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上饶横峰县激光祛疤多少钱上饶不用手术去眼袋十八世纪北极探险沉船重见天日 -- :5: 来源: 十八世纪北极探险沉船重见天日 The Franklin Ship Myth, Verified Two weeks ago, as Americans were preoccupied playing Groundhog War in Iraq, a significant discovery was announced in Canada. Yes, yes, of course this is an accepted ground joking—“Worthwhile Canadian Initiative Yields Results” being the world’s most boring headline, and so on—but in this case the initiative in question really was worthwhile, at least to anyone with an appreciation Victorian mystery, the winter sublime, and the far north. What had taken place was the discovery, intact and underwater, of one of the two ships of the Franklin expedition, the British naval voyage that went out in search of the Northwest Passage, in 185, got stranded in the Arctic ice, and was never seen again. (There’s a good, ghostly of the wreck here.)The finding of the Franklin ship—there were two, the H.M.S. Erebus and the H.M.S. Terror; no one is yet sure which has been spotted down there—is, Canadians, a very big deal (“Canada’s Moon Shot,” the Toronto Star called it), since the Franklin expedition has long provided the single most eventful mythological moment in Canada’s admittedly not-exactly-limitlessly mythologized history. Margaret Atwood, in her essay “Concerning Franklin and His Gallant Crew,” from 1991, identifies it as a kind of origin myth of disaster in the Canadian experience. To translate it from Canadian into American terms, it is as if someone had found, in a single moment, the hull of the Titanic, the solution to the mystery of the lost colony at Roanoke, the original flag of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and the the Donner Party’s last meal.The basic outlines of what happened to Franklin and his crew after they foundered in the Victoria Strait had long been surmised from various kinds of evidence, chiefly the testimony of the local Inuit people, who, in 185, told an explorer named John Rae of a group of around thirty-five Europeans who had died of starvation while struggling south. Graves and other remains of the Franklin crew also turned up on two Arctic islands, and have over the years been subject to scientific examination, revealing, or seeming to, that the men of the expedition had aly been self-poisoned by badly tinned food. But the details of what had happened remained murky, at times horrifying, and often bowdlerized. One of the significant things about the Franklin expedition, as I wrote in my book “Winter,” is that, though the voyage was a failure, the relentless search its relics gave polar exploration the existential accents that it would keep well into the time of Scott and Shackleton. Every expedition that went out in search of Franklin, through the next decades, threatened itself to become lost, and sometimes did. It was a m of throwing good explorers after bad. The search Franklin became far more significant than Franklin, leading to much newly mapped territory and many frozen English faces.One of the spark plugs of the discovery of Franklin’s boat was the Canadian philanthropist and Arctic lover Jim Balsillie, who, working closely with the scientists of Parks Canada, the Prime Minister’s office, and the Royal Canadian Navy made it possible to build a “platm”—a big and hardy ship, called the Martin Bergmann, in honor of a colleague killed in a plane crash, in —which could be used as a kind of floating home base the dedicated and frequently chilly searchers. Balsillie, who made his tune as one of the founders of Research in Motion, the firm that gave the world the BlackBerry, now devotes himself to an array of good and sometimes quixotic causes. (A friend of mine, he was also our own Malcolm Gladwell’s roommate at Trinity College, in Toronto; Canada can be a very small nation.) “I’d like to pretend we had a prescient and beautiful plan,” he said the other afternoon from Toronto. “In truth, it was all improvisation and a bit of luck. It’s mostly just doggedness that counts when you’re dragging sonar equipment across the ocean floor. I call it mowing the lawn, and the questions are mostly who has a bigger mower and who mows longer.“There were two areas we planned on searching, one northern and one more southern, and we were hoping to do the northern search first. But there was more ice there than there had been in twenty years, so we had to look south. It was like, you know, the old joke about the drunk looking his car keys outside, even though he lost them inside, because the light is better there. But, in this case, that’s where the car keys were.”During that southern search, a helicopter pilot named Andrew Stirling, working under the guidance of the archaeologist Doug Stenton, began a “walk survey” of a previously unsurveyed island. “And that’s where they found it: a davit,” Balsillie said—a pulley system deploying lifeboats. “So anyway, they looked at it and—a heart-stopping moment this was—it had the little arrows of the Royal Navy on it. So they said, ‘Let’s get over to this island and start searching right now.’ They redeployed within hours and—well, they found it.“The basic take is that it is pretty clear now. These guys [the Franklin crew] went down Victoria Strait, they got stuck—irrefutably, I think—in the most bidding, awful part of the Arctic, where the ice pushes down—they just got stuck in the ice. They got stuck really bad. And then what happened was that they were voyaging from Victoria Island, and they came back to the vessel and the ice broke and they actually sailed again, a while. I think the ice broke and they sailed it down, and then they were moving around and they got close to shoals. And they said, ‘Let’s leave the ship and see if we can catch a Hudson’s Bay [trading] post.’ I think that’s what happened. Where they were sailing there’s incredible potential near misses in shoals—the Bergmann was mowing the lawn in ty metres of water. The boat must have been caught up and stuck, or near stuck, and they found the best place they could to land. And they started walking.” Balsillie explained that these new findings made sense of many other puzzling details in the pieced-together s—including Inuit lore of a “ghost ship” seen sailing south, presumably the relaunched Franklin vessel.Part of the mythology of the Franklin expedition—the Donner Party bit—involves their apparent descent into cannibalism. “From the mutilated state of many of the corpses, and the contents of the kettles, it is evident that our wretched countrymen had been driven to the last resource—cannibalism—as a means of prolonging existence,” John Rae reported—a conclusion which some reason infuriated the great Charles Dickens, who collaborated with his friend Wilkie Collins on a Franklin-themed play, “The Frozen Deep,” and fixed some of the responsibility on the guiltless Inuit themselves. “We have yet to learn what knowledge the white man—lost, houseless, shipless, apparently gotten by his race, plainly famine-stricken, weak, frozen, helpless, and dying—has of the gentleness of the Esquimaux nature,” Dickens wrote.“I think the cannibalism stories are irrefutable,” Balsillie said. “The way they hacked up fingers, and the marks on the different bones [among the discovered remains], and how the bones were scattered. So, using Rae’s testimony and the ensics, one can’t mount a credible case that there was not cannibalism.” Another famous Franklin-inspired image of the Victorian period was Edwin Henry Landseer’s astonishing painting “Man Proposes, God Disposes,” which shows man proposing in the m of a shipwreck, and God, or Nature, disposing in the m of two rather vulpine polar bears feasting on a human rib cage and the remains of a mast. “It always had to be someone else doing the eating,” Balsillie said. “British gentlemen in service to Queen and country don’t eat each other. Eskimos and polar bears do.”No one is certain whether the ship found and photographed is the Terror or the Erebus. If it is the Terror, as many suspect, it would give the story a peculiarly American and ironic angle—, in a turn that would stump even a historical novelist, the Terror was one of the ships that bombarded Baltimore on that famous night when, in the dawn’s early light, despite the rockets and bombs, our flag, if nothing else, was still there. Survival, it is often said, is the key trope of Canadian prose, and so the discovery would once again link Canadian and American history—with the Americans triumphing, sort of, and singing loudly about it, while the Canadian boat (or at least a British ship, adapted by soul rights into Canadian myth) simply survived, deep and frozen, all these years.On the other hand, by far the most memorable of the many recyclings of the Franklin mythology in Canadian literature occurs in what many regard as the closest thing there is to the Great Canadian Novel, Mordecai Richler’s “Solomon Gursky Was Here.” In it, Ephraim Gursky, a Jewish mischief-maker escaped from London, slips aboard the Franklin expedition—and, while the honest Britishers languish with their lead-poisoned tinned rations, he and his friend Izzy fatten up on a diet of kasha and schmaltz herring, surviving to pass on their faith, and a smattering of Yiddish, to a select commy of Inuit. So far, at least, no trace of the Gurskys, their herring, or the Yiddish-speaking Inuit has been found.两周以前,美国人正忙着空袭伊拉克玩“打地鼠”的时候,一个重大的发现在加拿大宣布当然,这是句玩笑话“意义非凡的加拿大倡议有了重大发现”等等是史上最无聊的头条了但是,这个备受质疑的倡议确实有意义,至少对痴迷维多利亚时代未解之谜、冬季壮丽景色以及北极探险故事的人来说,此次发现非比寻常在185年,英国皇家海军远征队派出富兰克林远征队探索西北航线(Northwest Passage)远征队的两只探险船后来受困在北极冰层中,从此以后就消踪匿迹加拿大在水下发现了两只探险船的其中一只,船身基本保存完好富兰克林远征队出发时有两艘探险船,分别是“恐怖号”(the H.M.S.Erebus )和“黑暗号”( the H.M.S. Terror),后均失踪现在尚未确定探测到了哪一艘,但无论怎样,这对加拿大人来说都是一件大事(《多伦多星报(Toronto Star)称其相当于‘加拿大登月’),因为富兰克林远征队在加拿大那公认的“并非拥有很多未解之谜”的历史上是最神秘的谜团了1991年,玛格瑞特·艾特伍德(Margaret Atwood)在她名为《关于富兰克林和他英勇的船员们(Concerning Franklin and His Gallant Crew)的论文中把这当做是加拿大人历史上神秘灾难的故事的起源富兰克林船队失踪之谜是加拿大版的“泰坦尼克号事件”,这次发现就像某人在某一时刻发现了泰坦尼克号的船身,揭开了罗诺克(Rpample)部落神秘失踪之谜、找到了最初的那一面星条旗,或者是揭晓了“当纳聚会”最后一餐一样(Donner Party,即在美国历史上爆发一次到西部淘金的移民大潮中,人们前往加利福尼亚的又一次长途跋涉之旅,也是惨烈的“死亡之旅”译注)185年,维多利亚海峡(Victoria Strait)当地的因纽特人告知一个名叫约翰·雷(John Rae)的探险者有关富兰克林远征队的事故当时约翰所在的返南探险队有35人左右,饱受饥饿困扰,生命垂危此外,再加上各种各样的据,富兰克林远征队全军覆没悲剧的真相逐渐浮出水面人们在北极两个海岛上发现了富兰克林船员的墓和遗骸,并用了多年时间对其进行仔细研究研究结果表明,或是可能表明了,远征队队员们因为罐装食品严重地铅中毒了但具体发生了什么尚未可知,有时一些研究结果得出的细节骇人听闻、有伤风化我在我的书《冬(Winter)中曾写过,有关此事最重要的一点是虽然探险失败了,但是人们仍然不断地派出搜寻队,让极地探险迎来了斯科特和萨克里顿(Scott and Shackleton,极地探险家,译注)的时代在富兰克林探险队失踪之后的几十年里,每一搜寻舰队都曾面临过迷路的危险,有的最后不幸失踪这就可以说是派出优秀的探险家去搜寻失败的探险家富兰克林远征队搜寻之旅比富兰克林远征队本身要重要的多,由于前者,英国绘制了很多新航海图,也有很多英国人也命丧北极此次富兰克林沉船探索活动是由加拿大慈善家、北极爱好者吉姆·巴尔斯列(Jim Balsillie)等人发起他本人也和加拿大公园的科学家、总理办公室以及加拿大皇家海军(the Royal Canadian Navy)一起合作,建立了一个“平台”——一艘巨大而坚固的船,为纪念在年遭遇空难的同事而名为“马丁·格曼号”(Martin Bergmann)——作为那些在寒冷的环境中专注工作的搜寻人员漂流根据地巴尔斯列靠创立Research in Motion公司发家——黑莓公司的前身他现在投身于众多的慈善事业,有时甚至有点儿堂吉诃德的味道(我有一个朋友也是马尔科姆·格拉德维尔在多伦多三一学院的大学舍友,加拿大真是小国家)“我本想假装我们原本就有一个有预见性的、完美的计划,”一天下午他在多伦多说道“但实际上,一切都是碰巧有点运气罢了当你拖着声纳在海床上搜寻时,你得有一股倔劲我把这过程称为‘修理草坪’,问题就在于谁的割草机要大一些、谁割得久一些罢了”“我们原计划搜查两个区域,一个在北边,一个更靠南一些,我们本想先搜北边,但年来那个区域的冰都比南边的要多,所以我们还是先在南边搜寻这就像以前一个笑话里说的酒鬼那样,他在车里丢了钥匙,但是他却到车外去找,因为车外有灯,好找一些但我们这次,钥匙就在车外”南面搜索过程中,一位名叫安德鲁·斯图灵(AndrewStirling)的飞行员和在考古学家铎格·司登顿(Doug Stenton)的指导下工作,开始“巡察”一个以前没有研究过的海岛“他们就是在那里找到了一个吊艇架,”巴尔斯列说道吊艇架是一个下放救生艇的滑轮装置“他们仔细看了看,接着——一个惊心动魄的时刻到了——吊艇架上有一些标有皇家海军标记的小型箭状物他们就说:‘我们马上到这个岛上去搜吧’他们在数小时内有重新部署——然后他们就找到了“悲剧发生的基本过程基本清楚明了了这些人(即富兰克林的船员们)到了维多利亚海峡,然后他们困住了——我认为,这是毫无疑问的——在北极最危险、糟糕的地方,冰紧逼而来——他们就被困在冰层里面他们完全无法脱身,然后,他们本是从维多利亚岛航海过来,后来他们回到船上时,冰化了,他们又开始航行了,不过走得不远我认为冰破之后他们继续北航,接着他们靠近浅滩四处在转然后他们说,‘我们下船吧,看能不能搭上哈德逊湾(Hudson's Bay)邮船’我认为这就是事情的经过他们后来航游的地方触礁的可能性很大——格曼号在0米深的地方探测他们的探险船肯定被卡住了,或者是几乎卡住了,他们找到登陆最佳地点了,然后他们开始步行“巴尔斯列解释说这些新发现能解释其他很多拼凑起来的细节问题——其中包括因纽特人口口相传,说看见一艘“幽灵船”往南行驶,应该就是重新起航的富兰克林探险船了富兰克林远征队失踪之谜还有一部分和当纳聚会相似——那些船员显然被逼到了自相残杀食用的地步“从尸体上凹凸不平的表面以及壶里的残留物,我们能得知我们走投无路的同胞们不得不转向最后的食源——自己的同伴——以求能够活得久一些”约翰·雷报告道——这个结论不知为何激怒了伟大的查尔斯·狄更斯,他和他的朋友威尔吉·柯林斯以此案为原型写了一部剧:《冰渊(The Frozen Deep),然后强行把一些罪名安在无辜地因纽特人身上“我们从未听说过白种人有食人的天性,即使这些白人面临着迷路、无家可归、无船可行、被同族遗忘、饥寒交迫、虚弱无助、和死亡的情况,我们也从未听说过”狄更斯写道“我认为那过程中食人的情节是无可否认的,”巴尔斯列说道“他们撕开手指的方式以及不同人骨上(以前发现的遗骸)的痕迹,以及骨头散布的方式都说明了这一点,凭借雷的词以及辩论术,没人能明食人事件没有发生”另一个受富兰克林事件启发的维多利亚时期的图画是埃德温·亨利·兰西尔(Edwin Henry Landseer)令人惊奇的画作《谋事在人,成事在天(Man Proposes, God Disposes),画中一个男人被画作船的残骸样,而上帝或者是大自然,被画作两只狡猾的北极熊正在啃食一个人类的胸腔以及一根残败的桅杆“他们认为,不管怎样,吃人的总是其他种族的人或动物,”巴尔斯列说道“效忠女王和大英帝国的英国绅士是不会食人的只有爱斯基人和北极熊才吃人”尚未能确定找到并已拍摄的船是“恐怖号”还是“黑暗号”但若如很多人猜想的那样是“恐怖号”,整个故事就会可以和美国挂上钩,并极具讽刺意味——因为剧情反转得太厉害了:在18年9月日,英国海军曾通宵炮击美国巴尔的(Blatimore),然而在黎明将至时,美国国旗依然飘扬在巴尔的的上空人们常说幸存是加拿大散文的主要修辞手法,那么此次发现再次将加美两国的历史联系在一起——两者相比,美国胜出,并且还大声地一直唱了下去(美国人弗兰西斯·斯考特基(Francis ScottKey)目睹了英国海军对巴尔的的t McHenry的炮击后写下了后来称为美国国歌的《星条旗永不落(The Star-Spangled Banner),译注),而这艘加拿大船(至少也是英国船,永远地沉入到了加拿大谜海中),就这样在海底百年来冰冻着,幸存了下来另一方面,在加拿大文学界中不断重现富兰克林未解之谜的文学作品中,最值得纪念,也是最贴近事实的是伟大的加拿大小说,由德卡·瑞驰勒(Mordecai Richler)撰写的《所罗门·古尔斯基在这里(“Solomon Gursky Was Here.”)文中的艾福瑞·古尔斯基,一名从伦敦逃出的爱搬弄是非的犹太人偷偷登上了富兰克林远征队船上——当诚实的英国人不情愿地吃着含铅量高的罐装口粮时,他和他的朋友伊兹乐滋滋地吃着荞麦粥和液油鲱鱼他们最后活了下来,并且把他们的信仰和一些意地绪语传给了一些因纽特人但是,到目前为止,人们还没有发现古尔斯基、鲱鱼或者是说着意地绪语的因纽特人的痕迹上饶吸脂瘦身哪家医院好 男神抖森赢得年“年度美臀”的称号 --30 18:: 来源: 作为英国演艺界最性感的男星之一,抖森近日又凭借该剧中的一个“壁咚”场景获评“年度美臀”,更加奠定了自己英伦“大众男神”的地位 Taylor Swift is a lucky lady! Tom Hiddleston now has the top male celebrity bottom of . The actor was recently named winner of the Rear of the Year award his racy sex scene in the AMC miniseries The Night Manager.不得不说“霉霉”真是个幸运的女人,男朋友“抖森”凭借在 AMC迷你剧《夜班经理中的火辣床戏,赢得年“年度美臀”的称号“The votes flooded in when Tom revealed his well-toned rear on our TV screens in an episode of The Night Manager,’ the award’s website says.评选网站的工作人员说:“看过抖森在剧中“半露酥臀”的场景,粉丝的投票热情简直如滔滔江水无法阻挡”The Thor actor, 35, dropped his trousers a steamy romp with costar Elizabeth Debicki. The scene was so sexy that his derrière got censored in the U.S. version of the show. Between his butt-baring scene and his revealing underwear photo shoot W magazine, his booty even garnered its own hashtag: #Hiddlesbum.这位《雷神男星今年35岁,在新剧中衣衫半退和女主(Elizabeth Debicki饰演)来了一出火辣的“壁咚”好戏该场景也因为太过火辣在美版中被删减因为电视剧中的火辣形象以及他为《W杂志拍摄的硬照太过性感,分分钟冲上社交媒体的热搜,甚至产生了一个新词““希德勒斯臀”(Hiddlebum)”“I was surprised to hear they cut my butt out,” he told W last month. “I’m here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous. And there are many, many more things that people are happy to broadcast. I don’t know what that says about the world we live in, but it probably says something.”在《W杂志的采访中,抖森回应了自己在《夜班经理中的裸露镜头遭删减的话题,他表示:“我得知被删也很吃惊,我的臀部并不危险呐还有很多比我这个尺度更大的在播出,,我不知道这说明了什么但是确实代表我们的社会某些方面出了点问题”The Rear of the Year title is presented annually to both a male and female Brit with “prize-winning rear assets,” according to the site. The winners even get crystal trophies engraved with their title. British actress Jennifer Metcalfe joined Hiddleston as this year’s female winner.“年度美臀”每年会分别选出一名男性和女性,授予“年度最佳美臀”的称号美臀得主甚至还会得到印有自已名字的水晶奖杯今年肥皂剧女星Jennifer Metcalfe夺得了女子组美臀冠军The accolade adds to Hiddleston’s fantastic year, which includes an Emmy nomination The Night Manager, a spot among the top contenders to play the next James Bond and a whirlwind new relationship with Taylor Swift.今年抖森的媒体曝光度可谓杠杠的,先是因为出演《夜班经理提名艾美奖,之后关于其接任0的呼声不断,再者与泰勒·斯威夫特的恋情曝光也引发了不小的轰动Hiddleston attended San Diego Comic-Con last weekend to promote his film Kong: Skull Island after spending time with the “Wildest Dreams” singer in Australia. The actor has been filming the latest installment of the Thor series Down Under, and the couple enjoyed several date nights during his free time.上周,被拍到和霉霉(最疯狂的梦的演唱者)在澳大利亚共度二人世界的抖森现身圣迭戈的国际动漫展宣传新电影《 Kong: Skull Island抖森之前一直在拍摄最新一版《雷神,在休息间隙,忙里偷闲和霉霉约会The pair first went public with their relationship in June, and have since jetted to Nashville to spend time with Swift’s parents, England to meet Hiddleston’s mother.They even partied at the pop superstar’s Rhode Island home her annual Fourth of July bash.两人的恋情在六月被曝光,被拍到分别去纳什维尔和英国拜访了双方父母两人还在霉霉罗德岛的豪宅一起庆祝国庆大趴跟着习大大看美国:说说浪漫的西雅图 -- :3:7 来源: Seattleis rarely the first US city that comes to Chinese minds. Infact, few people could probably tell Washington state fromWashington DC.  一提起美国的城市,很少有中国人会首先想到西雅图其实,很多中国人可能根本分不清华盛顿州和华盛顿特区的区别  Two romantic comedy films have irrevocably shaped the imageof Xiyatu, as the city is known in Mandarin, among the Chinesepublic, and as a result it would not be a stretch to say Seattle is seen as the American capital ofromance, somewhat akin to how the world perceives Paris.  两部浪漫喜剧无疑塑造了西雅图在中国公众心里的形象,可以毫不夸张地说,西雅图被国人视为美国浪漫之都,有几分类似世界对巴黎的看法  In Sleepless in Seattle, Nora Ephron's 1993 runaway hit, Tom Hanks' character, Sam, moves withhis young son from Chicago to Seattle a fresh start after the death of his wife. The movieportrays the largest city in the Pacific Northwest not as a canyon of high-rises, but as a bohemianenclave of artists and designers, which possibly did not impress Chinese at the time.  在诺拉?艾芙伦1993年执导的热门电影《西雅图夜未眠中,山姆(汤姆?汉克斯饰)在妻子离世后带着年幼的儿子从芝加哥搬到西雅图,寻求一个新生活的开始影片将这座美国太平洋西北地区最大的城市塑造成了一个放荡不羁的艺术家和设计师的聚居之处,而非高楼林立之都当时或许并未给中国观众留下什么印象  This image may have been altered recently by the screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, whichis largely set in the Seattle area and includes frequent aerial shots and the less-than-tastefulflaunting of wealth and kinky sex.  最近上映的小说改编影片《五十度灰可能改变了人们对西雅图的认识这部影片取景地大部分在西雅图,包含很多航拍、低俗的炫富和性虐的元素  The narrative setup in Sleepless is almost Chinese to the core: Sam and Annie, played by MegRyan, fall in love bee actually meeting each other in the flesh. Imagine all those Chinese couplesin arranged marriages who were denied the right to face-to-face encounters bee their weddingnight. This story could have been their silver lining and inspiration.  《西雅图夜未眠叙事设定很中式:山姆和安妮(梅格?瑞恩饰)在素未谋面的情况下就相爱了试想那些接受包办婚姻的中国夫妇,在新婚之夜前都没有见面的权利这部影片有可能给他们带来了一线希望和鼓舞  By contrast, the Chinese movie Finding Mr. Right- the title in Mandarin translates as Beijing MeetsSeattle - is very Hollywood in its dramatic arc. The sleeper hit employs the opposites-attractstrategy: Boy meets girl and nothing works out, but we know they'll end up together becausewe've been conditioned by the genre.  相较之下,中国影片《北京遇上西雅图(Finding Mr. Right)则极具好莱坞戏剧的风格这部年的票房黑马采用了异性相吸的故事策略:男主与女主相遇却没有走到一起,但是我们知道他们最终一定会在一起,因为我们早已习惯了这种题材  Like with Sleepless, the boy and girl in this story are no youngsters in puppy love. Frank, playedby Wu Xiubo, is similar to Sam in that he has a child from a previous marriage, but Tang Wei'sJiajia has nothing in common with Annie. She is a gold digger who is in Seattle to give birth to achild by her wealthy, married boyfriend. The father, who remains unseen, is a symbol of thenouveau riche, whose opulent residence stands in sharp contrast to middle-class living in theEmerald City.  与《西雅图夜未眠一样,这部影片中的男女主角并非初涉爱情的年轻人吴秀波扮演的弗兰克(Frank)同山姆一样,带着一个跟前妻生的孩子;不过汤唯饰演的佳佳和安妮的经历完全不同她是个拜金女,来到西雅图是为了给已婚的富豪男友生子孩子的父亲是暴发户的象征,并未在影片中露面他豪华的住宅与西雅图中产阶级的住所形成鲜明的对比   financial reasons, the movie was actually shot in Vancouver, while the generic English titledoes not even hint at the promotional power of a movie that made 500 million yuan ( million)at the box office in China.  由于预算原因,影片实际上是在温哥华拍摄的而这部在中国的票房收入达到5亿元人民币(合7800万美元)的影片的通用英文标题也完全没有显示出这部影片会有何等的广告效应  The movie Finding Mr. Right is predominantly set in Seattle and even references Ephron's classicwhen the female protagonist is questioned by a US immigration officer who waves her in asanother Sleepless pilgrim.  《北京遇上西雅图的故事背景主要设定在西雅图,美国入境处官员向女主角挥手、准许她入境的情节借鉴了艾芙伦执导的影片的经典桥段,也是对《西雅图不眠夜的又一处致敬  The movie, also written and directed by a woman, is neither a remake nor a sequel to the 1993classic, but it pays almost slavish homage by setting the final scene in New York's Empire StateBuilding. If I were the mayor of Seattle, I would have persuaded director Xue Xiaolu to change thelocation to the Space Needle, which would have cemented the city's reputation as a magnet true love.  这部影片的编剧兼导演薛晓路也是一名女性但该片并非那部1993年经典电影的重制或续集,但是影片将最后一幕场景设在纽约的帝国大厦,几乎是对经典最原汁原味的致敬如果我是西雅图的市长,我一定会说薛晓路将最后的拍摄场地改到太空针塔,那么这座城市的真爱磁铁之名就会更加巩固了  It may not have been necessary anyway. There was reportedly a spike in the number of Chinesetourists in Seattle after the movie was released, and that enthusiasm is unlikely to abate anytimesoon, with a sequel on the way next year.  也许大可不必这样做据报道,影片上映后前往西雅图的中国游客数量激增而明年《北京遇上西雅图即将上映,这股热情近期不太可能减退上饶那个医院激光祛斑便宜些

上饶注射丰太阳穴价格是多少女子洱海裸照热传引争议 -- ::5 来源: 洱海拍裸照,是伤风败俗,还是行为艺术呢?你怎么看? Another set of nude photographs have gone viral on the Chinese Internet, this time taken at Erhai Lake in southwestern China’s Yunnan province. This comes not long after a couple was detained taking naked photos in the same region.另一组裸照已在中国互联网上热传,此次摄影地点位于中国西南部云南省的洱海此前不久就有一对夫妇因在同一地区拍摄裸照而被拘留In the new photos, a naked woman can be seen standing in the water of Erhai Lake, while a man stands in front of her taking pictures. In another photo, the topless woman stands under a tree. The photos have angered locals from the city of Dali in Yunnan, as they say such photos could badly affect the city’s image.在这些新拍摄的照片当中,可以看到一个赤身裸体的女子站在洱海水中,同时另有一个男子站在她跟前给她拍照在另一张照片当中,一个坦胸的女子站在一棵树下这些照片已经激怒了云南大理的当地人,他们表示此类照片会严重影响城市形象The woman was later identified as a photographer and model. She admitted to posing the photos, explaining that they were simply intended as an artistic creation. The photo shoot took place at 6 a.m. Bee beginning, she and her companions cleared the site to avoid causing trouble locals, the woman claimed. She also explained that the photos posted online were taken secretly and against her will by her driver, China News Service (CNS) reported. The woman added that she was hurt by how the incident unfolded. She has not yet decided whether she will get police involved and take legal action to protect herself.随后,该女子被实为摄影师兼模特她承认为拍照摆造型,但解释称他们仅仅是追求艺术创作摄影时间凌晨6时该女子称,为了避免打搅到当地居民,她和她的同伴在拍之前还清理了现场据中国新闻社报道,该女子还解释说,这照片是她的司机私自传到网上的,是违背她的意愿的她还补充道,此次事件对他伤害很深她至今还未决定是否让警方介入并采取法律措施来保护自己In May, a man and woman were sentenced to administrative detention and days respectively charges of distributing pornography. The sentence was handed down after the couple took naked photos on the streets of Dali and later posted them online.在5月份的时候,一名男子和一名女子因被控传播色情图片而分别被判行政拘留和天该判决于这对夫妇在大理街头拍摄裸照并随后上传至网络之后下达“Unlike the case in May, there was no deliberate violation [in the most recent case]. But the driver who secretly took the photos and posted them online has violated the victim’s personal privacy and should be punished,” Yunnan-based lawyer Sun Wenjie told CNS.云南籍律师孙文杰向中国新闻社表示:“与5月份的案件不同的是,最近的这一个案件并没有故意违法行为但是私自盗取照片并将它们上传至网上的司机已经侵犯了受害者的个人隐私,应当受到惩罚”弋阳县手臂激光脱毛多少钱 好莱坞的反化妆运动 -- :01: 来源: 近期,好莱坞众多女星号召扔掉化妆品,展示最真实的自己,掀起了一股素颜反化妆之风你今天素颜了吗? Get y to see more female stars going naked.准备好欣赏更多女明星裸的样子了吗?With their faces that is.不过只是她们的脸部裸而已If singer Alicia Keys has her way, more women, famous or otherwise, will be embracing the no makeup look. Keys is just the latest star to go au naturel.如果歌手Alicia Keys我行我素,更多女性(无论是不是明星),都会追捧素颜Keys仅仅是最近一位崇尚素颜的明星She recently wrote an essay the email newsletter Lenny Letter titled "Alicia Keys: Time to Uncover" in which she talked about her desire to be strong and confident beyond the face paint.最近她为电子新闻Lenny Letter写了一篇名为“Alicia Keys:素颜时代到了”的文章,她在文中谈到自己希望能够摆脱化妆,变得强大和自信"Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup: What if someone wanted a picture What if they POSTED it?," she wrote. "These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me."“每次出门,如果不化妆的话我都会担心:如果有人想要合照怎么办??他们要是把照片发到网上怎么办???”她写道“这是我当时缺乏安全感、肤浅的但却最真实的想法而且这些想法大多都太在乎别人对我的看法”But a photographer insisted on snapping some photos of her sans makeup on a shoot her new single, "In Common," and it emboldened the singer to say she "felt powerful because my initial intentions realized themselves."然而,一位摄影师坚持要为她的最新单曲“In Common”拍一组素颜照片,她说这使自己“感到强大,因为最原始的意识开始苏醒”Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing," Keys said.Keys说:“因为我不想再遮掩任何东西,包括我的脸颊、思想、灵魂、想法、梦想、挣扎、感情成长,所有的一切”"The universe was listening to those things I’d promised myself, or maybe I was just finally listening to the universe, but however it goes, that’s how this whole #nomakeup thing began."“全世界都在聆听我承诺给自己的事情,或者也可能是我最终开始聆听全世界,但无论如何,这就是整个#素颜事件的开端”In Hollywood, where makeup endorsements can mean big money, it’s not uncommon to see makeup-less selfies here and there, but few stars have committed to going without it period.在好莱坞这个化妆可能意味着挣大钱的地方,虽然淡妆自拍也屡见不鲜,但是很少有明星能达到不化妆素颜出镜的境界In February, Cindy Crawd posted a makeup-free selfie in honor of her 50th birthday. Other celebs, including Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek and Kylie Jenner, have also shown off their natural faces.今年二月,Cindy Crawfod发布了一张素颜自拍以庆祝自己的五十岁生日其他明星包括Lady Gaga,Salma Hayek以及Kylie Jenner也秀了一把各自的素颜照"Star Wars" actress Daisy Ridley recently revealed on Instagram she is not a fan of makeup, sharing her battle with polycystic ovary syndrome and how it has affected her skin.“星球大战”女演员Daisy Ridley最近在Instagram上披露自己并不热衷于化妆,分享了自己和多囊卵巢综合征的抗争历程,以及它对自己皮肤的影响"I hate wearing make up but I currently don’t want to leave the house without it on," Ridley said, adding she is making progress with the help of a dermatologist.“我讨厌化妆,但目前我还做不到素颜出门”Ridley说,但在皮肤科医生的帮助下她的情况有所好转But not everyone is getting or giving a positive response to the no makeup movement.然而,素颜活动并没有得到所有人的好评和欢迎Rappersinger Lil Mama deleted an Instagram photo of herself sans makeup in Mexico after some folks commented on it via Twitter.说唱艺人歌手 Lil Mama在网友通过Twitter她在墨西哥的素颜照后,在Instagram上将该照片删除The artist, whose legal name is Niatia Kirklan, posted a note on Instagram in which she said, "I can look myself bare in the mirror and be happy with what I see."艺术家Niatia Kirklan在Instagram上发了一条状态称:“我能够正视镜中素颜的自己,并为我所看到的感到高兴”"Natural hair, natural beauty, natural body," she said. "Some people wear so much wigs weaves and makeup they get how they really look"“天然的头发,自然的美丽,自然的身体”她说“有些人戴了太多假发、化了太浓的妆,以至于他们都忘记了自己的本来面目”Still others have pointed out that Keys is such a natural beauty it’s not that difficult her to go without makeup.然而有人指出Keys本来就是个美女,所以对她而言素颜没那么困难"If I looked like @aliciakeys, I wouldn’t wear makeup either," one person tweeted.“如果我像aliciakeys那样漂亮,我也可以不化妆”一位网友发推文称武夷山抽脂瘦腿多少钱

上饶治疗长鼻哪家医院好女子状告特朗普 称岁被特朗普和一富商先后强奸 --5 18:56: 来源: 一名美国女子日前以强奸罪起诉美国共和党总统竞选人、地产大亨唐纳德.特朗普该女子在起诉书中声称,199年,年仅岁的她在一场派对上被特朗普以及他的一位富商友人先后强奸 Donald Trump faces rape allegations again. An unidentified Calinia woman filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, which was first reported by the Real Deal.特朗普再次面临强奸指控6月日,一名身份不明的加利福尼亚女子在在曼哈顿联邦法院提起诉讼据纽约权威地产杂志The Real Deal抢先报道The lawsuit claims that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was years old at a sex party hosted by Epstein in 199. Trump has previously denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and “disgusting.”她在起诉书中称,特朗普及其友人杰弗里.爱泼斯坦199年在爱泼斯坦举办的一场派对上强奸了她,当时她才岁特朗普否认此指控,称其“一派胡言”、“让人恶心”Epstein has also been previously accused of sexual deviancy and pedophile activities, but has denied claims as well. He did, however, plead guilty to soliciting a minor in one case filed against him in .爱泼斯坦还曾被指控性变态和有恋童癖,不过均被其否认然而,他在年的一起诱奸未成年少女罪名成立A Los Angeles Federal Court judge dismissed the lawsuit last month.上月,该女子曾向洛杉矶联邦法院提起诉讼,不过被驳回The New York Daily News points out there are many vulgar charges missing from the new case, like an allegation that Trump threw money at the defendant after she expressed fear of pregnancy after the rape. Also missing is the claim that Trump called Epstein a “Jew bastard,” and her original request 微软胜诉:无义务向美国政府提供外国务器浏览权限 -- :: 来源: 美国法院做出了判决,裁定政府无权强迫微软赋予其查看外国务器的权限 The decision is being seen as a precedent protecting the privacy of cloud computing services.这一判决目前正被看作是保护云计算务隐私的一个先例The US Department of Justice had wanted to access a server in Ireland, as part of an investigation into a drugs case.作为针对一起毒品案件调查的一部分,美国司法部想要获取权限查看微软位于爱尔兰的一个务器The ruling, made by an appeals court, overturns an order granted by a court in Manhattan in .一家上述法庭做出了这一裁决,驳回了一家曼哈顿法庭在年做出的“准许”判决The DoJ said it was disappointed by the decision and was considering what it would do next. If it appeals, the case could then move to the US Supreme Court.美国司法部表示对这一判决感到失望,并且正在考虑接下来的打算如果司法部上述的话,这件案子将移交美国最高法院审理Microsoft said it welcomed the ruling.微软方面表示说欢迎这一裁决"It makes clear that the US government can no longer seek to use its search warrants on a unilateral basis to reach into other countries and obtain the emails that belong to people of other nationalities," Brad Smith, president and chief legal officer, of Microsoft told the B.微软总裁和首席法律部门官员布拉德·史密斯告诉B说:“这份判决很清楚地表明,美国政府再也不能够单方面地使用搜查令进入其他国家、获得属于其他国家公民的电子邮件了”"It tells people they can indeed trust technology as they move their inmation to the cloud," he said.他说道:“这份判决告诉人们,在他们把自己的信息上传到云务器上的时候,他们可以真正信任科技”Microsoft thanked the companies that had backed its appeal, which included the likes of Amazon, Apple and Cisco.微软对那些持它上述的公司表示感谢,包括像亚马逊、苹果和思科等公司No bullying不再有欺凌Another of Microsoft’s backers was the Open Rights Group, a UK-based organisation that campaigns digital rights.微软的另一个持者是“开放权利组织”,这是一家英国机构,他们致力于争取数字权利"The US Court’s decision has upheld the right to individual privacy in the face of the US State’s intrusion into personal liberty," the group’s legal director Myles Jackman said on Thursday.本周四,该组织法律主管迈尔斯·杰克曼表示说:“在面对美国政府侵犯个人自由的问题上,美国法庭的这一裁决持了个人隐私权利”"As a consequence, US law encement agencies must respect European citizens’ digital privacy rights and the protection of their personal data.“,美国执法部门必须尊重欧洲公民的数字隐私权,并且保护他们的个人数据”"States should not arbitrarily reach across borders just because they feel they can bully companies into doing so."“美国不应该因为觉得自己可以欺压公司,就单方面地越界”Microsoft had warned that allowing the search warrant to be conducted could open up a global privacy "free all". Other countries, the company said, would perhaps seek to apply their own search warrants to servers located in the US.微软此前曾作出警告,说如果允许执行这次的搜查令,那么就将开启全球隐私“不设防”微软表示说,其他国家也许也将申请他们自己的搜查令,来查看位于美国的务器Echoing a constant concern of those in tech industry, Microsoft said the laws were simply too outdated to be effective.微软回应了那些对高科技行业公司的持续性关注,表示说目前的法律真是太过时了,起不了作用"The protection of privacy and the needs of law encement require new legal solutions that reflect the world that exists today - rather than technologies that existed three decades ago when current law was enacted."“对隐私的保护和执法的需要要求新的、能够反映当今世界的法律解决方案--而不是三十年前现行法律制定时候存在的技术” million in damages.《纽约每日新闻指出,在本次的案件中,许多粗俗的指控被撤回,比如她声称,在被强奸后担心怀,特朗普曾甩给她现金,还比如特朗普称爱泼斯坦为“犹太杂种”,以及她曾要求 1亿美元的赔偿金She cites in an affidavit: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”她说:“强奸结束后,特朗普还威胁我,不能把事情告诉别人,否则,我和家人可能会被杀,或者有其他后果” <牛人_句子>上饶去太田痣医院哪家好上饶激光祛疤多少钱



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