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Part Conversations第二部分 会话练习Is this the right counter ...这柜台是卖...的吗?Store sales: May I help you?店员:要看些什么吗?Jennifer: Is this the right counter gloves?珍妮弗:这柜台是卖手套的吗?Store sales: Yes, madam. What sort of gloves do you want?店员:是的,,你要哪种手套?Jennifer: Well, let me see some of each.珍妮弗:嗯,每种都让我看看Store sales: Certainly. What size do you take?店员:好的,您戴什么尺寸的?Jennifer: Six and a quarter, I believe, but youd better measure my hand to make sure.珍妮弗:我想应该是6.5寸的吧,不过你还是先量一下我的手,以免出错Store sales: I think a six is your size. How do you like these? I can recommend them, theyre very reliable.店员:我看6寸的就够了这些你喜欢吗?我建议您买这几种,它们的品质很有保障Jennifer: Very well, Ill take these two.珍妮弗:还不错,我要买这两双 5。

Passage文章How does a computer work?计算机是如何工作的?professional terms专业术语diskette n.磁盘memory n.存储器,记忆processor n.处理机,处理程序keyboard n.键盘manipulate v.操作,操纵,处理A computer is controlled by a stored program计算机是受存储程序控制的thus ,the first step in using the machine is copying the program from diskette into memory.使用计算机的第一步是把程序从软盘上拷贝到内存中,Now ,the processor can begin executing instructions.处理器就能开始执行指令了Input data from the keyboard are stored memory.从键盘输入的数据也被存在了主存中The processor manipulates the data.处理器加工数据Storing the results back into memory.把结果送回主存Finally ,the results are output.最后输出结果Notes注意事项A computer is controlled by a stored program: thus the first step in using the machine is copying the the program from diskette into memory.计算机是存储程序控制的,使用计算机的第一步是把程序从软盘上拷贝到内存中Professional Terms专业术语content n.内容,目录invoice n.发票,发货票collection n.收集物,收藏品chart n.图(表)joystick n.操纵杆imaginary a.想象中的;假想的Memory contents are easy to change.主存中的内容很容易改变Thus, when one set of data has been processed, the program can be repeated.,当一组数据被处理完后,程序还可以重复使用,ing and processing new data, and generating new output.再读入和处理新的数据,并得到新的结果If the data can be changed , why not the program?如果数据能改变,程序为什么不能被改变?When a program is finished, a new one can take its place in memory, allowing the computer to process completely different data.当一个程序运行完后,另一个新程序就占据了它在主存中的位置,让计算机去处理完全不同的数据One minute it can generate paychecks from labor data under control of a payroll program.某一时刻计算机能在工资管理程序的控制下,根据员工的数据产生工资单The next minute, it can prepare bills from invoices under control of a billing program.接着计算机又能在帐目管理程序的控制下,从各种数据中产生所需帐单Later, this same colletion of components ,controlled by yet another program, can statistical data and produce a bar chart.以后,仍是这台计算机,还可以其它程序的控制下,读入统计数据,产生一个柱状图表,or sense the movements of a joystick and manipulate the position of an imaginary spaceship on a display screen.或者指示操纵杆的运动方向,操控一个假想的宇宙飞船在屏幕上的位置 363。

Cat Lucy is thought to be the oldest in the world after its 39th birthday. She is now living in South Wales, UK.  年满39岁猫咪露西有望获得“世界上最年长猫”这一称号。如今它居住在英国的南威尔士。  Compared with an average cat that could only live for 15 years, Lucy has more than doubled her life expectancy - she was born in 1972 and has clocked up the equivalent of 172 human years, according to cat experts. And some people say they can verify seeing her in the fish and chip shop in the early seventies.  与那些寿命仅5年的普通猫咪相比,露西的生命似乎延长了1倍——她出生972年,据猫科专家称,她如今的年龄相当于人类72岁。甚至还有人实称,早在上世0年代初期就可见到露西在鱼店和薯条店进进出出。  Now although deaf, Lucy catches mice in the garden, still in good shape and extremely independent.  如今虽然耳朵有些聋,露西还能在花园捉老鼠,而且身材保持的不错,个性也很独立。  Until now the world's oldest recorded cat was a pet called Puff from Texas, USA, which lived for 38 years and three days. However, a spokesman for Guinness World Records said there was no entry for the world's oldest cat.  此前,世界上最年长的猫是一只生活在美国得克萨斯州、名叫普夫的猫,活了38岁零3天。但据吉尼斯世界纪录委员会发言人说,目前还没有“世界上最年长猫”的条目。来 /201101/123000。

第一句:Im going to visit friends.我去拜访朋友A: What the purpose of your trip?你旅行的目的是什么?B: Im going to visit friends.我去拜访朋友A: How long are you going to stay?你打算待多久?B: About weeks.大约两周第二句: leisurebusiness.我来消遣出差A: Are you here business or leisure?你来这是出差还是消遣?B: business.出差当移民官询问来访目的时,还可以说:I am here on vacation. 我来休假I am here to attend a conference. 我来参加会议或者说:I have come sightseeing. 我是来观光的 736。

Michelle Obamas familys decision to dine at a celebrated restaurant specializing in the capitals most acclaimed poultry dish during her Beijing visit was anticipatable, considering their desire to sample Chinese fare and the US first ladys vision of healthier dining shared by the eatery.米歇尔·奥巴马一家决定在久负盛名的北京烤鸭店用餐,考虑到她们对品尝中国美食的渴望,以及美国第一夫人所推崇的健康饮食理念与该饭店不谋而合,这一家宴地点的选择很多人早就猜到了。Those who know Beijings dining scene arent surprised US first lady Michelle Obamas family chose Da Dong Peking Roast Duck Restaurant for dinner last evening. Perhaps least shocked is the eaterys owner, Dong Zhenxiang.了解北京美食的人很容易理解为什么昨晚米歇尔·奥巴马一家选择了北京大董烤鸭店,这一点大董烤鸭店老板董振祥最有发言权。US President Barrack Obama planned to dine at Da Dong when he visited Beijing in . But the dinner was canceled for unknown reasons. The first lady also failed to show up for her reservation on Saturday, but her mother and daughters ate their hearts out.美国总统奥巴马在年出访北京时曾计划在大董烤鸭店用餐,但后来因故取消。而第一夫人在周六也因劳累没能前往用餐,但她的母亲和女儿却在那里吃得很开心。The first ladys family ate at a table of 10 (the initial reservation was for 13, including Michelle Obama) and had pre-ordered two starters, 10 fried dishes, two Peking ducks and four staples.奥巴马家人在一0人座餐桌用餐(原预定位置13人,包括米歇尔·奥巴马),菜单包括预先计划好的两道前菜0道主菜只大董“酥不腻”烤鸭、和4种主食。来 /201403/282084。

3 Listen to your stomach. 3 听听你的胃怎么说 many people ,a weight problem is linked to a more basic problem-they can tell when they’re really hungry.Something tells them to eat.but that ;something;is not necessarily hunger,They eat because a clock tells them it time to eat.because everybody around them is eating or because something looks too scrumptions to pass up.They may be quite satisfied,even stuffed,but they go ahead and eat anyway.对许多人而言,体重问题和以下这个更基本的问题有关-一他们无法分辨他们是不是真的饿了有某种东西在怂恿他们吃东西,但那“某种东西”却并不一定是饥饿感他们之所以吃是因为时钟告诉他们吃的时间到了,因为周围的人都在吃,或是因为某样东西看起来太美味而不忍错过当然,他们也许很饱了,甚至是胀胀的,但他们还是照吃不误Can you remember the last time you experienced hunger pangs?Not just a little twitch or two but a real stomach grumble.Were you really hungry the last time you ate, or did your hand just happen to be in close proximity to that bag of potato chips? Your stomach has been cleverly designed to shout when it’s hungry. So listen up,remembering that you can’t hear it very well if you’re busy chewing.你还记得最近一次所体验到的那种因饥饿引起的痛苦吗?我指的不是一两次小小的胃部抽搐,而是肚子真的在咕噜咕噜叫着你最近一次吃东西是真的因为饿了吗?还是那包洋芋片恰巧就在你伸手可及的地方?你的胃设计得有够炫,只要一饿,它就会咆哮所以要仔细听,记住,你要是光忙着嚼东西是听不清楚的唷!健身短语1.pass to ...放弃;放过.in proximity to. . . 在……的附近3.listen up 注意听 3697。