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赣州俪人医疗美容激光去痘多少钱赣州专业做双眼皮的医院卡梅伦卸任 携家带口离开唐宁街号 -- 3::5 来源: 英国首相卡梅伦昨日正式卸任,向女王递交了辞呈,携家带口离开了唐宁街号 David Cameron insisted he was leaving Britain ’stronger’ tonight as he said an emotional goodbye to Downing Street flanked by wife Samantha and their children.今晚在妻子萨曼莎和孩子们的陪伴下,卡梅伦向唐宁街作了一场感人肺腑的告别,他还坚持认为自己使得英国“更加强大”了In a parting speech bee heading to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation, the Prime Minister admitted he had not got everything right.在前往白金汉宫递交辞呈前,卡梅伦作了一场临别讲话,他承认自己没有将所有事情都办好’It’s not been easy going and of course we have not got every decision right. But I do believe that today our country is much stronger,’ he said.卡梅伦说道:“首相并不好当,而且当然,我们并没有做好每一个决定但是我坚信,今天的英国要比以前更加强大了”Mr Cameron thanked his family keeping him ’vaguely sane’ during his six years in office, and described Samantha as the ’love of my life’.卡梅伦感谢他的家人在其任职期间的六年里让他保持“模糊的清醒”,称其妻子萨曼莎为“一生挚爱”An official communication issued by Buckingham Palace just bee 5.5pm said: ’The Right Honourable David Cameron MP had an Audience of The Queen this evening and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, which Her Majesty was graciously pleased to accept.’在下午5点5分前不久,白金汉宫方面就发布了一份官方通信,说道:“尊敬的卡梅伦首相阁下于今晚拜访了女王大人,递交辞呈辞去了首相和第一财政大臣的职务,女王也欣然同意了这一请求”Mr Cameron said it had been the ’greatest honour of my life to serve our country as prime minister’, and he believed successor Therea May would provide ’strong and stable’ leadership.卡梅伦表示说“担任首相侍奉祖国是我毕生最大的荣耀”,他相信继任者特雷莎会是一个“强大而坚定”的领导人Mrs Cameron, -year-old Nancy, Elwen, nine, and five-year-old Florence - who has lived at the famous address her whole life - were there to watch his final public statement in the role.妻子萨曼莎、岁大的南希、9岁大的埃尔文和5岁大的佛罗伦萨(他出生在唐宁街号)也在现场,他们见了卡梅伦作为英国首相的最后一场公共讲话Florence appeared to wipe away tears as she watched her father make his valedictory comments, while long-standing aides to the PM were also visibly upset.看着作告别讲话的父亲,小女儿佛罗伦萨擦去了眼角的泪水,首相的其他家人看起来也很沮丧As the constitutional handover swings into effect, Mr Cameron will now go to see the Queen and mally tell her he is quitting.随着宪法的移交生效,卡梅伦现在将启程拜访女王,并正式告知她自己辞职了After his audience with the monarch is over, Mrs May will take her turn - entering as Home Secretary and emerge as the new PM.在卡梅伦和女王的会面结束后,就轮到特蕾莎登场了--这位内政大臣将升任成为英国新首相Mr Cameron said: ‘When I first stood here in Downing Street on that evening in May , I said we would confront our problems as a country and lead people through difficult decisions so that together we could reach better times.卡梅伦说道:“年5月份的那个晚上,当我第一次站在唐宁街,我说我们将会作为一个国家来面对我们的问题,领导人民作出困难的决定,从而能够一起进入一个更好的时代”‘It’s not been an easy journey and of course we have not got every decision right but I do believe today our country is much stronger.“六年的首相生涯并不容易,而且当然,我们并没有做好每一个决定,但是我相信,今天的英国要比以前更加强大了”‘Above all it was about turning around the economy and with the deficit cut by two thirds, .5 million more people in work, and one million more businesses, there can be no doubt that our economy is immeasurably stronger.“首先,我们扭转了经济颓势,而且削减了三分之二的赤字我们让50多万人找到了工作,新增了0多万家企业,毫无疑问现在英国的经济无限制地变强了”‘Politicians like to talk about policies but at the end it is about people’s lives. I think of the people doing jobs who were previously unemployed. I think of the businesses that were just ideas in someone’s head and that today are making a go of it and providing people with livelihoods.’“政治家喜欢谈论政治,但是最终还是要归结到人民的生活上来我为那些以前失业的人们考虑,让他们找到了工作我为那些只在大脑中存在创业想法的人考虑,使得他们能够实现自己的梦想,而且为人们提供生计”Paying tribute to his family, the outgoing PM said: ‘I want to thank my children – Nancy, Elwen and Florence, whom Downing Street has been a lovely home over this last six years. They sometimes kick the red boxes full of work. Florence – you once climbed into one bee a eign trip and said: “Take me with you.”卡梅伦还赞扬了他的家人,他说道:“我想感谢我的孩子们--南希、埃尔文和佛罗伦萨,正是因为他们的存在,在这过去的六年里唐宁街才是一个可爱的家他们有时候才不会管我是否工作堆积如山佛罗伦萨--你曾经在一场外事访问前来到我身边,对我说:‘带我一起玩’”‘Well, no more boxes.“现在好了,再也不用工作了”江西省赣州大腿激光脱毛多少钱 胡润华人富豪榜 王健林力压李嘉诚 -- 3:: 来源: 微信搜索“58英语网”公众号,获取每日精华推送This is the first year of the list. Sp out over 18 countries and regions, Hurun Research found 77 individuals with wealth of CNY bn, of which 3 were from outside mainland China. Total wealth comes to a staggering US$.1 trillion, equivalent to the GDP of Russia, or 1.5 times that of South Korea.胡润研究院发布《瀚亚资本·胡润全球华人富豪榜(Hanya Capital· Hurun Global Chinese Rich List )这是胡润研究院首次发布“全球华人富豪榜”,总上榜人数达到77人,覆盖全球18个国家和地区,其中包括3位港澳台及海外地区华人富豪,上榜门槛亿元人民币《瀚亚资本·胡润全球华人富豪榜上榜富豪总财富高达.7万亿,与俄罗斯全年GDP基本相当,是韩国GDP的1.5倍The Top all come from mainland China or Hong Kong. 6 live in mainland China and the other live in Hong Kong. Half are in real estate. Average age is 66. Pony Ma Huateng of Tencent is the youngest, aged .前十位上榜富豪全部住在中国大陆或香港,其中6位住在大陆,位住在香港从事房地产行业的最多,占到一半平均年龄66岁,最年轻的是腾讯岁的马化腾和百度5岁的马东敏Wang Jianlin, 61, overtook Li Ka-shing to be crowned the richest Chinese in the world with a tune of US$.6 billion, driven mainly by the recent listings of his real estate and cinema businesses.61岁的王健林取代李嘉诚成为全球华人首富,身家高达6亿美元,主要为近期上市的房地产和院线业务Li Ka-shing, 87, came second with a tune of US.8 billion. With the bulk of his wealth made in real estate, Li has recently been investing heavily into the UK. Li is currently organizing his succession with his two sons Victor and Richard.87岁的李嘉诚排名第二,身家3亿美元,其中大部分为来自房地产行业李嘉诚最近在英国进行了大量投资,他正在安排两个儿子李泽楷和李泽钜的接班Jack Ma, 51, was third with US billion. One of the most active entrepreneurs in China, Ma also made time to be the number one philanthropist in China last year.51岁的马云排名第三,身家70亿美元作为中国最活跃的企业家之一,马云闲暇之余还是去年中国最大的慈善家Li Hejun, 8, sits in fourth place, based on the value of his stock at May, when it stopped trading after an investigation launched by the HK regulatory authorities.根据5月日的股票市值,8岁的李河君排名第四当天,该股受到香港监管机构的调查并停止交易Lee Shau Kee, 87, is also in fourth place. Lee has appointed his younger son Martin to chairman of Henderson Land, and is expected to let his elder son Peter take over the Herd Group and gas company.87岁的李兆基并列第四他已任命小儿子李家诚为恒基兆业地产的主席,并计划让长子李家杰接班恒基集团和煤气公司Pony Ma Huateng, , is sixth. Ma has become one of the world’s most active venture capitals, along with Jack Ma of Alibaba. WeChat continues to grow its market share.岁的马化腾排名第六和阿里巴巴的马云一样,马化腾也已经成为世界上最活跃的风险投资者之一微信的市场份额仍在增长情侣福利:告诉你如何留住伴侣的心 --01 :5:3 来源: 根据最新研究,一夫一妻制需要的不仅仅是单纯的意志力 Ever wonder what keeps some people faithful while others are sping their cooties all around town? Well, there’s more to monogamy than sheer willpower, according to new research.你是否好奇为什么有些人忠诚,而另一些人却到处沾花惹草?根据最新研究,一夫一妻制需要的不仅仅是单纯的意志力In a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, scientists recruited nearly 50 heterosexual people and had them rate the attractiveness of members of the opposite sex…all in the name of science.一项发表在人格与社会心理学报的研究中,科学家招募了50个异性恋,并要求他们对其他异性成员的吸引力打分...一切以科学的名义In one experiment, people were shown a pic of someone of the opposite sex, as well as a profile that included whether they were single or in a relationship. People who were in a relationship tended to say that single people (who might be a "threat to their relationship," according to the study) were less attractive than other single people deemed them.一项实验中,在向人们展示异性的照片时,附上照片上的人是单身或交往的信息后相比于单身的人,那些正在交往的人会觉得照片上的单身人士比较缺乏吸引力(研究说这是因为单身人士可能会“威胁到他们现在已有的关系”)In a second experiment, people were asked to report how satisfied they were in their relationship bee ranking the attractiveness of others. People who said they were happy with their S.O. once again ranked single folks as less attractive. But, those who weren’t all that satisfied in their relationship were more likely to say those singles were lookin’ mighty fine.另一项研究中,在要求他们为其他人打分前,先询问他们对目前交往关系的满意程度那些对自己的伴侣比较满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士吸引力较低但是,对自己交往关系不满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士看起来不错While this is super interesting, what does it mean? Scientists say that when we’rehappy in a relationship, we want to keep things that way. As a result, we unconsciously downgrade the looks of other people in our minds so that they don’t tempt us to cheat.很有趣对吧,这意味着什么呢?科学家说:当我们对自己的交往关系满意时,我们想保持现状因而,我们会无意识地为其他人的外观打出低分,这样他们就不会诱使我们出轨Of course, there’s a huge difference between thinking someone is hot and actually stepping out on your S.O., and it’s totally possible to think Zac Efron is sexy while still being into your guy (ahem, just saying...).当然,觉得某个人很火辣,和真的背着你的伴侣出轨之间有着巨大的不同,你可以在忠于你的伴侣的同时,仍觉得Zac Efron性感(咳咳,只是说说…)信丰县妇幼保健院整形

赣州鼻头整形费用吃货拍照必备:社交网站美食拍照技巧 --01 ::38 来源:chinadaily Learn how to take pictures of food like a professional CREDIT: PETER DENCHA cursory scroll through Instagram on any given day is likely to return three types of pictures: selfies, sunsets and food. Lots of food. 不管哪天,在Instagram上走马观花地浏览都能看到三种照片:自拍,日落,和食物,有很多很多食物照片The untunate truth is that unless you've got a particularly good eye, even the most delicious meringue can end up looking a foamy mess under the merciless flash of a smartphone camera. 不幸的是,除非你有一双慧眼,即使是最美味的酥饼也能被残忍的智能手机拍照手法照的像泡沫一样糟糕Read on hints and tips from seasoned food photographer Hugh Johnson, who has shot Heston Blumenthal, Yotam Ottolenghi and Thomasina Miers' creations, to learn how your images can look as good as these. 读完下面这些来自经验丰富的美食摄影师休bull;约翰逊的提示和建议,来学习如何把照片拍的和这些一样好他曾负责给赫斯顿bull;布卢门撒尔,约塔姆bull;奥图蓝吉,托玛西娜迈耶斯的作品摄影1. Don't overcrowd the shot 1.不要让镜头太拥挤Don't try and capture too much in a single image, especially if it's going to be cropped and uploaded to Instagram anyway. Focus on a key area, such as the sheen of an egg yolk or a steak's pink centre, but not so closely a viewer won't be able to tell what it is. 不要试着在一个镜头里捕捉太多,特别是它将要被裁剪和上传到Instagram上关注重点部分,比如蛋黄的光泽或者牛排粉嫩的部分,但是不要太近以至于别人看不出它是什么. Consider the lighting .注意照明Using a flash in a dim restaurant will bleach your food of any defining features and splashes of colour. A plate will always look better in natural light, but when sunshine is out of the question, make sure you're focused on using as much of the available light as possible, or try and use the shadow to your advantage. 在昏暗的餐厅使用闪光灯能让你食物的特点和颜色变得明显餐具在自然光下会显得更好看但是当没阳光的时候,尽量使用更多的光,或者试着利用阴影的优势CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON3. Keep it steady 3.保持稳定Tuck your elbows closely into your sides to keep the camera as stable as possible and avoid blurring. Optical image stabilisation on smartphones including the HTC , LG G5 and iPhone 6s Plus can also help to keep this to a minimum. 肘部靠近自己来让照相机尽可能的稳固并且防止模糊智能手机例如HTC ,LG G5和苹果6plus的图像稳固功能能尽量减少这种情况CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON. Move things around .移动周围的物品Too many people ruin what would be a perfectly good shot by failing to consider the backdrop properly. Make sure all s and unruly napkins are out of sight, alongside any dirty cutlery or smartphones on the table, and let the food take centre-stage. 太多的人因为没能考虑合适的背景而毁了一张可能很棒的照片确保照不到菜单和凌乱的餐巾纸,还有任何脏的餐具或者桌上的手机,来让食品成为主角CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON5. Consider using a proper camera 5.考虑使用合适的照相机While smartphone cameras are increasingly capable, they don't all come with the array of functions and lenses as you can achieve with a DSLR. If you're serious about your Instagramming, changing lenses is helpful to achieve focus.手机的照相功能变得再多,它也不能完成你用一台单反就能完成的功能如果你对在Instagram上传照片真的很在乎,当景深不足时,为了实现聚焦效果,换个镜头很有帮助6. Use the widest aperture possible 6.使用最大光圈This will only apply to those using full cameras, but using the widest aperture available to you will ensure the maximum level of light, allowing the majority of focus on the eground. 这只适用于那些使用全功能相机的人,但是尽可能的使用最大光圈能够确保最大亮度,来让焦点尽量聚焦在前景上CREDIT: PETER DENCH7. Add oil or water 7.加点油或者水Adding oil or water to food, particularly salad or vegetables, adds an appealing glisten that works well on camera. This can help avoid the meal looking flat or like it's been sat out a few hours, which it might well have. 给食物加点油或者水,特别是沙拉蔬菜一类,加点诱人的光亮能给照片添色不少这能防止食物看起来单调,或者看上去已经放了好几个小时,尽管它已经这样CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON英文来源:每日电讯报译者:朱卓(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning赣州隆鼻子要多少钱 X战警:天启海报“标榜对女性施暴”? -- ::7 来源: 今日,X战警:天启上映然而宣传海报中天启扼住魔形女喉咙的一幕令广大网友感到愤怒,认为其标榜对女性施加暴力的行为二十世纪福克斯目前已就该事件公开致歉 Some social media users are confused, turned off, and even outraged by a promotional poster and billboard the new X-Men movie, charging that is normalizes violence against women.一些社交媒体用户对于最新一部X战警宣传海报感到不解、回避甚至愤怒,控告其标榜对女性使用暴力In the ad X-Men: Apocalypse, Mystique — played by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence — is being choked by Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac.在X战警:天启的海报中,由奥斯卡得主詹妮弗劳伦斯扮演的魔形女被奥斯卡伊撒克扮演的天启扼住喉咙But while superhero movie fans are used to seeing plenty of action and violence in movies based on their favorite comic book characters, some are saying that spotlighting a single act of violence against a woman in sexist and even potentially dangerous.电影根据大众最喜爱的漫画人物改编虽然超级英雄影迷们对电影中大量的动作和暴力镜头习以为常,然而有些人认为,聚焦于针对于女性的暴力镜头是带有性别歧视甚至可能非常危险的The angry and put-off tweets started popping up in May as fans stumbled across the ad on billboards, phone booths, and the internet.自五月影迷们无意中发现广告牌、公用电话亭以及网络上的海报后,他们开始迅速在推特上表达自己的愤怒Why is it that the main drawing point the new X-Men movie is Apocalypse choking Mystique. Like, it was seriously on a billboard,’ wrote a Georgia man named Paul.“为什么最新X战警电影的着眼点是天启扼住魔形女的喉咙喏,这都正儿八经写在广告牌上了”来自乔治亚州的保罗说This #XMenApocalypse billboard of Oscar Isaac choking Jennifer Lawrence is a pleasant backdrop date night,’ Yahoo Canada editor Allan Shifman wrote sarcastically, adding a picture of the offending billboard.“#X战警天启广告牌-奥斯卡伊撒克扼住詹妮弗劳伦斯喉咙-真是约会之夜的绝佳背景”雅虎加拿大编辑艾伦西弗曼讽刺地,并配上了这幅具有攻击性的广告牌的照片get the X-Men movie, let’s talk about this terrible poster. What’s up with that nonchalant choke and baby arm?’ added a man named Justin.“管它什么X战警电影,我们还是谈谈这个糟糕的海报吧这若无其事的掐喉咙和婴儿手臂是什么鬼?”贾斯汀Though some supporters of the franchise are arguing that critics are making a big deal out of nothing — after all, don’t they expect to see violence in a superhero flick? — the critics themselves are pointing out that past X-Men posters haven’t featured violent acts, but group shots of the X-Men.尽管一些经销商的持者称这些批评者是小题大做-难道他们不希望在超级英雄电影里看到打打杀杀吗?-批评者们却指出,过去的X战警海报却没有标榜暴力行为,而是用X战警的合影One Calinia woman, Kelly Morgen, touched on the fact that violence against women is a pressing issue in particular, and the scene painted on the posters too closely reflects what so often happens in real life — as opposed to, say, a super villain tossing a superhero off a building or throwing cars.加州女性凯莉根谈到,针对女性的暴力是尤为紧迫的事宜,而且海报上大幅打印出的场面在现实生活中也经常发生-这一点与超级反派将超级英雄打翻飞出大楼或掀翻车辆不同I recently passed two billboards the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie along 880-N, and IT WAS NOT OKAY,’ she wrote. ’I felt angry, uncomtable, and shocked to see a frightened woman being choked by a man.“最近沿着880-N走过时,经过了两个X战警:天启的广告牌,我觉得非常不妥”她写道“我感到愤怒、不自在,看到一位惊恐的女人被男人扼住喉咙我觉得非常震惊Given this freeway usually sports anti-domestic violence billboards, it was jarringly out of place... The producers show know this sort of marketing is profoundly NOT OKAY.’“考虑到这条高速公路经常刊登反家庭暴力的广告牌,这一幕就显得尤为不和谐……制片人心里明白这类广告是极度不妥的”Kelly’s post has been shared just over a thousand times, but one of those shares was by someone with a bigger audience: actress Rose McGowan, who seemed completely ticked off by the ad.凯莉的状态只被转发了一千多次,但其中一位转发者粉丝众多:女演员罗丝·麦高恩,她似乎对这个广告非常愤怒Which studio did this?’ she asked, later learning the answer was th century Fox.“哪个工作室干的?”她问道,后来得知是二十世纪福克斯Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, she elaborated on her frustration, saying: ’There is a major problem when the men and women at th Century Fox think casual violence against women is the way to market a film. There is no context in the ad, just a woman getting strangled.在对话好莱坞记者时,她阐明了自己的情绪:“二十世纪福克斯居然把针对女性的暴力镜头用作电影市场宣传,这中间存在着很大的问题广告中没有上下文,观众只能看到一位女性被男性掐住喉咙The fact that no one flagged this is offensive and frankly, stupid. The geniuses behind this, and I use that term lightly, need to to take a long hard look at the mirror and see how they are contributing to society. Imagine if it were a black man being strangled by a white man, or a gay male being strangled by a hetero? The outcry would be enormous.“没人注意到这则广告的攻击性,这真愚蠢这幕后天才(我轻浮地用了这个词)真需要好好照照镜子,看看他们能为社会做出什么贡献想象一下,如果这是一个黑人被白人扼住喉咙,或者男同性恋被异性恋扼住喉咙,会怎么样?抗议声会非常强烈So let’s right this wrong. th Century Fox, since you can’t manage to put any women directors on your slate the next two years, how about you at least replace your ad?’ she went on, highlighting another area in which there has been public outcry about this particular studio.“我们需要纠正这个错误二十世纪福克斯,既然你们接下来的两年没打算任命任何女导演,那至少换一换广告牌吧?”她继续写道,强调了公众对该工作室其他方面的不满Addressing those who claim that the poster isn’t problematic and feminists are looking issues where there are none, Rose noted that her friend had been talking to his nine-year-old daughter about the poster when she asked: ’Dad, why is that monster man committing violence against a woman?’针对有些人称海报没有问题,或者称这只是男女平等主义者的无事生非,罗丝提到她的一位朋友和九岁女儿的对话,她问爸爸:“为什么这个怪男人要对一个女人动手?”This from a 9-year-old,’ Rose concluded. ’If she can see it, why can’t Fox?’罗丝总结:“这话出自一个九岁孩子之口如果她都能看出来,为什么福克斯看不出来?”Since the public outcry, the studio has apologized publicly the ad, admitting: ’In our enthusiasm to show the villainy of the character Apocalypse we didn’t immediately recognize the upsetting connotation of this image in print m.’由于公众的强烈抗议,工作室已对该广告做出公开道歉,承认:“我们热切地想表达天启这个角色的邪恶,但是没有及时发现这幅图片打印出来竟然有如此令人不满的内涵”However, they added, they’ve recognized their error and are working to fix it.然而,他们说已经意识到了自己的错误,并且正在努力修正Once we realized how insensitive it was, we quickly took steps to remove those materials. We apologize our actions and would never condone violence against women.’“我们意识到它的敏感性之后,迅速采取措施撤掉了这些广告我们对自身的行为道歉,并且绝不会姑息对女性使用暴力的行为”赣县区去除眼袋多少钱

赣州人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱“唐顿效应”刺激房价飙升 'Downton effect' boosts house prices -- :35:36 来源: “唐顿效应”刺激房价飙升'Downton effect' boosts house pricesProperties near stately homes cost £1,000 more than the average house in the same county, research reveals.调查显示,庄园宅邸周边的房屋价格比同一郡县平均房价高出.1万英镑A study claims the ‘Downton Abbey effect’ means that buyers are willing to pay a premium to live close to some of Britain’s grandest estates.一项研究称,这种“唐顿庄园效应”意味着买家愿意花更多钱,只为住得离英国一些名门望族的宅院近一些A new report shows that three-quarters of areas with well-known estates had higher house prices than the county average.新调查报告显示,四分之三知名庄园所在地的房价都比同一郡县的平均房价高Homeowners lucky enough to live near a stately home have seen their property rise in value by about £9,000 every year over the last decade.有幸居住在庄园宅邸附近的房主能看到过去十年来自家房价每年上涨约9000英镑This equates to about £89,500 since , compared to the national average of £39,000.从年至今,这些房屋增值累计达8.95万英镑,而这段时间全国房屋平均增值总额为3.9万英镑Homes in Hampstead Heath, close to Kenwood House, currently command the highest premium of £770,000 more than the London average.位于汉普特斯西斯的房子因靠近肯伍德宅邸,目前溢价最高,其房价比伦敦平均房价高出77万英镑Homes close to Highclere Castle, where B period drama Downton Abbey is filmed, cost £5,000 more than a typical Berkshire house.海克利尔城堡,即B历史剧《唐顿庄园的拍摄地,其附近房屋的价格比伯克郡其他普通房屋的价格高出.5万英镑Economist Martin Ellis, at Halifax, said: ‘Stately homes are not only attractive place to visit but, as our research shows, desirable places to live near to.哈利法克斯的经济学家马丁?埃利斯称:“我们的调查显示,这些庄园宅邸不仅吸引人们去参观,而且还让人们想在其附近定居‘Since the average house price growth in areas close to stately homes has been more than double the national figure.’“年以来,庄园宅邸附近的房屋价格平均增幅已超出全国平均增幅两倍”Vocabularystately: 庄严的;堂皇的,宏伟的premium: 额外费用;溢价英文来源:每日邮报译者:陈爽审校编辑:丹妮 色情还是艺术?云南大理闹市区情侣拍裸照引争议 警方介入调查 -- ::30 来源: 最近,一对年轻情侣在云南大理拍摄的一系列大尺度裸照在网络上广为流传并引起广泛争议针对此事件,大理警方已介入调查 Police in southwestern China are investigating a series of photos of a young couple posing nude in the streets that have gone viral online.最近,一对年轻情侣在云南大理拍摄的一系列大尺度裸照在网络上广为流传并引起广泛争议针对此事件,大理警方已介入调查The photos, taken at night at various locations in Yunnan province’s tourist city of Dali, depict the pair either completely naked or half-dressed, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报报道,这些照片基本都是当事人在夜深人静之时辗转云南省大理街头的各个地点拍摄的图片中两人要么全裸要么半裸,尺度之大令人咋舌Posted on microblogging platm weibo early on Monday morning, the pictures – taken in front of a secondary school, a bar, a youth hotel and at a crossroad – went viral almost immediately.照片的拍摄地包括大理第四中学、一家音乐酒吧门口、春夏秋冬青年旅舍外以及一个十字路段周一早晨,当事人将这些照片通过新浪微发到网上,立即在网络上疯狂流传They were later deleted after strong criticism over their pornographic nature, the newspaper said.据报道,这些照片因涉嫌色情低俗等内容引来了许多网友强烈的抗议与批评,后来主就将这些图片删除了Many internet users said the nude photos brought shame to the city, especially that taken in front of the school.许多网友认为这些全裸的图片给大理这座城市带来了耻辱,尤其是在学校前拍这种照片,实在有伤风化Others, though, saw them merely as personal expressions of art and called greater tolerance from the public.还有一些网友认为这些图片只不过是个人表达和诠释艺术的一种方式,并请求公众给予他们宽容和空间The pictures were taken at night and did not feature any onlookers, suggesting that their photo-taking had not caused any disturbance to others, they said.上述网友认为,这些图片都是当事人在夜深人静的时候拍摄的,当时没有其他人围观,意味着他们的行为并没有对他人造成任何麻烦或困扰The controversy prompted Dali police to open an investigation to trace the source of the photos, the authorities said on weibo on Monday.周一,警方通过官表示,大理市警方已经开始着手调查这些颇具争议照片的真正来源The weibo user who posted the photos has since deleted most of his posts and changed his location from Chengdu, Sichuan province, to Beijing.自该事件发生之后,该主已删除了自己大部分的微内容同时,该主的所在地也进行了更改,由成都更改为了北京赣州鼻翼缩多少钱赣州市整形美容医院



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