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赣州压双眼皮医院哪个好赣州做双眼皮医院Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, delivering a big blow to President Barack Obama’s efforts to sell the Pacific-Rim trade deal to Congress.在民主党总统提名战中领跑的希拉里克林Hillary Clinton)表示反对《跨太平洋伙伴关系TPP)协定,这对美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)在国会兜售这项环太平洋贸易协定的努力造成了重大打击。“As of today, I am not in favour of what I have learned about it,Mrs Clinton told PBS television two days after the landmark trade pact was concluded. “I don’t believe it’s going to meet the high bar I have set.”“到目前为止,我对我了解到的内容表示不赞成,”希拉里在这项具有里程碑意义的贸易协定缔结两天后告诉美国公共电视PBS)说,“我不相信它会达到我设定的高标准。”Her position marks a big setback for Mr Obama whose team has spent five years negotiating with Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations that account for 40 per cent of the world economy. Mr Obama wants to get TPP through Congress before he leaves office in January 2017, but Mrs Clinton’s move is an example of how presidential politics will complicate those efforts.她的这一立场标志着奥巴马遭遇了一个重大挫折。奥巴马的团队花费了5年时间来与日本及其他10个环太平洋国家进行谈判,2个国家合计占全球经济产出0%。奥巴马希望在他2017月离任前让TPP协定在国会获得通过,但希拉里此举表明,总统选举政治将让这些努力复杂化。As secretary of state during the first Obama administration, she called TPP a “gold standardtrade agreement. But that was before she launched her presidential campaign, which faces an unexpectedly strong challenge from Bernie Sanders, a self-declared socialist and outspoken opponent of TPP.作为奥巴马首个总统任期内的国务卿,希拉里曾把TPP称为一项“黄金标准”的贸易协定,但那是在她启动总统竞选活动之前。希拉里现在面临着同样竞选总统的伯尼儠德斯(Bernie Sanders)构成的意外强劲的挑战。桑德斯自称为社会主义者,公开反对TPP。Mrs Clinton’s move to oppose TPP the economic backbone of the strategic “pivotto Asia that Mrs Clinton and the Obama national security team were pushing was criticised as a calculated effort to appeal to her party’s progressive base, which is worried about the impact of trade deals on jobs and wages.有人批评希拉里反对TPP之举是经过精心算计的,目的是得民主党内进步派的持,该派担心贸易协定对就业和薪资的影响。TPP是希拉里以及奥巴马的国家安全团队推动的“重心转向亚洲”战略的经济柱。“Forget economics and jobs for a moment. Clinton has just stomped all over most of the national security establishment which came out strongly for TPP as a strategic hedge against China in the Asia Pacific,said Steve Clemons, a politics and national security expert at The Atlantic. “They defined this trade deal as strategically vital for the US and now the former secretary of state has defected from this strategic crowd largely because of pressure on her from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and very possibly the Scranton, Pennsylvania-born, labour-hugging Joe Biden.”“暂时忘了经济和就业吧。希拉里刚刚践踏了国家安全团队的多数成员,这些人曾站出来坚决持TPP,把它作为一个在亚太地区防范中国的战略手段,”《大西洋》月The Atlantic)政治和国家安全专家史蒂夫克莱蒙斯(Steve Clemons)表示,“他们认为这项贸易协定对美国具有极其重要的战略意义——如今,这位前国务卿已背叛这个战略团队,主要是因为她正面临来自伯尼儠德斯、伊丽莎白茠Elizabeth Warren)的压力,而且很可能还面临来自在宾夕法尼亚州斯克兰顿出生、同情劳工的乔拜Joe Biden)的压力。”The Obama administration argues that TPP is the “most progressivetrade deal ever negotiated by the US, pointing to its strict labour and environmental chapters. But the president has faced fierce opposition from environmental groups and labour unions and managed to secure the support of only a few dozen Democrats in his bid for “fast-tracktrade authority earlier this year.奥巴马政府辩称,TPP是美国有史以来谈成的“最进步”的贸易协定,因为该协定有着严格的劳动和环境标准。但奥巴马面临来自环境组织和工会的强烈反对,而且在今年早些时候争取“快车道fast-track)贸易授权的过程中只获得了几十位民主党议员的持。A White House official said that Mrs Clinton had informed Mr Obama before she announced her decision in an interview in Iowa. While her opposition will hurt Mr Obama’s efforts to convince additional Democrats to back TPP, his more immediate problem is the negative reaction from senior Republicans.一位白宫官员表示,希拉里是在爱荷华州接受采访时宣布这一决定的,而之前她已通知奥巴马。尽管她的反对会对奥巴马说更多民主党议员持TPP的努力产生影响,但奥巴马眼下更紧迫的问题是要应对来自共和党高层的负面反应。Orrin Hatch, the powerful chairman of the Senate finance committee and ally of the president in part of his push for TPP, also expressed reservations. He said he was concerned about what the drugs industry sees as weak intellectual property protections for next-generation drugs known as “biologicsand the carving out of the tobacco industry from an investor dispute mechanism.美国参议院财政委员会(Senate Finance Committee)掌握实权的主席奥林哈Orrin Hatch)在持TPP方面是奥巴马的盟友,他也表达了保留意见。哈奇表示,他关切的是,制药业认为被称为“生物制剂”的下一代药物知识产权保护薄弱,还有就是烟草业被排除在投资者争端解决机制之外。“The ed States only has one chance to negotiate, consider and implement the TPP. We have to get it right,said Mr Hatch.哈奇表示:“美国只有一次机会商议、考虑和落实TPP。我们不能犯错。”Speaking in Iowa, Mrs Clinton said she was concerned that TPP did not tackle currency manipulation and that “pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits and patients fewer Her move comes one week after she unveiled a proposal to cut the prohibitive cost of medicines in the US.希拉里在爱荷华州讲话时表示,她关切的是,TPP解决不了汇率操纵问题,以及“制药企业可能会获益更多,而患者获益更少”。就在一周前,她曾公布一项提案,旨在压低美国过高的药价。It was unclear whether her use of the phrase “as of nowin referring to her opposition signalled that she might change her mind in the future.目前还不清楚,她在提到自己的反对意见时使用“到目前为止”的措辞是否意味着她将来可能会改变态度。“Hillary Clinton’s use of an ‘as of nowhinge would be total political disaster for her to shift from her previous pro-TPP position to now anti and then possibly back to pro again,said Mr Clemons.克莱蒙斯表示:“希拉里克林顿使用‘到目前为止’的字眼,对她变原先的‘挺’TPP为现在的‘反’以及接下来可能复‘挺’而言,将是一场彻头彻尾的政治灾难。”来 /201510/402717赣州腋臭手术价格 南康市妇幼保健人民医院整形

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赣州附属医院激光点痣多少钱When Narendra Modi wooed investors in China as an Indian provincial leader in 2011, he highlighted his eagerness by making a special gesture.据《中国日报》报道,莫迪6日宣誓就职,成为印度新一任总理,专家认为,他会一如既往关注中国,加强与中国的经济合作,但边境谈判难有突破。He presented a business card with one side in Chinese and in red the color that symbolizes wealth and good fortune in China.2011年,身为古吉拉特邦首席部长的莫迪来到中国进行招商引资,那时他就表现出了想要促进两国关系的强烈愿望。With Modi taking the oath of office as Indias new prime minister on Monday, such attention to China is expected to be repeated.他的名片有一面印有中文,而且是红色的。而在中国,红色意味着财富和好运。Modi, 63, led his Bharatiya Janata Party to an electoral landslide this month on a wave of optimism over his ability to revitalize Asias third-biggest economy. Closer economic ties with Indias top trading partner, China, will be high on his agenda, analysts said.63岁的莫迪领导印度人民党在大选中大获全胜,因为人们相信他能够振兴亚洲第三大经济体——印度。分析家认为,加强与印度第一大贸易伙伴——中国在经济方面的合作是他的首要任务之一。Hu Shisheng, a South Asian studies researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said economic ties would enter a new phase due to Modis admiration for Chinas economic development and his achievements in developing Gujarat into one of Indias most prosperous states through close cooperation with countries including China.中国现代国际关系研究院南亚研究所研究院胡仕胜认为,中印之间的经济往来将进入一个新阶段,因为莫迪对中国的经济发展十分欣赏。他也通过与中国等国家进行紧密合作,成功使古吉拉特邦成为了印度最富庶的地方之一。Much of Chinas 0 million investment in India is in Gujarat, where Modi served as a three-time chief minister and the state was dubbed ;Indias Guangdong;.中国在印度的投资中有9亿美元都投在了古吉拉特邦,他曾三次担任这里的首席部长,这个地方也被称为“印度的广东”。Analysts said Modis ties with China and his focus on restoring the fortunes of the worlds second-most populous nation would temper his hardline nationalist approach.分析家称,莫迪与中国的关系,以及他对专注于重振印度经济的关注,都考验着他的强硬民族主义路线。During his election campaign, he made some hardline remarks on the India-China border issue and on neighboring Pakistan.在竞选过程中,他就中印边境问题和印度与巴基斯坦的边境问题发表了一些强硬的。Hu said manufacturing and infrastructure were the priorities for Sino-Indian cooperation, as they could help the new administration to increase employment and improve living standards. ;When you focus your mind on boosting the economy, you wont allow the border issue to hinder it,; Hu said.胡仕胜称制造业和基础设施建设是中印合作的首要任务,这可以帮助新一届印度政府增加就业,提高人们的生活水平。“如果印度政府专注于发展经济的话,他们是不会让边境问题阻挠经济的发展的。”胡仕胜说。Modi has softened his stance somewhat since his stunning victory and surprised many by inviting Pakistans Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to his inauguration.It was the first time since the two countries won independence in 1947 that a prime minister from one nation had attended such a ceremony in the other.自在大选中大获全胜以来,莫迪的立场已有所缓和,他甚至还出人意料地邀请巴基斯坦总理纳瓦兹·谢里夫来参加他的就职典礼。对于巴印两国而言,一国总理参加另一国总理的就职典礼,这还947年两国独立以来的破天荒的第一次。Saibal Dasgupta, veteran correspondent for The Times of India in Beijing, said India wanted a good relationship with China.印度《泰晤士报》驻北京的资深记者沙巴尔·达斯古普塔称,印度欲与中国形成良好关系。On Monday, Premier Li Keqiang sent congratulations to Modi and expressed willingness to improve ties with India.Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a daily news conference that China was looking forward to working with the Modi administration to boost cooperation and regional peace and stability.中国也伸出友谊之手6日,李克强总理致电祝贺莫迪当选总理,称中方愿意促进两国关系发展。外交部发言人秦刚在例行记者会上发言称,中国愿与莫迪政府一同努力,加强合作,促进地区和平与稳定。Describing Modi as ;pragmatic;, Sun, of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new Indian leader was seeking a friendly international environment, which included better ties with the US and Japan.;A breakthrough on border issues is unlikely to emerge during the Modi administration, but he is expected to continue talking with China to see where the interaction will lead,; Sun said.中国社会科学院一位专家认为,莫迪秉承“实用主义”观念,他正努力寻求一个友好的国际环境,要造就这样的环境就需要改善与美国和日本的关系。这位专家还称“在莫迪执政期间,边境问题应该不会有重大突破,但印方会继续与中方讨论这个问题。”来 /201406/303068 Saif al-Kasaesbeh, father of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, sits with senior officers of Jordans military at the headquarters of his familys clan in the city of Karak Wednesday. Kasaesbeh is calling for revenge against ISIS for killing his son.Saif al-Kasaesbeh是约旦飞行员Muath al-Kasaesbeh的父亲,周三在位于Karak市的他的家族总部所在地,他和约旦军方高级将领坐在一起。Kasaesbeh号召为他被杀死的儿子向ISIS复仇。Responding to a horrific that shows one of its pilots being burned alive, Jordan has executed two jihadists, including a prisoner whose freedom had been sought by the self-declared Islamic State militant group. The father of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh is calling for revenge.约旦已经处死了两名伊斯兰教圣战士——其中一名囚徒正是自封的伊斯兰国军方要求释放的——这是对一个恐怖视频的回应。在该视频中,众多飞行员中的一个被生生烧死。In Jordan, reactions to the pilots killing have ranged from sorrow to anger. Today, the pilots father said that ISIS must be eliminated.约旦国内对该名飞行员的思维的反应从悲伤到愤怒都有。今天,该飞行员的父亲说必须消灭ISIS;The execution today is only a small part of our revenge,; Saif al-Kasaesbeh said, according to NPRs Peter Kenyon. ;My sons blood is worth more than those two.; He added that the task is clear: ;to destroy this terrorist group.;据来NPR的彼得·坎雍报道,Saif al-Kasaesbeh说:“今天的处决只是我们复仇的一小部分。我儿子的血远远比(那两个囚犯)高贵。”同时他还说任务很清楚:“消灭这个恐怖组织。”He urged Muslims to fight ISIS, saying, ;they will destroy the image of our religion around the world.;他敦促穆斯林们向ISIS开战:“他们会在世界范围内摧毁我们宗教的图像。”From Beirut, NPRs Alison Meuse reports:NPR的阿里森·缪斯从贝鲁特报道;Muath al-Kaseasbehs father says he feels great pain for the loss of his son. He calls on fellow Jordanians to be patient, but he also wants the perpetrators punished. The dawn executions of two convicted Al-Qaeda members are not enough, he says on TV network Al-Arabiya, adding I expect the government to seek revenge for the blood of Muath against this horrid organization, which is far from the spirit of Islam.“Muath al-Kaseasbeh的父亲说他为失去儿子感到非常痛苦。他号召约旦人民要有耐心,但是他也要求惩罚行凶者。清晨处决的两名已定罪的基地组织成员还不够,他在Al-Arabiya电视台说:‘我希望政府为Muath流淌的血复仇,消灭这个恐怖的组织,它根本不是伊斯兰教的精神;When Muath was taken captive, his parents criticized Jordans participation in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS. The father told NPR that Jordan shouldnt be going on the offensive and attacking fellow Muslims. But his tone has changed in the wake of the grisly which purports to shows his son being burned to death. Now he says the coalition must eradicate ISIS.;“当Muath被抓的时候,他的父母批评约旦参与美国领导的反ISIS的空袭。这位父亲告诉NPR,约旦不应该这样冒犯和攻击穆斯林。但是在被那令人毛骨悚然的视频惊醒之后,他的语气改变了,因为那个视频就是要显示他的儿子是如何被烧死的。现在他说联合政府必须根绝ISIS。”The brutal killing of al-Kaseasbeh shocked people in Jordan and elsewhere, as it followed a prolonged negotiation for his release in a prisoner exchange that also involved a Japanese journalist who was being held hostage.对al-Kaseasbeh的残酷杀戮震惊了约旦及其他地方的人民。而在此之前,为了他和另外一名被抓为人质的日本记者的释放,交换囚犯的谈判持续了很久。Adding more uncertainty to the picture, Jordanian state TV reported Tuesday that the pilot had been killed on Jan. 3, a month before the graphic was released. Jordan executed the prisoners early Wednesday.虽然画面有些不确定性,但是约旦国家电视台还是在周二报道该飞行员已在1日被处死,那是这个视频流传出来之前的一个月。NPRs Alice Fordham reports:NPR的爱丽丝·福德汉姆报道;The news of the two executions was announced on Jordans state television, which at all times has a picture of Kasesbeh in the corner of the screen.“两名处决犯的新闻在约旦国家电视台播出,而Kasesbeh一直在画面一角;One of those executed was Sajida al-Rishawi a woman connected with a hotel bombing 10 years ago, whom the extremists had demanded as part of a putative prisoner swap, also involving Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, who was beheaded last week. The other executed militant was Ziyad Karboli, identified on TV as an al Qaeda operative convicted of killing a Jordanian citizen.被处决的囚犯之一是一名叫做al-Rishawi的妇女,她于十年前一起饭店爆炸案有关,也被假定是极端分子要求的交换日本人质后藤建二的囚犯之一。这名日本人质已于上周被砍头。另一个被处决的激进分子是 Ziyad Karboli,该电视台说他是基地组织的一员,杀害过一名约旦公民;In a televised address, Jordans King Abdullah talked about the nations grief, despair and anger at the death of a hero, and called on the country to stand together in the face of the threat. Other Jordanian officials have promised revenge.;“在一个电视讲话中,约旦国王阿卜杜拉谈到这位英雄之死让举国悲伤、绝望和愤怒。他号召全国人民团结一致,面对威胁。其他约旦官员也承诺复仇。”The of al-Kaseasbehs death was released as King Abdullah was in Washington to meet with President Obama. He cut his visit to the U.S. short, but not before meeting with Obama and other American leaders.al-Kaseasbeh之死的视频是在阿普杜拉国王于华盛顿回见奥巴马总统时流传出来的。他缩短访美行程,但还是回见了奥巴马和其他美国领导人。Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who was among those who met with Abdullah, said Jordan will not be withdrawing from the fight against ISIS. Heres what Graham said:;All I can say is that the king feels like the gloves are off and that it is now time... you cant negotiate with these people, you are going to have to take it to them and I think its going to be more than Jordan. I mean were threatened by ISIL, thats what Im trying to get members of Congress to realize. This is not a regional problem, this is not a Middle Eastern problem. They have a desire to attack our homeland. They eventually will if they continue to have a safe haven to recruit foreign fighters. So its in our interest to join the region and go get these guys.;共和党人兼高级律师参议员林赛·格雷汉姆是参与回见阿卜杜拉的随行人员,她说约旦不会从与ISIS的战斗中撤出。下面是格雷汉姆的原话:“所有我能说的是国王已下定决心,就是现在……你无法和那些人谈判,你必须把他们要的给他们,我认为他们要的已经远远不止约旦。我的意思是我们被ISIL威胁了,那就是我试图让国会议员们意识到的。这不是宗教问题,这不是中东问题。他们要摧毁我们的家园。如果他们一直都有一个招募外国士兵安全避风港,他们最终将会(摧毁我们的家园)。所以,为了我们自己的利益,我们要加入该地区,抓住那些家伙。”来 /201502/358579南康市opt嫩肤多少钱赣州去除眼角纹价格



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