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【中英文对照】1. You will receive a body. 关爱自己,受益无限。You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for as long as you live. How you take care of it or fail to take care of it can make an enormous difference in the quality of your life.无论喜欢还是厌恶,你的身体要跟随你一辈子。能否照顾好自己的身体,会决然影响你的一生。2. You will learn lessons. “人生”学校,无所不教。You are enrolled in a full-time, informal school called Life. Each day, you will be presented with opportunities to learn what you need to know. The lessons presented are often completely different from those you need.有一所大学,非正式但终身制,这就是人生。每天,它都会有机会教给你你应该学会的东西。常常,人生的课程并非你想要的。3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. 没有错误,只有教训。Growth is a process of trial, error and experimentation. You can learn as much from failure as you can from success. Maybe more.成长是探索、犯错和试验的过程。失败和成功一样能教会你东西,甚至更多。4. A lesson is repeated until it is Learned. 一个教训会不断地重复,直至你领悟了。A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it (as evidenced by a change in your attitude and ultimately your behavior) then you can go on to the next lesson.生活会以不同的形式教育你,直到你的态度和行为发生改变。完全领悟了,你会开始走向下一堂课。 /200906/72184“Savor the flavor.”“品尝美味”When I arrived at college, I was pretty sure the food would be fantastic. I was like, “Oh boy! Eating pizza everyday like in the movies is going to be great! And I’ll get to eat good food all the time, yadda yadda yadda”. Oh, how naive I was. At first, the college dining halls seem like a dream. The first day the utensils seemingly sparkle, the food tastes delicious and you feel like you don’t ever want to leave. Then two months into the semester, you begin to wonder why everything tastes so bad. In all honesty, more of the same can get to be just that; more of the same. Now, now hope is not lost. You and your friends still have the option of going out to eat at restaurants. Yes, it does cost extra money, but if you’re willing to shell out the cash to have good food and a good time it’s well worth it. Here are a few tips to break out of the dining halls and into the awesome diners in your college town.刚进大学的时候,我理所当然地以为伙食一定很赞,心想:“哇太棒了!我就要像电影里那里天天吃比萨啦!我可以随时享受美味啦!哈哈!”想在回想起来,我那时多么天真幼稚。起初,大学饭堂简直是个天堂,第一天所有的餐具擦得铮亮,所有的食物如此美味,让你流连忘返。两个月后,你开始吃厌了,感到一切都是那么难吃。老实说,吃来吃去就那么几样菜,也不会有什么新花样。现在呢,希望还是有的,虽然饭堂不好吃,你还可以和朋友一起出去下馆子呀。的确,出去吃是要破费一点,但是花点钱买个美味,图个开心也值了。下面奉上一些建议,让你冲出食堂,吃遍大学周边的美味佳肴。 /201006/107137Being in a relationship pays in more ways than one. Aside from the obvious benefits of a daily intimate association, parents are more willing to dish out the pocket money if their child is involved with a significant other.   谈一场恋爱可谓是益处多多。最显而易见的便是能享受每天与恋人的亲密接触,如果子女与另一半坠入爱河,除此之外,父母也愿意拿出更多钱为子女的爱情买单。  When the new school year began this month, Lin Xingyun, a senior at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications School of Humanities, received 20,000 yuan (,958) from her parents.  这个月新学期伊始,林星云(音译),一名来自北京邮电大学人文学院的大三学生从父母那里得到了两万元人民币,折合2985美元。  About 5,000 yuan of that was for her annual tuition fees, and 8,000 was for living expenses, but about 7,000 yuan was effectively to cover the cost of maintaining her relationship.  这其中有5000元的学费,还有8000元的生活费。剩下的7000元都将用作经营恋情的开销。  After falling in love with a schoolmate in her second year at university, her mother began giving her more money, about 30 percent more than the year before."After finding a boyfriend, my parents loosened up," Lin said.  自从林星云念大二时与本校的一名校友谈恋爱后,她妈妈就开始给她更多的零用钱,大约比往年多30%。林星云说:“有了男朋友之后,我父母变得大方了,对零用钱限制放宽了。” /201009/114691

Discipline is freedom. You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of freedom. In fact the opposite is true. As Stephen R. Covey once wrote, “the undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions”. And in the longer term, the undisciplined lack the freedom that comes with possessing particular skills and abilities – e.g. to play a musical instrument or speak a foreign language.自律就是自由。你有可能质疑这句话,也有人相信这句话。对很多人而言,自律是一个贬义词,因为它意味着自由的丧失。事实上,只有自律的人才能拥有真正的自由。Self-discipline involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment. Often it involves sacrificing the pleasure and thrill of the moment for what matters most in life. 自律要求我们按照自己计划行事,而不是根着冲动走,当然这也要求我们为了人生最重要的事去放弃眼前的小利。If you struggle with self-discipline, the good news is that it can be developed. For example, it is only in the past two years that I have trained myself to wake early. The following are what I have found to be the five traits of self-discipline:如果你正在为如何成为一名自律的人儿烦恼,那么请放心,它是可以培养的。1. Self-KnowledgeDiscipline means behaving according to what you have decided is best, regardless of how you feel in the moment. Therefore the first trait of discipline is self-knowledge. You need to decide what behavior best reflects your goals and values. This process requires introspection and self-analysis, and is most effective when tied to written expression. I highly recommend taking the time to write out your goals, dreams and ambitions. Even better, write out a personal mission statement. I found that writing such a statement gave me a greater understanding of who I am, what I am about and what I value. Dr. Covey has an excellent Mission Statement Builder on his site.自我认识自律就是意味着你去根据自己最好的打算行事,因此第一个前提就是要很好地认识自己。你要清楚地知道怎样去做有利于你的目标和理想的实现。我建议大家去把自己的目标,理想和追求写下来。最好能有自己的一个座右铭。这样你就能更清楚地认识自己。 /200912/91000

我们经常可以在偶像剧中看到,纤瘦的女主角在飘雪的冬天,穿着一件肥肥大大的长毛衣外套,一副楚楚可怜的样子,真是好美!如何复刻韩剧女主角的长毛衣LOOK呢?让我们来看看编辑精选的几款超纯情的长毛衣搭配吧。淡蓝色长款毛衫温暖而柔美Long light blue sweater——warm and soft /200911/88303

英国人如何应对经济危机?“勒紧裤腰”与“宽衣解带”Britons may be tightening their belts to cope with the credit crunch, but their favourite free leisure activity involves whipping off their clothes, a new poll showed Monday.However the overall figure disguised a stark difference between men and women, with female respondents preferring a good gossip to a good time between the sheets.According to the YouGov survey conducted over the Internet, 37 percent of Britons rank having sex at the top of their list of activities that don't cost a penny.That was more than the next three highest options combined -- gossiping with friends (18 percent), window shopping (nine percent) and going to a museum (six percent)."During the credit crunch our famed British upper lip might not be as stiff as before but other parts still are," said Lisa Power, head of policy at the Terrence Higgins Trust, the sexual health charity that commissioned the poll.However, while 53 percent of men ranked sex as number one, only 21 percent of women put sex atop their list, with 28 percent saying they preferred gossiping with friends.It also showed that passion levels may be tied to the cold weather, with 43 percent of Scots rating sex as their favourite freetime activity, compared to 35 percent of Londoners.By contrast, a study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex concluded that declining house prices in Britain increase the risk of divorce.The YouGov survey interviewed 2,144 people over the Internet between November 21 and 23. 英国人可能正勒紧裤腰带应对眼下的金融危机,但本周一的一项最新民调显示,他们最青睐的休闲活动则可能需要“宽衣解带”。不过男性和女性对这个问题的看法存在显著差别,与“床第之欢”相比,女性受访者更乐意用闲聊打发时光。这项由YouGov调查机构开展的在线调查显示,37%的英国人认为“做爱”是最佳的免费“休闲活动”。这一比例甚至高于其它三个最受欢迎活动的比例之和。这三大活动分别是:与朋友闲聊(18%),逛街(9%)和参观物馆(6%)。委托开展该调查的性健康慈善组织“特伦斯#8226;希金斯信托”的政策部主管莉莎#8226;鲍尔说:“面临眼下的信贷紧缩,英国人可能不如从前沉着,但他们的'性'趣不减。”调查显示,53%的男性认为“做爱”是最佳的休闲活动,而这一比例在受访女性中仅为21%,28%的女性称她们更喜欢与朋友闲聊来打发休闲时光。此外,程度可能还与寒冷的天气有关,43%的苏格兰人认为“做爱”是最好的休闲活动,这一比例在伦敦人中为35%。而艾塞克斯大学社会经济研究所此前开展的一项研究发现,英国房价的下跌增大了人们离婚的风险。此项YouGov调查于上月21日至23日开展,共对2144名网民进行了访问。 /200812/57799

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