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湖州曙光整形美容医院开双眼皮好吗湖州市妇幼保健院减肥手术多少钱A coral reef rivals even a rainforest for its diversity of life.珊瑚礁的生物多样性 甚至高过雨林Yet corals like this are found in waters where food is very scarce.但这些珊瑚 是住在食物稀少的水域All the creatures here这里所有生物have had to adopt a different and highly specialised way已经适应 高度特化的不同生活方式to gather every nourishing scrap.收集每一个有营养的碎屑Christmas tree worms bore into the corals skeleton for protection,圣诞树虫钻入珊瑚骨骼寻求保护swirling out and grabbing food particles with their feathery gills.把身体卷成一圈探出 用羽毛状的鳃抓取食物碎粒Coral barnacles are, in fact, related to lobsters.塔藤壶其实是龙虾的亲戚They lie on their backs,它们躺着挥舞长脚waving their feet to gather any food floating past.收集漂过的任何食物Crabs have evolved many different ways of gathering food.螃蟹演化出许多觅食方法This porcelain crab这只瓷蟹的has a fan of filaments on his front legs.前肢有呈扇形的细丝A boxer crab attaches a tiny sea anemone to each fist.拳师蟹的双螯 各抓着一只细小海葵As well as for defence,除了作为防卫he uses their sticky tentacles to gather passing plankton.它也用海葵的黏性触手 收集路过的浮游生物This orangutan crabs whole body is coated with sticky hairs,这只红毛猩猩蟹 全身长满黏性细毛in this case, perhaps just a bit too sticky!但现在它或许觉得太黏手了201310/260986湖州瑞蓝去皱哪家医院好 永生,死亡变成了一种强加于人类身上的进程,将不再被人们所接受——艾伦·哈林顿Well, I think my opinion on grief can be summed up in the words of Alan Harrington from The Immortalist when he says, ;any philosophy that accepts death must itself be considered dead — its questions meaningless, its constellations worn out.;我觉得自己对于悲伤的看法可以被艾伦·哈林顿说的话语所总结,他在The Immortalist(永生者)写道:“任何哲学一旦接受了死亡这一概念,则其也就必须被自身所认定为已终结了的。它所研究的问题已经无意义,也就被排除在格局之外。”I agree with him.我很赞同他所说的I dont think theres any way to make peace with death, with mortality, with the human condition.我不觉得有什么办法能够调和死亡与永生还有人类现状之间的关系。The fact that we can ponder the infinite cosmos, yet were ultimately food for worms.事实上纵使我们能够深思无限的宇宙,但最终不过沦落为蠕虫的事物罢了。I find heart wrenchingly, paralyzing, depressing, sad beyond all measurable limits.想到这,我内心的幻灭,绝望,悲伤情感被无情地拉扯到一种无法衡量的地步The idea that everything and everyone you love is going to be taken away from you is unacceptable to me.万事万物包括你所爱的人都将会从你身边被带走的这一念头我是真的没有办法去接受。I think its just unacceptable being OK with those terms imposed on us by said universe.我只是不能容忍那些加于我们身上的宇宙规律If the cosmos is comfortable with entropy, thats one thing.如果整个宇宙喜欢“消逝”,这是一马事。It doesnt mean I have to be comfortable with entropy.并不代表我必须喜欢“消逝”In fact, Im a member of the kingdom of life.说实话,我作为生命国度中的一员And life is anti-entropic.生命就是反消逝的。Life moves towards greater complexity and organization.生命在朝着多样复杂性发展的同时又在有序地进行着。As Kurzweil says, more knowledge, more science, more, more, more sprouting possibilities.雷·库兹韦尔说,更多的只是更精湛的技术更高,更快,更强,萌发出更多的可能性。And some people say that maybe death is an evolutionary design meant to get rid of the old in order to make room for the new.又有人说死亡是进化演变的一种模式旨在于新老交替,为新世代腾出空间That may have been a stepping stone, a necessary rehearsal, a way of sping the diversity of information.那只是其中一块基石,必要的一步棋而已是一种散步多元化信息的途径Sex and death-- genes mixed together creates something new, kill off the old shells.繁衍与死亡——基因重组创造出新的生命新陈代谢的蜕变But what if were able to create new rules?但若果我们能创造出新的自然秩序呢?What if we master biotechnology?假若我们能够主宰整个生物技术呢?We create software that writes its own hardware.我们编写的软件能够自行制造与其相和谐运作的硬件We start to change the rules of life.我们开始改变生命秩序We start creating that diversity.开始创造多样性了We start to be the sort of mind at work here.我们渐渐变成这个世界的大脑It would be intelligent design at last.终将会成为智慧的结晶But the point being, death would no longer be necessary.我相信死亡将不再成为必要过程And we could create a world without loss and without those encounters with grief.我们将创造一个没有损失的世界一个没有痛苦遭遇的世界And that may sound like a sort of manic fantasy of sorts.这听起来像是热血的幻想But I think thats what mankind has always done through his art, is articulate his desire to be external, to be infinite.但人们总是通过艺术创造去表达他们心中的欲望,渴望着去延展,渴望着去突破Even Miguel De Unamuno wrote, ;nothing is real that is not eternal.;米格尔·德·乌纳穆诺写道:“非永恒则不真实。”Thats why we write poetry and we build cathedrals that try to create transcendence as a topographical statement.这也就是为什么我们会去写诗会去建造大教堂一样的卓越事物就像那些世界奇观一样Thats why we eternalize beautific moments, and make gorgeous statues, and write amazing songs.这也是为什么我们把瞬间的美丽化作永恒,制作魅力的雕塑,写优美的歌曲We love to eternalize ourselves.我们想要把自己永恒化We want to say, as Alain de Botton said, we want to carve our names.我们所想说的正如阿兰·德波顿所说的一样,我们渴望在历史的长河中刻上自己的名字We want to say, I was here.我们想要大声地告诉世人,我在这!I exist.我存在着!I felt something and I matter.我感悟一切,我很重要!And we matter.我们也真真切切都很重要!And thats why death has become an imposition on the human race and no longer acceptable, in my words.这也就是为什么死亡变成了对人类无理的请求,也不再被人们所接受,照我的话来说!201402/277067In northern Chinas Zhalong Nature Reserve, a pair of red-crowned cranes have staked out their nesting territory in the stubble of a commercially managed reed bed.在中国北方的扎龙自然保护区,一对丹顶鹤正守望着它们的产卵领土,在一个商业管理的芦苇床残株里。For centuries, cranes have been revered in China as symbols of longevity. Their statues were placed next to the Emperors throne. The cranes have cause to celebrate.数百年来,鹤被中国人视为长寿的象征而备受尊崇。它们的雕像被放在皇帝的宝座旁。鹤因此而受到赞扬。This chick is a sign of hope in difficult times. Red-crowned cranes are one of the worlds most endangered species.幼鹤在困难时刻就象征着希望。丹顶鹤是世界上最濒临灭绝边缘的物种之一。Over the last century, China has lost nearly half of its coastal wetlands and most of what remains is managed for the benefit of people, not wildlife.在过去的一个世纪,中国失去了近一半的沿海湿地,并且大多数改造地是为了造福人类而非野生动物。A few months from now, this chick and its parents will face a long migration south to escape the harsh northern winter. Their route will take them along a coast which has been greatly affected by human activity.从现在起的数个月,幼鹤和它的家人将面临一场往南方的大迁徙,来躲避北方的严冬。它们将沿着海岸向前,然而这些海岸已经受到人类活动的巨大影响。Along their journey, the cranes will be joined by many thousands of other migrating birds. All heading south across the Bohai Gulf and along the shores of the Yellow and East China Seas, some even reaching as far as the South China Sea in search of a safe winter haven.在它们的征途上,将有成千上万其他鸟类加入迁徙大军。它们迁徙的方向横跨南渤海湾,沿海岸的黄海和中国东海,最远甚至抵达中国南海,寻找一个安全的冬季避难所。 /201409/326667德清县全身脱毛手术多少钱

湖州曙光整形激光去烫伤的疤多少钱;The Kalinga country was conquered by the King, Beloved of the Gods, in the eighth year of his reign.天佑王在位第8年时征了羯陵伽,150,000 persons were carried away captive, 100,000 were slain, and many times that number died.俘虏15万,杀戮10万,另有数倍于此的人死于战火。Immediately after the Kalingas had been conquered, the King became intensely devoted to the study of Dharma...战争一结束,王便潜心学习佛法。;The Beloved of the Gods, conqueror of the Kalingas, is moved to remorse now.征了羯陵伽的天佑王如今陷入懊悔之中。For he has felt profound sorrow and regret because of the conquest of a people previously unconquered involves slaughter, death and deportation.;因战争让无数人失去生命,流离失所。From now on, Ashoka sets out to redeem himself-to reach out to his people.自此阿育王开始弥补过失,亲近子民。And to do so, he writes his edicts not in Sanskrit, the official language of the state, but in local dialect-depending where theyre placed-and in everyday speech as spoken by the people.为此,他没有使用后来成为王朝官方语言的梵文来书写法敕,而是釆用了人民日常使用的当地方言。With his conversion Ashoka renounced war as an instrument of state policy, and adopted human benevolence as the solution to the worlds problems.皈依佛教后,阿育王不再把战争当成国策,而是坚持施行仁政,解决世界上的问题。But while he was inspired by the teachings of Buddha-and his son was in fact the first Buddhist missionary to Sri Lanka-he didnt impose Buddhism on his empire.佛教的思想启发了他,他的儿子成为第一个前往斯里兰卡传教的僧人,但他并没有强行让全国信奉佛教,Ashokas state was in a very particular sense a secular one.从某种特别的意义上说,他治下的帝国是一个世俗国家。Heres Nobel prize-winning Indian economist, Amartya Sen.诺贝尔奖得主,印度经济学家、 哲学家阿马蒂亚森这样评价。201411/339756湖州中心整形医院做隆鼻手术多少钱 Becoming an online retailer is easier than you think -- if you do it right. Sell products from the convenience of your PC or laptop.成为网络零售商比你想象的要简单——如果方法正确的话。利用台式电脑或笔记本电脑的便利出售商品。You Will Need你需要An idea一个想法Appropriate merchandise合适的商品Vendors供应商PPC campaigns点击付费PPC广告Search engine optimization搜索引擎优化Internet access能上网And a y-made store现成的店铺Steps步骤STEP 1 Check out your idea1.核实你的想法Decide what type of store you want. Toss around your idea with others to make sure it is viable.决定自己想开什么类型的店铺。和其他人一起讨论你的想法,确保可行。STEP 2 Sell appropriate merchandise2.出售合适的商品Plan to carry merchandise you have some experience with but be open to what you will offer. If you sell only products you like, your business may be too limited to be sustainable.计划出售有一定的经验的商品,但是商品范围要广。如果只卖自己喜欢的产品,那你的生意会受到限制,难以维持。STEP 3 Find vendors3.寻找供应商Establish good relationships with vendors. Plan not to carry any inventory at first. When you get an order, send it to the manufacturer and have them send it directly to the customer.和供应商建立良好的关系。最初不要补充库存。接到订单后,发送给生产厂家,让他们直接把产品发送给顾客。STEP 4 Learn about PPC campaigns4.了解PPC广告宣传Read up on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns before you start your store. PPC allows you to start bringing in instant traffic.Use search engine optimization techniques to ensure your business pops up in search engine results.开店前熟读点击付费PPC广告。PPC广告可以为你带来即时流量。使用搜索引擎优化技巧,保你的生意能够出现在搜索结果中。In a PPC campaign, you only pay for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate.在PPC广告中,你只需根据提前设定的点击率为目标网站有效点击量付费用。STEP 5 Try out PPC5.尝试PPC广告宣传Try out a pay-per-click campaign to assess market demand and advertising competition. Run the campaign for a week, testing various ads at different times of day.尝试PPC广告宣传,评估市场需求和广告竞争。试行一个星期,在一天当中不同的时段尝试不同的广告。STEP 6 Start your store6.开店Build your site or hire somebody to do it for you. But be aware that hiring a web developer to build your store can be expensive. As an alternative, consider purchasing a y-made store. That way youll be up and running before you know it.创建自己的网站,或者请人帮你做。但是要记住,雇佣一名网站开发人员帮你创建网店的费用很高。作为另外一个选择,可以考虑购买现成的店铺。这样你很快就可以进入运营了。In , online sales on Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving, totaled 7 million.年,网络星期一,也就是感恩节假日后的第一个星期一的网上销售额高达8.87亿美元。视频听力译文由。201406/306196浙江湖州市做黑脸娃娃多少钱

湖州曙光整形美容医院漂唇手术怎么样Nicole Kidman on Role as Military Wife: Really PowerfulThe actress discusses her new film, ;The Railway Man,; where she plays a woman who marries a former POW.Nicole Kidman back on the big screen with two very different roles she’s taking on Princess Grace, also a gritty army wife in a new movie as well. A’s Nick Wart sat down and talked to her about it.We all know that Nicole Kidman is elegant, talented, beautiful, but she’s also very funny, and also rather tall.People are always amazed at how tall I am.5’11” by the way. In this, her latest role in The Railway Man, Kidman plays a rather dowdy and dedicated woman named Patty Lomax.I’ve never kissed a man with a mustache before, and I don’t think I’m gonna kiss a man with a mustache again.Who meets and marries Eric, a former POW traumatized by his torture at the hands of the Japanese in the Second World War. It’s a true story. The idea of staying with someone and not abandoning them and somehow healing them with love was really powerful to me.Have you ever been through something similar yourself that you could draw on?Of course I relate to the power of love and the healing qualities of love, that’s why I wanted to play it.I’m so happy.Ok, for all you inspiring journalists, here’s a painful lesson.You live in Sydney, right?No, I live in Nashville.I thought you lived in Sydney.You didn’t the research.I can be a mother and wife and hold on 2 jobs without the people getting too upset, can’t I?But I do know that she’s princess Grace in the upcoming Grace of Monaco.I just wanted to do it justice, but it’s not a biopic, it’s not sort of some joke into the deep psyche of Grace, it’s very much a fairytale still.My husband is in cold bay.Which The Railway Man most certainly is not.I love him and I want him back.It talks about what soldiers are going through, right now coming back, and having endured things, having seen things, and how do you move forward with your life. And I think that’s incredibly relevant to now.For Good Morning America, Nick Wart, A News, Los Angeles. /201404/292933 We turn now to gold prices which are down this year-breaking a 13 year winning streak. But instead of worrying Chinese consumers, lower prices mean theyre buying more of the yellow metal.现在,我们把视角转向黄金价格,今年黄金价格持续低迷,打破了13年只涨不降的记录。但是,我们并不需要为中国消费者担心,低迷的黄金价格意味这他们可以买进更多的黄金。;During this period last year the price was at around 400 yuan per gram. This year it fell to around 200 yuan per gram. This has piqued consumers interest. We are seeing a rise in sales this year.; said a salesperson.一位销售人员说:“去年接近年关期间,黄金的价格为400元/克左右。今年此时,黄金价格跌至200元/克。黄金价格的持续低迷打击了投资者的投资信心。但是,黄金的销售量有所上升。”So gold does depreciate. And for people who bought gold last year, this years price drop is definitely bad news.Gold counters are now as crowded as supermarkets. Whatever commodity analysts say, in consumers eyes, the precious metal hasnt lost its shine.所以,黄金也会贬值。而对于去年买入黄金的人群来说,今年黄金价格的暴跌绝对是个坏消息。现在,黄金柜台前像超市一样拥挤不堪。无论贵金属分析师怎样分析,在黄金消费者眼中,这种贵金属还没有失去它的光辉。201401/273503湖州妇保院光子嫩肤手术多少钱湖州曙光医院美容科



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