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And so, even though Im not scared of heights,looking down at that kind of height,所以即使我不恐高 站在那样的高度向下望去you think your heart is definitely in your mouth.你的心也一定会跳到嗓子口And what goes up must come down in this case, down a very high waterfall.有上必有下 这一次 我们要沿着这川瀑布而下Im gonna try and do that.Down the trunk.Ill get to that ledge.我先试试看 沿着那根树干爬下去 到达那块岩壁突出的地方Yeah.And then wave to you.And you can just reply yourself then,join me.好的 然后我会向你招手 你看到了再响应我 爬过来It if is cool, we find a good place to tie if off,ladder goes off,we go down together,and then were out of there.All right. Great. Lets do it.如果幸运的话 我们可以找个地方它绑上 做个梯子放下去 这样我们就能一起爬下去 走出这个地方了 好的 开始吧So, Im on an end of a rope,dangling in a waterfall.于是我抓着绳子的一端 在瀑布里摇摇晃晃In a waterfall, not next to the waterfall.In a waterfall.And its not,its not normal to be there.是在瀑布里 不是在瀑布边上 就站在瀑布里 站在那里实在太奇怪了Get onto the ledge!Waters pounding down on me.And it is a very uncomfortable place to be.快落到岩壁上来 水流不停地冲刷着我 在那里待着非常不舒Its not only its uncomfortable,with the water banging on your head and most of your body.不仅不舒 而且水流不停地打中脑袋 冲刷着身体Even though Ive got a dry suit on,Im still freezing cold.即使是披上一套干的外衣 我还是冻得够呛If theres enough water for a safe landing,I always like to jump in,though the height is sometimes an issue.如果水很深 足够安全着陆 我通常都愿意往下跳 尽管有时要考虑高度的问题Ive been at the top of some of these jumps and had a look down.我就站在贝尔跳下去的地方 往下看But Im just glad I aint doing them, you know?庆幸不是我来跳201610/474374栏目简介:Over the next week more than 1,000 science-related activities will be held in town, most of which are open free to the public. Its all part of the annual Shanghai Science Week that begins this Saturday.201702/491698

They were clothes that gave women enormous security...through the elegance of cut and taste and refinement.那些衣给女性带来巨大的安全感,那种优雅的裁剪和精致的品位。There was nothing frivolous about them.那里没有那么多浮华的东西。You see, when I began in the 40s, there were no photographers at fashion shows.我大概四十年代开始拍照,那时时装秀还没有摄影师。What the fashion houses had to do was take their own photographs...and bring them to the editors to select something.这些时装店要自己拍照,然后让报社的编辑从中去选择。Then the y-to-wear came into existence in the...in the end of the 60s, beginning of the 70s, very slowly.那种成体系的模式大概在六十年代末其实年代初才刚刚出现。At Saint Laurents first y-to-wear show, I think there were maybe myself, and maybe a Vogue photographer.在Saint Laurent的第一个时装发布会大概是我还是一个Vogue的摄影师去了。I mean, it didnt have this fanatic following that it has now...of all these manufacturers and people that just would kill to get in...because they need to steal ideas for their own work.当时人们对于时装秀并没有现在这种狂热的追逐,这些装制造商和人们拼了命想要挤进去,从时装秀中偷一些创意用到他们自己衣上。So they let Paris be the laboratory of ideas.巴黎大概是这些创意的实验室。201609/460753

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This would be an upscale French cafe for me. -Oh, really?这家咖啡厅对我来说算高档的了。-哦,是么。Not terribly upscale, but upscale.不是最高档的,但是挺高档的。I like very simple, down-to-earth, basic things.You know, I dont like anything fancy.我喜欢非常简单朴素的东西。我不追求那些花哨的东西。And of course, I suppose thats such a contradiction. Well, exactly.不过这听起来也有些矛盾。Here I love all these women dressed up in all these...But I dont mind it. L...What other people do doesnt concern me.我喜欢那些穿着华丽的女人,但是生活上的事,我真的不怎么在意别人怎么样我也不关心。Its just not my interest.我就是没什么兴趣。Tell me something about your family.说说你的家庭吧。Oh, my familys just working-class people.哦,我的家里不过是普通的工薪阶层。Just marvelous, normal, hardworking people.就是些普通的,勤劳的人。And Catholic people.我家信天主教。I think I have, uh, half and half.我大概继承了我父母双重性格。When Im outgoing, I guess Im my dad.我有时像我父亲那样开朗。And when Im...uptight youd call it now, or whatever you call it, uh, Id be definitely my mother.有时又很谨慎…不管你怎么说,那时的我就完全是我母亲的性格。What does your family think of what you do?你家人对你的工作怎么看呢?No one ever said anything about it, but I think in years, in retrospect...cause I never thought about it...他们没说过什么做这行这么多年以来我也没想过家里人会怎么想,they didnt think fashion was a very manly pursuit, or profession, for a man, you know.不过他们大概觉得男的不该做时尚这行吧,对于男性来说,他们显得不太专业。So it was that kind of thing. Right.大概是这样。Whatever.无所谓了。201609/460804

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