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Some cities in China are deploying cannons — mist cannons to fight off growing air pollution problems in the nation. 中国一些城市正在部署雾炮应对日益严重的空气污染问题。The smog-filled air of many Chinese cities have long since passed the “good” and “moderate” ranges, which top out at 50 and 100, respectively. 许多中国城市烟雾弥漫,早就超过了“好”和“中度”的范围,分别达到最高的50和100。The machines work by nebulizing water into small particles and spraying it into the air.该机器通过将水雾化成细小颗粒,喷射到空气中。The water sticks to the particles and pulls them out of the air. 水吸附颗粒,将其从空气中分离开来。This technology is used to keep coal dust and other industrial particulates from getting into workers’ lungs, but it works equally well on smog.这项技术是用来防止煤炭粉尘和其他工业微粒进入工人的肺部,但对烟雾也有良好的效果。译文属。201512/417942。

There are reports that Leonardo Dicaprio has joined tinder.据报道 列奥纳多·迪卡普里奥使用了陌陌He said the app works almost as well as his old method,going up to any woman and saying,Hi,Im Leonardo Dicaprio.他说这款应用软件跟他以前泡妞的办法几乎一样好 就是对任何女人自我介绍说 我是列奥纳多·迪卡普里奥Lets do this.Lets do this now.Thats probably even more than what he does.He probably goes-you.Yeah.我们来一炮吧 这就来吧 或许这都有点多余了 他大概就 你 嗯Thats what I do when Im out in the town.Im like you,come here.And theyre like who are you?我出去玩时就这么做 我就说 你 过来 对方说 你是谁啊Over the weekend here in Los Angeles,Justin BIeber crashed a high school prom.周末期间 洛杉矶 贾斯汀·比伯突然出现在一所高中的舞会上Not only that,he won homecoming queen.Thats a true story.Cuckoo,cuckoo.不仅如此 他还赢得了返校节王后的名号 真的 布谷 布谷That cuckoo clock wont go away,Andy!那台布谷钟就是不肯走开 安迪One thing I find,I watch a lot of television.Its better than talking to my kids.我经常看电视 比跟孩子聊天好玩多了Thats emotionally complicated.Its easy.I just stare and it happens.Your kids are pretty dull.Worse thing ever.那是多么需要情商的事啊 这更简单 我就看着就行了 你的孩子挺无聊的 简直糟糕透顶Now one thing I find helpful when Im watching TV is that little info button on the cable romote.我看电视时 有样东西很好用 就是遥控器的信息键You know the one Im talking about,you push it and it brings up the screen that tells you what you need to know about the show youre watching.大家知道的 按下键 会出现屏幕 显示关于你正在收看的节目的信息Which is helpful because there are 100,000 shows out there.You want to know what the hell is going on,right?这很有用 现在的节目太多了 你想了解究竟在看什么So I thought we should look at info buttons result in a piece we call what am I watching?所以我想跟大家一起看看一些信息键内容 这一节就叫做 我在看什么201609/464303。

Hungary匈牙利Viktor goes to war维克托陷入冲突The Hungarian leader squabbles with some in his party and with America匈牙利领导人与其政党成员和美国发生争吵THE new year has not started well for Viktor Orban, Hungarys pugnacious prime minister. Support for his ruling right-wing Fidesz party is sliding. A recent poll by Median showed a drop from 38% to 26%, representing a loss of some 900,000 voters. Mr Orbans personal popularity plummeted by 16 percentage points. Other pollsters find similar results.对好斗的匈牙利总理维克托·欧尔班来说,新年伊始一切并非那么顺利。其统治的右翼政党青年民主党的持率下降。Median的最新民意调查显示,其持率从38% 下降到26%,这意味着丧失了900,000张投票。欧尔班的个人知名度骤降了16个百分点。其他民意调查的结果相差无几。The immediate cause for the discontent was a planned internet tax, which was hastily withdrawn after a demonstration in late October brought tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets of Budapest. Yet instead of placating angry Hungarians, the governments retreat—the first of any significance since its most recent landslide election victory in April 2014—seems to have galvanised them. Their growing anger has deep roots.公众不满的直接来源是早已计划的网络收税法案。该法案于10月底宣布后,受到了强烈的抵制,成千上万的人们走上布达佩斯的街头对此表示抗议。然而,匈牙利政府的撤退非但没有抚慰愤怒的匈牙利人—自2014年4月压倒性选举胜利之后的第一件大事—相反更加激怒了他们。匈牙利人愈演愈烈的愤怒源泉由来已久。Stories about the luxuries and fancy properties enjoyed by some government ministers and their friends, even as poverty is rising, are causing fissures within Fidesz. Zoltan Pokorni, a former party president and education minister, who is now a district mayor in Budapest, called for an end to the “flamboyant lifestyles” of government members and “leading politicians”. Mr Pokorni was slapped down by Janos Lazar, Mr Orbans chief of staff, but his remark was given wide publicity.关于某些政府官员及其亲友掌握大量的奢侈品和财富以及穷人数量上升的消息都导致青年民主党内出现分歧。前青年党主席兼教育部长,亦即现任布达佩斯的某个区长Zoltan Pokorni呼吁政府官员和“领导政治人物”停止“奢靡的生活”。 Pokorni 遭到了来自欧尔班的办公室主任chief of staff的疯狂镇压,但是其言论也因此被大加渲染。Concern is also growing within Fidesz that a row with the Americans may develop into a full-blown diplomatic crisis. Six Hungarian officials have been banned from entering the ed States on suspicions of corruption, a highly unusual sanction against a NATO ally. The ed States is refusing to name them, citing privacy. However, Ildiko Vida, the head of the tax authority, has admitted to being on the list, and she strongly denies any wrongdoing. Encouraged by Mr Orban, she is suing Andre Goodfriend, the American chargé daffaires in Budapest, for defamation. The lawsuit is unlikely to go anywhere, since Mr Goodfriend has diplomatic immunity.此外,越来越吸引大家注意的是,青年党与美国人愈演愈烈的争吵可能恶化为一场外交危机。六位匈牙利官员因怀疑受贿禁止进入美国,这是对北约盟国成员非常的惩罚手段。出于隐私考虑,美方拒绝透露姓名。然而,税务机构的负责人 Ildiko Vida承认自己也在其中,并强烈否认有过不良举动。在欧尔班的指示下,她正在起诉美国驻布达佩斯官员Andre Goodfriend诽谤他人。这场诉讼不太可能有结果,因为Goodfriend享有外交赦免权。The holiday offered a chance for tempers to cool and for revisions to Hungarys foreign policy. A turn towards Moscow has backfired after the Ukraine crisis and the collapse of the rouble. Hungarian officials have told Western ambassadors that a much-vaunted “eastern opening” has failed to bring as much foreign trade and investment as they hoped. President Vladimir Putins cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project, backed by Hungary, was a blow to its energy strategy.此次假期可让那些愤怒的人们冷静下来,修改匈牙利外交政策。随着乌克兰危机恶化,卢布贬值,匈牙利倒向莫斯科反而适得其反。匈牙利官员告诉西方外交官之前大加炫耀的“向东方敞开大门”并未为其带来所希望的外贸和资金。弗拉基米尔·普京总统取消了匈牙利持的南部天然气管道计划,沉重地打击了匈牙利的能源政策。Yet instead of patching up relations with the Americans, Mr Orban and his ministers have launched an attack. He dismissed the claims of corruption as a “cover story” for American attempts to increase influence in the region. The ed States was interfering in the domestic political affairs of central European countries, he added. The driving factors were the conflict in Ukraine and the negotiations between the European Union and the Americans over free trade. “They want to draw us into a conflict, which can only have a bad outcome for us.” America was just conveying concerns about democracy and the rule of law to the Hungarian government, retorted a State Department spokesman.欧尔班和属下非但没有极力修复和美国的关系,反而策划了一场袭击。他认为贿赂事件不过是美国试图提高在该地区影响力的一个借口。他表示,美国日前正在干涉中欧国家的国内政策。诱因就是乌克兰语冲突和欧盟与美国的自贸协议。“他们想把我们拖进冲突,这对我们有害无益。”美方发言人表示,美国只想对匈牙利政府的民主法治表示关心。Aggressive claims about Americas behaviour have now been made by Mr Lazar, by Antal Rogan, Fideszs parliamentary leader and by Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, all of whom have given interviews to pro-government media. Mr Szijjarto told Magyar Nemzet that “external and internal” powers wanted to “destabilise” Hungary. The rift with America dates back to the passing of a controversial media law, says Zoltan Kovacs, a government spokesman. “There is a visible and tangible dislike of the US administration towards us since 2011.” Such sentiments may play well with Fideszs base, but they are unlikely to expand it.当前,匈牙利青年党领袖人物Antal Rogan,外交部长彼得·希贾托和拉扎尔对美国的言行做出了强烈谴责。他们都接受了亲政府媒体的采访。希贾托向匈牙利民族报表示,“不朽的内部”力量将“动摇”匈牙利。匈牙利政府发言人Zoltan Kovacs表示,与美国的间隙可追溯至颇具争议的媒体法案。 “自2011年以来,美国政府对我们的不喜显而易见。”这种情绪在青年党基层非常常见,但是他们不愿意将其扩大。译者:毛慧译文属译生译世 /201501/354042。

Social change社会的改变The weaker sex弱男子Blue-collar men in rich countries are in trouble. They must learn to adapt在发达国家的蓝领男性群体正处于困境中,他们必须学会适应。AT FIRST glance the patriarchy appears to be thriving. More than 90% of presidents and prime ministers are male, as are nearly all big corporate bosses. Men dominate finance, technology, films, sports, music and even stand-up comedy. In much of the world they still enjoysocial and legal privileges simply because they have a Y chromosome. So it might seem odd to worry about the plight of men.父系社会现在咋一看似乎正兴盛。超过90%的国家总统总理,和几乎所有大型公司的大boss都是男性。男性统治着经济,科技,企业,体育,音乐,甚至连说相声的都基本是男的。在大多数国家里男人仅仅因为拥有一条Y染色体便享有在社会和法律上的特权,这样看来,担心男性的“悲催命运”般的困境似乎是在杞人忧天。Yet there is plenty of cause for concern. Men cluster at the bottom as well as the top. They are far more likely than women to be jailed, estranged from their children, or to kill themselves. They earn fewer university degrees than women. Boys in the developed world are 50% more likely to flunk basic maths, ing and science entirely.但有却又大量的原由让人不得不担心。男性群体从渣男到精英男,他们在被关进监狱啊,被他们的孩子疏远嫌弃啊,或者自杀率啊都远远大于女性,却在取得更多的大学学位上败给了女性。在发达国家中,有50%左右的男孩会在基础数学,阅读和科学学科上挂掉。One group in particular is suffering. Poorly educated men in rich countries have had difficulty coping with the enormous changes in the labour market and the home over the past half-century. As technology and trade have devalued brawn, less-educated men have struggled to find a role in the workplace. Women, on the other hand, are surging into expanding sectors such as health care and education, helped by their superior skills. As education has become more important, boys have also fallen behind girls in school (except at the very top). Men who lose jobs in manufacturing often never work again. And men without work find it hard to attract a permanent mate. The result, for low-skilled men, is a poisonous combination of no job, no family and no prospects.在男性群体中又有一类人尤其遭罪。在过去的半个世纪里,发达国家里的受教育程度低的男性已经非常难应对发生了巨变的劳工市场和家庭。现代技术革新和贸易已经使原先的靠劳力形式的肌肉男的价值直线下降,缺少教育的男性,不得不在职场中苦苦挣扎,才能得一席之地。相反的,女性却依靠着自身出众的技能,在像医疗卫生和教育这样的领域里大放异。教育已经变成更重要的事情,而男孩却学校里被女孩甩在了身后(尖端领域学科除外)。从工厂失业的男性常从此不再去工作。而没有工作的男性会发现去吸引永久的伴侣是件非常难的事。由此导致低技术的男性被无工作,无家庭,无前景的“三无”剧毒环环围住。From nuclear families to fissile ones从核心家庭到易碎家庭Those on the political left tend to focus on economics. Shrinking job opportunities for men, they say, are entrenching poverty and destroying families. In America pay for men with only a high-school certificate fell by 21% in real terms between 1979 and 2013; for women with similar qualifications it rose by 3%. Around a fifth of working-age American men with only a high-school diploma have no job.持左翼 的人倾向于专注于经济,他们认为减少男性工作的机会会加剧贫穷,并,并摧毁家庭。在美国,只有高中学历的男性的实际收入,从1979年到2013年减低了21%,而同等学历的女性,在此期间的实际收入却提高了3%。约有5分之一的只有高中学历的处在工作适龄的男性,处在失业中。Those on the right worry about the collapse of the family. The vast majority of women would prefer to have a partner who does his bit both financially and domestically. But they would rather do without one than team up with a layabout, which may be all that is on offer: American men without jobs spend only half as much time on housework and caring for others as do women in the same situation, and much more time watching television.持右翼的人担心着家庭的崩溃。绝大多数的女性倾向于和愿兼顾家里财政收入职能和家务劳动职能的男性成为两口子。她们宁愿单身也不愿随便和一个游手好闲的卢瑟勉强过一辈子,而这是有依据的:美国失业男性仅仅只付出同等条件下失业女性的一半的时间来做家务事和照顾彼此的生活,这些男人会花更多的时间来看电视。Hence the unravelling of working-class families. The two-parent family, still the norm among the elite, is vanishing among the poor. In rich countries the proportion of births outside marriage has trebled since 1980, to 33%. In some areas where traditional manufacturing has collapsed, it has reached 70% or more. Children raised in broken homes learn less at school, are more likely to drop out and earn less later on than children from intact ones. They are also not very good at forming stable families of their own.因此工人阶级的家庭变的更易解体。双亲家庭这种形式还是精英阶层的标配,而这种家庭形式却在穷人中正在消失。在发达国家,非婚生子占新生儿的比重比1980年高出了3倍,已经达到了33%。而在一些传统制造业崩坏的地区,这一比例达到70%甚至更高。生活在破碎家庭里的孩子比起一般家庭的孩子而言,在学校里会学的更少,更可能辍学和收入较低。同时,因为不善于处理家庭问题,他们自己日后的家庭也趋于不稳定(简言之单亲家庭的孩子长大后更易于组成新的单亲家庭)。These two sides often talk past each other. But their explanations are not contradictory: both economics and social change are to blame, and the two causes reinforce each other. Moreover, these problems are likely to get worse. Technology will disrupt more industries, creating benefits for society but rendering workers who fail to update their skills redundant. The OECD, a think-tank, predicts that the absolute number of single-parent households will continue to rise in nearly all rich countries. Boys who grow up without fathers are more likely to have trouble forming lasting relationships, creating a cycle of male dysfunction.这两种政治倾向的讨论话题往往会相互交叉重叠。但二者的观点却并不矛盾:经济状况和社会这二者的变革都是造成此类现状的原因,而这二者还互为因果,形成恶性循环。此外,这些问题可能变得更糟。科技将瓦解更多的行业,为社会创造更多的价值,但也将使更多的无法升级自身技能的劳动者失业。 经济合作与发展组织里的一个诸葛天团预测单亲家庭的比例定会继续在所有发达国家中上升。在没有父性角色的家庭长大的男孩,将更可能不能处理好长久关系(如夫妻关系)以至于形成新的单亲家庭,由此形成一个男性功能紊乱的死循环。Tinker, tailor, soldier, hairdresser锅匠,裁缝,士兵和美发师What can be done? Part of the solution lies in a change in cultural attitudes. Over the past generation, middle-class men have learned that they need to help with child care, and have changed their behaviour. Working-class men need to catch up. Women have learned that they can be surgeons and physicists without losing their femininity. Men need to understand that traditional manual jobs are not coming back, and that they can be nurses or hairdressers without losing their masculinity.那么问题来了,我们能做什么呢?其一在于改变文化态度。在过去的一代,中产阶层的男士知晓了他们需要帮忙照看小孩,并由此改变了他们的行为。工人阶层的男士们需要加紧脚步赶上来了。女士知晓了她们可以成为外科医师和物理学家而不失其女性魅力。男人们需要明白传统的体力工作一去不复返,他们可以成为护士或美发师而不失其男性霸气侧漏之美。Policymakers also need to lend a hand, because foolish laws are making the problem worse. America reduces the supply of marriageable men by locking up millions of young males for non-violent offences and then making it hard for them to find work when they get out (in Georgia, for example, felons are barred from feeding pigs, fighting fires or working in funeral homes). A number of rich countries discourage poor people from marrying or cohabiting by cutting their benefits if they do.政府决策人也需搭把手,因为愚蠢的法令会令问题变得更糟。美国减少了对被关押的以百万数计的非暴力犯罪的处于适婚年龄的年轻男子的持,并在他们出狱后找工作这种事上还要制绊脚石造(以乔治亚州为例,罪犯被禁止从事养猪,救火或在殡葬馆工作)。在一些发达国家,为了阻止穷人结婚或者同居这一目的,通过如果他们这么干的话就砍掉他们的福利这种手段来达到。Even more important than scrapping foolish policies is retooling the educational system, which was designed in an age when most men worked with their muscles. Politicians need to recognise that boysunderachievement is a serious problem, and set about fixing it. Some sensible policies that are good for everybody are particularly good for boys. Early-childhood education provides boys with more structure and a better chance of developing verbal and social skills. Countries with successful vocational systems such as Germany have done a better job than Anglo-Saxon countries of motivating non-academic boys and guiding them into jobs, but policymakers need to reinvent vocational education for an age when trainees are more likely to get jobs in hospitals than factories.不过比起废弃愚蠢的政策,改革设计于大多数男人都是用肌肉(而非脑)工作的年代的教育系统显得更为重要。政治家门应该意识到男孩们的学习成绩不良师一个很严峻的问题,并应立足于改善之。一些明智的政策是为每个人都好,特别是对男孩。早期儿童教育会提供男孩们更系统并更能更好的发展他们的口语能力和社会技能。有着成功的职业教育系统的国家如德国,在鼓励男孩去学术化,重职业化,并指导他们工作上,已经做的比起盎格鲁-撒克逊国家而言要好的多了。但政策制定者应将恢复职业教育的重心放在使受训者更倾向于日后在医院工作而不是在工厂工作这种时代要求上。More generally, schools need to become more boy-friendly. They should recognise that boys like to rush around more than girls do: it’s better to give them lots of organised sports and energy-eating games than to dose them with Ritalin or tell them off for fidgeting. They need to provide more male role models: employing more male teachers in primary schools will both supply boys with a male to whom they can relate and demonstrate that men can be teachers as well as firefighters.更广泛而言,学校需要变得更亲男孩化一些。他们应该意识到男孩比起女孩而言就是会更可能到处闯祸:比起给他们吃药或告诫他们不要乱动而言,最好还是提供给他们一些有组织的运动和耗费精力的游戏。他们需要男性榜样角色:在小学阶段,雇佣更多的男性教师,这不但可以给男孩子提供他们可以认同的男性角色,还可以为男人可以像成为消防员一样的成为教师提供实。The growing equality of the sexes is one of the biggest achievements of the post-war era: people have greater opportunities than ever before to achieve their ambitions regardless of their gender. But some men have failed to cope with this new world. It is time to give them a hand.男女越来越平等是战后我们取得的重大成就之一:比起以前,现今人们不论性别都可以拥有更好的机会去实现他们的梦想。但是一些男士未能适应这个新的世界,是时候对他们伸出援手了。 译者:张家铭 译文属译生译世 /201506/379374。