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工作经历1. 词组句型企业state-owned enterprise, privately-owned enterprise, solely foreign-owned enterprisesentence patterns:state-owned enterprises are the dominant enterprises of our country.his mother is a worker of one state-owned enterprise.we should manage the privately-owned enterprises development direction.solely foreign-owned enterprises can promote our countrys economy.our countrys enterprises include state-owned enterprise, privately-owned enterprise, and solely foreign-owned enterprise.工作work, jobsentence patterns:he hasnt found work yet.he works at a big factory.she has changed several jobs.she cant find an ideal job.上班族salary man, office lady, an office workersentence patterns:his whole family are salary men.Marys sister is an office lady.Tom does office work.Tom is a regular office worker.解决solve, finish off, way outsentence patterns:please help me to solve the financial problem.the key to solve the problem is to find his brother.this coat needs to be finished off before i can wear it.changing job is not the only way out.I dont know my way out to this confusion. /201207/190567Youre an asshole.你这个混蛋!You think youre such a hero.你觉得自己是个英雄吗!Youre nothing but an asshole.你是个一无是处的混蛋!I apologize to the people of Los Angeles.我向洛杉矶市民真诚地道歉。My behavior has been improper, and I accept the consequences.我的行为不当,我愿意承担后果。I ask my fellow Angelinos...for their patience and understanding.我恳求得到洛杉矶市民的……耐心和谅解。 /201210/204631

5. Im sorry hes busy now.恐怕他现在没时间接您的电话。还能这样说:Im afraid hes occupied now.Im sorry he is tied up.应用:You are busy as a bee from morning to night.你真忙!6. His line is busy at the moment.他正在通话。还能这样说:Hes talking on another line.Hes on another line now.应用:at the last moment 在最后关头;at the moment 此刻,那时;every moment 时时刻刻;for a moment 片刻;in a moment 一会儿、不久,立即、马上7. When will she be back?她什么时候回来?还能这样说:How long do you think shell be back?Do you know what time shell be back?谚语:What is got over the devils back is spent under his belly.(钱财)来得不正,去得也不正。8. She should be back after lunch.她午饭后应该会回来。还能这样说:The time she can be back is after lunch.It is after lunch that she should be back.应用:at the back of ones mind 在记忆的深处,下意识地;at sb.s back 跟随某人,持某人;be glad to see the back of 希望摆脱某人;be laid on ones back 卧病在床


Todd:OK, Phil, you just got back from living in China.你刚从中国回来吗?Phil:Yeah, I lived in China about two years ago.是的,我在中国住了两年。Todd: Wow. What was China like?哇。中国什么样儿啊?Phil:China was an eye-opener. Its a very old culture, but theres not many new, theres not many old things around in China, through wars, through the cultural revolution, a lot of stuffs been burnt, a lot of stuff justs been knocked down. One of the few old things that is there is the Great Wall of China. Its very famous this wall, very big. They are doing some efforts to try and build the wall up again, but when I was there, I believe it was August, 2002 it was still mostly old stuff.中国是个能让你开阔眼界的地儿。有着非常古老的文化,但中国周边却没有那么多新鲜的也没有那么多老旧的东西。经过战争和文化革命的洗礼,有很多事物已被焚烧或摧毁。余下的少有部分中就剩长城了。它很大也很著名。人们正在努力再次修建长城,但2002年8月份我在那儿的时候我觉得那一定还是古迹。Todd:Yeah, what else did you see in China?哦,那你在中国还看见了什么吗?Phil:Ah, I went to Xian and I saw the Terra-cotta warriors. Terra-cotta warriors were discovered shortly after Mao died in the late 70s by a farmer who was digging a well, and he was digging this well and he found all these stone warriors,literally hundreds of them, and its a national treasure now.啊,我去了西安,看见了兵马俑。70年代末就在毛泽东主席死后不久,一个在挖井的农民发现了兵马俑。就在他挖井的时候发现了这些石战士,怎么着也有成百上千个。到现在一直是国家的宝贵财富。Todd:Wow! Thats fascinating.哇!太过瘾了!Phil:Yeah, its really an impressive thing to see. Those are the two really old man-made things that I saw in China.是的,当时的情景肯定是让人印象特别深刻。这就是那两个我在中国看到的人工制成的事物。Todd:Was there anything else that was really spectacular?那还有其他更壮观的事情吗?Phil:The Three Gorges tour was really good. Sadly they are all under water now because of the dam project, but I was able to go shortly before it was flooded and really, really enjoyed it. Saw a lot of beautiful things. Surprisingly enough the water was a lot cleaner than I thought and I actually went swimming in it.三峡旅游也是相当棒的。不太满意的就是由于大坝工程人们还都在水下作业,但是还是可以去的,就是不久之后就会被发大水。但我还真的是很喜欢。看到了很多美丽的事物,还惊奇地发现水比我想象的都干净,我甚至都想进去游泳。Todd:Oh, cool.哦,太爽了。Phil:Yeah, for, this is the Yangzhe River in China and if youve ever seen the Yangzhe, most parts of it, you certainly wouldnt want to swim in it, but these parts were pristine.对,这就是中国的Yangzhe河。如果你曾经见过Yangzhe河的大部分,那你肯定是不想下去游泳,但这些部分却是很原始的。注:译文属原创,,。 /201307/247163

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