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2019年10月23日 09:19:10 | 作者:康泰共享 | 来源:新华社
My English teacher --19 ::5 来源: My English teacher I have a very good English teacher. Our class all like her very much. Though she’s our English teacher, but we often call her name Holly. She is very friendly to us. We all like to have English classes very much. She is so young and beautiful. She looks like a middle school student. She has two big eyes and long hair. She likes wearing T-shirts and jeans. She teaches English very well. In class, she looks like our elder sister. We usually learn new things by playing games and singing songs ,so we always have fun in English class. She often helps us to solve problems. After class, she looks like our friend. We often play games together. Now , you see , do you like our English teacher too?我的假期 -- :3: 来源: I’m going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship  then I’ll pilot the spaceship to the sun. the sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger my breakfast.  At eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. they are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them ty minutes. then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the spaceship. I’ll pilot the spaceship to the earth.Hong Kong 香港 --5 :31:18 来源: Hong Kong 香港  HOng Kong is a world-famous city. It is in the southeast of China. It has a population of about 6 million. It is called "The Pearl of the East",Visitors to Hong Kong need passports.  In 18, the Chinese government was ced to give up Hong Kong to Britain after the Opium War. But in 1997, it teturned to China at last. The Chinese government and the people are able to manage Hong Kong well. Hong Kong has a bright future.    香港是一座世界闻名的城市它位于中国的东南,有大约600万人口,有“东方之珠”之称去香港的游客要有护照  18年鸦片战争之后,当时的中国政府被迫割让香港给英国,可是在1997年,香港终于回归祖国中国政府和人民有能力管理好香港,香港有光明的前途二年级英语作文:What a hay day --1 01:8:39 来源:   Today I'm very hay,after I have breakfast,I go to park.  It#39 a suy day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very hay.Then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what a hay day!

A Pig --3 :6:0 来源: A Pigonce, there is a black pig. it’s name is “fat and fat” “best fat”. it is so fat, because it don’t like sports and working, and like eat. it has 00 kg. so many people don’t play with it, because it is very fat.  one day, it said : “oh. who can play with me?’’  it go out, and meet the rabbit. it said to the rabbit :“rabbit, rabbit, let me play with you.” “no, no, no. you are so fat and black. i don’t like you. you will flattening me. ”the rabbit said. then it run to the park.  and the pig meet the dog. it said :“dog, dog, can you play with me?” “no, no, no. the elephant has 00 kg, but you have 00 kg. i don't want to play with you. bye!”  it is very unhappy, and it said:“oh, my god!”   it want to thin some. it run 00 m erery day; don’t eat so many foods; and play football  erery day. but it can not hold on. so, on next mouth, it has kg!   and it said:“whyyyyyyyyyy?”

周末计划 Plan Weekend -- :7:31 来源: Thespring comes and the scenery is beautiful. Theree, I make plan to enjoy the vernalsunshine and fresh air with my parents. We will climb the Qing Shan Mountain onSaturday. The scenery there is beautiful. There are green trees and colorful flowers.There is a peach est there and now they all blossom. I see many photos takingthere. They are so beautiful that I want to see them personally. We will almosta day in Qing Shan Park. This is the most important thing this weekend.春天来了,景色变美了,所以这个周末我打算和我的爸爸妈妈一起去享受和煦的阳光和清新的空气我们计划星期六去爬青山,那儿的风景很美,有许多翠绿的数目和颜色亮丽的花朵那里还有一片桃树林,现在正值花期我看许多在那儿拍的照片,非常漂亮,很想亲眼看看我们大概会在青山待一整天这就是我们这个周末最重要的事情

《飘Gone with The Wind 经典台词 -- 3:: 来源:kekenet lt;三gt;《飘Gone with The Wind :1.Land is the only thing in the world worth working , worth fighting , worth dying . Because itrsquo;s the only thing that lasts.(土地是世界上唯一值得你去为之工作, 为之战斗, 为之牺牲的东西,因为它是唯一永恒的东西).I wish I could be more like you.(我要像你一样就好了)3.Whatever comes, Iwill love you, just as I do now. Until I die.(无论发生什么事,我都会像现在一样爱你,直到永远).I think itrsquo;s hard winning a war with words.(我认为纸上谈兵没什么作用)5.Sir, yoursquo;re no gentleman. And you miss are no lady.(先生,你可真不是个君子,,你也不是什么淑女)6.I never give anything without expecting something in return. I always get paid.(我做任何事不过是为了有所回报,我总要得到报酬)7.In spite of you and me and the whole silly world going to pieces around us, I love you.(哪怕是世界末日我都会爱着你)8.I love you more than Ive ever loved any woman. And Irsquo;ve waited longer you than Irsquo;ve waited any woman. 此句只可意会不可言传9.If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill, as God as my witness, Irsquo;ll never be hungry again! (即使让我撒谎,去偷,去骗,去杀人,上帝作,我再也不要挨饿了).Now I find myself in a world which me is worse than death. A world in which there is no place me.(现在我发现自己活在一个比死还要痛苦的世界,一个无我容身之处的世界).Yoursquo;re throwing away happiness with both hands. And reaching out something that will never make you happy.(你把自己的幸福拱手相让,去追求一些根本不会让你幸福的东西).Home. Irsquo;ll go home. And Irsquo;ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.(家,我要回家.我要想办法让他回来.不管怎样,明天又是全新的一天) 经典台词 飘 Gone-with-The-Wind

Last Sunday --19 ::5 来源: Last Sunday Yesterday was Sunday, I didn’t go to school, but I was busy. In the morning, I got up at eight o’clock, then I ate breakfast. After breakfast, I cleaned my room, it was dirty but it is clean now. In the afternoon, I played badminton with my friends. In the evening, my sister and I ate some cookies, ice cream and drank some juice and milk, but I didn’t like chocolate. After finishing my homework, I watched TV and listened to music.I had a good time last Sunday!

失物招领处-- ::59   Where's the "Lost and Found" counter?   失物招领处在哪儿?   有的商城里设有失物招领处,有时它就只是"inmation desk"或"reception desk"的一部分在街上捡到东西,人们可以把它交到"police station".

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