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赣南片区妇幼保健院是公立医院吗赣州仁济医院是私立的吗If yoursquo;ve ever driven by a wind farm, you may have noticed that the turbines most likely have three blades. Not two, not five, but three. Now, you may think that if the point of a wind turbine is to capture wind, wouldnrsquo;t five blades capture more wind than three? And wouldnrsquo;t capturing more wind translate to generating more electricity? Why? The answer depends on whatrsquo;s meant by capturing wind. The goal of an electricity generating turbine isnrsquo;t exactly to capture the most wind possible. Itrsquo;s to capture wind with the greatest efficiency. And engineers have found that three blades is the most efficient and least troublesome way to harvest wind.如果你曾经经营过风力发电的农村,你可能已经注意到,涡轮机,最可能有三个叶片。不是两个,也不是五个,而是三个。现在,你可能会认为风力涡轮机的就是为了能尽可能多地捕捉到风,个叶片捕获的风不是更多吗?捕获更多的风能从而产生更多的电力?为什么呢?取决于捕捉风的平均数。风力发电涡轮的目标是并不完全使要进坑捕捉到多的风。而是要最有效第捕捉风。工程师们发现,三个叶片是最有效地捕捉风,而且是最不麻烦的方式。164413赣南人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 Jobs figures就业数据 A gentle tailwind进展顺利,但缓慢Employment is moving, ever so slowly, in Barack Obama’s direction 在奥巴马的指导下,就业率缓慢回升 ON APRIL 4th Barack Obama announced, to no one’s surprise, that he would seek a second term in 2012. The timing was auspicious. Three days earlier the job market, a key determinant of his re-election chances, took a turn for the better. On that day the government reported that non-farm payrolls rose a hefty 216,000, or 0.2%, in March, led by manufacturers, hotels, restaurants and temporary staffing agencies. Strapped state and local governments trimmed their payrolls for the fifth month in a row. But private payrolls, a better indicator of the economy’s animal spirits, have posted their biggest two-month advance since 2006, at 470,000.4月4日,不出众人所料,奥巴马宣布他将争取在2012年连任总统。 当时的时机很有利。 三天之前,决定奥巴马连任的关键性因素-就业市场,开始走向好转。当天的政府报告称,三月份非农业就业人口大幅上升216,000,占总人数的0.2%,这一增长主要来自于制造业,酒店,餐饮业和临时职介所。经济拮据的州和地方政府过去连续五个月的一直削减人数。 但是,但是私营企业的就业人数,这个表示经济扩大投资的优良指标,达到了自2006年以来最大的两个月连续增长,为470,000人。 Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell to 8.8% from 8.9%. It has now plummeted a full percentage point in four months, a feat unmatched since early 1984 and a fact Mr Obama made sure to point out. No doubt he hopes it augurs for him what it did for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Like Mr Obama, Mr Reagan endured a savage recession early in his first term that crushed his approval ratings and cost his party seats in the mid-terms. But by 1984 job creation was on a roll and Mr Reagan romped to re-election.与此同时,失业率从8.9%下降到8.8%。 如今,它已在四个月下跌了整整一个百分点,这是自1984年年初以来无与伦比的壮举,也是奥巴马一定要指出来的事实。毫无疑问,如奥巴马一样,里根在其第一任期之初经历了严重的经济衰退,这让他的持率一落千丈,并使得共和党在中期选举中丢失议席。但到1984年创造就业机会滚滚上升,里根轻而易获得举重新选举。A closer look at the data, however, illustrates why the economy is less of a tailwind for Mr Obama than it was for the Gipper. Unemployment is falling far faster than the health of the economy can explain. In the four months during which unemployment dropped a percentage point in 1983-84, non-farm payrolls leapt by 1.6m. In the last four months they have advanced a mere 630,000. The survey of households that yields the unemployment tally shows a much bigger gain in employment than the survey of employer payrolls, but still less than in 1984.但是仔细观察数据就会发现奥巴马执政期间经济不如里根顺利了。失业率下降的速度远远快于经济健康可以解释清楚的速度。1983-1984年间失业率下降一个百分点的四个月间,非农事业人数猛降了160万。但在过去四个月,他们仅仅增长63万。对于失业率的人口普查显示就业率大大增加了,但仍然少于1984年。201105/136721In Athens’ Syntagma Square, a few hundred protestors still remain. Draped in Greek flags, their anger is mixed with dejection.在希腊雅典的宪法广场,大约数百名抗议者仍然聚集着,并没有散去。他们身披希腊国旗,愤怒中夹杂着沮丧。Despite the protests this week, Greece’s parliament approved spending cuts of billion demanded by the EU and IMF bailout.尽管这个星期抗议不断,希腊议会还是批准削减400亿美元开,这是欧盟和国际货币基金组织所提出的救援要求。Outside the people remain defiant. Teacher Yannis Anagnostaras is among the protesters.在议会大厦外,人们反对这样的做法。亚尼斯.安纳哥诺斯特拉斯是抗议者中的一员,他是一名教师。"People and workers will fight on the streets to have these measures canceled,” he said. “These measures that destroy workers rights and ruin our lives, and are in coordination with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund."他说:“工人们和其他人将继续上街抗议,让他们取消这些措施。这些措施会损害工人的权力,并毁坏我们的生活,是配合欧盟和国际货币基金组织的。”In Athens and across Europe there is speculation that everyone would be better off if Greece left the euro currency and the EU altogether.在雅典和在整个欧洲,有这样一种揣测,如果希腊离开欧盟和欧元区,大家的状况都会好一些。Not so, said Philip Whyte of analyst group the Center for European Reform. “Greece could not leave the eurozone without, first of all, a run on its banking system. Second, it would not restore Greece to debt sustainability. Third, it would cut off Greece from potentially vital lines of support.”但是智库欧洲改革中心的菲利普.怀特认为,情况不是这样的。他说:“希腊如果离开欧元区,首先系统会发生挤兑。第二,这也不可能让希腊恢复债务稳定。第三,这样做会切断希腊可能的重要的持来源。”201107/143069江西省宁都县固村医院人流要多少钱

赣州于都医院好吗Dear Mr. President Elementary school kids have questions for the President-elect.Dear President-elect Barack Obama:Dear Mr. Obama:Dear President-elect Obama:I have a few questions that I would like to ask you if you don’t mind answering. First you said /you/ that you are going to get a puppy for your girls. Where are you gonna get the new dogs for your daughters? What kind that would be? What are you gonna name it.I’m very concerned about pet prices, the homeless, people losing their jobs and pollution. Please tell me how you can fix the world.How can our country help to clean the world? What're you going to do when you're actually at power of the U.S.A.? I hope you brighten the world.How does it feel to be the first African-American president? I would like you to stop racism, could you make a law about it?Can you please make peace in Israel?What would you do about the immigrants? I want to know about this because I’m Latino, the people from my country which is Guatemala come here as immigrants.I'm very concerned about smoking and other kinds of drugs, please tell me how we can have no drugs in the ed States of America.Can you find better medicine for people that have cancer by finding experts to create better medicine?Would you please help / help keep food prices that African can get it all the time?Do you have any nicknames for your wife and daughters? My mum and daddy call me "Silly little goose" or ''Munchkin", how do you like your nickname “No drama Obama”?My favorite basketball team is the Lakers, what is yours?Finally, do you have any advice for me in running for office? Right now, I’m in charge of my after -school program, and I’ve been nominated to run for vice president. I’m going against a 5th grader, so I would use any advice you would give me.I hope you're going to do the / be the best President ever.Sincerely, Alex.Sincerely, Juana and Jameson.Sincerely, yours, Mario Patio.Sincerely, Kelly Wamic.01/60805赣州龙南医院上环咨询 Obama: Demonstrators Reflect Growing Desire for Change in Iran奥巴马继续呼吁伊朗结束暴力行动U.S. President Barack Obama is continuing to call for an end to post-election violence in Iran. He said he does not want to intervene in the election dispute. The president said he senses a desire for change among the Iranian public.美国总统奥巴马继续呼吁伊朗结束选举后的暴力行动。他说,他不想干预选举争端。但是,奥巴马总统说,他能感觉到伊朗公众要求变革的愿望。The president is responding cautiously to events in Iran.奥巴马总统谨慎地对伊朗的事态作出反应。He made clear the ed States does not have a say in the choice of Iran's leaders, emphasizing that decision lies with the Iranian people.他明确表示,美国无权选择伊朗的领导人。他强调,作这一决定的应该是伊朗民众。"It's not productive, given the history of U.S.-Iranians relations, to be seen as meddling - the U.S. president meddling in Iranian elections," he said.奥巴马说:“考虑到美国和伊朗关系的历史,被看作介入伊朗选举,尤其是美国总统介入,是不会有成效的。”But he said that does not mean he should remain silent about the violence that has erupted as protesters have taken to the streets to denounce the election results as fraud.但是他又说,这并不意味他对伊朗民众街头抗议谴责诈选而爆发的暴力行动应当保持沉默。"When I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and it's of concern to the American people. That is not how governments should react with their people," he said.他说:“当我看到以和平方式表示不同政见而遭到镇压,不管这种情况发生在什么地方,我和美国人民都会予以关注。那不是政府应该对自己民众作出的反应。”The president spoke in the White House Rose Garden Tuesday at the end of a press conference with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.奥巴马总统星期二和韩国总统李明举行记者会结束时于白宫玫瑰园发表了谈话。Once again, as he did during a session with reporters Monday, the president did not refer to any of the parties to the election dispute by name. He mentioned neither President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is declaring victory, nor reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has alleged election fraud.正如他星期一在记者会上讲话时一样,今天他也没有点名指出伊朗选举争端中的几个政党。他既没提到宣布胜选的艾哈迈迪内贾德总统,也没提到指控诈选的改革派候选人穆萨维。Mr. Obama did not weigh in on the charges of vote-rigging. But he did say the demonstrators reflect a growing desire for change in Iran.奥巴马没有对诈选指控表示他的观点。但是他确实说,这次示威游行反映伊朗的改革愿望高涨。"I do believe that something has happened in Iran where there is a questioning of the kinds of antagonistic postures toward the international community that have taken place in the past, and that there are people who want to see greater openness and greater debate and want to see greater democracy," said Mr. Obama.他说:“我的确认为伊朗发生了变化,人们对伊朗对国际社会一向采取的那种对抗立场表示怀疑,有些伊朗人希望看到自己的国家能进一步开放、进一步展开辩论以及进一步民主化。”The president said how that plays out over the coming days and weeks is something ultimately for the Iranian people to decide. But he said he stands strongly with those who believe the voice of the people should be heard and not suppressed.奥巴马总统说,未来几天事态会有什么样的进展最终得取决于伊朗人民。但是他说,他坚决与那些认为应该听从民意、而不该压制民意的人站在一边。06/74702赣南第一附属医院在那

赣州章贡看乳腺检查哪家医院好的 U.S. President Barack Obama has arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian leaders, expected to focus largely on arms control.美国总统奥巴马已经抵达莫斯科并将同俄罗斯领导人举行峰会。预计他们的会谈将主要着重于军备控制。 This is a visit that falls neatly into two parts.奥巴马总统这次访问将分为两个部分。First, President Obama will consult individually with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Then he will focus on improving ties with the Russian people.首先,奥巴马总统将与俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫和总理普京举行单独磋商。然后,他将重点放在改善与俄罗斯人民关系上。In an interview with the Associated Press prior to his departure, Mr. Obama said he has a lot to discuss with President Medvedev. Among them: efforts to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty - or START - that runs out at the end of this year.奥巴马总统在动身之前接受美联社记者采访时说,他将和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫讨论多项议题,其中包括努力达成一项旨在代替今年年底到期的削减战略武器条约。"I think that we are going to be able to get some important business done, setting up a framework for a post START treaty that will bring down the level of nuclear warheads on both the Russian and U.S. sides," said Mr. Obama.奥巴马说:“我认为我们将能够取得一些重要的成果。为签订削减战略武器条约到期后的新条约设立一个框架,从而削减俄罗斯和美国上方核弹头的级别。”But President Obama also noted the importance of Prime Minister Putin. He said Putin - the former Russian president - still has a great deal of power.奥巴马还注意到俄罗斯总理普京的重要性。他说,俄罗斯前总统普京仍然有很大的权力。"I think that it's important even as we move forward with President Medvedev that Putin understands that the old Cold War approaches to U.S. Russian relations are outdated," he said.奥巴马说:“我认为即使我们继续和总统梅德韦杰夫打交道,普京总理仍然要理解,在美国和俄罗斯的关系旧的冷战思维已经过时。”But despite the focus on the START agreement, White House officials stress the U.S. Russia relationship in the 21st century must be about far more than arms negotiations. And they note the second half of the president's visit to Moscow will include a speech, and a series of discussions with representatives of civil society and the political opposition.尽管重点在于限制战略武器协议,白宫官员强调,美俄关系在21世纪必须远远超过战略武器谈判。他们指出,奥巴马总统访问莫斯科的后半部分将包括演讲、与公民社会的代表和政治反对派进行一系列的讨论等。Sarah Mendelson is a Russia expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. She has been working on a project to bring Russians and Americans together in fields ranging from human rights, to affordable housing.门德尔松是总部设在华盛顿的战略与国际问题研究所的俄罗斯问题专家。她一直致力于一个项目,让俄罗斯和美国能够在一些共同领域合作,包括人权和经济住房。Mendelson says she believes Russians have a lot to learn about Barack Obama and his policies and beliefs.门德尔松说,她相信俄罗斯对奥巴马和他的政策以及信仰尚有很多待了解之处。"I don't think Russians know very much about him, to be honest," said Mendelson. "And I think even just talking about his personal journey is going to be important because it challenges a lot of the stereotypes that Russians have about who we are and our history."门德尔松说:“说实话,我不认为俄罗斯对奥巴马非常了解。我认为即使只是谈论他个人的经历都是重要的,因为它挑战了很多俄罗斯关于我们是谁以及我们的历史的固有的成见。”Proof of the challenge facing President Obama in Russia can be found in a new survey of Russians conducted by the international polling arm of the University of Maryland. It finds that just 23 percent of Russians have confidence in President Obama to do the right thing in international affairs.奥巴马总统在俄罗斯所面对的挑战可以从一项俄罗斯的新的民意调查中表现出来。马里兰大学的一个国际调查机构分进行的最新民调显示,仅有23%的俄罗斯受访者相信奥巴马在国际事务中的行动是正确的。 07/76827石城孕前检测哪家医院好的赣州定南人民医院做全身检查要多少钱



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