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武汉华夏不孕宜昌市第一人民医院不孕不育多少钱武汉如何检测前列腺炎 Books and Arts; Book Review;19th-century British politics;Third man;文艺;书评;19世纪英国政坛;第三人;John Bright: Statesman, Orator, Agitator.By Bill Cash.《约翰·布莱特:政治家, 演说家, 改革推动者》;比尔·凯西。Bill Cash, a Conservative British backbench politician, has written a book about another backbench politician, who also happens to be an ancestor. Mr Cash frets that his great-grandfathers cousin has been forgotten, but he hasnt really. No historian doubts the importance of John Bright; it is just that he has slipped out of the popular consciousness.比尔·卡什(Bill Cash), 这个英国保守党普通议员为另一位普通议员写了一本书, 而其撰写的这个人物恰好是他的一位先人。卡什议员对于人们已经忘却了他的曾祖父的这位表兄感到不快, 但是其实他没有被忘记。 没有任何历史学家会怀疑约翰。布莱特(John Bright)的重要历史地位; 现今他只是从公众的视野中淡出了。So, for the layman, who was he? The very question, Mr Cash tells us, would have flabbergasted anyone in the 19th century. In 1878 Punch published a series of cartoons of the three Britons whom they deemed to be the greatest statesmen of the age—Benjamin Disraeli, William Gladstone and Bright. Born in 1811 and with a political career spanning nearly 50 years as a member of parliament for Durham, Manchester and Birmingham, Bright would be “the one contemporary statesman whose fame and accomplishments transcended the age,” according to Walter Bagehot, this newspapers editor from 1860-77. A biography by G.M. Trevelyan, which came out in 1913, described him as “a rare example of the hero as politician”.那么,对于我们这些门外汉来说, 这个约翰·布莱特究竟何方神圣?如果是在十九世纪, 卡什先生向我们提出的这个问题, 会令任何人感到诧异。 在1878年, Punch报纸出版了一系列的连载漫画, 讲述了被认为是这个国家最伟大的政治家的3个人, 他们当中有本杰明·迪斯累利(Benjamin Disreali),威廉·格莱斯顿(William Gladstone), 还有一位就是约翰·布莱特。 曾于1860-1877年间担任该报主编的瓦尔特·伯格霍特(Walter.Bogehot)称赞这位生于1811年, 曾担任杜伦、曼切斯特和伯明翰地区议员,拥有跨越了50个年头政治生涯的老议员布莱特为“声誉和成就超越了本时代的当代政治家”。 在1913年为其出版的一本传记中, 该书作者也将布莱特描述为“一位罕见的能被称为英雄的政坛人物”。A Quaker born in Rochdale, Bright made his name campaigning for the repeal of the protectionist Corn Laws, distinguishing himself, as Karl Marx testified, as “one of the most gifted orators that England has ever produced”. He was inspiring as well as courageous, and his passion for free trade was allied to his passion for democracy. He crusaded against monopoly, aristocracy, slavery and more. It was Bright who said that “England is the mother of Parliaments”, a phrase that has passed into idiom. He fought tirelessly for the Reform Act of 1867 which gave the vote to working-class men. A radical as well as a nonconformist, Bright was vocal in his opposition to the Crimean war, which he believed to be un-Christian, a stance that eventually lost him his parliamentary seat.作为来自于罗奇达尔(Rochdale)的公宜会信徒, 布莱特在针对保护主义者的玉米法案的反对运动中初次参加竞选活动, 就展现出超凡的演讲才能, 正如卡尔·马克思(Karl Marx)所言, 他是“英格兰有史以来最有天赋的演说家之一”。他的演讲大胆豪迈又鼓舞人心, 而他对自由贸易的又与其对民主自由的热忱紧紧结合。他严词讨伐垄断势力,贵族阶层和奴隶制度等不平等的制度,而今已成谚语的名言”英国是议会之母”就是出自其语。布莱特曾经为给予了劳工阶层投票权的1867年改革法案而不知疲倦的斗争。身为一个激进派的新教徒, 他也曾直言不讳的反对克里米亚战争(Crimean War)。布莱特认为这场战争是不符合基督教精神的,而这种立场最终让他丢掉了自己的议员席位。Whether you rated him a hero or a villain depended on your point of view. His pugnacity fascinated and repelled people in equal measure. Early tales include a furious quarrel with a local Anglican vicar, both of them hollering from tombstones in the parish churchyard. He was, says Mr Cash, “an independent Radical by principle, with a persistent strain of innate conservatism. He was in the Liberal Party as it evolved but not always of, or evenwith, the Liberal Party”. His relationships with Gladstone and Disraeli were complex. He loathed Lord Palmerston, a former prime minister, and the feeling was mutual.你认为布莱特是个英雄还是恶棍完全取决于你自己的好恶。他好斗的个性有多令人欣赏,同时就有多令人讨厌。他早期的轶事中就有一则关于一次他和一个圣公会的副主教暴吵了一架,两个人都在一个地区教堂的墓地里大喊大叫的故事。卡什先生说,布莱特是一个天生流着保守主义血液的自有原则的激进派;他始终都在自由党中, 但并不总是属于自由党, 甚至不见得总是持自由党。布莱特和格莱斯顿以及迪斯累利的关系都很复杂。 他还极端厌恶前首相帕梅尔斯通(Palmerston), 而帕梅尔斯通对布莱特也没什么好感。Mr Cash is a lawyer by training and a politician by profession. He has a sharp eye for detail and he presents a strong case. What he does not explain is how Bright slipped out of view. His own interest, he tells the er, has increased “in inverse proportion to the decline in the vibrancy, accountability and sovereignty of our Parliament”. But the underlying lament, that Bright has been censored out by fashion “as people became cynical of moral and political certainties” is too marbled with nostalgia to be believable.卡什先生是法律专业出身, 但是现在是职业政治家。 他眼光犀利, 善于捕捉细节, 并能摆出有力的例。 他并不想解释为什么布莱特从公众的关注中淡出了。 他在书中透露给读者, 与“英国议会的权威性、可信度和活跃度的每况愈下”, 他自己的影响力倒是与日俱增。但是那份对于”由于如今人们对道德和政治信仰已是不屑一顾”而导致布莱特被人淡忘的哀伤却显得过于有怀旧的意味而不足以令人信。Bright was a political force, but he never held high office, so he was rather like a midfielder who forever sets up the strikers: assists dont count as much as goals. A full- scale revival of his reputation would have to rouse the ers imagination. Mr Cash es Brights dictum that “my life is in my speeches”, many of which are rhetorical masterpieces; but the er wants more of the man, more of the life outside the speeches. Bright believed that biographies “are soon forgotten, and of no influence in the future”. Historians will enjoy this fine political portrait, but it is unlikely to make Bright famous again.布莱特有相当的政治影响力, 但是却从未担任高官, 所以其实他更像是一个永远为前锋提供持的中场队员:他的助攻不见得都能转化为得分。 要全面恢复布莱特的声望还有赖于唤起读者们的想象空间。 卡什先生引述了布莱特的一句格言”我的生命都在演讲中”, 布莱特的演讲的确很多都是修辞极佳的经典之作, 但是读者们恐怕想要更多的了解这个人, 了解这个人在演讲之外的生活中是什么样子。布莱特本人认为传记”都是容易被人遗忘的, 而且对未来也不会产生什么影响”。历史学家们应该会对这一部精致地描写了这个政治人物的著作很有兴趣, 但是这本书还是不太可能让布莱特再”火”起来。 /201211/209461咸宁市中心医院男科挂号

武汉人民医院不育不孕湖北省妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗 DOES a bill that does nothing actually do something? This is not a Zen koan, but a legislative one, being tested this month in Tennessee. The bill in question required the state’s education system to encourage students to “explore scientific questions” and “respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of opinion about scientific subjects”. It also protected teachers against punishment for “helping students understand, analyse, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories.” It passed with big majorities in both chambers, and became law on April 10th when Bill Haslam, Tennessee’s governor, declined to veto it.一个没有具体措施的法案果真能“无为而治”吗?这个本月在田纳西州试行的法案可不是禅宗的公案,而是确实具有法律效力的。上述法案要求田纳西州的教育制度鼓励学生“探讨科学问题”并“包容、尊重关于科学问题的不同见解”。根据法案,教师还能“帮助学生以客观的方式理解、分析、及考察现存科学理论中的优缺点”而不受处罚。法案在参众两院以多数票获得通过,4月10日,田纳西州州长比尔-哈斯拉姆(Bill Haslam)拒绝对法案进行否决,于是该法案在当日正式生效。At issue is whether this innocuous-sounding measure is actually a back door that would allow teachers to introduce creationism and intelligent design into science classrooms. Many are sure it is. The measure drew opposition from scientists and teachers both nationally and in Tennessee. Several Tennessee-based members of the National Academy of Sciences worry that the bill would weaken science education in the state. Around 3,200 Tennesseans signed a petition urging Mr Haslam to veto the bill. And the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) believes the measure “undermines science education in Tennessee public schools”.目前有争议的是,这份听似无伤大雅法案是否真的为教师在讲授科学课程时向学生灌输创世说和智慧设计论开了后门。很多人认为确实如此。这份法案遭到了田纳西州及全国各地的科学家和教师的反对。美国国家科学院中几位来自田纳西州的成员担心法案会降低美国科学教育的质量。田纳西州约有3200个人签署了一份请愿书,力劝比尔-哈斯拉姆否决该法案。美国公民自由联盟则认为,该法案“破坏了田纳西州公立学校的科学教育”。Supporters of the measure, such as state Senator Bo Watson, a co-sponsor, say this is alarmist poppycock. Evolution is part of Tennessee’s science curriculum, which the bill does not change. Many state and federal court cases have not only prohibited the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in public-school classrooms, but have also restrained teachers from introducing arguments against evolution in contravention of a school district’s curriculum. The original version of the bill warned that “the teaching of some scientific subjects” including “biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming and human cloning, can cause controversy”; Mr Watson cut that language out. He insists the bill is simply meant to ensure that pupils learn “critical thinking” in science classrooms.如法案联合倡议人、州参议员波-华森(Bo Watson)等法案持者说那些都是危言耸听的废话。进化论是田纳西州科学课程的一部分,该法案并没有改变这点。之前许多州法庭和联邦法庭的判例不但禁止在公立学校中讲授创世说和智慧设计论,还不允许教师违反学区课程规定讲述任何反对进化论的观点。法案中原来有句话提醒人们注意:“讲授包括生物进化论、生命的化学起源、全球变暖及人类克隆在内的一些科学题材会引起争议”;波-华森将这一句删去了。他坚称该法案仅仅是旨在确保学生们在科学课堂上学会“批判地思考”。Josh Rosenau, of the National Centre for Science Education (NCSE), asks why the bill singles out science classrooms as a place where pupils should be urged to think critically. After all, some people believe the 1969 moon landing was faked or that the Holocaust is a hoax; why not require history teachers to inform pupils of both sides of those issues, too?国家科学教育中心的乔希-罗西诺(Josh Rosenau)质问道,为何法案规定只应在科学课堂上鼓励学生批判思考。要知道,有人可认为1969年人类登陆月球是假的,还有纳粹大屠杀就是个骗局;何不要求历史老师也告诉学生关于那些事件的两种观点?Tennessee’s bill is not unusual: since 2004 similar measures have been offered in no fewer than 13 state legislatures. Only in one other state has one become law. Many such bills, including Tennessee’s, share a common parent: a “Model Academic Freedom Statute on Evolution” written and posted by the Discovery Institute, a conservative think-tank that has long advocated intelligent design. This measure protects teachers’ and students’ rights to present and hear “the full range of scientific views regarding biological and chemical evolution,” but it does little in practice. It changes no curriculum and does not expressly lobby for creationism or intelligent design. Louisiana’s measure, which has been law for nearly four years, seems to have had no discernible effects. Instead, these bills seem a particularly successful bit of signalling. They let evolution sceptics express themselves in the right place: within the law and outside the classroom.田纳西州的这个法案并不罕见:自2004年起,至少13个州中有人向立法机构提出类似的法案,除田纳西州外只有1个州的法案正式生效。这些法案中的大部分,包括田纳西州的,都有一个共同起源:由探索研究所撰写并发布的《关于进化论的学术自由法规范》。探索研究所这个立场保守的智囊长久以来都是宣扬智慧设计论的。这个法规保护了老师和学生提出、倾听“关于生物和化学进化论的所有科学观点”的权利,但并没怎么落实。法规并没有改变学校的课程,也没有明确地为创世说或智慧设计论进行游说。路易斯安娜州的法案生效已将近4年,却似乎没什么明显效果。相反,这些法案看来在传达信息方面尤有成效,它们让进化论怀疑者在恰当的场所表达了自己意见。所谓恰当,即法律之内,课堂之外。201204/180075武汉睾丸静脉曲张的危害

武汉治疗前列腺炎多少费用We all shop for groceries, but we don’t always think about how the stores we shop in influence our buying decisions.Many consumers shop on autopilot and stores, they take advantage of that.我们都去杂货店购物,但我们不一定知道我们光顾的商店是怎样影响顾客的购买决定。许多消费者都去商店自主选购,商店则利用这一点。Researchers found that shoppers who started on the right-hand side of the store and shopped in a counterclockwise direction spent more on average than shoppers who started on the left. Consumer report says stores use displays that stick out (to) make products look more tempting, manufacturers pay stores to place their products in certain areas. So be sure to check shelves below eye level and those items at the end of the aisle.They may not actually be on sale.研究人员发现,从商店右边开始逛以及以逆时针方向逛商店的购物者比从左边开始逛的购物者平均花费更多。消费者报告说道,商店利用伸出式排列使商品看起来更加诱人。厂家付钱给商店,以把商品摆在特定的位置。所以一定要检查低于眼镜位置的货架和那些摆在过道尾巴上的商品。他们可能不打折。Now according to consumer reports, Americans make an average of 88 trips to the store each year and spend an average of 60, but you can save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping smart.根据消费者报告,美国人平均每年去商店光顾88次,平均花费5060美元,但是如果多花点心思,你就可能每年节省数百美元。Begin by taking a flyer. Consumer Reports says that stores will often sell items for less than they paid for them to draw you into the store and get you to buy more expensive items, but just because an item is in a flyer, doesn’t mean it’s on sale.首先从传单开始。消费者报告说,商店通常会以低于批发价的价格出售产品,吸引消费者进入商店,从而让你买更贵的商品。但是传单上的低价商品在商店并一定有售。Coupons are also a great way to save. Newspaper inserts are still the main source for coupons, but you can also find coupons online at store online sites, and manufacturer websites as well.优惠券也是一种省钱的好方法。优惠券仍主要来源于报纸插页,但你也可以在商店的官网上找到电子优惠券。Loyalty that pays as well, consumer Reports says stores are increasingly saving the best deals for customers who have loyalty cards, but be sure to check the store’s privacy policy before giving up your personal information.忠诚度也能帮您省钱。消费者报告称,商店倾向于为持有会员卡的顾客保留最好的优惠。但是在提供个人信息之前,一定要考察一下商店的隐私保护策略。Finally don’t keep your age a secret.Some stores offer extra savings to older shoppers on certain days.If you have two products that look the same, don’t compare the item price, check the unit price instead. That’s the cost per ounce or cost per pound, and Consumer Reports recommends trying the store brand. Almost 3 quarters of respondents to a consumer report survey said they bought store brand products, and 89% of those respondents reported that the store brands were as good or better than the national brand.最后,不要对年龄保密。有些商店在特定的日子,会为年老的顾客提供额外的优惠。如果有两件看起来一样的商品,不要去比较总体价格,而是要比较单价。看它是以盎司还是英镑为单位计价,消费者报告还建议试试商店自己的品牌。在消费者报告调查中,几乎3/4的受访者说他们购买过商店的品牌产品,89%的受访者说商店品牌跟全国的品牌一样好,或者比全国的品牌更好。For top tips, I’m Alison Kosik.贴心提示,我是埃里森·柯西卡。201205/184385 of course, samba had Carmen Miranda, for example as, you know, something that promoted samba, even in the Hollywood movies, 当然,桑巴有卡门·米兰达,这是你知道,即使在好莱坞电影中也提升了桑巴的知名度,but Forro is as much from the people of Brazil, from the real people of Brazil as samba.. 但巴西人也一样跳弗乐,就像巴西真正跳桑巴的人一样。This was a new era of migration as workers from the poor farmlands of the northeast moved south to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to look for work. 这是一个新的时代,移民工人从东北贫穷的农田迁往南部城市里约热内卢及圣保罗去找工作。Luiz Gonzaga wrote dance songs and sang about the lives of the migrants and those they left behind.路易斯·冈萨谱写关于移民们生活及他们留下的舞曲和歌曲。注:听力文本来源于普特201301/220179武汉现在做爱有心无力怎么回事不能快速勃起武汉睾丸酸痛是怎么回事



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