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湖州中心整形医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱湖州哪里双眼皮埋线好湖州安吉县去除红色胎记费用 The divorce rate is rising rapidly. In 2014, 3.6 million Chinese couples broke up, almost double the number from a decade previously. In the past, couples required permission from employers or community committees to divorce, and many put up with their spouses just to avoid public embarrassment.离婚率近年来迅速飙升。2014年,中国有360万对夫妻离婚,比10年前几乎增长了一倍。在过去,夫妻离婚需要获得工作单位和社区委员会的许可,因而很多夫妻为了避免公共尴尬,只好对配偶忍气吞声。A 2003 regulation on marriage and divorce simplified the divorce procedure and allowed couples to divorce the same day at a cost of 10 yuan (1.53 dollars).2003年颁布的婚姻和离婚法简化了离婚程序,当天即允许夫妻离婚,花费仅为10元人民币(折合1.53美元)。Reservations and appointments began in Dali on Feb 1, 2015. By the end of last year, 9,571 couples made reservations, but 4,531 of them, 47 percent, did not end up in divorce. In many other cities, similar reservation systems are in place.大理在2015年2月1日开始实行保留和预约制度。截止到去年年底,有9571对夫妻进行预约离婚,但其中约占47%的4531对夫妻最终没有离婚。其他许多城市也准备实行类似的预约体系。These measures are not without their critics. ;It is not proper for governments to put obstacles in front of people wanting a divorce, because Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of marriage,; said Nie Aiping of Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences. He suggests that interventions should be conducted by an impartial organization.但这样的方式也引来了一些批评。“政府给想要离婚的人设置障碍的方式是不妥的,因为中国公民享受婚姻自由。”江西社科院的聂爱平表示。他建议应由一个公正的组织来实行相关干预。Liu Min in East China#39;s Anhui province has been a divorce attorney for years. She believes that not all broken marriages can be repaired, because the causes of divorce vary.中国东部安徽省的刘敏多年来一直从事离婚律师职业。她认为并不是所有破碎的婚姻都能够修复,因为导致离婚的原因各不相同。;In the past people wanted to divorce mostly because of domestic violence and affairs, now it is increasingly common among young couples to separate after trivial disputes or interference of their parents,; she said.她说:“过去人们离婚主要由于家庭暴力和风流韵事,现在年轻夫妻由于小事争吵或父母干预而离婚这一现象变得越来越普遍。”Most people born in the 1980s and 1990s are only children whose parents tend to interfere too much in their lives, Liu said. What#39;s more, unlike their parents, they attach more importance to individuality and the quality of life.刘敏表示,大部分80后和90后都是独生子女,父母往往喜欢干涉他们的生活。而且与他们父母不同的是,这些年轻人更加关注个性化和生活质量。For the couples careering into divorce without careful forethought, marriage guidance offices have been set up next to registry offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and other provinces. Psychologists are available.对于那些没有慎重考虑就急着离婚的夫妻,北京、重庆、上海及其他省份均在登记处旁边设立了婚姻指导办公室,有心理学家提供咨询务。The registrars who handle dissolutions in Anhui province have been trained to tell whether a marriage can be saved or not, according to their statement and emotional state, according to Gao Jiamei of Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department.安徽省离婚处的登记员接受过培训,能根据夫妻的陈述和情绪状态辨别这段婚姻是否能够被挽救,安徽省民政厅的高佳梅说。A local government in the provincial capital Hefei has invited professional counselors to work alongside registrars. They help couples calm down and think over their relations, establishing a sense of responsibility leading to a rational choice.在省会城市合肥,地方政府邀请了专业咨询师在登记处旁边工作。他们帮助夫妻冷静下来,仔细思考他们的关系,建立责任感,引导他们做出理性选择。But marriage is, after all, deeply personal. To divorce or not, the choice finally lies with the couple themselves.但婚姻毕竟是和个人紧密相关的。离或者不离,决定权最终还是在于夫妻本人。 /201603/4295245.Sweet#39;n#39;Low5.低脂糖This sugar substitute was discovered in 1879 by a chemist named Ira Remsen who couldn#39;t be bothered to wash his hands before eating. At that time, the national obsession with weight-loss schemes hadn#39;t started, and folks were happy to eat plain old sugar. Saccharin didn#39;t come into mainstream use until World War I imposed rations on consumer staples like sugar, and people began buying up alternatives in droves.这种糖的替代品是一个不喜欢饭前洗手的化学家雷姆森在1879年发明的。那时很多人还没开始痴迷于减肥,而且他们还很乐意吃普通的糖。直到第一次世界大战时,物资紧缺,对食糖之类的消费必需品实行定量配给,糖精的使用才逐渐变成一种主流,人们也才开始成群结队地去购买这种替代品。The same thing happened again in World War II, and when a father and son team combined saccharine with dextrose at their diner in the 1950s, their product was rebranded as Sweet#39;n#39;Low. Turning the leftovers from wartime rationing into a new weight-loss gimmick, saccharin survived the return of natural sugar and kept its place on restaurant tables across America.同样的事情在二战期间再一次出现。那是20世纪50年代,一位父亲和儿子们在用餐时把糖精和葡萄糖混合在一起,并把这个产品重新命名为;低脂糖;。这把战争时期残羹剩饭的限量供给变成了一种瘦身的新花招。糖精被当做是一种天然糖的回归,在美国大多数饭店的餐桌上都可以见到它的身影。4.Microwave Ovens4.微波炉Before Hot Pockets and TV dinners made the nuclear option a staple of the American kitchen, microwaves were simply a side-effect of World War II radar emitters. Self-taught engineer Percy Spencer was conducting research on magnetrons — a key component of radar systems — when he noticed that a candy bar in his pocket had melted. He theorized that microwaves emitting from the magnetrons generated the heat responsible for ruining his snack. Naturally, he tested his theory by proceeding to blow eggs and popcorn up using microwave emissions.当今社会,爆米花与电视餐盛行,微波炉已然成为美国家庭厨房的霸主。但在二战期间,微波只不过是雷达辐射源产生的一种电磁波。珀西·斯宾塞是当时一名自学成才的工程师,他在研究雷达系统的关键部件——磁控管时发现,口袋里的巧克力棒竟然化了。他认为,宝贝巧克力棒之所以会化,是因为磁控管发出的微波产生了热效应。之后,他成功利用微波烹调鸡蛋、制作爆米花,在实自己推断的同时还能享用美食,赞!He finally managed to pull himself away from his new toy long enough to let his employers know what he had found. His discovery was soon put to work, and the first commercial microwave ovens were produced in 1955.很长一段时间,他都在潜心研究微波;新宠;,雇主们这才了解到他发现了微波的热效应。很快,他的新发现就投入了生产,第一台家用微波炉也于1955年面世。3.Duct Tape3.布基胶带Quibbles over whether ;duct; or ;duck; came first aside, this ubiquitous, multi-functional tape first emerged during the Second World War. GIs needed a flexible, water-proof material they could use to repair everything from canteens to ammunition cases. When Johnson and Johnson came up with a combination medical tape and self-adhesive strip they could deliver in rolls to the troops, duct tape was born.布基胶带在我们的生活中随处可见,它最初是指管道胶带还是防水胶带早已不得而知,但有一点毋庸置疑——这款多功能胶带是在二战时期推广开来的。战争时期,美国士兵需要修补的东西很多,他们希望有一款多功能的防水材料,既能用于水壶等生活用品,又能用于各种军事装备。于是,强生公司结合了医用胶带与自粘胶带的特性,推出了一款便于运输的军用产品,布基胶带由此应运而生。The versatility of the tape made it popular among troops long after the war ended. Consumer demand quickly turned the military tool into a household name — which is only fitting, considering it was a Navy mother who first conceived of the idea out of concern for her enlisted family.布基胶带应用广泛,在二战结束后依然深受士兵们青睐。随着市场需求的与日俱增,这款军用产品很快就家喻户晓了。人们认为布基胶带的创意源自一名海军的母亲,而她会有这样的奇思妙想只是出于对儿子的关心。2.Disposable Syringes2.一次性针筒As anyone who lived through the #39;80s most homophobic health scare can tell you, sharing needles is a quick way to sp diseases. But before America became obsessed with HIV/AIDs, the military was trying to balance the need for frontline painkillers with the risk of overdoses and morphine addiction.80年代是最严重的同性恋健康恐慌期,任何一个经历过这个时期的人都可以告诉你,共用针头是快速传播疾病的一种方式。但在美国受到HIV/AIDs困扰之前,军队还冒着用药过度和对吗啡上瘾的风险来满足前线对止痛药的需求。During the American Civil War, as well as the First World War, wounded soldiers pretty much had to play through the pain until they were carted off to ad hoc medical tents and treated with morphine there. By World War II, the old glass and metal syringes were abandoned in favor of a new product, called the Syrette, which was compact (limiting the dosage it could administer), and expendable. Syrettes were distributed to troops pre-filled with single doses of morphine. This set the stage for later inventors who moved beyond distributing morphine to troops and reworked the product into a mass-produced medical device, now typically made of plastic.在美国内战和第一次世界大战期间,受伤的战士在被送到临时救护帐篷并在那里注射吗啡进行麻醉前,都要和疼痛作斗争。到了第二次世界大战,旧的玻璃管和金属注射器都被弃置,这催生了新产品:西雷特皮下注射器。它外型小巧且不能二次使用,在装入一次剂量的吗啡后才分发到军队。这就为后来的发明家们在用这种注射器分发军用吗啡的基础之上,将它改良为可批量生产的医疗用品奠定了基础。现在这种注射器通常用塑料制成。1.Disney1.迪士尼No, Walt Disney didn#39;t start his namesake entertainment company in the midst of World War II. As the screaming voices of those within the Disney vault will tell you, his animation studio had been enjoying years of success with a string of animated shorts in the 1920s, as well as feature-length efforts like Snow White.虽然华特·迪士尼在二战中期还没有创立他的同名公司,但在20世纪20年代,他的工作室已经成功推出了一系列动画短片和像《白雪公主》一样的长片。Walt proceeded to drive all that success straight into the ground, releasing a string of feature-length failures (we now call them ;classics;) and then fumbling management of his striking animators who wanted Disney to unionize. By the time he capitulated, the company was facing bankruptcy. Then the U.S. government, out of concern over fascist influence in South America, offered Disney an all-expenses paid trip down through Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The plan was for Disney to do a series of animated propaganda pieces celebrating Latin American culture, softening international relations and allowing the U.S. to focus on storming European beaches. Disney#39;s deal with the military grew to include a series of propaganda cartoons, and resuscitated his collapsing brand so it could grow into the international entertainment superpower we all know and fear today. Without WWII, Disney would have gone whistling while he worked into the margins of history.取得成功后,华特开始走下坡路。他制作了一系列失败的长片作品(我们现称之为;经典;),此外,他还得研究对一些动画设计师进行管理——他们要求成立工会,否则就罢工。但到他最终决定让步的时候,他的公司已经面临着破产的局面了。之后,考虑到法西斯在南美洲的影响,美国政府承担了迪士尼在巴西、阿根廷和智利的所有推广费用。该计划要求迪士尼做出一系列动画宣传片来赞美拉美文化,为的是缓和美国和南美洲各国之间的关系,使美国集中精力对付欧洲沿海地区。军事形势成就了迪士尼,他制作了一系列宣传动画片,恢复了他没落的品牌。自此,迪士尼成为了当今世上首屈一指的国际王国。如果没有二战,迪士尼恐怕早就被淹没在历史的洪流之中了。审校:梅子九 编辑:旭旭 来源:前十网 /201602/426876湖州第三医院隆胸多少钱

湖州整形最好的整形医院A falling elevator trapped and crushed a man to death on New Year#39;s Eve, and witnesses said he helped a woman to safety before losing his own life.新年前夜,美国纽约发生电梯意外,一名男子身困突然下坠的电梯并被夹身亡。而目击者称,他在死前帮助一名女性摆脱危险。The man, identified as Stephen Hewett-Brown, 25, was riding the lower Manhattan elevator around midnight when it malfunctioned. He was able to push a woman out of the lift and onto one of the building#39;s floors before getting pinned between the elevator car and the shaft as he tried to escape himself, witnesses said.该男子身份已确认,他名叫休伊特·布朗,现年25岁。他在午夜时分乘坐电梯时,突遇电梯故障。据目击者称,他把一名女性推出电梯外,而自己想要逃生时,却被夹在了电梯门与地板之间。They said he wished onlookers a happy new year before he died from his injuries. Witness Manuel Coronado said he tried to help Hewett-Brown but couldn#39;t lift him out.目击者表示,在布朗因伤去世前,还祝福周围的人新年快乐。其中一名名叫曼努埃尔·科罗纳的目击者表示,他曾经试图帮助休伊特·布朗,但是他没能举起他。;He was saying, #39;I can#39;t breathe.#39; I tried to pull him up, but he said, #39;Leave me here, leave me here,#39;; Coronado told the Daily News of New York.科罗纳告诉纽约日报:“他当时说:‘我不能呼吸了。’我试着把他拉起来,但是他说:‘放下我吧,放下我吧。’”The New York Police Department said the victim was unconscious, suffering from severe body trauma, when officers arrived shortly after midnight. A police spokesman said he had no information on the exact circumstances of Hewett-Brown#39;s death, but the department says no criminality is suspected.纽约警方表示,当警察午夜之后赶到时,受害者已经失去知觉,身体严重受创。一位警方发言人说,他并不清楚休伊特·布朗死亡的具体情况,但是随后,警方表示,并没有犯罪迹象。Brown#39;s mother told the Daily News the family declined to comment.布朗的母亲告诉纽约日报,现在全家上下都拒绝对此事做出。 /201601/420637湖州市第一人民医院整形科 China is expected to have more than 800,000 lung cancer patients diagnosed annually by 2020, with nearly 700,000 people dying from the disease each year, according to the latest forecast by medical experts.据医学专家最新预计,到2020年,我国每年肺癌确诊人数将超80万,死亡人数将接近70万。Currently, lung cancer is the top killer among all cancer types, causing about 600,000 deaths per year in China.目前,肺癌已成为我国恶性肿瘤中的头号杀手,我国每年约有60万人死于肺癌。In 2015, roughly 700,000 Chinese developed lung cancer.2015年,我国肺癌发病人数约为70万人。China aly has the highest lung cancer prevalence and death rate in the world, according to the World Health Organization.世界卫生组织称,我国的肺癌发病率和死亡率已居世界首位。And Zhong Nanshan, a respiratory expert, expects that PM2.5, a major cause of smog, will replace smoking as the top risk factor for lung cancer.呼吸疾病专家钟南山预计,雾霾的元凶PM2.5将取代吸烟成为肺癌发病的最大风险因素。 /201512/413394湖州祛痘哪家医院好

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