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Whole peoples depend on them.所有人类都要依赖它们。Yet, they were reduced by half during the 20th century.然而 近半个世纪它们已经减少了。One of the reasons for the ongoing disaster is these shrimp farms installed on the mangroves#39; rich waters.这种灾难的原因之一就是在营养丰富的红树林水域建立这些养虾场。Ventilators aerate pools full of antibiotics to prevent the asphyxiation of the shrimps, not that of the mangroves.充氧机替代了红树林。向这些含有抗生素的池中充气防止虾子窒息。Since the 1960s, deforestation has constantly gathered pace.自1960年代始 森林砍伐越来越快。Every year, 13 million hectares of tropical forest an area the size of Illinois-disappear in smoke and as lumber.每年有1300万公顷的热带森林。面积等于伊利诺斯州消失在烟雾中或是成为木材。The world#39;s largest rain forest, the Amazon,has aly been reduced by 20%.阿马逊是世上最大的热带雨林其面积已缩小20%。The forest gives way to cattle ranches or soybean farms.森林让路给牛场和大豆田。Ninety-five percent of these soybeans are used to feed livestock and poultry in Europe and Asia.95%的大豆。用来喂饲欧亚两洲的禽畜。And so, a forest is turned into meat.就这样森林变成了肉食。When they burn, forests and their soils release huge quantities of carbon,accounting for 20% of the greenhouse gases emitted across the globe.当它们焚烧时 森林及它们的土壤释放出大量的碳占全球释放的温室气体的20%。Deforestation is one of the principal causes of global warming.森林砍伐是全球变暖的主要原因之一。Thousands of species disappear forever.成千的物种永远消失了。With them, one of the links in a long chain of evolution snaps.因为这样 一个长长的生物进化链断开了。The intelligence of the living matter from which they came is lost forever.它们的生命物质信息也永远失落了。Barely 20 years ago, Borneo, the fourth-largest island in the world,was covered by a vast primary forest. 二十年前全球第四大岛屿婆罗洲布满了原始森林。At the current rate of deforestation,it will have totally disappeared within 10 years.以目前森林砍伐的速度,十年内它将会完全消失。Living matter bonds water, air, earth and the sun.生物把水,土,空气,阳光结合。In Borneo, this bond has been broken in what was one of the Earth#39;s greatest reservoirs of biodiversity.婆罗洲曾是全球最大生物品种的摇篮,如今这个链条断裂了。 Article/201410/338575栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/375500If your meddling mom is driving you crazy with her nose constantly in your business, take these steps to get her off your back once and for all.如果你爱管闲事的妈妈总是插手你的事情,让你快要抓狂了,采取下面的步骤,一劳永逸地让她还你自由。You Will Need你需要Emotional control情感控制Acknowledgment认可Sense of humor幽默感Specific example具体的例子Catchphrase名言警句Willingness to occasionally ask her advice愿意偶尔采纳她的建议Adroitness at changing the subject (optional)随时改变话题的机智(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Stay in control1.控制情绪Resist the urge to lash out at her every time she gives unwanted advice. It#39;ll just reinforce the same old power-struggle pattern.抑制每当她给出你不想要的建议时向她大发脾气的冲动。这样只会强化家庭大战的模式。STEP 2 Acknowledge her advice2.认可她的建议Acknowledge her advice by saying ;thanks; or ;good to know.; Follow up by calmly telling her that all her unsolicited advice makes you feel like nothing you do is good enough -- ask for some credit.认可她的建议,说“谢谢”或者“太好了,我知道了。”随后冷静地告诉她,她主动提供的所有建议让你觉得自己做的任何事都不够好——请求她给你留点面子。STEP 3 Make a joke3.说个笑话Make a joke next time she butts in. If she wants you to do something you#39;d rather not, give her a witty line that makes light of the situation.下次她干涉你的事情时,说个笑话。如果她想让你做你不想做的事情,借鉴现在的处境说个诙谐机智的笑话。STEP 4 Use an example4.举出具体的例子Use a specific example where a friend or family member criticized her to illustrate that no one likes unwanted advice.举出一个具体的例子,某个朋友或家人对她的批评,表明任何人都不喜欢她主动提供建议。STEP 5 Repeat a catchphrase5.重复名言警句Come up with a catchphrase and repeat it exactly every time she butts in. She#39;ll then expect the phrase and possibly avoid saying anything at all.想一个名言警句,每次她插手你的事情你都重复一遍。以后她可能会料到你要说这句话,干脆什么都不说了。Become a master of changing the subject.要擅长改变话题。STEP 6 Ask her advice6.征求她的建议Ask her advice every now and then. If she feels needed and appreciated, maybe she#39;ll lighten up.偶尔征求一下她的建议。如果她觉得有需要或者受到尊重,或许会高兴起来。The term ;heliopter parent; describes a parent who hovers over their children and become too involved in their lives, especially at school.“直升机父母”一词用来描述总是盘旋在孩子头顶上方,过分干涉孩子的生活,尤其是学校生活的父母。视频听力译文由。 /201503/365262Michael has a deep affection for helping children in need.迈克尔很希望帮助孩童And this child happened to have a severe case of cancer.而这孩子刚好罹患癌症Michael immediately wanted to do something to help, to give this child hope,迈克尔立刻想要给这孩子一点希望and give him a reason to live.给他活下去的动力A lot of the people working for Michael Jackson didn#39;t want Michael to do this身边许多人都试着劝阻迈克尔because they felt that after what happened with Jordy Chandler,因为经过了乔迪·钱德勒那事件后people shouldn#39;t be reminded of any association that Michael had with any kids.实在不需要再把迈克尔与孩童连接在一起But Michael had no consciousness of guilt, at all.但迈克尔问心无愧l saw the original documentary that Mr Bashir produced.我看过巴舍尔制作的纪录片l didn#39;t know Michael Jackson at the time.我当时不认识迈克尔·杰克逊But something seemed vety, vety manipulative,但整部片感觉是控的very sinister, about the way he approached Michael Jackson.很邪恶 尤其是他与迈克尔·杰克逊的谈话态度And what was proof of that was the na#39;i#39;vete Michael displayed而迈克尔却很天真的in continuing to talk to this man, who clearly, in my opinion,一直跟这人相处 我真的觉得这个人的目的was bent on destroying his reputation.在于毁灭他的名声Tonight, 12-year-old Gavin reveaIs he spends nights at NeverIand,今晚12岁的文 将透露他在梦幻庄园夜宿sometimes in Jackson#39;s bed, the star on the floor.有时睡在杰克逊的床上 而迈克尔·杰克逊打地铺 Article/201510/405776

TED演讲者们对网络革命的影响各抒己见。 Article/201504/370327

British PM visits refugees in Lebanon英国首相走访黎巴嫩 视察难民情况UK Prime Minister David Cameron has toured a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon to discuss the migrant crisis gripping the Middle East and Europe.英国首相戴维·卡梅伦走访了位于黎巴嫩的一处叙利亚难民营,商讨中东和欧洲的移民危机。His one-day visit came as Cameron appointed a minister to oversee Britain#39;s resettlement of 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years.在为期1天的访问中,卡梅伦任命了一位部长监督英国未来5年安置2万名叙利亚难民的情况。He met the refugees in a camp outside the town of Terbol in the east of the country.他在这个国家东部特勒波尔镇外的一个营地会见了难民。Lebanon, where one in every four people is a refugee, is hosting the greatest number per capita of any country in the world.黎巴嫩是世界上人均接收难民数量最多的国家—这里每4人中就有一名难民。 译文属 Article/201509/398712

伊朗出生的艺术家Shirin Neshat探索了成为一名流亡艺术家的矛盾:代言她同胞的声音,但却不能重返故土。在她的艺术中,她用女性强有力的影像探索了伊斯兰革命之前后的变化,追踪了政治上和社会上的巨变。 Article/201410/339330

Here are true facts about the land snail.The land snail is just like a tiny human who happens to look like a disembodied tongue,And is covered in mucus.And has a shell.The land snail breathes air just like the peoples do and it eats with its mouth hole.Its bottom pair of tentacles offer smelling while its top pair offer crude seeing.It is however born without ears,which makes hearing difficult.Impossible,really.They#39;re Deaf.这是关于蜗牛的一些事实真相。蜗牛就好比一个小人 恰巧外形像是一根脱离人体的舌头。而且还裹着鼻涕脓。还有一个壳。蜗牛呼吸空气就和人类一样,而且同样靠嘴巴吃饭。它用下方的一对触角来闻气味,上方的一对勉强解决视力问题。然而它却没有耳朵使得听觉大打折扣。完全不可能,真的。它们是聋子。But in all other ways,they#39;re exactly like a tiny human being who happens to have a peins next to his face.And a vagina.Most land snails are hermaphodites meaning they have both mommy parts and daddy parts.This however does not mean that they can self baby make.When they mate,land snails circle around one another.Think full body French kiss,but with more mucus.不过总的来说,它们完全就是缩小版的人类啊,只不过恰巧在脸旁边长了根阴茎。还有个阴道。大多数的蜗牛都是雌雄同体,这意味着父母大人有的器官它们都有。但这并不是说它们就可以自己和自己生宝宝。在交配的时节,蜗牛彼此之间会互相打探。想象一下全身心的法式舌吻,外加粘稠鼻脓。As they do this,they#39;re looking for opportunities to impale each other with their love darts.I wish this was a metaphor,but it#39;s not.They actually have love darts.like actual darts.It#39;s crazy.Land snails have a totally different level of kinky.These calcified darts,which look totally bad ass,are stored in the snail#39;s dart sac,located right below the penis.When the darts impale the mate,they inhibit spermicidal secretions which makes the next part more effective.在这一过程中 它们会等待最佳时机用爱神之箭射进对方身体。我希望这只是个比喻,但它不是。它们真的是有爱神之箭。就像弓箭一样,太暴力了。蜗牛的恶趣味等级和其他物种不同。这些石化的爱箭,好凶残好狂野,它们被存放在蜗牛的箭囊之中,位于阴茎下方。当爱箭射入伴侣体内时它会抑制对方的精虫杀手, 这会使得之后的过程更高效。After a spirited darting,the snails insert their penises into each other#39;s vaginas and then the just hang out.and try not to laugh,because that might hurt the other snail#39;s fellings.Even if all the junk is right there in your face,it#39;s not nice to laugh.The snail holds onto sperm for multiple partners before fertilizing its eggs which makes paternity tests a bitch.The eggs are then laid into top soil and soon baby snails emerge.Thus completing the spiral of life.在一顿乱箭飞舞之后蜗牛会把自己的阴茎插入彼此的阴道中,之后就开始刷无聊图。而且还不能笑 因为这样会伤害到小伙伴的感情。就算你的眼前是一堆鸡鸡你也不应该笑场。在给它的蛋受精之前蜗牛会积攒多位小伙伴的精虫,这样你就不知道是哪个爹被坑了。之后蜗牛会把卵产在土壤里不久小蜗牛就孵化了.至此也就完成了绳命的螺旋。See what I did there?Spiral of ...oh God,kill me.So next time you get anxious about sex or sexuality remember that when you meet someone you find attractive at least you don#39;t have to worry about a dart getting shot into your head.看我都说了啥?螺旋。。。让我去死吧。下次如果你对性爱产生了焦虑,记住当你遇见自己心仪的对象时,至少你不用担心对方深藏弓和箭。 Article/201502/357386

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