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湖州眉毛中间有一条竖线湖州第一医院去疤多少钱Talking to yourself may seem a little shameful. 自言自语似乎显得有点丢人。If you’ve ever been overheard *berating yourself for a foolish mistake or practicing a tricky speech ahead of time, you’ll have felt the social *injunction against communing with yourself in words. 如果你曾经被人听到在斥责自己犯了一个愚蠢的错误,或是在预演一篇有挑战的演讲,你就会感受到社会对这种自言自语的行为侧目而视。According to the well-known saying, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.用人们熟知的话来说,自言自语是变疯的第一迹象。But there’s no need for embarrassment. 但你不必感到尴尬。Talking to ourselves, whether out loud or silently in our heads, is a valuable tool for thought. 自言自语——无论是大声说出还是在心中默念——都很有价值,是思考的一种工具。Far from being a sign of insanity, self-talk allows us to plan what we are going to do, manage our activities, regulate our emotions and even create a narrative of our experience.自言自语非但不代表精神失常,而且恰恰相反,它有助于我们规划要做的事情和管控自己的各种活动和情绪,甚至还能创作一段关于自己经历的故事。Take a trip to any preschool and watch a small child playing with her toys. 你可以去任何一家幼儿园,观察一个小孩子自己玩玩具的情景。You are very likely to hear her talking to herself: offering herself directions and giving voice to her *frustrations. 你极有可能会听到她在自说自话:或是告诉自己要做什么,或是表达自己的沮丧之情。Psychologists refer to this as private speech – language that is spoken out loud but directed at the self. 心理学家将这种行为称作私下话语:大声说出来但却是对着自己说的语言。We do a lot of it when we are young–perhaps one reason for our shyness about continuing with it as adults.我们小时候经常这样做——或许这就是为什么我们成年后会羞于继续这样做的一个原因。As children, according to the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky, we use private speech to regulate our actions in the same way that we use public speech to control the behavior of others. 根据俄罗斯心理学家利维.维果斯基的说法,作为孩子,我们用私下话语来规范自己的行为,就像我们用公众话语来规范他人的行为一样。As we grow older, we don’t abandon this system–we *internalize it.随着我们年龄的增长,我们并没有放弃这个体系——我们把它内化了。Psychological experiments have shown that this so-called inner speech can improve our performance on tasks ranging from judging what other people are thinking to sorting images into categories. 心理学实验已经表明,这种所谓的内在言语可以提高我们处理一些事情的能力,比如从判断别人在想什么,到把图片分门别类。The distancing effect of our words can give us a valuable perspective on our actions. 我们的言词所产生的疏离效果能给我们提供一个审视自己行为的难得视角。One recent study suggested that self-talk is most effective when we address ourselves in the second person: as you rather than I.最近一项研究表明,当我们用第二人称你而不是我来称呼自己时,自我对话会最有效。We internalize the private speech we use as children–but we never entirely put away the out-loud version. 我们内化了在孩童时期使用的私下话语——但我们却从未完全放弃大声说出的方式。If you want proof, turn on the sports channel. 如果你需要据,那就打开体育频道,You’re bound to see an athlete or two gearing themselves up with a tart phrase or scolding themselves after a bad shot.你一定会看到有那么一两个运动员在对自己说着鼓劲儿话,或是在没投中球后狠狠地责备自己。Conducting a dialogue with ourselves–asking questions of the self and providing answers–seems to be a particularly good way of solving problems and working through ideas. 与自己进行对话—自问自答—似乎是一种很好的解决问题和理清想法的方式。The to-and-fro between different points of view means our thoughts can end up in expected places, just like a regular dialogue can, and might turn out to be one of the keys to human creativity.在不同的观点之间来来回回好几遍可以让我们就像同别人对话一样让想法着落在正确的地方,并且这可能也是促进我们人类创造力的关键之一。Both kinds of self-talk–the silent and the vocal–seem to bring a range of benefits to our thinking. 两种自言自语的方式——默念和出声——似乎都给我们的思考带来很多好处。Those words to the self, spoken silently or aloud, are so much more than *idle chatter.自我对话——无论是心中默念还是大声说出——都比闲聊有意义得多。 /201612/485736湖州哪里激光脱毛更便宜 Terrifying moment corpse of child saint who died 300 years ago suddenly opens her eyes吓死人!死去300年的圣童突然睁眼Tourists were visiting the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico, where the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia are encased in glass据悉,目击游客当时正在墨西哥哈利斯科州的Guadalajara大教堂参观玻璃罩里的圣童木乃伊。This is the terrifying moment the corpse of a child saint who died 300 years ago appears to suddenly open her eyes.然而,这个死去300多年的尸体突然就睁开了双眼,真是吓死人了!One visitor was filming the tour of the holy building on his camera when he captured the moment she appears to open her eyelids.有个正在拍摄教堂内景的游客,正好用摄像机记录下她睁开眼帘的时刻。The frightening footage was posted on YouTube where it has been viewed nearly a million times.这个恐怖视频在YouTube已经被疯狂点击100多万次了。At first sight the corpse, which has been wax-treated for preservation and whose face hasn#39;t decayed in 300 years, looks like a statue.乍一看,这个用腊处理过的女孩尸体,虽然历经300多年,脸部仍然保持完好,看起来更像是一尊雕像。But as the camera pans up and down the body it focuses on the face before the dead girl seemingly opens her eyes.但是随着摄像机上下移动拍摄,在女孩睁眼之前,镜头正好聚焦到她脸部。This is the moment the wax-preserved body of the girl appears to open her eyes.下面是抓拍到这个女孩尸体睁眼的瞬间:Many viewers have called it out as being a fake but others believe it may be a sign.有些人看完视频说这是假的,但有些人则信以为真。There are many different stories about how the girl met her early demise.关于这个女孩的死因,有很多不同版本的故事。The most popular version is that she was a Mexican girl who wanted to make her First Communion with classmates but it was strongly forbidden by her father.最流行的说法是,她是个想要跟同学一起进行“初次洗礼;(皈依天主教)的墨西哥女孩,但她爸爸强烈阻止此事。But she was invited to be included by the nuns in her school and when her dad found out she had done it behind his back he stabbed her to death.但她还是在学校修女的邀请下完成了这一切。当她爸爸发现女儿背着自己做了此事,就用刀把女儿捅死了。The locals took her body and she was returned to the cathedral where she was laid to rest and became symbolic as a silent witness of a girl#39;s deep love for Christ.当地人找到她的尸体,并把尸体放回天主教堂得到安息。后来,她的木乃伊成为了这里重要的一部分,代表“小女孩对天主深深的爱。;译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/468177湖州人民医院抽脂多少钱

湖州第一医院祛疤痕多少钱There’s nothing to be afraid of. Have you ever heard of anyone getting hurt by wandering into a nose?有啥可害怕的?你听过有谁在鼻中游荡受过伤吗? /201703/499082湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗痘坑多少钱 湖州解放军第九八医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

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