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Swiss Bank to Turn Over Account Data to US Authorities瑞士将向美国当局提交帐户信息A major Swiss bank has agreed to turn over information on thousands of accounts targeted by the ed States for possible tax evasion.一家瑞士主要已同意向美国提交涉嫌逃税的数千个帐户信息。From Nazis to modern-day criminals, Switzerland's legendary bank secrecy has long been exploited by those with assets to hide. For decades, Swiss banks have had a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to deposits, and a no-questions-answered policy when it comes to investigations of their customers.从纳粹到现在的罪犯,瑞士著名的保密系统长期以来一直被那些要隐藏资产的人利用。数十年来,瑞士对用户存款一直奉行不问问题的政策,在发生针对客户的调查时,它们则奉行概不回答的政策。Those policies are changing. The latest evidence: Swiss banking giant UBS has agreed to hand over details on more than 4,000 accounts to the U.S. government.这些政策正在改变。瑞士巨头瑞银集团同意向美国政府提交四千多个帐户的细节就是最新的明。America's top tax official, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman hailed the accord on Bloomberg television.美国最高税务官员、国税局局长舒尔曼在彭电视台采访中对与瑞银达成的这项协议表示赞扬。"It is a huge victory for the U.S. government. This is an unprecedented agreement," he said.“这是美国政府取得的巨大胜利,这是一项史无前例的协议。”The accounts are believed to hold as much as billion in undeclared assets that until now were hidden from U.S. taxes.这些帐户据信存有价值高达180亿美元的未申报资产,这些资产至今一直没有在美国纳税。Shulman praised reforms in Swiss banking.舒尔曼赞扬了瑞士的改革。"Until this year, we [U.S. authorities] had no access into any country that had banking secrecy laws," he added. "We are very pleased, and it is part of our ongoing effort to crack down on off-shore tax evasion. You can expect to see a lot more from us in terms of investigations of individuals and institutions over the next several years."“美国当局以前无法进入任何有保密法的国家进行调查,今年就不同了。我们非常高兴,这是我们持续打击海外逃税工作的一部分。在未来几年,你们会看到我们将对更多个人和机构进行调查。”Switzerland's bankers association issued a statement in support of UBS' agreement with the ed States. The accord effectively suspends a federal court case against UBS that could have dealt a severe blow to the bank's international operations and the Swiss economy, which relies heavily on the country's robust banking sector.瑞士协会发表声明持瑞银集团与美国的协议。该协议有效地延缓了一个美国联邦法院针对瑞银的诉讼案。这一诉讼案可能会对瑞银的国际业务和整个瑞士经济造成巨大打击。瑞士的经济严重依赖该国强大的业。Under the agreement, targeted UBS bank customers will be notified before information on their accounts is released.根据协议,瑞银集团受调查的客户会在他们的帐户信息被透露之前得到通知。08/82015The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Because when you look at it, when you look at it as it is which is what you said the other day, it’s very easy for someone in an abuse relationship to go back. But I loved him, but I trusted him and nobody says she has to be a role model.Okay, I’m just gonna say this one more time(we don't know) that we don't know(That's right.) the circumstances under which Rihanna was hit. (They are being investigated)They are being... Yes and so before we say, before we sort of keep making it sound like she's gone back to her abuser, I’d like to say that (We know he did something )we don't know, we don't know what he did. We don't know what happened.I know that we don't know. I just think that there're at least a lot of young girls out here who are assuming, and I feel like, you know, there are a lot of young girls out who feel like I can go back because I can change if I love him enough. And we don't know what happened, but I think a lot of young people are assuming and then looking at this, and this is a very important issue for...(... back ... a huge confidence.)Yes, but, it goes back to that, but it also goes back to, sometimes you can't just jump to conclusions.But we saw her face.I know we saw, you know what, another girl could have done that. We don't know the circumstances as all I am saying and before I wanna...( Why did he need management, ok?)well, maybe he is an angry guy, I mean ,that doesn't mean, you know, because he yells and gets in her face, I don't know that he hit her.(And he is ...That's fair.)So I'm not gonna assume, you know, that he did it because God knows pictures all of us have been places and we think, wait a minute, that’s not what he does, that’s what that is.And I'm glad he is in anger management class cuz this is a boy. He is 19 years old. he just said a few years ago that he thought he would be in prison because he watched his step father abuse his mother, so he just came not even a couple of years ago, came out of home where he saw abuse all the time and then he became a superstar. So actually I 'm glad he's in anger management class.I'm just saying when you do the math, see the photo, he is in anger management, makes an apology, you kind of start, it just ain't easy. Right, it doesn’t. But it’s easy as assumption…Let us hope that something good comes out of this, coz we've been talking about it the other day...04/68257Naomi Wolf is author of "The Treehouse" and Caitlin Flanagan wrote "To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife". Ladies, good morning to both of you. (Good morning) Naomi, (morning) let me start with you, I mean, in a blatant attempt to be provocative on the part of this author or a little bit of truth? Well, sure, there's a little bit of truth in that, un we are in a time of big change and about 20% of women do out-earn their husbands and this, you know, is a source of vulnerability and, and extreme emotions in, in people adjusting to change. But it's also kind of ridiculous because this piece, the same piece gets written every time women make a big leap forward. You saw the same essay in the 20s when women got to vote and in the 50s when women and early 60s when women were ing feminine mystic and it really is, um, a kind of one of these stir the pot and make everyone upsets of the pieces. Well, stir the pot , but Caitlin, there are a lot of people who think that this author has put his finger on something that a lot of career woman, women in particular, probably think but don't wanna say out loud. What do you think? Well, I think men and women are both waking up to the fact something that poorer people, working class people, have known for years, which is that when two people work, it's very hard to make home life work very well. And I think that there's always a strand of elitism to this discussion. Two Wal-Mart jobs are a heck of a lot harder on the marriage than two jobs scaling the heights at the law firm. But I think that there's absolutely a sense that running a home takes a lot of time and that the women who have made a choice to stay home and do it understand that they are really creating something at a man's value, but the value... Well, but when you look at divorce rates in this country, there are a lot of things that contribute to divorce rates, you've got race, religion. economics, family history. Where would you rank career women in that equation? Well, I think, I think that the author, you are absolutely right, he was being as provocative as he possibly could. He was intentionally, said, using the term "career girl" instead of "career women", which is I am sure why Forbes pulled it off so quickly. But I think that ultimately the notion that one career person marrying another ca, career person, regardless of gender, when two people with huge jobs get married, we all know that it takes a huge toll on their family life (I, I really need to make ) and I think that. . ( Caitlin, can I jump in? )(Go ahead, Naomi. ) I really need to point out (please do) that what the author is really saying if you tease apart his really inflammatory use of studies is that when women have choices, they make choices that they might not have been able to make in the time when they had no choices. I mean, he's saying things that he's acknowledging that when women do make money, they might leave someone who's alcoholic, they might leave someone who's verbally abusive, they might leave somebody who's physically abusive, and what he's not acknowledging and a rebuttal does acknowledge is, is that, um, if, what men really are learning is that they need to do things to make marriage last as well. Well, there's also, there 's also whole aspect is to blame the woman and put no blame on the shoulders of the man. If, in fact, careers have an impact, a negative impact on marriage, then he's assuming that it is the woman who's to blame and not the man who perhaps is intimidated by the career woman. And I wanna point something else out to Caitlin who, you know, with all due respect, has done some inflammatory stuff herself with the issue of a dual-career marriage, which is that we all know that, especially before the women's movement, women stayed home, and tended their lives and tended their children and gave up their careers and many of them found 20 years later that their husbands left them and married a trophy wife, anyway, and (Caitlin) they're hardly in a better position and if they had done the things they needed to do to look after themselves. (Caitlin, respond to that. ) Well, women have worked throughout time in America and there was a very small time in the 50s, and I think a lot of us hanker for that aspect of the past, when a man with a union job could support his family. I bet a lot of women right now who are getting dressed to go to work, aren't doing it to have glamorous jobs in law firms. I think they would much rather stay home with their children. I think that most women now, because of the economic changes in this country, have been forced into the, into the job market. They are not thrilled to be going to work, I bet there are a lot of women watching right now would say I'd love to put my purse down , I'd love to put my coat down, and I'd love to raise my child myself. Caitlin of course you're absolute right, But, what, what I'm frustrated by is that you don't acknowledge that we in America don't have the same kinds of options for flexibility in the work-family life that they do in Europe, especially in northern Europe, in Canada, where after you have a baby you get a year off , your husband gets a year off, you get 60, 90% of your salary , and women, they are not stressing about work (Naomi,Naomi.)and family life And marriage aren't just stressed there as they're.....Caitlin, last word, go ahead. Naomi, look at France. Why did France blared over last summer? Because there's a whole lot of women, who are not white and not native-born French women who can't get in their job market. Europe is no picnic for the middle class and upper middle class family, if you are not a white native-born French person. Ah, your, you're just completely wrong, but guess I have to leave it there. And I promised her the last word but that's all right. Caitlin Flanagan again, thanks Naomi Wolf, thank you.1. blatant:adj. You use blatant to describe something bad that is done in an open or very obvious way.2. elitism:n. Elitism is the quality or practice of being elitist.精英主义3. inflammatory:adj. If you accuse someone of saying or doing inflammatory things, you mean that what they say or do is likely to make people react very angrily. 激动的4. rebuttal:n.If you make a rebuttal of a charge or accusation that has been made against you, you make a statement which gives reasons why the accusation is untrue. (FORMAL)辩驳, 举反5. with all due respect:with all due honor, without any attempt to hurt (usually a token expression of respect that precedes a critical or not very flattering statement) 尽管对阁下尊敬之至6. trophy wife:a wife who is an attractive young woman; seldom the first wife of an affluent older man; "his trophy wife was an asset to his business"200810/52769

Jimmy Kimmel behind the promo scene Behind the scene of Jimmy Kimmel Live promo From Hollywood it's Jimmy Kimmel Live!If you watched the Oscar Night without speeding through the commercials, you may have noticed that a promo for our show starring me and the actor Tom Cruise. Aired was me saving Tom from burning house. We shot the promo the other night and thought it might be fun to show you just how we did it. So join us now as we go behind the scenes at the making of what we in the television industry call a promo.Tom will be here at any minute. It is gonna be some hand-holding in this, because, you know, he is not... he's used to doing, doing movies. I mean, this is a promo. So, I'll do what I can to get him through it.Now you know Jimmy just kept calling and calling, begging his manager and producer and lawyers.When I got the call saying that Tommy wanted to do something with me, you know, I had two questions, what time and where and when. He kept saying he had two questions which were actually three. But I guess it was more like two because he was pretty redundant.Well, I’ve never been in an action movie. I’ve never "acted".I’ve been fortunate because I have worked with so many great actors in my career. This is a nice change. Jimmy, it’s a big night for you. You’re Tom Cruise fan...Yeah, of course, yeah.Thanks man.Yeah.Interview with the Vampire, Born on the Fourth of July, Top Gun, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.I dig your stuff too, you know.Yeah, you do?Yeah.Like what? I don’t wanna, you know, I know but like what stuff of mine have you liked?You know, the stuff for you talking, you know, that with the guy, you know, Top Ten Lists. That’s hilarious and Jay Walking. I love that stuff. It’s great, man. Let’s go.Three, two, go.Wow, I was great. I was really good. You see that?Where is Kimmel? Why are we always waiting on Kimmel?Action!Jimmy Kimmel. You saved my life. Yes, I did. Go in to save my cat.Cat? (I need my cat.) Ok, Ok. Should I go in this house?Well, I was, I thought I was really good. Tom'll get it, get it.Get caring me.Please, save my cat. I’ll do your show. But please, save my cat.(Lovely, lovely) I feel like he would kill Hitler now. Yeah, exactly. You guys had fun on set? Yea, Jimmy, he is a big kid.(Oh, me? How about this guy?) He’s always pranking.(I’m always pranking?) Always. You see that?He is looking at him. No. but earlier. He is burning my tie to make it look like my tie went on fire. Billy, isn't that awesome? Ah…That’s all right. That’s a good time. We are having fun to do.Yea, sometimes we had a lot of fun.Yea, this is great. Last one.Save my cat. Done.(three, two)Awesome. This has been the Behind the Scenes of Jimmy Kimmel Live Thirty Second Promo for the Academy Awards, promoting the Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Academy Awards promo.Do you leave anything for me to say?They told me to say that...That one, I figure, it split up.They said that I should do the whole thing.(Who did?) They did. (Who’s they?) Them.Who told him that? Jimmy Kimmel. You saved my life. That’s right. And here now in case you missed it earlier, the fruits of our labor, the product of our blood, sweat and tears, our baby, the promo. Jimmy Kimmel, man, you saved my life.I did and I want you to know that I would never set your house on fire intentionally and just so you'd owed me and have to do my show.That never crossed my mind.Good, cause not the case here.You set my house on fire? OK, look, I’ll do you show. But please, please save my cat.Done.I don’t have a cat. Jimmy Kimmel Live Late Nights on A.Thanks coming. We’ll be right back with Robin Thicke.03/65605

Former Bush Secretary of State Powell Endorses Obama鲍威尔持奥巴马当总统  Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says he is backing Democrat Barack Obama for president. Powell made the announcement during a nationally broadcast television interview. 美国前国务卿鲍威尔说,他持民主党总统候选人奥巴马。鲍威尔是在接受向全国转播的电视采访中说这番话的。Powell says Barack Obama has the ability to transform America and American politics. 鲍威尔说,奥巴马有能力改变美国和美国政治。"He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president. I think he is a transformational figure. He is a new generation coming onto the world stage, onto the American stage. And for that reason, I will be voting for Senator Barack Obama," he said. 他说:“他已经达到了一个成功的总统、一个特殊总统的标准。我认为他是一个变革的人物。他代表步入世界舞台和美国舞台的新一代人。基于这个原因,我将投奥巴马参议员的票。”It was an important high-profile endorsement for Obama from a fellow African-American who served first as the nation's top military officer and later as its chief diplomat. 对奥巴马来说,这是来自一位重要人物的持。鲍威尔和奥巴马一样都是非洲裔美国人。鲍威尔曾经担任美国最高军事官员,后来又成为美国首席外交官。Powell, a retired general, was the secretary of state during President George W. Bush's first term. And while he has never held a prominent political post, he has served in several Republican administrations. 鲍威尔是一位退役的将军。他是布什总统第一任期的国务卿。尽管他从来没有担任过显要的政治职位,但是他在共和党几届政府中担任过要职。Appearing on N's Meet the Press, Powell said both Barack Obama and his opponent, Republican John McCain, could handle the job of commander-in-chief. But he indicated he believes Obama would be better able to tackle the nation's economic problems and improve its standing abroad. 鲍威尔在接受美国全国广播公司“与媒体见面”节目采访时说,奥巴马和他的竞选对手共和党的麦凯恩二人都能够胜任美国军队总司令的职务,但他表示,他相信奥巴马能够更好地解决国家经济问题,并改善美国在国外的形像。"I think the number one issue the [new] president is going to have to deal with is the economy - that is what the American people are worried about," added Powell. "And frankly, it is not just an American problem, it is an international problem." 鲍威尔说:“我认为最重要的问题是新总统必须处理经济问题,这是美国人民的担心所在。而且坦率地说,经济问题不仅是美国的问题,它还是一个国际问题。”Powell said he has been friends with John McCain for many years. But he said he is disappointed in the tone of the McCain campaign, and the choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee. He was asked if race played a role in his decision to back Senator Obama."If I had only that in mind, I could have done this six, eight, 10 months ago. I really have been going back and forth between somebody I have the highest respect regard for - John McCain - and somebody I was getting to know, Barack Obama," Powell said. "And it was only in the last couple of months that I settled on this."Senator Obama welcomed the news at a campaign rally in North Carolina - a state where Republicans are traditionally strong.  奥巴马参议员在北卡罗莱纳州的一个竞选集会上对鲍威尔持他的消息表示欢迎。北卡罗莱纳州是共和党的传统票仓。"Today, I am beyond humbled. I am deeply honored to have the support of General Colin Powell" 奥巴马说:“今天,我感到不胜惭愧。能够得到民众拥戴的鲍威尔将军的持我深感荣幸。”Senator McCain downplayed the Powell announcement when asked about it on the Fox News Sunday television program. 麦凯恩在接受福克斯电视台周日新闻电视节目的采访时,对鲍威尔持奥巴马的消息进行了低调处理。"I have always admired and respected General Powell. We are long-time friends. This does not come as a surprise. And I am also very pleased to have the endorsement of four former secretaries of state - Secretaries Baker, Kissinger, Eagleburger and Haig," he said. 他说:“我一直钦佩和尊敬鲍威尔。我们是长期的挚友。他的决定并不出乎我的意外。我也很荣幸地得到四名前国务卿的持,他们是前国务卿贝克、基辛格、黑格和伊格尔伯格。”With just over two weeks left until Election Day, nationwide polls put Obama in the lead. But the race is tightening, and John McCain says he is still confident of victory. 现在离总统大选投票仅有两个多星期了。在全国的民调中,奥巴马仍然领先。但是,选战正在日趋激烈。参议员麦凯恩说,他仍然有信心获胜。"I have been on enough campaigns, my friend, to sense enthusiasm and momentum and we have got it," said McCain.For his part, Senator Obama is warning his supporters against being overconfident. He is spending his weekend campaigning in states that are usually strong for Republicans - such as North Carolina and Missouri.200810/53326Pakistan Says it Arrested Taliban Spokesman巴基斯坦逮捕塔利班发言人Pakistani military says it has arrested the spokesman for the Taliban in the restive Swat valley along with four other wanted "terrorists." This is the first major arrest in the region since the government ordered a military offensive to regain control of the northwestern valley and eliminate militants there.巴基斯坦军方说,它已经在动荡不安的斯瓦特山谷逮捕了塔利班发言人以及另外四名受到通缉的“恐怖分子”。这是自政府发动军事进攻,重夺西北部山谷的控制权并清剿那里的激进分子以来的首次大规模抓捕。Pakistani authorities say security forces detained Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan and four other key militant commanders in what they are describing "a successful" military raid just outside the main town of Mingora in the Swat Valley. 巴基斯坦当局说,安全部队扣押了塔利班发言人穆斯林 .可汗和其他四名主要激进分子指挥官。他们称这是在斯瓦特山谷主要城镇明戈拉外的一次“成功的”军事突袭。A notorious commander Mehmood Khan is among those the military has arrested. An official military statement says that the militants are being interrogated and troops are conducting raids on the information obtained from them. 臭名昭著的指挥官马穆德.可汗也在军方逮捕的人中。一份官方的军方声明说,激进分子正在接受审讯。军队利用从激进分子那里获取的情报展开突袭。The security operations, says the spokesman, are making "remarkable successes". He refused to give further details about the detainees saying it may undermine the anti-insurgency offensive in Swat. 发言人说,安全行动正在取得“显著的成功”。他拒绝透露更多有关被押人员的消息,说那也许会危及在斯瓦特对叛乱分子的攻势。Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters that militants have no option but surrender because the government is determined to "either kill them or arrest them." He reiterated that Pakistan does not plan to hold peace talks with Taliban militants. 联邦内政部长马利克对记者说,激进分子别无选择只能投降。因为政府决心“要么打死他们,要么逮捕他们”。他重申巴基斯坦没有和塔利班激进分子进行和谈的计划。"I repeat no negotiations with the terrorists. We are not going to spare anybody who challenges the writ of the government," he said. 他说:“我重申,不会与恐怖分子谈判。我们不会放过任何违抗政府命令的人。”The arrests in Swat are the latest blow for the Taliban insurgents in Pakistan whose chief commander Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a suspected U.S missile attack on his hide out in the South Waziristan region near the Afghan border. 斯瓦特的被捕是对巴基斯坦叛乱分子最近的一次打击。巴基斯坦塔利班总指挥官马哈苏德在怀疑是美军对他在阿富汗边境附近南瓦济里斯坦的藏匿处发动的导弹袭击中丧生。Pakistan launched a major offensive in and around Swat in late April to check the Taliban advances in the northwestern mountainous valley, once a popular tourist resort. The offensive came after the ed States and other western allies criticized the Pakistani military for failing to rein in the extremists. 巴基斯坦政府军四月下旬在斯瓦特及其周边地区发动大规模进攻,遏制塔利班在西北部山谷的发展。那里曾经是旅游圣地。袭击前,美国和其他西方盟国谴责巴基斯坦军方没能控制住极端主义分子。The military says the anti-insurgency operation in the area has so far killed nearly 2,000 Taliban militants and left more than 300 soldiers dead. Pakistani soldiers have cleared much of the Swat valley and surrounding areas but they say there are still pockets of resistance. 军方说这一地区的反叛乱行动到目前为止已经打死近2000名塔利班激进分子,有300多名士兵丧生。巴基斯坦士兵已经清剿了斯瓦特山谷和周边大部分地区。但是他们说仍会遭遇一些抵抗。However, despite their successes, the Pakistani security forces had failed to kill or capture top Taliban leaders in the region until the announcement of spokesman Muslim Khan's arrest along with four other commanders on Friday. The top leader of the militants in Swat, Maulana Fazlullah, is still at large. 然而,尽管取得了成功,巴基斯坦安全部队在星期五宣布逮捕了发言人穆斯林.可汗和另外四名指挥官前,一直没能打死或逮捕这一地区的塔利班高层领导人。斯瓦特的塔利班头目之一法兹鲁拉仍然在逃。Washington has praised the anti-insurgency operation in Swat and has given significant financial assistance to help Pakistan repatriate hundreds of thousands of families the offensive had displaced. Most of the internal refugees have now returned to their homes with foreign-funded assistance.华盛顿赞扬斯瓦特地区的打击叛乱分子的行动,并提供了可观的经济持,帮助巴基斯坦将成千上万因袭击而背井离乡的人遣送回国。大部分巴基斯坦的难民已经依靠外国的资金援助回到他们的家园。09/83968The Science of Fun 玩吧不是罪 Proof that grownups need playtime, too. And finally from us , everyone likes to have fun, even serious journalist like our Bill Blakemore and for this week's Nature's Edge Notebook, Bill talks to a respected scientist who has discovered that playtime is critically important for all species. Ok, look, it’s the middle of summer and I’m going on vocation tomorrow. And to be honest, I don't feel like doing any serious reporting today but like goofing off and getting playful like probably half the people here in the city, and since we always do Nature’s Edge stories outside, all I know is I want today’s story whatever it is, to be from that fun helium balloon, which is showed up here in Central Park for summer time amusement. And it occured to me that rather than feeling guilty about wanting to be playful, that is the story, and I should call up a psychologist we just learned of, Doctor Stuart Brown who does a serious thinking in a tree house over in California, and who has just written a book about the vital importance of remaining playful at all ages, so let’s call him up. Hello? Hello, Doctor Brown? That’s me .Are you in your tree house? I'm in my tree house. Well, we are in the balloon high above Central Park. And I was feeling very guilty about wanting to be playful rather than do a serious news report. What’s wrong with me? You get play deficit for one thing, just like sleep deficit so that’s why you’re eager to get on the road, and once you get on the road, you’d better do what you really want to do which just comes from within yourself and it’s voluntary. So you play. Playing is hard-wired genetically and it certainly fosters a lot of good things happening in the brain. Those said who don't play a lot, maybe very successful, but they are often compulsive , /they/ have a narrow repertoire responses to stress, are often dogged in their pursuit of a goal and if you look more closely, you have a small ring mild chronic depression .We are designed to play a whole life time and if you don't, you’re in trouble, Bill, I mean that’s just common sense Doctor Brown, thanks very much for talking to us. aha,Bye bye. This is Bill Blakemore A News heading to a vocation from high above Central Park; oh look at that over there, what is that green stuff. Can we go over there?参考中文翻译:每个人都喜欢玩,即使是我们非常严肃的的记者Bill Blakemore也是这样。在这周的Nature's Edge Notebook栏目中,Bill和一个非常受人尊敬的科学家谈话。这位科学家发现,玩对所有的人都非常重要。现在是仲夏日,我明天就要读度假。坦白的说,我并不觉得现在是在进行一个严肃的报道,反而像咋混日子,哄这半个城市的人们玩。由于我们一向在户外做Nature’s Edge 栏目,我希望今天的故事顺其自然,我们能从中央公园为夏日升起的氦气球找到乐趣。对我来说,想要玩的心情压过来愧疚感。这就是问题所在。我应该给我们刚才提到的心理学家Stuart Brown打电话咨询一下。这位心理学家现在在加利福尼亚的一个小木屋里进行严肃的思考,他最近刚写了一本书来阐述玩对各个年龄段的人都重要性。现在我们来接通他。你好。你好,是Brown医生吗?我就是。你现在还在你的小木屋里吗?是的。我们在中央公园高高的气球上。我正在为想玩而不像做一个严肃的报道而感到愧疚。我这是怎么回事呢?这说明你玩的不够,就像如果你睡眠不足你就会急切的在路上补回来,这样你才能更好的做你想做的事,因为这是自愿的。所以,你尽情的玩。玩是与生俱来的,它培养了我们大脑里发生的很多好的事情。那些玩得很少的人可能很成功,但是他们都是强迫性的,他们缓解压力的方法很少,一直都在顽固的追求他们的某一个目标。如果你更仔细的观察到话,你可能会有轻微的慢性抑郁症。我们生来就是要玩一辈子的,如果你没有,你就麻烦了。Bill,我的意思是这是常识。Doctor Brown,非常感谢你的意见。再见。这是将要去度假的Bill Blakemore在中央公园上空报道A新闻。噢,看一下那边,那些绿色的是什么呢?我们可以到那里去吗?200811/57104

Pakistan and China巴基斯坦与中国Sweet as can be?真的能甜蜜吗?Even an all-weather friendship has limits 哪怕是永不背弃的友谊都有其极限May 12th 2011 | BEIJING AND ISLAMABAD | fromThe Economist print edition Come rain or shine风雨无阻PAKISTAN’S ambassador to Beijing, Masood Kahn, was this week fully armed with metaphors to describe the robust friendship between the two countries. “We say it is higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight, sweeter than honey, and so on.”巴基斯坦的大使Masood Kahn带着形容两国坚固友谊的隐喻于这个星期到达北京。“我们说它比山高,比海深,比金属坚硬,比视野珍贵,比蜂蜜甜蜜,以及其他。”The relationship is indeed a geopolitical keystone for both countries. Pakistan serves as China’s closest friend both in South Asia and among Islamic countries. So close, indeed, that many suspect China has asked Pakistan for the valuable remains of the American stealth helicopter abandoned during the bin Laden raid. Meanwhile, China can help counterbalance Pakistan’s arch-rival, India, including in Afghanistan.这段友谊对于两国而言确实如同地理学上的一块楔石一般。在南亚以及伊斯兰教国家中,巴基斯坦充当着中国最亲密的伙伴。如此的亲密,甚至于许多国家怀疑中国向巴基斯坦索要了在本拉登袭击事件中珍贵的美国秘密遗弃的直升机残骸。同时,中国帮助制约巴基斯坦的主要竞争对手印度,以及阿富汗。Pakistan seems keen to foster the impression that new tensions with America might nudge it even closer towards China. In his blustery speech to parliament on May 9th Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani struck out on an odd tangent to praise China as an “all-weather friend”, providing Pakistan with strength and inspiration. Not to be outdone, President Asif Zardari issued an effusive statement of his own about a friendship “not matched by any other relationship between two sovereign countries”.巴基斯坦看起来热衷于促进新的与美国关系的紧张状态,而这种热衷则可能会让其与中国的关系更进一步。在其总理Yusuf Raza Gilani 于5月9号对国会充满争议的演讲中,他突然提出了一个奇怪的话题——中国是一位永不分离的伙伴,她给巴基斯坦提供力量与灵感。201105/136856Nadal makes history 纳达尔创造历史 CNN's Mark McKay has a recap of the men's final at Wimbledon and the latest news from the Tour De France.The new men's tennis rankings are out. And Raphael Nadal has a surprise surprise close the gap on world No. 1 Roger Federer. 545 points now separate the two men. The Spaniard could end the Swiss star's stay at the top place Federer has been since February 2004, before the end of this season. Of course Nadal's epic victory Sunday in the gentlemen's singles final at Wimbledon was what scent his start. Sorry if you haven't heard by now and I am surprised you haven't. The Mallorcan won his first crown of the All England Club and halted Federer's run to five consecutive titles in the process. This match went to distance all five sets and went into the record books as the longest men's championship match in the history of Wimbledon. Doctors have advised Nadal now to take a few days' rest. He has a sore knee. He won't be playing in this week's Mercedes Cup in Germany. Raphael, meanwhile, will reflect on winning Wimbledon. I would love to win here. I mean you know, Hum, today was my first, my third final. And I just focused all the time, and believing the victory all the time, and that's that's what I think. Do you think this will change your life because it's like some piece of history, you know, first Spanish person for 42 years. Well, this, piece of history, yes, because we didn't win for the last 42 years. You know, but that doesn't kind of change my life, for sure not. Are you the best player in the world right now? No, I did very well for the last couple of months though. For the last few months, I've played better than Roger. But I am still No. 2. How was it during the rain delays, how tough was it to keep concentrated? And how did the first one affect you because it seemed that when you guys came back on court, Rorger managed to get the upper hands? Well, he played very well every time. You know, so I didn't know. I just accepted, we know that the rain's gonna, the rain's gonna be there. Then I just, what's to say, was called my rethink. On the cycling, protesters made their presence known Monday at the Tour de France. Four riders taking part in the 129-kilometer third stage were stopped by the group whose members were waving banners about thirty kilometers from the finish line in Nantes. An intervention by none other than the Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme apparently walked to wonders the protestors were soon hustled away from the cyclists.参考中文翻译:最新男子网球世界排名出炉。Raphael Nadal拉近与世界第一Roger Federer的距离。545分是两人之间的分界线。这位西班牙选手有可以在本赛季结束之前终止Federer从2004年2月以来世界第一的位置。当然Nadal周日在温布尔登男子单打决赛中历史性的胜利预演了这种可能性。如果你没有听说过他的话很遗憾,而且我会很惊讶你居然没有听说过他。这位纳达尔人赢得了全英格兰俱乐部的第一顶桂冠,阻碍了Federer争夺五连冠的进程。这场比赛远远超过所有的5场比赛,是温布尔登男子比赛历史上最长时间记录。建议Nadal休息几天,因为他患有膝关节痛,不能参加本周在德国举行的梅赛德斯杯比赛。同时,Raphael将对应的温布尔登比赛作出反应。我很高兴能够赢得本次比赛。我的意思是,你知道,今天是我参加决赛的第三场。我一直都集中精力,一直相信能够胜利,这就是我所想的。从某种意义上来说,这也创造了一项历史,你知道,42年来第一个西班牙人,你认为这会改变你的生活吗?哦,这是一个历史,因为过去42年来我们西班牙人都没有赢得过比赛。你知道,但是这不会改变我的生活,确定不会。你现在是世界上最好的网球运动员吗?不,然而在过去的两个月里我竭尽全力。过去的几个月里,我比Roger表现好。但是我仍然排在第二位。在下雨的时候情况怎么样呢?在那么恶劣的环境下你是怎么集中精力的呢?第一场比赛对你有什么影响呢?因为你们回到场上的时候,Rorger似乎占了上风?他每次都打的很好,你知道,所以我不清楚。我只是接受现实,我们知道雨会一直下,我们无法改变。那么应该怎么说呢,那唤起了我对形势的重新思考。在自行车比赛中,抗议者周一出现在Tour de France。该组织的成员在距离终点30千米的法国南部城市南特挥舞旗帜。这次阻挠是由Tour de France的主任Christian Prudhomme造成的。不久抗议者就慌乱的弃自行车运动员而去。 200812/57870Mumbai Terror Attacks Heighten Tensions Between India, Pakistan孟买恐怖袭击导致印巴关系紧张  India has formally demanded strong action from Pakistan against those behind the terror attacks in Mumbai. The attacks have heightened tensions between the South Asia nuclear-armed rivals after India accused Pakistan-based militants of carrying out the terror strikes. 印度正式要求巴基斯坦对发动孟买恐怖袭击的人采取强硬行动。在印度指责以巴基斯坦为基地的激进分子发动这次恐怖袭击之后,这次事件使南亚这两个对立的核武国家关系更加紧张。The Indian foreign ministry summoned Pakistan's envoy in New Delhi, Shahid Malik, Monday to inform him that last week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai were carried out by "elements from Pakistan." 印度外交部星期一召见了巴基斯坦驻新德里大使马立克,通知他上星期发生在孟买的恐怖袭击是由“巴基斯坦的人员”实施的。New Delhi told Pakistan's ambassador that it wants strong action against those responsible. It said Islamabad's "actions need to match the sentiments expressed by its leadership that it wishes to have a qualitatively new relationship with India." 新德里对巴基斯坦大使说,印度要巴基斯坦对肇事者采取严厉行动。它说,巴基斯坦当局表示它希望同印度保持高质量的新型关系,那么伊斯兰堡的“行动应当同这一态度一致。”Indian officials said the well planned assault was mounted by terrorists trained by the Pakistan-based militant group called Lashkar-e-Taiba. About 10 to 15 heavily armed gunmen attacked different targets across India's business hub last week, killing and wounding hundreds of people. 印度官员说,这次精心策划的攻击事件是由设在巴基斯坦的激进组织“虔诚军”训练的恐怖份子进行的。上个星期,大约10至15名全副武装的手袭击了印度商业枢纽的不同目标,导致数百人伤亡。Pakistan has denied any involvement by its state agencies and vowed to cooperate in the investigation. 巴基斯坦否认其国家机构卷入这次恐怖袭击,并誓言要全力合作进行调查。India's junior foreign minister Anand Sharma has called the attacks a setback to the process of normalization of relations between the two countries. 印度外交国务部长夏尔马说,这次袭击造成印度和巴基斯坦两国关系正常化的进程出现倒退。"In what I can say was an assault on the dignity of the Indian nation state came from outside India and there are Pakistani links which are very clear and elements from Pakistan and forces and groups from there," he said.  夏尔马说:“我只能说,这是践踏印度的尊严,这次袭击来自印度以外,很清楚是和巴基斯坦有联系的,还有巴基斯坦的一些人员,武装力量和组织。”The accusations by India have fueled fears of a sharp deterioration in relations between the two countries, and the possibility of heightened tensions along their borders. 印度的指责让人们担心,印度和巴基斯坦两国关系将出现严重的恶化,以及两国边境局势可能进一步紧张。However, a strategic analyst at New Delhi's Center for Policy Research, Bharat Karnad, said New Delhi is unlikely to do what it did following a deadly assault on its parliament by Pakistan-based militant groups in 2001 when it massed troops along its border, bringing the two countries to the brink of war. "I doubt very much whether this government has the will to get into a punitive mode, and order any kind of military counteraction or something of the kind. That won't happen. But yes relations are in tatters for the moment and that will be the case for a while now," he said.Pakistan has aly indicated that if tensions with India escalate, it may move troops from its Afghan border to the Indian border. 巴基斯坦表示,如果同印度的紧张关系升级,它可能把军队从阿富汗边境调到印度边境。U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice is expected to discuss the terror attacks during a visit to India on Wednesday.  美国国务卿赖斯预计将于星期三访问印度,讨论这次恐怖攻击事件。India and Pakistan have fought three wars since their independence from Britain. India blames Pakistan-based groups for training and arming Islamic militants to conduct terror strikes in India and to foment a separatist insurgency in Indian Kashmir. 印度和巴基斯坦从他们摆脱英国殖民统治独立以来已经有过三次交战。200812/57756

Swapping gems for cash宝石交易What next for South Africas foremost mining family?南非最有影响力的矿业家族,下一步会如何?MOST people would be overjoyed to pocket .1 billion. But Nicky Oppenheimer, the chairman of De Beers, said that it was with a heavy heart that his family had decided to sell its remaining 40% stake in the worlds biggest diamond miner to Anglo American, a mining behemoth. The deal marks the end of an era for South Africas foremost mining dynasty.在大多数人眼里,获得51亿美元是一件高兴的事。然而对于尼克 奥本海默而言,这位德比尔斯(全球最大,历史最悠久的钻石矿业公司)主席却不那么轻松。其家族海默家族已经决定向矿业巨头英美资源集团出售剩余的40%德比尔斯的股份。而这次交易也标志这个南非矿业巨头辉煌时代的结束。The Oppenheimers have been in the diamond business for more than a century, including over 80 years with De Beers. Nickys grandfather Ernest settled in South Africa in 1902, having been posted to the diamond-boom town of Kimberley at the age of 22 as an agent for a London-based firm of gem traders. By 1917 he had set up his own mining company, Anglo American. A few years later he won control of De Beers, a diamond miner that had been founded in 1880 by Cecil Rhodes, a British-born colonialist. By the time Rhodes died in 1902, De Beers controlled 90% of the worlds diamond production. Rhodess immense fortune still pays for people like Bill Clinton to study at Oxford.海默家族涉足钻石业已超过一个世纪,其中80年在德比尔斯工作。尼克的祖父欧内斯特在1902年定居在南非。在他22岁那年,作为一家总部在伦敦的钻石交易公司的代理,他外派到钻石业繁荣的小城金伯利。1917年,他已有了自己的矿业公司,英美资源集团。几年之后,他又掌控了德比尔斯,一家由英国殖民者塞西尔?罗兹于1880年创立的企业。1902年,也就是罗兹去世时间,德比尔斯钻石产量占据世界份额的90%。至今,罗兹的巨额财富仍在付美国前总统克林顿在牛津大学学习的费用。Since 1929, when Sir Ernest (knighted for war services in 1921) took over as chairman, the Oppenheimers have led De Beers almost without interruption, massaging the price of diamonds by hoarding them and occasionally selling part of the firms stockpile. The family has wielded political influence, too, mostly bankrolling liberal causes. Both Ernest and his son Harry served in South Africarsquo;s parliament: Ernest for 14 years in the run-up to the second world war, and Harry for nine years as a member of the anti-apartheid opposition.1929年,欧内斯特爵士成为德比尔斯主席。自此之后,海默家族一直经营着德比尔斯,并通过控制库存量来调控钻石价格。与此同时,海默家族为一些南非的自由事业提供资助,在政界也有一定的影响。另外,欧内斯特和儿子哈利也曾为南非议会务:欧内斯特在14年里为二战提供持,哈利也是种族主义的持者。Of late, however, the familys influence has waned. Some wonder whether Nicky and his son Jonathan have the same drive and acumen as their swashbuckling forebears. And Anglo American, the firm their family founded (and in which it now has a stake of 2%), moved its headquarters to London in 1999. Nicky Oppenheimer insists that the family will stay connected with South Africa: they are still based in Johannesburg.近来,海默家族的影响力却日渐衰弱。一些人就质疑尼克和他的儿子是否拥有先驱的进取心和洞察力。而且英美资源集团,这个曾经海默家族一手打造的企业也在1999年把总部迁到了伦敦。而尼克 奥本海默却坚持家族应该要立足于南非:其总部仍在约翰内斯堡。What will the Oppenheimers do with their new pile of cash? The deal will take months to complete, so they have time to ponder. Under its terms, they are barred from dabbling in diamonds for two years. But other possibilities abound.奥本海默家族又如何运用这笔钱?这次交易历经数月才能完成,因而海默家族有着足够的时间来考量。条款规定,他们在2年内禁止从事钻石行业。但不排除有其他可能他们将再次干起老本行。The family has two investment arms. One, called Stockdale Street Capital, invests largely in medium-sized firms in South Africa. The other, Tana Africa Capital, is a joint venture with Singapores sovereign-wealth fund, Temasek, and invests in the rest of Africa. Among other things, it holds a stake in a Nigerian firm that sells powdered milk, and it plans to build up five to ten substantial firms over the next decade.海默家族有2个投资分部:斯托克代尔街资本,主要投资南非的中型企业。非洲塔纳资本,这家与新加坡淡马锡(主权财富基金公司)成立的合资公司则负责其余非洲的业务。除了这些之外,家族还拥有一家尼日利亚的奶粉厂,并计划在近十年中投资在新建5到10个新工厂。At the moment, Tana is focused on fast-moving consumer goods and agriculture, and to a lesser extent on building materials, health and education. The new money could go into any or all of these areas, says James Teeger, a family spokesman. And the Oppenheimers may also look at infrastructure and energy, two of the hottest businesses south of the Sahara. Nicky Oppenheimer is said to be furiously jetting around looking for shrewd places to inject his cash.与此同时,塔纳资本愈发重视投资日益繁荣的消费品和农产品行业。同时,也在慢慢涉足建筑材料领域、健康领域和教育界。娜塔丽珍,这位家族的发言人声称,家族获得的资金会投资到这些行业中。除此之外,基础设施和能源领域是作为撒哈拉沙漠南部最热门的行业,海默家族也在考量着对这两个领域进行投资。据说,尼克四处打探消息,寻找可以投钱的最佳场所。162926Fifteen years after pulling out because of Sierra Leone’s civil war, Peace Corps volunteers are back in the West African nation. A look at the organization's work as the Peace Corps marks its 50th anniversary this year, March 1st.3月1号是和平队成立50周年纪念日。15年前,由于塞拉利昂发生内战,美国和平队的志愿者们被迫撤出这个西非国家。现在,和平队又重返塞拉利昂。Amanda Pease is one of the first Peace Corps volunteers to work in Sierra Leone in over a decade. She has been teaching science now for six months at St. Joseph’s, a high school in the east of the country.阿曼达·皮斯是10年来在塞拉利昂工作的第一批和平队志愿者之一。过去6个月里,她一直在塞拉利昂东部圣约瑟夫高中教科学课程。For Pease, living in the roadside village of Blama, a day’s drive from the capital, Freetown, is a far cry from her coastal hometown of San Diego, California. It is also her first time to Africa. 皮斯生活在布兰玛这个偏僻的小镇,距离塞拉利昂首都弗里敦有一天的车程。这里的生活和皮斯的家乡加州圣迭哥的生活完全是两回事。Pease decided to sign up for a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer after finishing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles.这是皮斯第一次到非洲去。皮斯在加州洛杉矶分校毕业拿到化学工程师的学位后,跟和平队签了一个两年的合约。"I was trying to decide between going the academic route and doing a postdoctoral degree and go into industry and then I had been doing some volunteer work and the idea was always kind of floating around," Pease said. "There was kind of an option number three on the side, and as time went on and I thought about it more and more, I was so much more excited about that option. Just the idea of trying to give an opportunity to someone who would not maybe have it."皮斯说:“我对到底是走学术路线,去做士后,还是进入业界找一份工作,一直举棋不定。因为我一直在做一些志愿工作,所以参加和平队这个想法就一直缠绕在我心头。这是我的第三个选择。随着时间流逝,我的这个愿望越来越强烈。每次一想到我可以给别人他们从来没有过的机会,我就激动不已。”There are 37 Peace Corps members serving in rural schools across the country. Joel Wallach, co-director for Peace Corps here, says they have a long history in Sierra Leone. 一共有37名和平队成员在塞拉利昂各地农村学校教书。据塞拉利昂和平队副主任乔·沃勒克介绍,和平队在塞拉利昂的历史很长。"Sierra Leone has traditionally been a very welcoming country to the Peace Corps," said Wallach. "And there have been about 3400 volunteers in a 32-year history, up until 1994. We had been thinking about coming back for a few years, but a combination of the budget allowing us to and the security situation stabilizing made the timing right last year for us to come back."沃勒克说:“塞拉利昂一直非常欢迎和平队。在1962到1994年的32年中,我们一共派3400名志愿者到塞拉利工作。过去几年,我们一直考虑重返塞拉利昂,但是由于资金和安全问题,一直到去年局势稳定了,我们重返塞拉利昂的时机才成熟。”201103/128410

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