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A: Has everything been OK with you lately?B: I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep lately. I’m exhausted!A: Have you been too busy to get enough sleep?B: I try to go to sleep, but I just can’t stay asleep.A: How late do you try to go to sleep?B: I go to bed when I finish my work.A: Has anything in your day-to-day life been bothering you lately?B: I am worried about how I am going to pay my tuition.A: You might consider listening to relaxing music as you go to sleep to clear your head.B: Doing something relaxing bee I go to sleep sounds like a plan. 50

The English We Speak是英国B电台为英语学习者量身打造的一档英语学习节目 今天,Wang Fei穿得特别正式,这是为什么呢?让我们去了解一下Wang Fei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, I'm Wang Fei.William: And I'm William. Welcome to the programme. You look very smart today, Wang Fei. Wang Fei: (false modesty) Mm, really? Do you think so?William: Oh, yeah - very smart. Look at your bow tie! And your evening jacket!Wang Fei: Well, this is just a little something I get out every now and then. I'm sure George and Jack and Tom will be will be wearing something similar.William: Who? George, Jack and...? Wang Fei: (off-hand) Oh yeah, you know. George Clooney, Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise.William: What? You're going to see George Clooney and Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise tonight?!Wang Fei: Yep. Cannes Film Festival opens tomorrow so I'm going to a little party tonight.William: Wow! That's incredible! How did you get a ticket?Wang Fei: Erm... well, I don't have a ticket as such. I'm just going to show up. I'm sure if I'm dressed like this they'll let me in. William: Right... so basically you're going to gatecrash a celebrity party. Wang Fei: Gatecrash? What's that?William: To gatecrash a party. It means to go to a party even though you haven't been invited. Let's hear some more examples.Examples例1:Woman A: What was the party like last night?Woman B: Oh, it was awful! All these kids crashed it and drank all the beer.例:Man A: How are the preparations going the party tonight?Man B: Yeah, not bad. Man A: Aren't you worried it might get gatecrashed?Man B: Yeah, we're going to pay a guy to be on the door to stop people coming in.Wang Fei: In the first example, the speaker described a party that was ruined because kids crashed the party. So, to crash a party means to gatecrash a party?William: Yeah. And in that second example, the speaker said that he was going to pay a guy to be on the door.Wang Fei: 'To be on the door' – so this man will check that everyone who comes in has an invitation. Hmm… do you think that there might be someone on the door at this party tonight?William: The one that you're going to?Wang Fei: Yes.William: The celebrity one in Cannes with George and Jack and Tom? Wang Fei: Yeah.William: Yeah, I think, Wang Fei, there might be. Wang Fei: (crestfallen) Ah! William: Well, I tell you what, Wang Fei, my friend's having a birthday party in the pub down the road. Why don't you come to that instead? You'll be a little bit overdressed but I'm sure it will be fun. Wang Fei: I was just looking ward to a bit of glamour a change, with George, Jack and…William: ... and Tom, yeah I know. One day, Wang Fei, if you keep making great programmes with B Learning English then I'm sure that one day you'll be mixing it with George and Jack and Tom. Wang Fei: But now, I'll have to be happy with the pub. Again. Bye.William: Bye!赏析: 在西方,不同场合的穿着往往非常重要,比如一些正式的场合会场前会立一个牌子“Jacket Required”,即“必须穿西装、正装”,不然就不让进去今天,Wang Fei穿得比较正式是因为他想混进一个名人聚会,但是不是穿得正式点就会被放行呢?当然不是,因为他需要一张票 假如Wang Fei当真混进去了,那么他就算是Gatecrash成功了,gate是“门”的意思,crash是“撞击、冲毁”的意思,gatecrash意思是“不请自来、偷偷溜进去”的意思Gatecrash也可以缩写成crash,比如例1中的Kids crashed the party and drank all the beer,就是“孩子们溜进了派对,并且把啤酒都喝完了”的意思 为了避免这种情况就必须pay a guy to be on the door,意思是“请个人在门口检票” 当然,上有政策,下有对策,放个人检票也不一定管用,各个party的不速之客还是让人头疼的事情比如笔者就曾经gatecrashed a CBA basketball game. Hey guys, to be honest, have you ever gatecrashed a party?其他语言点:Bow tie: 领结Every now and then: 时不时地Celebrity: 名人Overdressed: 着装过分正式 90

P: This is terrific. I cant believe we are in Hawaii, Yang Chen!Y: I cant believe it, either. 我们是不是要在沙滩上晒太阳? Patrick, did you bring your bikini?P: Yang Chen., could you be serious just one moment?Y: OK.P: Im going to teach you how to surf. Look at the wave. The waves are huge─and just perfect surfing!Y: 噢,你要教我冲浪Surfing in Hawaii!P: Let take our surfboards out into the water and ride some waves.Y: Yes. Captain. Here we go!P: Not yet, Yang Chen. First, you lie down on your stomach on your surfboard and paddle with your arms out to where the waves are. The waves right here are really small. We cant do anything.Y: Okay, lying down on my stomach, 趴在冲浪板上,paddle with my arms两手向前滑(Splashing sounds, like paddling)P: This is good. This is far enough, Yang Chen.Y: 我会冲浪了! Surfing is soooooooo easy.P: Youve got to be kidding me. Look, to really surf you have to stand up on the surf board, while riding a wave.Y: 趴着不行,还要站起来?P: That is what surfing is: Standing up on a surfboard and riding a wave.Y: Im going to stay here and wait.P Wait who? Michael Phelps?Y: Maybe.P: Look, there is nothing to be afraid of, Yang Chen.Y: Look, Im standing up! Patrick, see you later!P: Someone got have to go out and get her. 63It hard enough a school teacher to keep up with one set of twin students, but imagine having to deal with multiple sets of twins and triplets.对于学校老师来说,辨别一对双胞胎已经非常困难了设想一下要是面对一群双胞胎和三胞胎,会是一种怎样的体验?A primary school in Hubei, China reportedly has sets of twins and the school is just as baffled as everyone else.据报道,中国湖北省某小学共有对双胞胎,学校方面像其他所有人一样困惑To make things more interesting, the school recently requested twins to come to school in identical clothes a group photograph.更有趣的是,该学校最近要求这些双胞胎每组穿同样的衣,拍了一个大合照If it not obvious enough, telling each set the siblings apart is a difficult feat. The Grade 3 in particular has 8 sets of twins plus another count triplets.由于不够明显,所以将每一对双胞胎分辨开是一个非常艰巨的任务该校光三年级一个年级就有8对双胞胎,此外还有一对三胞胎A rural village in Chongqing made a record of 39 sets of twins last year. Meanwhile a Henan primary school had 3 sets of twins in and a school in Wuhan had pairs of twins in just one class. according Shanghaiist.据《上海人网站报道,去年,重庆市某个乡村学校共有39对双胞胎,创造了历史之最此外在年,河南省某小学也有3对双胞胎,而武汉市某学校仅一个班级内就有对双胞胎So far, no one has been able to explain why this phenomenon strangely occurs in Central China. the meantime, Hubei teachers just need to adjust to seeing doubles or triples.目前为止,没有人能够解释这种现象为何在中国中部地区如此盛行现在湖北的这家学校的老师应该努力适应看到各种双胞胎和三胞胎的情况 7

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本文选在Joey《乔伊,希望朋友们会喜欢Bobbie: Oh, well he's just walking in right now. I'll tell him great news, Joey. I just got you the lead in an Industrial Safety !Joey: What? No, no, no, no. I don't wanna do anymore stuff like that. Look, Bobbie, I came to LA to take the next step in my career, and I feel like I'm taking a step back. You know, you got me doing these lame auditions, lousy commercials, that Mystery Dinner thing at Ted Danson's house? I need things to change. Now.Bobbie: Oh, there's the fiery Latin heartthrob that I took a chance on. 重点讲解:Lame adj. (非正式)站不住脚的,理由不充分的,差劲的例如:a lame excuse 站不住脚的借口Lousy adj. (非正式)非常糟糕的,令人作呕的,无用的例如:What lousy weather! 糟透的天气!Heartthrob n. (俚)(使女孩倾心的)英俊男子例如:Jim is such a heartthrob, he's got another girlfriend. 吉姆真是个帅哥,他又找了个女朋友Take sth. back 承认说错了(话)例如:I'm sorry I was rude, I take back everything I said. 对不起我失礼了,我承认我错了 7953

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