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Pakistan's Musharraf Denies Resignation Rumors穆沙拉夫否认辞职传言 Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is denying rumors that he is planning to resign following weeks of criticism from his opponents, some of whom have vowed to impeach him. The president pledged to abide by whatever decisions the country's new parliament may make on his political future. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫否认有关他准备辞职的谣言。几个星期来,穆沙拉夫一直受到反对他的人的批评,其中一些人甚至发誓要弹劾他。穆沙拉夫保将遵守巴基斯坦新议会对他的政治前途作出的任何决定。Nearly four months after President Musharraf's unpopularity propelled his political opponents to election victories across the country, the former general continues to be a lightning rod for criticism. But despite holding a majority of seats in parliament, his opponents have made no headway in reversing his most controversial policies.  由于穆沙拉夫不得人心,他的政治对手在将近四个月前的全国大选中大获全胜。现在,这位前军方领导人仍然还是众矢之的。但是,尽管反对穆沙拉夫的党派在议会拥有多数议席,但是他们还没有改变穆沙拉夫争议最大的政策。In recent weeks, with critics threatening to impeach him and press reports speculating that he has lost the support of the military, there have been rumors that he is planning to flee the country.  近几个星期来,一方面,批评人士威胁要弹劾他;另一方面,媒体揣测他已经失去军方的持,一时间有关穆沙拉夫打算逃离巴基斯坦的谣言甚嚣尘上。In a televised interview with Pakistani political reporters broadcast Saturday, Mr. Musharraf said he has no plans to step down but suggested he could in the future.  在星期六播放的电视节目中,穆沙拉夫接受了巴基斯坦政治记者的采访,他说,他目前没有下台的计划,但是暗示将来可能这么做。 He says that he is not going to resign. But he says in the future, he will monitor the situation - and he will not become what he called a "useless vegetable" or be a witness to what he called "the downfall of the country." 他说,他不打算辞职,但是同时表示,将来他会注意事态的发展。他说,他不会变成一棵“无用的蔬菜”, 也不会对“国家垮台”坐视不管。It is unclear if his opponents in parliament have the two-thirds majority needed for impeachment. As president, Mr. Musharraf can dissolve parliament - which some observers have suggested he may do if parliament moves against him. But the president today said he will abide by any decision parliament reaches.  目前还不清楚,穆沙拉夫在议会中的反对派是否拥有弹劾他所需的三分之二多数票。作为总统,穆沙拉夫有权解散议会。一些观察人士认为,如果议会的行动对他不利,他也许会这么做。但是穆沙拉夫今天说,他将遵守议会做出的任何决定。"Parliament is supreme," he said. "Let them decide. The judgment and decision is not with me. I don't have that decision. The parliament is supreme. This is the correct path, it's a constitutional, legal, sober path."  他说:“议会至高无上。让他们决定吧。我无权决定或者裁决。我没有那样的决定。议会至高无上。这是正确的途径,符合宪法、合法、清醒的途径。”Pakistani lawmakers are considering a large constitutional reform package that includes measures that could weaken Mr. Musharraf's powers. The president insisted he is not interfering in that process.  巴基斯坦议会正在考虑对宪法进行大量修改,其中包括一些可能会削弱穆沙拉夫权力的措施。穆沙拉夫坚决表示,他不会干涉这个进程。In Saturday's occasionally casual discussion with Pakistani reporters who have been critical of Mr. Musharraf in the past, the president insisted that he has changed little over the years, despite his rising and falling political fortunes in Pakistan and abroad.  星期六,在与一向对他持批评态度的巴基斯坦政治记者的随意交谈中,穆沙拉夫坚持说,这么多年来他几乎没有什么改变,尽管他在国内外的政治生涯起起落落。"I am the same man, I am the same person, I do not change," he added. "I don't believe in changing. My attitudes toward everyone and everything remain the same." 他说:“我还是我,还是同样一个人。我不改变。我不相信改变。我对人和对事的态度一直没变。”He says he is a true Pakistani and his faith in Pakistan comes first.  他说,他是真正的巴基斯坦人,他对巴基斯坦的信念排在生命的第一位。Mr. Musharraf appealed for political unity to address Pakistan's pressing economic problems. Many Pakistanis say the new government has been too focused on reinstating senior judges instead of addressing rising food prices, inflation and electricity shortages. 穆沙拉夫号召巴基斯坦人在政治上团结起来,解决巴基斯坦紧迫的经济问题。许多巴基斯坦人说,新政府上任以来注意力过多集中在恢复最高法院法官职务的问题上,而不是着眼于解决粮食价格上涨、通货膨胀以及电力短缺等问题。200806/41478。

to play the fool ------ 装糊涂 英文释义To pretend to be ignorant, or to act unaware of something. 例句When I complain to my apartment building manager about some problem, he usually plays the fool and tells me he can抰 fix anything himself.当我向公寓经理投诉一些问题时,他通常假装糊涂,对我说他一个人解决不了任何问题。 /201610/466537。

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Pennsylvania Voters to Cast Key Votes in Race for White House美宾州选民将在关键的初选中投票 All eyes in the U.S. presidential election campaign are on Pennsylvania, where voters will cast ballots Tuesday in the race for the Democratic Party nomination. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are campaigning in the state almost non-stop. 所有关注美国总统选举的目光都集中在宾夕法尼亚州。那里的选民星期二将在争夺民主党总统候选人提名的初选中投票。奥巴马和克林顿参议员正马不停蹄地在这个州竞选。 Turn on just about any radio or television anywhere in Pennsylvania and this is what you are likely to hear: 在宾夕法尼亚州任何地方,只要打开几乎任何一台收音机或者电视就能听到奥巴马和克林顿的竞选广告。Both Obama and Clinton are saturating the state with campaign ads. Governor Edward Rendell - a former mayor of Philadelphia - says he has never seen anything like it. 曾经担任过费城市长的宾夕法尼亚州州长伦德尔说,他还从没见过这样的阵式。Rendell, a top Clinton supporter, appeared on the CBS network news program Face the Nation. He says Obama is outspending Clinton in Pennsylvania by a margin of more than three to one. 伦德尔是克林顿的一名高级别持者。他在参加哥伦比亚广播公司新闻节目《面对全国》时说,在宾夕法尼亚州奥巴马跟克林顿的开比例至少是三比一。"I have always been a good money raiser and I have put a lot of money on TV in the closing weeks of my campaign," said Governor Rendell. "But I never exceeded .2 or .3 [million]. The Obama campaign: .9 million. You cannot go anywhere in the Philadelphia region, you cannot listen to TV for 10 minutes without seeing an ad!" 伦德尔说:“我的筹款能力一直很强,而且我在竞选最后几个星期里投了许多钱在电视上。但是,我投的绝没有超过120万美元或者130万。奥巴马的竞选活动投了290万。走到宾夕法尼亚州任何地区,看10分钟电视,你就不可能看不到竞选广告。”The ad campaign has helped Obama cut Clinton's lead in the state from double digits to about five or six percent. Senator Robert Casey - considered the most popular Democratic Party office holder in the state and an Obama backer - says he will not predict what will happen when voters go to the polls on Tuesday. 广告竞选帮助奥巴马将克林顿的领先优势从两位数减少到大概5、6个百分点。凯西参议员被认为是宾夕法尼亚州最受欢迎的民主党官员。凯西参议员持奥巴马。他说,他无法预料星期二选民前往投票时会出现什么情况。He also appeared on Face the Nation."I think it is going to be an interesting night on the 22nd," said Senator Casey. "I do not think anyone knows where it will end. But I do think that from Senator Obama's perspective that he has made tremendous progress in the last six or seven weeks."Both Rendell and Casey have put their prestige on the line in this election. Casey has been traveling across the state with Obama in the final days of the primary campaign, traveling by train from one town in eastern Pennsylvania to another.  伦德尔和凯西的威望和他们的选举倾向一致。凯西在初选竞选活动最后几天一直陪同奥巴马坐火车从宾夕法尼亚州东部一个镇接一个镇地走遍宾夕法尼亚。At all stops, Obama has been focusing on his message of change. 每到一站,奥巴马都强调他要变革的主张。"The choice you have right now in this Pennsylvania primary is whether to vote your hopes or your fears, whether you decide to not accept what the cynics tell you you have to settle for, but instead you decide to reach for what is possible," said Barack Obama. 他说:“在宾夕法尼亚州初选,你们现在要选的是,是投票表达你们的希望还是表达你们的担心,是否接受愤世嫉俗者要你们接受的东西,还是决定追求可能得到的东西。Pennsylvania has the second oldest population in the nation, right behind Florida. And while the Obama campaign's focus on change has resonated with young voters, it has fallen flat with many of their grandparents. 宾夕法尼亚州人口的平均年龄在全国排名第二,仅次于佛罗里达州。奥巴马以变革为竞选重点尽管引起年轻选民共鸣,却不能吸引许多老年人。Seniors remain a strong voting bloc in the state, and they are more attracted to experience and stability. At her campaign stops in the Pittsburgh area, Clinton is telling voters that they have to fill the most important job in the country, and experience counts. 老年人仍然是宾夕法尼亚州一个很强的投票群体。克林顿在匹兹堡竞选所到之处对选民说,他们要填补国家最重要的职位。而且,重要的是看经验。"Who would you hire to restore our reputation and leadership in the world," asked Hillary Clinton. "And who would you hire to end the war in Iraq and win the war in Afghanistan?" 她说:“你们将用谁来恢复我们在世界上的声望和领导力?你们将用谁来结束伊拉克战争,赢得阿富汗战争?”Pennsylvania voters originally thought their primary might be an afterthought in the campaign. It is one of the last of the big populous states to vote in the selection process, coming months after the February primaries that, at one point, were expected to decide the Democratic nominee. 宾夕法尼亚州选民原来以为自己州的初选可能是竞选活动的尾声。这个州是2月份初选几个月以来选举过程中的最后几个人口众多的大州之一。就某种意义而言,2月份的初选本来有望决出民主党的提名人。Now Pennsylvanians find they are at the center of a protracted fight for the party nomination. And there are signs this state will also be a big battle ground months from now in the general election campaign. Not only are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton running ads here, but so too is the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. 200804/35848。

India Launches Multiple Satellites Into Space印度宇航技术飞跃一次发射十卫星   India has launched a record number of satellites into space in a single mission. The launch marks a milestone for the country's space program. India wants to emerge as a major player in the global commercial satellite launch market. 印度仅仅通过一次发射行动就发射了创记录数量的卫星。这次发射标志著印度航空计划的一个新的里程碑。印度希望在全球商业卫星的发射市场上成为一个主要的竞争对手。A rocket belonging to India's space agency lifted off from the Sriharikota space station in Andhra Pradesh early Monday, putting a cluster of ten satellites into earth orbit within minutes. 星期一早上,印度宇航局的一枚火箭从安得拉邦的斯里赫里戈达航天发射场发射升空,在几分钟之内把搭载的十颗卫星送入地球运行轨道。Two of the satellites belong to India. These include a mini satellite, and a remote sensing satellite fitted with a high resolution camera for recording images from space. 其中两颗卫星是印度制造的,一颗是微型卫星,另一颗是遥感卫星,它装有高精度摄像机,负责从太空拍摄图像。The data from the remote sensing satellite will be used to map infrastructure and natural resources in the country, and will assist planners in the country.  这颗遥感卫星采集的数据将用来绘制印度基础设施和自然资源的分布图,同时协助策划者工作。The eight other satellites launched are small ones built by research institutions from Europe, Canada and Japan.  其它8颗卫星来自由欧洲、加拿大和日本研究机构研制的小型卫星。The head of the space agency, G. Madhavan Nair, said the mission was successful. 印度航空研究机构的负责人奈尔说,发射使命很成功。"We could not detect even the slightest deviation from the designated trajectory, so that shows the mission was perfect, and spacecrafts were delivered on the dot," Nair said. 他说:“我们在预定的轨道中连最微小的偏差都查不出来,这说明发射使命完美无缺,发射的卫星也都各就各位。”Indian news reports said Monday's launch of ten satellites broke the previous record of eight satellites put into space by a Russian rocket. 印度新闻机构报导说,印度星期一发射十颗卫星,打破了俄罗斯先前保持的一项记录。Indian experts say the launch of a number of satellites in one go demonstrates that the country's space program has made technological advances and can handle multiple payloads.  俄罗斯的一枚火箭曾经搭载八颗卫星升空。印度专家表示,仅通过一次发射使命就把多颗卫星发射升空,显示出印度的太空计划在技术上有了长足进步,而且可以应付多酬载问题。India wants to win a slice of the global commercial satellite launch market, estimated to be worth billions of dollars. So far that market is controlled by countries like the ed States, Russia and China and the European Space Agency. 印度希望在价值约上百亿美元的全球商业卫星发射市场上获取一个份额。迄今为止,这个市场被象美国、俄罗斯和中国这样的国家以及欧洲宇航局所控制。The Indian Space Agency says its satellite launch services are much cheaper than those offered by other space agencies.  印度宇航局表示,它比其它宇航局提供的卫星发射务更加便宜。Last year, India put an Italian satellite in space for a fee of million. Earlier this year, it launched an Israeli spy satellite. 去年,印度以一千一百万美元的价格把一颗意大利卫星送入太空,今年早些时候,它又发射了一颗以色列监测卫星。India's next big leap in space exploration will come later this year, when it plans to launch a lunar mission. 印度计划在今年晚些时候开始对月球的探测使命,从而在太空探索方面迈出一个大的飞跃。200804/36952。

Pope Backs Tolerance, Stresses Importance of Religion教皇会见法总统 造访巴黎圣母院  Pope Benedict XVI arrived in France Friday on a four-day visit that will take him from the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris to the shrine in Lourdes. This is Benedict's first trip to France as pontiff. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世星期五开始抵达法国,进行为期4天的访问,他将造访爱丽舍宫和圣母院。这是本笃十六世第一次以教皇的身份访问法国。To the notes of the Marseillaise, Pope Benedict was welcomed at Orly airport in Paris by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni.  在法国国歌《马赛曲》的乐声中,教皇本笃十六世在巴黎奥利机场受到法国总统萨尔科齐和第一夫人卡拉.布鲁妮的欢迎。At the presidential Elysee Palace, Mr. Sarkozy told the pope that, for the millions of French Catholics, Benedict's visit was a truly exceptional event. He added that: "In the secular republic that is France, all welcome you with respect." 在爱丽舍宫,萨尔科齐告诉教皇,他的到来对于法国数以百万计的天主教徒来说是一件盛事。他说:“在政教分离的法国,人们都竭诚欢迎您。”The pope explained the major reason for this visit. 教皇解释他此次访问的主要目的。The pope said he wanted to join pilgrims from around the world, who are converging on the Marian shrine of Lourdes to mark celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to a 14-year-old peasant girl. 教皇说,他这次来访是要和来自世界各地的朝圣者一同聚集到圣母院,纪念圣母玛丽亚向一名14岁的牧羊女显圣150周年。The pope also spoke of his concerns in what he called these uncertain times of tension and conflict. 教皇同时也对目前这种紧张和冲突的令人心神不定的时代表示担忧。Benedict said it is important to promote a unity that is able to guarantee the respect for national differences and different cultural traditions. He said one should not forget that national identity can only be achieved in openness toward other peoples and through solidarity with them. 教皇说,提倡一种团结,以便确保尊重民族差异和不同的文化传统,这一点非常重要。他说,人们不应该忘记,民族性只能通过对他人开放、通过与他人团结才能实现。The pope's stay in the French capital coincides with the second anniversary of his speech about Islam that offended many Muslims. Pope Benedict, at the start of a four-day visit to France, has upheld the principle of separation of church and state - but also noted what he says is the importance of religion in society. 教皇访问法国首都的时间正好是他发表关于伊斯兰教的演说两周年。那次演说当时激怒了许多穆斯林。200809/48428。

Black Republicans Few in Number, But Strong in Convictions美黑人共和党人仍坚定持麦凯恩  The crowd at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota last week was described as a sea of white faces by some reporters. The number of African Americans in attendance was significantly down from the 2004 Republican convention. And most black voters this year are supporting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, who is the son of an African father and a white American mother. But black Republicans are solidly behind their candidate - John McCain. 美国一些记者形容上个星期在明尼苏达州圣保罗举行的共和党全国代表大会是一片白面孔的海洋。跟2004年的共和党代表大会比较,非洲裔美国人参加今年共和党大会的人数明显减少,今年多数黑人选民都持民主党的总统候选人奥巴马,他的父亲是非洲人,母亲是美国白人。但是,黑人共和党人还是坚定持共和党候选人麦凯恩。Around 25 percent of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver last month were African Americans and candidate Barack Obama has enjoyed strong support from blacks across the nation. 上个月民主党人在丹佛举行全国代表大会,大约百分之25的代表是非洲裔美国人。在美国,奥巴马受到黑人的鼎力持。By contrast, black participation at the Republican Party, or GOP, convention last week was minimal. Only 36 of the 2,380 delegates were black, down from more than 100 at the 2004 convention. 相比之下,上星期参加共和党代表大会的黑人却非常少。2380位代表中,只有36名是黑人。比2004年共和党大会的100名黑人代表少了很多。Although he is not African American, one of the Republican Party's fastest rising stars is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, whose parents came from India. His skin color and his ability to appeal to voters of all races has put him front and center in the Republican effort to attract more minorities. He was scheduled to make a major speech at the convention, but ended up canceling his visit because of Hurricane Gustav, which struck his state last week. 在共和党内,崛起速度最快的明星之一是路易斯安娜州的州长金德尔,金德尔的父母是印度人。他的肤色和他对各族裔选民的号召力使金德尔成为共和党吸引更多少数族裔持的努力的中心人物。金德尔原计划在全国代表大会上发表重要讲话,但是古斯塔尔飓风上星期飓风袭击了他的州,使他被迫取消了到圣保罗赴会的计划。Blacks and other minorities who did attend the GOP event described themselves as fiercely loyal Republicans who stand by their ideals in spite of criticism from members of their own communities who see Obama's candidacy as a historic opportunity. 那些出席了代表大会的黑人和其他少数族裔人士说,他们坚决忠于共和党,这个党代表他们的理想,虽然少数族裔社区有人批评共和党。这些批评者把奥巴马取得候选人资格看成是一次历史的机遇。Many of black Republicans cite moral convictions as a reason for rejecting a person of their race who has aly made history by winning a major party's presidential nomination. 许多黑人共和党人把道义信念作为拒绝一名黑人同胞的理由。奥巴马已经因为赢得一个美国主要政党总统候选人提名而创造了历史。Gale Sayers, a black Republican from San Antonio, Texas, has strong views about Barack Obama. 塞耶斯是一位来自德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥的黑人共和党人。他对奥巴马有强烈的批评。"There are many reasons, one of the big ones would be his stance on abortion. He [says] it is above his pay grade to tell us when a baby or a person has human rights. That is really weird." he said. “我有许多原因反对他,其中一个重要原因是奥巴马在堕胎问题上的立场。奥巴马说,他没有权力告诉我们,生命从什么时候开始,从什么时候开始享有人权。这实在是很古怪。”John Colon of Florida, a leader of the National Black Republican Association, says he has little in common with Barack Obama other than skin color. 佛罗里达州的科伦是全国黑人共和党协会的领导人之一,他说,除了肤色相同之外,他跟奥巴马没有什么共同之处。"If Barack Obama had a proven track record and shared my values, I would be looking to vote for him as well. But he does not. That is the main point. He does not share my values," he said. 他说:“如果奥巴马有经过验的政绩,如果他和我有共同的价值观,我会选他。但是他没有。这是主要问题。他和我的价值观不同。”Colon says his religious beliefs require him to reject abortion and favor policies that promote morality and strengthen families. He also rejects the Democratic Party's stand on such matters as education and national defense. 科伦说,他的宗教信仰要求他反对人工堕胎,持促进道德、加强家庭的政策。他也反对民主党在教育和国防方面的立场。Colon says John McCain has proven his leadership and shown that he can work with Democrats to form consensus."Everybody knows that he is a maverick and that he can build consensus across the aisle. I have seen no bills that Barack Obama has built consensus with or reached across the aisle and worked with the other side," he added. "We all know that, in Washington, if you are not willing to compromise and reach across the aisle, you get gridlock."Another prominent black Republican at the convention was former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, who has become a well-known figure on radio and TV political talk shows. 另一位出席大会的著名黑人共和党人是马里兰州前任副州长斯蒂尔。他现在是广播和电视的政治访谈节目的常客。Steele acknowledges the advantage Democrats have this year with blacks now that they have an African-American presidential candidate, but he says his party can compete for those votes in the years ahead.  斯蒂尔承认今年民主党人在争取黑人持方面有优势,因为他们提出了一位非洲裔的总统候选人。但是他说共和党未来也能够争取少数族裔的选票。"We have to get our act together sufficiently to be competitive and effectively engage the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the white vote, every vote in this country with a values message - an empowerment message, an ownership message that resonates with communities," he said. 他说:“我们要想有竞争力,要想有效的吸引黑人选票、拉美裔选票、白人选票,要争取美国的每一票,就必须发出能够说各个社区的价值观信息、所有制的信息。”How successful Republicans will be in their effort to attract blacks and other minorities to their cause may depend on how the November election plays out. Some prominent black conservatives have announced their support for Barack Obama and, analysts say, it will be difficult to counter what is viewed by many people of all races as an opportunity to heal old racial wounds and unite the nation. 共和党人究竟能否成功的吸引黑人和其他少数族裔持他们的事业,可能要看11月大选的结果如何。有些保守派黑人名人已经宣布持奥巴马,分析人士说,许多来自各个族裔的人士把奥巴马看成一个愈合长期的种族创伤、团结全国的机遇,要抗拒这个机遇将是很困难的。Republican leaders say they remain committed to attracting more minorities to their fold. But many of them admit that this is probably not the year in which they will make much progress. 共和党领导人表示,他们仍然致力于吸引更多少数民族裔。但是也有很多共和党人承认,在这方面他们今年可能不会取得很大进展。200809/48079。

Investors in Asia Worry About Fallout from Possible US Recession亚洲股市受美国经济影响跌多升少Japan's Nikkei Index rose for the third straight day following gains overnight on Wall Street and a week of fluctuation amid global worries about a possible U.S. recession. Financial analysts say concern is steadily growing among investors and officials in Asia about just how damaging the predicted recession will be. 由于担心美国经济有可能陷入衰退,全球股市这个星期颇具动荡。华尔街股市星期四晚间开始回升后,日本日经指数连续第三天上扬。但是,金融分析人士表示,亚洲投资者和各国政府官员对预测中的美国经济衰退的严重程度越来越感到担心。It has been a very volatile week for global stocks. At its low points, China's main stock index in Shanghai dropped to its lowest level in nine months, share prices in Hong Kong and Japan both witnessed plummets of more than three-percent, and the dollar continued to hit below that psychological 100-yen mark. 对全球股市来说,这是一个极为动荡不安的一周。中国上综合指数一度跌到9个月来的最低点,香港、日本的股市也猛跌了3个多百分点,美元继续走低,对日圆汇率跌破100日圆的心理大关。There were also short-lived surges. Stocks in Asia rallied on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve announced an interest rate cut of 75 basis points and two heavyweight U.S. investment banks, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs reported better-than-expected results.  美联储星期三宣布再度降息75个基点。此外,美国两家投资巨头-雷曼兄弟和高盛公布他们的业绩优于预期。此后,亚洲股市星期三开始回升。But analysts say expectations of continued decline in the U.S. economy are likely to cause a further deterioration of market value because investors in Asia are expecting a possible U.S. recession to last a long time. 但是,分析人士表示,亚洲的投资者预计,美国的经济衰退会持续很长一段时间,因此,对美国经济持续衰落的预期,有可能导致市场价格的下跌。Chris Leung, a senior Asia Economist with the bank DBS in Hong Kong, says investors and officials in Asia are worried about what impact a U.S. recession can have on inflationary pressure in the region. 香港的星展的亚洲经济师梁兆基表示,亚洲投资者和官员担心的是,美国经济衰退对这一地区的通货膨胀压力会产生哪些影响。"Because the persistent weakness is making everything expensive and Asia central banks' interest rate is mostly tied up with the U.S.," he said. "So when U.S. interest rate goes down, Asia central banks have to follow despite rising inflationary pressure." 梁兆基说:“由于美国经济持续走软,使得什么东西都很昂贵,由于亚洲各中央的利率大多与美元挂钩,因此,虽然通货膨胀的压力在不断提高,当美国利率下调时,亚洲各中央也不得不跟著下调。”Low interest rates can accelerate inflation because companies and consumers are willing to spend more and take on more debt when rates are low. 200803/31662。

Script:A big night, for CN, too, at nine PM Eastern Time, a new documentary called Big Mac inside the McDonald’s empire is gonna make its long anticipated debut. If you remember when Carl was out for a while, we said on assignment, on assignment, on assignment. He was doing this. And it is good, Carl Kintunia, the CN team got an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at the golden arches and you don’t wanna miss it. That’s tonight at 9 pm Eastern time. Mc Donald’s has got a great length to expand beyond burgers and fries, but has this fast food giant answered its critics when it comes to nutrition? Here now to weigh in, Jason Tre, no, Jason West, not Jason Trenner. You are not gonna talk about it /? No, did Carl gain any weight? He did, he was on assignment. We said weigh in for Jason. Jason, you are seeing, a restaurant analyst at Deutsche Bank, North America. And Margo Wootan. She is a nutrition policy director at the Center for Science and Public Interest. Um, Let me start with you, Jason. Is it nutritional now or are people going just because they like the taste?Um, I mean, I think they have increased the nutritional options on the , but I think overall what they've really changed is the quality of the food and people, I think more will go on because improvement in the quality and taste. And they have also increased, you know, the overall brand perception. It’s not just about the but they have also remodeled a good percentage of the restaurants which makes it a better customer experience overall.Phil Lebeau, I'm sorry, you are there as well today. I am. Joe. You do it all. You do Boeing, you do Mac Donald’s. What’s your take on this?I think that Mac Donald’s continues to get a bit of a bomb wrap when it comes to nutritional value. Listen, they have added a number of items to the that are healthier choices. And whenever they add these, and we have reported on these stories. The first thing I hear either hear from people, or I get an email from somebody is saying, yeah, but they still serve a bunch of junk food. They can’t, they can’t win here. They make more offerings that are nutritionally based or healthier and people beg on them. If they don’t make those offerings, people beg on them. But the bottom line is I do think that Mac Donald’s add offers more healthy choices than they did five, ten years ago. Alright, Margo, what do you think of what Phil just said?Well, I think Mac Donald’s is doing a much better job than say Burger King in adding more healthy items to the . Some fruits and vegetables. And working to reduce the amount of trans-fat. So they are making some progress. But they still have some work to do. I think one of the biggest problems with Mac Donald’s right now is that they have been fighting efforts at the state and local level to have calories listed right on the board so that people can make their own choices. So that people can see that their grilled chicken breast sandwich actually has as many calories as the quarter pounder, or that the Egg Mock-Muffin sandwich has half the calories of the pancakes. Right now it’s hard to make an informed choice because they mostly put the nutrition information on the tray liner or on the fast food packages which people don’t get until after they have ordered. Jason, this is Jason Trenner from Stratikers. I just have a quick question. I mean, you know, we all do respect Margo, you know, as an investor I would say who cares what the nutritional value that Mac Donald’s 's offering is. Are the margins better on this stuff, I mean some people might say that Mac Donald’s has too many things on the , maybe they should just focus on burgers and chicken sandwiches and shakes, and forget all those other stuff, toys and all the things that have been on the for so long.But it brings people into the restaurant. I know as a mom, I used to hate going to Mac Donald’s with my daughter coz there was nothing for me to order. Now at least there are some things that appeal to people who are more health conscious. And you know, Americans are trying harder to eat better these days.Jason. Yeah, go ahead Jason. I think that’s exactly right. I think that’s right. We actually did a consumer survey with Deutsche Bank. Looking at where consumers rank healthy choices when they go out to eat, healthy choices actually rank No.7 out of 12, you know, factors of importance so it ranked fairly low but among women, it actually ranked pretty high, actually much more important for women than men. And I think Mac Donald’s recognized this a long time ago, and they started selling more salads, they started adding more healthy options to the Happy Meals. What they've found is that the Happy Meal average ticket is actually up. They found that women are more likely to go there and so I think they are driving the traffic, they are driving the ticket up which is really what investors want to see. You know, investors are particularly worried about the, you know the nutritional value of the , they just want to see ticket traffic moving up.Alright,uh, thank you Margo, and Jason, I am sorry I said West, I don’t, I am looking at, yes, I didn’t say that anywhere, I just it wrong, Jason West. Very sorry, of Deutsche Bank North America.And our own Phil Lebeau, who, uh, I know I listen to you on Boeing, but I also think you probably know a lot about Mac Donald’s too. Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut.Alright. Thanks, thank you.Notes:Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut: or (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while), means everyone has a bit of luck sometimes. 200807/44311。