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赣州人民医院双眼皮多少钱赣州丽人整形美容医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱VideoJug shows you how to cope with a hangover by providing you with the best hangover cure ever! Be prepared for your next drinking session and learn this hangover cure now.VideoJug为你提供有史以来治疗宿醉的最佳方法,帮你轻松摆脱宿醉的痛苦。现在就开始学习,为下次饮酒做好准备。Step 1: You will need1.你需要fresh air,ice pack or frozen peas新鲜空气,冰袋或冰冻豌豆Step 2: Drink water2.饮水Dehydration is one of the main symptoms of a hangover, so replenishing the body#39;s water supply is a good idea. Try adding 1 teaspoon of salt per liter and 4-5 teaspoons of sugar per liter. Sip this slowly.Alternatively, use non-caffeinated or non-carbonated sports drinks.脱水是宿醉的主要症状之一,所以补充身体水分是一个不错的主意。试着向每升水中加入1茶匙食盐,或者每升水中加入4-5茶匙糖。小口小口地喝。或者也可以饮用不含咖啡因或不含碳酸的运动饮料。Step 3: Eat a banana3.吃一根香蕉Eating generally is a good idea in order to replace lost electrolytes, but bananas also replenish the potassium lost on all those trips to the toilet during a heavy night#39;s drinking.吃东西向来是补充失去的电解质的好方法,但是香蕉同时可以补充一整夜宿醉跑去卫生间的途中损失掉的钾。Step 4: Get some air4.运动Try speeding up that metabolic rate with a bit of exercise. It#39;ll increase the speed with which your body breaks down the alcohol.做一点运动,促进新陈代谢,可以加快身体分解酒精的速度。Step 5: Try a Cold Compress5.尝试冷敷There are two ways of making a cold compress; one using a pad, the other an ice pack.冷敷有两种方法,一种是使用冰垫,另一种是使用冰袋。To make a cold pad use a towel or cloth that has been dipped in very cold water, wrung out and folded into a pad.要制作冰垫,可以将一条毛巾或布料浸入非常冷的水中,将水拧干,折叠成垫子。To keep the compress cool dip it in the water every few minutes and repeat the same process. This should be done for at least 10 minutes.为了保冷敷效果,每隔几分钟就再浸一下毛巾,重复同样的过程。冷敷过程至少要进行十分钟。Alternatively you can use an ice pack or a sealed packed of frozen peas.或者也可以使用冰袋或密封的冰冻豌豆袋。Don#39;t use the ice pack for more than 10 minutes.使用冰袋冷敷的时间不要超过10分钟。Step 6: Drink fruit juice6.喝果汁Fruit juice is also a good idea because it is high in vitamins and nutrients that were depleted by the diuretic effect of the alcohol.果汁也是一个很好的选择,因为果汁中含有丰富的维他命和矿物质,可以补充酒精的利尿效果造成的消耗。Remember, there#39;s no silver bullet for a hangover but drinking less in the first place definitely helps!记住,应对宿醉没有绝招,最好的方法就是一开始就少喝一点酒!Thanks for watching How To Cope With A Hangover.感谢收看“怎样有效治疗宿醉”视频节目。 /201212/213594赣州中医院做抽脂手术多少钱 广告通过改变我们的感知,而不是产品本身,提升产品价值。Rory Sutherland大胆断言:感知价值的改变,可以与我们认为的“真正”价值的改变同样令人满意——他的结论对我们的人生观也可以产生有趣的启发分集介绍:广告通过改变我们的感知,而不是产品本身,提升产品价值。Rory Sutherland大胆断言:感知价值的改变,可以与我们认为的“真正”价值的改变同样令人满意——他的结论对我们的人生观也可以产生有趣的启发 Article/201302/223732部分工厂歇业以缓解雾霾天气 Article/201302/223756江西省第三人民医院减肥手术多少钱

赣州医院祛痣多少钱演讲简介:女高音歌唱家克莱伦·麦克法登在表演了约翰·凯奇所作的极富挑战性的lt;lt;咏叹调gt;gt;时,邀请我们一起探索呼吸和歌唱的奥妙,指出“人类之声:神秘,天籁,本真”。 Article/201210/205391赣州俪人整形美容医院做黑脸娃娃 In Tibet, people are busy preparing for the traditional Tibetan New Year, where 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon. The 15-day holiday will start on Wednesday.In Lhasa, The Tibet Autonomous Region#39;s capital, Potala palace square has been adorned with festival decorations. Major commercial streets have been swarmed with last-minute shoppers since Monday. Beef, fresh yak butter, and tea bricks are all essentials.Many Tibetans also are buying fresh flowers to bring some color into their homes. And azaleas, revered for their especially bright colors, are favorites. In addition, 5 thousand locals will put on group dance performances at Potala Palace Square on Friday.2月22日是藏历水龙新年,人们正忙于庆祝这个传统的藏历新年。 Article/201202/172336赣州沙绣眉价格

赣州脱毛多少钱Making your way through this cruel, confounding, ever-changing world is difficult. Something make you anxious this week, or any week? Lay it on me at askdaveholmes@gmail.com. I#39;m here to help you minimize the damage you will necessarily inflict on the world. So, what#39;s your problem?一个人生活在这样一个残酷、混乱和不断变化的世界中是很困难的。这周有没有发生什么让你感到焦虑或是虚弱的事情呢?写邮件至askdaveholmes@gmail.com告诉我吧。我会帮助你,将你在这个世界上必将遭受的损害降到最低。那么,你有什么烦恼呢?Dave,戴夫,I am newly 30, and feeling lost. I am pretty sure (ugh) I am gay, but have not come out-not for any fear of retribution, but I personally feel it is my business and mine only.我刚刚30岁,感觉很迷茫。我确定自己是个同性恋,但由于害怕报应,我还没有出柜,我觉得这是我的事,也只是我一个人的事。My real insecurity lies somewhere else at the moment. I have had the same best friends since grade school. Turning 30, they are all getting engaged or married or having kids. I am happy for them, truly. I want to be part of their new and exciting lives. But I am slowly circling the drain of being the only single friend left in a sea of couples. I have never really cared all that much, but I feel like now I am fighting a clock to find happiness, and that happiness exists only with a mate. I enjoy my single life and solitude, but I am feeling more and more out of place among the people whom I love the most. I feel like I cannot relate to them the same way anymore.现在,我的不安来源于其它原因。自小学毕业起,我就拥有了那群最好的朋友。转眼我30岁了,他们都订婚了、或是结婚了、有孩子了。我真心为他们感到高兴。我希望成为他们全新而又激动的生活的一部分。但我却在被慢慢榨干,因为我是一群情侣中唯一的一个单身汉。我从未如此在乎过,但我现在却觉得我在争分夺秒的追求幸福,而只有同性才能给我带来这种幸福。我享受单身、孤独的生活,但我却与那群我最爱的人越来越不协调。我觉得再也不能像以前那样和他们心灵相通了。How can I be single in a world of coupledom without crippling anxiety? Is this normal when you turn 30? It doesn#39;t help that parents are nagging, work is not as fulfilling as it once was, and I am longing for a drastic change in life but have no idea where to begin.如何才能在一群情侣中保持单身而又不感到焦虑呢?当你30岁时,这正常吗?父母唠叨、工作不如以往那般充实是没有任何帮助的,而我正渴望着生活发生巨大的变化,但却又不知从何开始。-Andy--安迪It is completely natural to feel anxious when all of your friends are coupling up, which they seem to be doing right on schedule. But I#39;d ask you to pause your churning mind for a moment and ask yourself one simple question: Whose schedule are you on? Do you want to be in a relationship because you#39;re y to explore life with another human being? Or do you want it because you#39;re the only one who doesn#39;t have it? Does your happiness truly depend on having a mate, or is it this year#39;s iPhone?当所有的朋友都找到自己的伴侣,按着正确的人生计划进行时,你感到焦虑是完全正常的。但请你暂时不要胡思乱想,问自己一个简单的问题:你过的是谁的人生?你想要谈恋爱是因为你真的准备好和另一个人一起探索生活了吗?还是只是因为你是唯一一个没有谈恋爱的人,所以你才想要拥有恋情呢?你的幸福真的只能由同性带给你吗?会不会今年新出的iPhone就能给你带来幸福感呢?译文属 /201706/513664 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit?这合理吗?There are mountains on the Moon.月球上有山。Yes, the Moon has mountains, craters, even seas, although scientists don#39;t think there#39;s water in them.是的,月球上有山,火山坑,甚至有海,尽管科学家不认为海里有水。AZUZ: One of these mountains is named for Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and on Monday, that spot was the final stop for a pair of probes, a pair of spacecraft that have been checking out the Moon.这些山中的其中一个叫萨利#8226;赖德,是美国在太空中的第一名女性。在周一,那一点将会是查看月球的一对探针和一对宇宙飞船的最终落点。Ebb and Flow were about the size of a washer and dryer, before they crashed landing into that mountain, their mission was to orbit the Moon and map it out.Ebb和Flow的大小就像洗衣机和烘干机,在它们降落到那座山上之前,他们的任务就是环绕月球并绘制它的地图。Scientists were hoping to learn more about its surface and how it might have formed.科学家希望对它的表面和它是怎么形成的有更多的了解。Researchers say they got a lot of great information from Ebb and Flow.研究者说他们从Ebb和Flow中得到了很多信息。They think it could take years to analyze all of it.他们说要想分析所有的信息可能要几年。NASA officials say the twin probes were intentionally sent into that mountain on Monday because they didn#39;t have enough fuel or altitude to keep going with the mission.美国国家航空航天局的官员说这个双探测器是故意在周一发射到那座山上的,因为他们没有足够的燃料和高度来继续这项任务。 /201212/217601赣州隆鼻整形价格赣州胎记专科医院



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