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Motion Picture电影类Best Motion Picture-Drama: Moonlight剧情类最佳影片:《月光男孩Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy: La La Land音乐喜剧类最佳影片:《爱乐之城Best Motion Picture-Animated: Zootopia最佳动画长片:《疯狂动物城Best Motion Picture-eign Language: Elle (France)最佳外语片:《她(法国)Best Permance by an Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama: Isabelle Huppert, Elle剧情类最佳女主角:伊莎贝尔-于佩尔(《她)Best Permance by an Actor in a Motion Picture–Drama: Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea剧情类最佳男主角:卡西·阿弗莱克(《海边的曼彻斯特)Best Permance by an Actress in a Motion Picture–Musical or Comedy: Emma Stone, La La Land音乐喜剧类最佳女主角:艾玛·斯通(《爱乐之城)Best Permance by an Actor in a Motion Picture–Musical or Comedy: Ryan Gosling, La La Land音乐喜剧类最佳男主角:瑞恩·高斯林(《爱乐之城)Best Permance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture: Viola Davis, Fences最佳女配角:维奥拉·戴维斯(《藩篱)Best Permance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nocturnal Animals最佳男配角:亚伦·泰勒·约翰逊(《夜行动物)Best Director–Motion Picture: Damien Chazelle, La La Land最佳导演:达米安·沙泽勒(《爱乐之城)Best Screenplay–Motion Picture: La La Land最佳剧本:达米安·沙泽勒(《爱乐之城)Best Original Score–Motion Picture: La La Land最佳原创配乐:《爱乐之城Best Original Song–Motion Picture: “City of Stars,” La La Land最佳原创歌曲:《City of Stars(《爱乐之城)Television Series电视类Best Television Series–Drama: The Crown剧情类最佳剧集:《王冠Best Television Series–Musical or Comedy: Atlanta音乐喜剧类最佳剧集:《亚特兰大Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made Television: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story最佳迷你剧电视电影:《美国犯罪故事Best Permance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made Television: Sarah Paulson, The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story迷你剧电视电影最佳女主角:莎拉·保罗森(《美国犯罪故事)Best Permance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made Television: Tom Hiddleston, The Night Manager迷你剧电视电影最佳男主角:汤姆·希德勒斯顿(《夜班经理)Best Permance by an Actress In A Television Series–Drama: Claire Foy, The Crown剧情类剧集最佳女主角:克莱尔·福伊(《王冠)Best Permance by an Actor In A Television Series–Drama: Billy Bob Thornton, Goliath剧情类剧集最佳男主角:比利·鲍伯·松顿(《律界巨人)Best Permance by an Actress in a Television Series–Musical or Comedy: Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish音乐喜剧类最佳女主角:特雷西·埃利斯·罗斯 (《黑人一家亲)Best Permance by an Actor in a Television Series–Musical or Comed: Donald Glover, Atlanta音乐喜剧类最佳男主角:唐纳德·格洛弗(《亚特兰大)Best Permance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made Television: Olivia Colman, The Night Manager迷你剧电视电影最佳女配角:奥利维娅·科尔曼(《夜班经理)Best Permance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made Television: Hugh Laurie, The Night Manager迷你剧电视电影最佳男配角:休·劳瑞(《夜班经理)Cecil B. DeMille Award: Meryl Streep终身成就奖:梅丽尔·斯特里普;Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and eigners and if we kick them all out, youll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.;“好莱坞全是外来人口和外国人,如果我们把他们都赶出去,那你们就只能看足球和综合格斗了,而这些根本不是艺术”;An actor only job is to enter the lives of people who are different from us and let you feel what that feels like. And there were many, many powerful permances this year that did exactly that -- breathtaking, compassionate work.;“演员的工作就是进入不同人的生活中,让你看看那是种什么样的感觉今年,有很多很多特别有力量的表演正是做到了这一点——都是激动人心,非常感人的作品”There was one ;permance; this year that ;stunned; her ;not because it was good -- there was nothing good about it.; That was that moment when ;the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back.;今年有一个表演让她非常“吃惊”,“不是因为这个表演很好,而是充满恶意”那就是“想要坐上我们国家最受人尊敬的位置的那个人模仿了一位身体有残疾的记者,一个在地位、权力和能力上都远低于他,也无力反击的人”;It kind of broke my heart when I saw it and I still cant get it out of my head because it wasnt in a movie, it was real life. This instinct to humiliate when it modeled by someone in the public ... by someone powerful, it filters down into everyone life because it kind of gives permission other people to do the same.;“我看到那一幕的时候心都碎了,到现在都无法将其从我脑中抹去因为这一切不是电影里的场景,而是现实生活中的一幕当公众人物、有权势的人物形成这样一种羞辱他人的本能,这种本能就会慢慢渗入每个人的生活,因为这样的行为似乎就是允许别人效仿”;When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.;“当有权势的人用他们的地位欺凌他人时,我们都输了” 7630To sleep, he rolls his bed out from under the balcony, his stairs become become bedside tables and he can even swing his tv out from the wall.当Christian Schallert不做饭,不换衣,不睡觉,不吃饭时,他的平公寓先得很宽敞想用家具,他必须得建造To dine, he lowers a plank from the wall, his flower-stand becomes a support and his stairs become a bench.吃饭时,他从墙上放下木板,他的花台成为架,楼梯成为凳子To cook, he clicks a spot on his vast wall of click-able furniture, and a spring-loaded door swings up to reveal an instant kitchen: double-burner, dishwasher, sink, countertop and microwave oven. The full-sized refrigerator and freezer click open just alongside.做饭时,他触动墙上的一个钮,一个弹簧门旋转露出一个小厨房:双厨具,洗碗机,水池,工作台面,还有微波炉全尺寸的冰箱,Located in Barcelona’s hip Born district, the tiny apartment is a remodeled pigeon loft. Christian says its design was inspired by the space-saving furniture aboard boats, as well as the clean lines of a small Japanese home.位于巴塞罗那 Born 区,迷你公寓是在原来“鸽子笼”基础上改建的Christian说设计灵感来自船上的节省空间的家具和一个日本小家庭的布局While there’s undoubtedly more work involved in constructing and deconstructing your dining roomkitchenbedroom every day or meal, Christian claims it helps keep him in shape.每天吃饭,睡觉时都要搭建和收起物件,这无疑要花费很多体力Christian称这些活儿帮他保持了“苗条”的身材 5963

It is a very large island destination which offers a variety of activities other than just tourism. It is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. It has the activities similar to those offered in the Caribbean region. Overall it is a great place to go. Don't miss it. 这是一个非常大的除了旅游还提供各种各样活动的旅游圣地这是加勒比海地区开曼群岛伊斯帕尼奥拉岛的一个岛国岛上提供类似加勒比海地区的所有活动总的来说是一个很不错的地方请不要错过 89

Each pin-up is accompanied by a muffin recipe 菜单日历 01938

At a news conference in Riyadh on Wednesday, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal announced his plan to give away his entire tune in the coming years. ;With this pledge, I am honoring my life-long commitment to what matters most — helping to build a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world generations to come,; Alwaleed told reporters.周三,在利雅得举行的新闻发布会上,沙特王子阿尔瓦利德·本·塔拉勒宣布将在未来数年里捐赠所有财产他对记者表示:“我将通过这一誓言兑现自己一生最重要的承诺——为后代建设一个更加和平、公正、可持续的世界;Were not talking about a small amount of change here. Alwaleed is thought to be the th-richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg, with a tune of .5 billion. In fact, the Saudi prince has pledged to give away more than that — billion (what s the discrepancy is unclear) — though no time frame was set.我们谈论的可不是什么小数目据彭社消息,阿尔瓦利德被认为是全世界第富有的人,他的财产有3亿美元事实上,虽然并未设定具体时间,但这位沙特王子已经承诺捐出比这还大的数目——3亿美元(财产数额不同的原因并不清楚)Alwaleed, a member of the Saudi royal family and nephew to late King Abdullah, has gained an international reputation his business ventures and unusually open public comments. He founded Kingdom Holding, a Riyadh-based investment holding company, in 1980. It became well known in the ed States investments in technology companies such as Twitter and Apple. He has also made personal investments in Islamic study centers around the world, including one at Georgetown University.作为沙特皇室的一员,阿尔瓦利德是前国王阿卜杜拉的侄子他因商业投机和特立独行的公开而闻名于世1980年,阿尔瓦利德创建了总部位于利雅得的投资控股公司王国控股这家公司因为投资推特、苹果等科技企业在美国广为人知他还资助世界各地的伊斯兰教研究中心,其中一所位于乔治敦大学Educated in Calinia, Alwaleed is U.S.-influenced in his business thinking — he was involved in a feud with bes magazine because he felt it underestimated his wealth. His decision to give away his tune is inspired by a similar pledge by American billionaire Bill Gates. His charity group, Alwaleed Philanthropies, has worked with the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carter Center, founded by mer president Jimmy Carter.阿尔瓦利德在加利福利亚接受教育,他的商业思维受到美国的影响由于认为自己的财富被《福布斯杂志低估,他与该杂志失和阿尔瓦利德受到美国亿万富翁比尔·盖茨的类似誓言的启发,决定捐赠自己的财产他的慈善机构“阿尔瓦利德慈善基金会;的合作对象包括比尔和梅琳达·盖茨基金会以及前总统吉米·卡特创办的卡特中心 3867

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