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萧山生混合痔的症状绍兴市妇幼保健院1. ;Should I get my hair cut?; Yes? No? We like ... your hair? If you#39;re just taking half an inch off or something, we#39;re not even going to notice (unless you aly have your hair short ... like half an inch short). This is just putting us in a situation where three things could happen: We say ;yes,; and you get offended because we don#39;t like your hair as is. We say ;no,; and you cut it anyway. Or we both happen to agree. None of those situations are constructive and at least one ends in you getting mad at us.1. “我要不要剪头发呢?”要?不要?我们喜欢你的头发?如果你只剪短半英寸,我们都注意不到的好嘛(除非你的头发本来就很短,比如本来就只有半英寸长)。女生们这样问男票,只会发生三种情况:我们说“好的,”你会觉得受到了冒犯,因为我们不喜欢你现在的发型。我们说“不行,”那你终究还是会剪。或者我们刚好意见一致。这些情况都对彼此无益,至少会有一个人生气。2. ;Which dress looks best?; Our answer is always going to be the one that shows off your cleavage the most and then you#39;re going to get mad we chose that one.2. “哪条裙子更好看呢?”我们总是挑那条露出事业线的裙子,然后你就会发飙。3. ;Do you want to come to my mom#39;s birthday party?; No. We#39;re going to go because we#39;re obligated, but we#39;d rather stay home and screw around. Please don#39;t tease us with the illusion of choice. Just tell us what day it is.3. “你要不要参加我母亲的生日聚会?”不。但我们还是会去的,因为我们有这个义务啊,但我们更想待在家里四处乱走。不要嘲笑我们的选择幻想,只要告诉我们日期就行了。4. Literally anything about your weight. Anything. You#39;re good. You look good. And if you#39;re asking, you#39;re not going to believe us anyway. Just don#39;t sweat it.4. 任何有关你体重的事情都不要问!不管是什么,在我眼里你都很好看,很健康。如果你问的话,你也不会相信我们。只要别逼问我们就行了。5. ;Did your ex do this better?; As far as we#39;re concerned, our ex is dead to us so it doesn#39;t matter.5. “你的前任是不是做的更好啊?”就男生而言,我们认为前任已经不存在了,一点都不重要。6. ;Do find Jennifer Lawrence attractive?; Please don#39;t ask this, because the answer is ;yes; and you don#39;t want to hear us say ;yes; and we#39;re also bad liars. Plus, it doesn#39;t mean we don#39;t like you. It just means we have eyes.6. “你觉得大表(詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯)吸引人吗?”请千万别问这个,因为肯定是“当然”,但你又不想听到这个,而且我们撒谎技术又不行。另外,这并不表示我们不喜欢你。这只是意味着我们的眼睛不会骗人。7. ;Notice anything different?; The only time you should ask this question is if you literally want your boyfriend to shit his pants for some reason. We probably don#39;t know, unless it#39;s something incredibly obvious like you dyed your hair a (drastically) different color or surgically grafted your iPhone to your face. Please don#39;t make us guess.7. “有没有注意到我有什么变化?”你问这个问题的唯一时机就是你真的想吓坏你的男票。我们可能不会注意到,除非你真的做了一些什么明显的事情,比如很夸张的染了头发或是动了手术将苹果手机嫁接到了你的脸上。可别让我们猜了。8. ;What are you thinking about?; Something stupid. It#39;s always something stupid and the reason we don#39;t want to tell you is that it would take way too long to explain. It#39;s not because we were thinking of breaking up with you or even about you at all. We were honestly daydreaming about the dumbest thing ever and it isn#39;t worth explaining.8. “你在想什么?”想一些很蠢的事情。我们想的总是无关紧要的事情,我们不想告诉你是因为要花很长的时间来解释。我们并不是在想与你分手,甚至所想的事情完全与你无关。我们只是在做白日梦,想一些很蠢的事情,根本就不值得解释。译文属 /201609/466477余杭区妇女儿童医院门诊部营业时间 Most women know that makeup has the power to totally transform their look and confidence.大多数女性都知道化妆能完全改变她们的外表和自信。But, according to experts, there#39;s five specific beauty tricks every lady can employ to instantly make themselves twice as attractive in seconds.但是据专家表示,有5个美容小技巧,女人使用了之后可以瞬间让自己比原来漂亮两倍!1.Create a contrast between your eyes and skin1.在眼部和其他皮肤之间形成对比。According to experts at Psychology Today, a #39;pronounced contrast between the eye area and the skin#39; is a symbol of beauty.据《今日心理学》的专家们表示,“眼部和周围皮肤形成明显对比”是美丽的象征。You can get the look yourself by using a soft brown or taupe shadow on your eyelids. It#39;s perfect for day to night and won#39;t be too jarring.你可以通过使用软棕色和灰褐色眼影来做到这一点。无论白天还是晚上这样做都很完美,也不会显得太突兀。2.Make your eyes appear bigger.2.让你的眼睛看起来更大一些。Professor Kang Lee of the University of Toronto found that larger eyes are deemed as more attractive in a woman. Why? Because they make us appear more youthful.多伦多大学李康教授发现,女人的眼睛越大就约有吸引力。为什么?因为大眼睛让我们看起来更年轻。To make eyes appear bigger, ensure they#39;re well groomed with no strays before grooming them.为了让你的眼睛看起来更大,你需要把眼睛周围的一切地方都打理好。Celebrity make-up artist Melissa Sophia told FEMAIL that the best part of the brow to define is the underneath of the brow not the top of it.名人化妆师梅利莎·索菲亚向《女性》杂志透露,眉毛最好的地方是下半部分,而不是上部分。3.Apply a slick of red lipstick.3.用红色唇膏。From the Suffragettes and Marilyn Monroe to Rita Ora and Rihanna, red lipstick has been used by women for decades as a means of attracting attention.从女权者和玛丽莲·梦露到丽塔·奥拉和蕾哈娜,女人们几十年来一直把红色唇膏作为吸引人注意力的一种手段。And now it has been revealed that wearing rouge really does makes women feel more confident.而现在也已经发现,擦口红确实会让女人感觉更加自信。In psychological terms, red is associated with warmth, positive energy, and motivation, with studies finding that red is the colour which excites our emotions, as well as triggering feelings strength and ambition.在心理方面,红色让人联想到温暖、正能量和动力,而一些研究也发现,红色能刺激我们的情感、激发情感力量和我们的追求。4.Enhance your lashes.4.在眼睫毛上下功夫。It has been found that whiter eyes are perceived as more alluring.人们已经发现更白一些的眼睛更诱人。You can cheat the look by making your lashes extra dark with extra coats of mascara.你可以用睫毛膏刷在眼睫毛上,使得自己的眼睛达到那一效果。5.Get glowing.5.让自己看起来容光焕发。A 2010 survey published in Dermatologic Surgery revealed that men and women find tanned individuals much more attractive.2010年《皮肤外科学》上的一项调查表明,男人和女人都觉得晒黑的人更有吸引力。 /201703/496281浙江杭州四院扣扣

萧山区妇幼保健院挂号嘉兴市妇幼保健院在线咨询 Women tend to have a lot of ‘what if’ in life. We all have that someone who we wish we can turn back time and see what if it did not happen, or what if we did not say that? Would it have changed something?女人的生活中总是会有许多“假如……会怎么样”。我们都会有一个人,他会让我们希望自己能够时光倒流去看一下如果没有发生的话会怎么样,或者如果我们没那样说会怎么样?那样会改变什么吗?Maybe for me, he was never an ex, not the one who got away, just an almost-something, almost maybe, the biggest what if but never the answer to my questions.或许对我来说,他永远不会是前任,不是可以逃离的人,几乎是一种存在,近乎也许,最大的假设,但是从来都不会是我问题的。No matter how many years have passed, he is the one person who can make all the feelings come back just by a sight of him, only because I keep on asking myself what went wrong.无论多少年过去了,只要看他一眼,就会将你所有的感觉全部诱惑出来,只是因为我总是一直问自己到底是出了什么问题。Why do we have a hard time forgetting someone?为什么我们很难忘记某个人?Maybe the heart will never forget because it is where love was cultivated. It is where it hurts the most too and with a love and pain like that, how can I forget and truly say it moved on?或许你的心永远不会忘记,因为那里是滋养爱的地方。那里也是受伤最多的地方,爱和痛并存的地方,我又如何能忘记,真正说已经过去了呢?I have always been a fan of all the romantic ideas, maybe because what is cliche feels perfect, and human loves the idea of perfection, but as soon as the grandeur of all those things starts to fade, I can feel that wrenching part inside of me, because if all good things must come to an end, why would it had to be that short? It seems unfair and cruel.我一直是着迷于所有浪漫的想法,或许因为那些陈词滥调让我感觉很棒,人类喜欢完美的思想,但是一旦所有那些美好都开始褪去的时候,我会感觉内心的痛苦挣扎,因为如果所有美好的事物都要最终结束,为什么会如此短暂呢?这似乎不公平,很残忍。Every time we meet someone, we hold on to what seems like forever, without realizing that it was just a borrowed time, we grasped on to it like a dream and relish it, but not having too much time to say everything we want.每次我们见到某个人的时候,我们总是坚持那些看起来永远的想法,没有意识到那只是借来的时间,我们就像是抓住了一个梦,然后享受,但是却没有太多时间去说出我们想要的一切。 /201701/489943浙江省人民医院海宁医院治疗妇科炎症好吗

余杭区妇幼保健院有无痛人流术吗The U.S. Department of Justice has sentenced a Romanian hacker nicknamed ;Guccifer; to 52 months in prison, for hacking into the email accounts of about 100 Americans, in a case that exposed the private account used by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state.日前,美国司法部判处绰号“古奇费尔”的罗马尼亚黑客入狱刑52个月,其罪名是非法潜入近100名美国人的电子邮件账号。其中就包括在希拉里·克林顿担任国务卿期间使用的私人电子邮件账号。The Justice Department says 44-year-old Marcel Lehel Lazar was sentenced for unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft, committed between 2012 and 2014.司法部称,现年44岁的马塞尔·勒赫尔·拉扎尔因为在2012年到2014年期间,在未授权的情况下非法潜入了别人电脑并窃取了账号而受审。Lazar pleaded guilty to the charges in a federal court in Virginia on May 25.拉扎尔于5月25日在弗吉尼亚州的联邦法院受审,并对指控供认不讳。Lazar admitted to releasing private emails, photographs, and medical and financial information belonging to his victims.拉扎尔承认他泄露了本来属于受害者的私人电子邮件、照片以及健康和财政信息。Now-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton#39;s private email server became the subject of an FBI investigation.现任民主党总统候选人希拉里·克林顿的私人电子邮件务器成为了美国联邦调查局的调查对象。The hacker was found to have breached the account of former Clinton political adviser Sidney Blumenthal, where he accessed emails sent to Hillary Clinton.这名黑客被发现非法潜入了曾任希拉里政治顾问的西德尼·布鲁门萨的账号,并看到了他发给希拉里的电子邮件。He was also found to have hacked into the account of former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Dorothy Bush Koch, sister of former U.S. President George W. Bush.前国务卿柯林·鲍威尔、前总统乔治·W·布什的多萝西·布什·科克的账号也都被他黑过。 /201609/465727 Living in a culture that is different from your own can be both an exciting and challenging experience.生活在一个和自己文化不同的社会里,可能是一个既令人兴奋、又充满挑战的经历。You have to learn different cultural practices and try to adapt to them. Following are the top six cultural differences between China and the US.你必须了解不同文化的行为习惯,并且努力适应它们。以下是中国和美国之间的六点文化差异。1.Privacy1.隐私Chinese people do not have the same concept of privacy as Americans do. They talk about topics such as ages, income or marital status, which Americans think is annoying and intrusive.中国人的隐私概念和美国人不同。中国人谈论年龄、收入、或者婚姻状况,而美国人则认为这些话题非常令人不快、具有侵入性。2.Family2.家庭In China, elders are traditionally treated with enormous respect and dignity while the young are cherished and nurtured.在中国,老人们通常都享有巨大的尊重和受尊崇的地位,而年轻一辈则被悉心呵护、培养。In America, the goal of the family is to encourage independence, particularly that of the children. Unlike the Chinese, older Americans seldom live with their children.但是在美国,家庭的目标是鼓励独立,特别是孩子们。和中国人不同,美国老人很少和自己的孩子们住在一起。3.Friends3.朋友Chinese people have different meanings to define friends. Just hanging out together time to time is not friendship. Friendship means lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated to give each other whatever help might seem required.中国人对朋友有不同的定义。只是经常一起出门玩的人不叫朋友。朋友是指那些永远觉得有义务向对方提供所需任何帮助的人。Americans always call people they meet friends, so the definition of friends is general and different. There are work friends, playing friends, school friends and drinking friends.美国人经常称呼他们遇到的人为朋友,因此他们对朋友的定义很一般,并且各有不同。有工作的朋友,有一起玩的朋友,有学校的朋友,有喝酒的朋友。4.Money4.金钱As is well known, the Chinese like to save. They are always conservative when they are planning to spend money.众所周知,中国人喜欢存钱。当计划花钱的时候中国人总是很保守。It is different in the USA, where far fewer families are saving money for emergencies and education than their Chinese counterparts.但是在美国则不同,和中国家庭相比,很少有美国家庭为紧急情况和教育存钱。5.Education5.教育Chinese people value education and career more than Americans, who in turn put more emphasis on good character and faith.中国人看重教育和事业,而美国人则更强调好品格和信仰。6.Collectivism vs. Individualism6.集体主义VS个人主义Basically China values the community and the US values the individual. If you achieve something in the US, it#39;s because you were great.总的来说,中国更加看重集体,而美国则更看重个人。在美国,如果你取得了一些成就,那是因为你自己的功劳。While in China, if you achieve something in China it#39;s because the team, or family, or company is great.但是在中国,如果你取得了一些成就,那会被归功于你的团队、家庭或者公司。Everything you do gets attributed to the greater whole, while in America individual merits are celebrated.在中国你所做的一切都归功于更大的集体,但是在美国则更加认可个人的功绩。 /201612/483295萧山割包皮到什么医院大关做试管多少钱



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