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Maternal love helps you deal better with stress and anxiety later in lifeBabies given more love and affection by their mothers deal better with stress and anxiety when they grow up, research has shown.The study looked at eight-month-old children - meaning even the very earliest life experiences which we do not remember in adulthood can influence our well-being.Lots of maternal love makes children form a secure bond with their mothers, meaning they are able to feel secure in relationships when grown up, will have better social skills and cope better with lifes difficulties, the study found.Despite growing interest in how early life affects us in adulthood, most previous studies have relied on peoples recollections - whereas this research tracked participants from early childhood to adult life.The researchers, led by Dr Joanna Maselko of Duke University in North Carolina, rated the relationships of 482 eight-month-old babies with their mothers during routine developmental assessment.They looked at how well the mother had coped with her childs developmental tests and how she had responded to the childs performance.The amount of affection and attention she gave to her child was categorised into groups ranging from negative to extravagant.Mental health was then assessed when the babies had grown up - at the average age of 34.Adults whose mothers had been the most affectionate during their assessment as babies had the lowest levels of anxiety, hostility and general distress.Vocabulary:extravagant: very extreme or impressive but not reasonable or practical(无节制的;过分的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110348

Haitian Hospitals Struggle with Flood of Injured国际社会紧急救援海地大地震Hospitals in Haiti are struggling to cope with the flood of people injured in Tuesday's earthquake, as bodies pile up in severely damaged areas. International aid is streaming into the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, in response to the crisis.海地的医院正尽力治疗星期二地震中的受伤者。很多尸体堆在一些受到严重损害的地方。国际社会对海地的地震灾害做出反应,救援品正运到太子港。Injured people continue to arrive at hospitals in Port-au-Prince, where medical teams are working to care for the large numbers affected by Tuesday's massive earthquake.地震中的受伤者继续被送到太子港的医院,医务人员忙于治疗大批在星期二大地震中的受伤者。Several young men were carrying an injured young woman as they rushed into a hospital near the international airport, late Wednesday. Several patients with bandaged arms and hands sat in the grass in front of the hospital. Across the yard, several dozen bodies were laid out, covered in sheets or placed in the back of pick-up trucks.星期三深夜,几名年轻男子抬着一位受伤的年轻女子,迅速把她送到国际机场附近的一家医院。一些胳膊和手上缠着绷带的伤员坐在这家医院前的草地上。在院子的另一端,有几十具盖着布的尸体,其中一些放在皮卡的车厢里。A small group of people gathered in front of the hospital, including some awaiting information on injured relatives and others drawn to one of the few buildings with electricity.医院门前聚集着一小群人,一些人等待受伤亲属的消息,一些人到这里来是因为医院的一座建筑中还有电。Huge swaths of the capital remained in darkness as a result of widesp power failures. The majority of buildings in one neighborhood appeared to be intact, but other structures were totally destroyed. A line of bodies filled the sidewalk in front of a large police station that was leveled in the quake. 由于大面积断电,医院的大多数地方都漆黑一团。有一个社区的多数建筑物看来没有损坏,但是其它设施则被地震彻底摧毁。在一所被地震夷为平地的警察局前,路边人行道上摆满尸体。201001/94653

Giving Up College Dreams For many middle class families, the price of enrolling their children in college is becoming too expensive to afford. Kelly Wallace has more on the question of affordability. 19-year-old Vanessa Massarotti was accepted at her top choice private four-year university, but for economic reasons, had to enroll instead in Brookdale Community college. Financially,I have brother and sister in college also, so, it was really hard, so, we'd just stand up and come to Brookdale, save money. Like Vanessa, more students may be squeezed out of their dream school or college in general for a public four-year-college; tuition has skyrocketed from ,600 20 years ago to nearly 7,000 now, for a private school, from 8,000 to 25,000 dollars. For a long time, we just thought about they are poor, but now many middle class students can’t go. The tuition is just too high. A new education report card found that families making less than 19,000 dollars a year doled out 39% of their income on public college cost in 1999, that number jumped to a whopping 55% in 2007. The share for middle class families making less than 90,000 dollars also climbed from 18 to a hefty 25%. While families making more than 90,000 saw the lowest increase, form 7 to 9%. And the problem is only likely to get worse, historically education experts say during tough economic times, states tend to cut college budgets which sends tuitions out. I think it’s gonna be very interesting to see if states, that have relatively high instate tuitions, if they’re not gonna lose students to other states that have lower costs. I knew money is still always gonna be an issue. Vanessa’s college dream ultimately will be determined by her family’s bottom line. Kelly Waller, CBS news, New York.200812/58412

Talks to Reach Political Resolution to Georgia Crisis Make Modest Progress解决俄格冲突危机国际会议获进展 Georgia and Russia have agreed to work to resolve security incidents in the breakaway South Ossetia region where the two countries fought a war in August. Although the two days of talks did not produce a detailed accord, mediators say progress was made. 格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯同意合作解决有关执意分离的南奥赛梯的安全事件。两国于今年8月在那里打了一场战争。虽然两天的谈判没有产生一份详细的协议,但调停者表示,已经出现了进展。Representatives attending a third round of international talks aimed at resolving the crisis in the North Caucasus region agree that progress has been made.  为解决北高加索地区的危机,参加第三轮国际会议的代表一致认为,已经取得了进展。Mediated by the ed Nations, the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the talks focused on the security and humanitarian situation in the Caucasus.  由联合国、欧洲联盟和欧洲安全与合作组织所调停的这项会谈着重讨论高加索地区的安全和人道情势。The situation has seriously deteriorated since Russia and Georgia fought a brief war in August over the Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  自从俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚为了格鲁吉亚执意分离的南奥赛梯和阿布哈兹而于今年8月打了一场短暂的战争后,那里的局势就严重恶化。The Special Representative of the European Union for the Crisis in Georgia, Pierre Morel, called the talks productive. But he said the parties failed to reach an agreement because of a couple of outstanding issues. 欧盟负责格鲁吉亚危机的特别代表莫里尔称这项会谈是积极的。但是他表示,由于一些悬而未决的问题,各方没有达成一项协议。He said the parties agreed on the need to improve conditions for thousands of refugees and internally displaced people in the region, including the delivery of humanitarian aid. 莫里尔表示,各方同意需要去改善那个地区几千名难民和境内流离失所者的处境,包括人道救援物资的运送。"The participants agreed to quickly find ways to resume gas delivery to all affected populations," said Morel. "They also agreed to continue to work towards resuming all multilateral rehabilitation programs in the region."  莫里尔说:“与会代表同意尽快采取办法恢复为所有受到影响的人民运送天然气。他们还同意继续工作,恢复在这个地区的所有重建计划。”The head of the U.N. Observer Mission in Georgia, Johan Verbeke, said the parties also engaged in in-depth political discussions. 联合国格鲁吉亚任务观察小组负责人沃尔贝克说,与会各方还进行了深度的政治讨论。"The crux of our attention went to one very important point - that is looking at the mechanism that could help up prevent and resolve incidents as they arise," he said. "This is not just a technical question, it is an imminently political question. There is an agreement among all the participants in the Geneva talks, so-called 'international discussions,' that an agreement, in principle, on the very fact that such a mechanism is necessary."  “我们关切的焦点落在一个非常重要的问题上,就是检视这个能够协助我们预防并解决事件发生的机制。这不仅仅是一个技术问题,这也是一个迫切的政治问题。参加日内瓦讨论,就是所谓‘国际讨论’的所有各方原则上一致认为,这样一种机制是必要的。”U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Daniel Fried noted that the talks were occurring amid post-conflict tensions in Georgia and the region. He said the situation on the ground is dangerous and that there is no time to lose in reaching an agreement. 美国助理国务卿弗雷德指出,这项谈判是在格鲁吉亚以及这个地区的紧张冲突之后举行的。他表示,由于那里的情势十分危险,为了达成一项协议,没有时间去浪费。"We will continue to work to improve the situation on the ground and to improve coordination among the various actors on the ground," said Fried. "Despite the serious disagreements we have with the Russian Federation over the origins of the conflict and the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the ed States will work with Russia."  他说:“我们将继续工作去改善那里的局势,并且改善各方之间的协调。尽管对有关冲突的起因以及承认南奥赛梯和阿布哈兹问题上,我们和俄罗斯联邦存在严重分歧,但美国将继续和俄罗斯解决这个问题。”The participants said the talks are on track and they have agreed to meet again in mid-February. 与会者表示,这项谈判已经走上轨道,他们同意明年2月中旬再次开会。200812/59304

In Australia, it’s not just livestock hit hard by draught, but the next generation of farmers. At 24, Robert Watt, a farmer from Alectown, a region of Australia, has had seven seasons on the farm, but not one year of profit. He says the draught, plus a sharp spike in farming costs, has left a generational hole on farms.“A lot of my mates have gone off farm, off farms and get the quick buck at the mine. And it's not usually by, by choices. It's...they're forced to, cos, uh, when they make a living, yeah.”He says most young people have considered selling out, and explains that the prospect of not earning any money could eventually push him to leave as well.“The only reason I would leave the land is the finance, the pressure of not being able to get a wage at the end of the week and do what you like with it.”Robert has joined other young farmers at a meeting in Sydney recently, to work out ways to get more people back on the land. And some say farm finance is the key. Sam Gunn, the chairman of the Young Farmers’ Committee, says that encouraging young people to get the “first farm buyers” grant is important to help them get back into farming.“And we’re just saying that, you know, people getting back and that encouraging young people back into farming if they get that first farm buyers grant, I really think it would be a step in the right direction to getting people back on the land.”The farmers who stay on the land face new challenges. They have to manage with less rain, and decide which crops suit the changing conditions. Robert also says there is potential in agriculture to make some money, but external conditions such as the weather are elements that can’t be anticipated and controlled.“Yeah, there’s definitely potential in agriculture. The, the, the price of the commodity at the moment is quite, quite good. It just depends if, if the weather comes our direction and we can crack a crop and some, some decent seasons for the livestock as well, we could, we can make a bit of money. It’s obviously out of our control.”在澳大利亚,牲畜受到干旱的重大打击,下一代农民也会受到严重威胁。24岁的Robert Watt来自澳大利亚的Alectown地区,他已经种植了七季,但是没有任何一年是盈利的。他说,由于干旱,加上农业生产成本增加,他在土地上损失巨大。“我的很多同伴都离开了农田,回到了来钱比较快的矿山。这是没有选择的……他们是被生活所迫,是的。”他说,很多年轻人考虑过将土地出售,他解释说,如果连续亏损,他也会考虑离开。“我离开农田的唯一原因就是经济原因,周末拿不到工资,不能去做自己喜欢做的事情的压力。”Robert和其他年轻人一起参加了最近在悉尼召开的会议,主题是怎样让更多的年轻人回到土地上。有人说,农田是否赚钱是关键。Sam Gunn是年轻农民委员会的主席,他说,鼓励年轻人找到第一批农田买主对于他们回到农田非常重要。“我们说,你知道,如果他们能找到第一批买主,他们就会回到农田,我认为,这是让年轻人回到农田的正确的一步。”坚守土地的农民面临着新的挑战。雨量减少,他们必须找出更能适应环境变化的作物。Robert说,农业要赚钱还是有潜力的,但是像天气这样的外部环境是不能预测,也无法控制的。“是的,农业肯定有潜力。现在,农产品的价格很好。关键取决于,天气是否帮忙,如果天气好,我们可以多收一点庄稼,牲畜也长的好,这样我们可能赚点钱。但是,很明显,这是我们控制不了的。”07/77797

Heavy ground fighting was reported in several cities across Libya Tuesday, the fourth day of a U.N.-backed effort to establish a no-fly zone across the north of the country. U.S. confirmed one of its jets crash-landed while taking part in that effort.The international coalition plans to extend the zone from the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in the east to the capital, Tripoli, 1,000 kilometers to the west. 国际联军计划将禁飞区从东部反对派据点班加西向西延伸到1000公里外的首都的黎波里。Loyalist forces in Tripoli sent up anti-aircraft fire in an attempt to ward off strikes by fighter jets sent by the U.S., France and Britain. The U.S. said Tuesday that one of its jets crash-landed in Libya the day before. The military said the likely cause was mechanical problems, not hostile fire. 效忠现政府的部队在的黎波里发射防空炮火,试图阻止美国、法国和英国战机的袭击。美国星期二说,它的一架战机此前一天在利比亚坠毁。军方说这很可能是由于机械故障,而不是敌方炮火。The U.S. military says both crew members have been rescued.美国军方说,两名机组成员都被成功救出。Despite the expanding no-fly zone coverage - part of a U.N. resolution to protect civilians from Libyan government attacks - opposition sources in two western towns report continuing fighting. Residents said pro-Gadhafi forces are on the offensive in both Misrata and Zintan, and report civilian casualties. Those claims could not be independently confirmed.尽管作为联合国保护利比亚平民免受利比亚政府袭击的决议的一部分,联军采取了扩大禁飞区的举措。来自西部两个城镇反对派的消息显示冲突仍然在进行。当地居民说,亲卡扎菲的部队在米苏拉塔和津坦进行围剿,并报告说有平民死伤。但是这些说法还无法得到独立消息来源的实。Strains in international backing for the mission increased Tuesday, with China joining the list of dissenters. 国际社会对于这次行动的分歧星期二升级,中国加入了反对的行列。Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Beijing wants an immediate cease-fire and seeks a peaceful resolution to the conflict. China, like fellow critic Russia, abstained from backing the U.N. resolution authorizing the attacks, but did not veto the measure.中国外交部发言人姜瑜说:“我们再次呼吁有关各方立即停火,通过和平方式解决问题。”中国与持相同观点的俄罗斯都在联合国决议上投了弃权票,但都没有否决这项议案。The Arab League, which initially supported the U.N. move, has also expressed reservations. All say they are concerned about possible civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis - exactly what the measure aims to prevent.阿拉伯联盟此前持联合国的举措,但是现在也表示有所保留。这些国家都表示他们担心可能造成的平民伤亡以及人道危机,而这正是这项议案试图避免的情况。201103/128937

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