敛一点。你可以停下手中的活儿,然后严肃但礼貌地等待她打完电话。如果需要停车的话,那就停吧。201203/175230江西省南昌臀部吸脂多少钱BRIAN Lamb could hardly be a more unlikely media entrepreneur—a modest and civilised man in a world with more than its fair share of egomaniacs and vulgarians. But he was a great one nonetheless. He came up with the idea of C-Span in the late 1970s when he was the Washington bureau chief forCablevision magazine. And he presided over its growth from a start-up with a staff of four into a quirky Goliath with a couple of hundred employees, three channels and a radio station.几乎找不到比布莱恩·兰更不像媒体企业家的人了——在这个充斥着极端利己主义者与庸俗的暴发户的世界里,他一直保持着谦逊有礼的品质。不管怎么说他都是个伟大的人。在19世纪70年代末时,当他还是华盛顿有线电视杂志社社长时,他提出了C-Span的概念(把公共事务网与有线电视结合起来 )。在他的领导下,一家只有四名员工公司经历跌宕起伏,变成了有数百名员工、三个电视频道和一个广播电台的巨头。Mr Lamb had a simple idea: to expose America’s public life to the public eye. He persuaded the cable companies to pay for a public-service channel via a levy based on the number of their subscribers. He got the House of Representatives to open its proceedings to the cameras (the Senate followed later). The result has been some of the dullest television in history (think budget proceedings)but also some of the most riveting (like the Iran-Contra hearings).兰的想法很简单:让美国民众了解公共事务。他游说各地的有线电视公司通过向用户缴的订费来付公益频道。他还游说众议院安装摄像机,向民众公开会议的实时转播(参议院后来也采纳了)。这样的做法使观众们目睹了一些有史以来最乏味的电视广播(比如预算程序),但同时也见了一些十分吸引人的转播(像是伊朗门听会)。Mr Lamb expanded his coverage to include presidential press conferences, speeches to think-tanks and the like. He also tried unsuccessfully to persuade the Supreme Court to open its hearings to the cameras. He added a few bells and whistles to his formula; profiles of presidents, interviews with authors, phone-ins with journalists. But he never violated the simplicity principle. The profiles were just-the-facts. The interviews were spartan. The hosts were resolutely non-partisan. C-Span remained an island of sanity in a media world increasingly dominated by braying bigots.兰扩大了报道内容的范围,其中囊括了总统记者招待会和对智囊团的演说。他也曾尝试说最高法院允许摄像机将其听审过程录制下来,可惜最后没能如愿。此外,他还在节目中加入了一些新亮点:总统的简介,对作家的访谈,与记者连线的来电直播节目。但他自始至终从未违反简介的原则:其中的简介都是事实,采访过程十分朴实,而主持人不偏不倚、没有任何党派倾向。C-span在聒噪的盲信者占主导的传媒界中一直特立独行,保持着难得的理智明达。Mr Lamb’s “Booknotes” (“One author, one book, one hour”) was the ultimate showcase of his style. He specialised in asking short, direct questions with sometimes hilarious results. One famous exchange with Martin Gilbert, a British historian, involved the question of whether Winston Churchill had ever engaged in buggery:兰主办的访谈节目“Booknotes”(一位作家,一本书,一小时)是他主持风格的最全面的体现。他很擅长问一些简短又直接的问题,而时常能取令人捧腹的效果。一次与英国历史学家马丁·吉尔伯特交谈时,兰问道,温斯顿·丘吉尔是否参与过:Lamb: Why was he accused of buggery and what is it? Gilbert: You don’t know what buggery is? Lamb: Define it, please. Gilbert: Oh dear. Sorry, I thought the world would—buggery is what used to be called an “unnatural act, of the Oscar Wilde type” is how it was actually phrased in the euphemism of the British paper. You don’t know what buggery is?兰:为什们他被指控参与?是什么呢?吉尔伯特:你不知道什么是?兰:请告诉我那是什么意思吧。吉尔伯特:我的天啊。对不起,我以为全世界都——是一种“反常的行为”,就像奥斯卡·王尔德那种(同性恋),这就是英国报纸上通常委婉的说法。你真不知道是什么意思?David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, once called this “the quintessential C-Span moment”. May there be many more.纽约时报的专栏作家大卫·布鲁克曾称这个节目是“C-span最经典的时刻”。希望以后还有更多这样的节目。 201204/176349九江市第一人民医院脱毛多少钱

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