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努力让自己接受生活的本来面目,让生命的每一天变得意义非凡让生命中充满特别的时刻,努力让梦想成真 Promise yourself to dream more and hesitate less. To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others. To appreciate your family and friends all the wonderful ways they make your life better. Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special. To become more independent and more willing to change. To fill your life with special times, and make your dreams come true. 1819英语耍狠十句话 -- :3:33 来源: 耍狠十句话1. Just wait and see. I won't let you get away with that.咱们走着瞧我不会让你得逞的. You'll be sorry.你会后悔的3. You're gonna get what's coming to you.你会得到报应的. If you're looking a fight, you don't have to look far.如果你想找人打架的话,不用找太远5. Watch your mouth. Do you know who you're talking to?说话客气一点你知道你在跟谁说话吗?6. I'll get even with you sooner or later.跟你的这笔帐我迟早会要回来的7. Listen, you've picked the wrong person to quarrel with.听着,你找错吵架的对象了8. You'd better take that back.你最好收回那句话9. You want to take it outside? Anytime!你想到外头解决(干架)吗?随时奉陪!. Don't mess with me! Don't get fresh with me!不要惹我! 给我放尊重一点! 英语英语耍狠十句话Criteria of ExcellencyMy l-year-old son, John, and I spotted the coat simultaneously. It was hanging on a rack at a secondhand clothing store in Northampton Mass, crammed in with shoddy trench coats and an assortment of sad, woolen overcoats—a rose among thorns. While the other coats drooped, this one looked as if it were holding itself up.The thick, black wool of the double-breasted chesterfield was soft and unworn, as though it had been preserved in mothballs years in dead old Uncle Henry's steamer trunk. The coat had a black velvet collar, beautiful tailoring, a Fifth Avenue label and an unbelievable price of $.We looked at each other, saying nothing, but John's eyes gleamed. Dark, woolen topcoats were popular just then with teenage boys, but could cost several hundred dollars new. This coat was even better, bearing that touch of classic elegance from a bygone era. John slid his arms down into the heavy satin lining of the sleeves and buttoned the coat. He turned from side to side, eyeing himself in the mirror with a serious, studied expression that soon changed into a smile.The fit was perfect. John wore the coat to school the next day and came home wearing a big grin. “Did the kids like your coat?” I asked. “They loved it.” he said, carefully folding it over the back of a chair and smoothing it flat. I started calling him “Lord Chesterfield” and “The Great Gatsby.” Over the next few weeks, a change came over John. Agreement replaced contrariness, quiet, reasoned discussion replaced argument. He became more judicious, more mannerly, more thoughtful, eager to please.“Good dinner, Mom.” he would say every evening. He would generously loan his younger brother his tapes and lecture him on the niceties of behaviour; without a word of objection, he would carry in wood the stove.One day when I suggested that he might start on homework bee dinner, John—a veteran procrastinator—said, “You're right. I guess I will.” When I mentioned this incident to one of his teachers and remarked that I didn't know what caused the changes, she said laughing.“It must be his coat!” Another teacher told him she was giving him a good mark not only because he had earned it but because she liked his coat. At the library, we ran into a friend who had not seen our children in a long time, “Could this be John?” he asked, looking up to John's new height, assessing the cut of his coat and extending his hand, one gentleman to another. John and I both know we should never mistake a person's clothes the real person within them. But there is something to be said wearing a standard of excellence the world to see, practising standards of excellence in thought, speech, and behaviour, and matching what is on the inside to what is on the outside.Sometimes, watching John leave school, I've remembered with a keen sting what it felt like to be in the eighth grade-a time when it was as easy to try on different approaches to life as it was to try on a coat. The whole world, the whole future is stretched out ahead, a vast panorama where all the doors are open. And if I were there right now, I would picture myself walking through those doors wearing my wonderful, magical coat. 870假如我一直经商,今天可能会相当富有,但我不认为我的人生会很成功我可能会放弃一切无形的、金钱绝对买不到的精神上的满足;这种精神上的满足常常因为人的主要生活目的是发财致富而不可企及In order to tell what I believe, I must briefly sketch something of my personal history.The turning point of my life was my decision to give up a promising business career and study music. My parents, although sympathetic, and sharing my love of music, disapproved of it as a profession. This was understandable in view of the family background. My grandfather had taught music nearly ty years at Springhill College in Mobile and, though much beloved and respected in the commy, earned barely enough to provide his large family. My father often said it was only the hardheaded thriftiness of my grandmother that kept the wolf at bay. As a consequence of this example in the family, the very mention of music as a profession carried with it a picture of a precarious existence with uncertain financial rewards. My parents insisted upon college instead of a conservatory of music, and to college I went – quite happily, as I remember, although I loved my violin and spent most of my spare time practicing, I had many other interests.Bee my graduation m Columbia, the family met with severe financial reverses and I felt it my duty to leave college and take a job. Thus was I launched upon a business career – which I always think of as the wasted years.Now I do not a moment mean to disparage business. My whole point I is that it was not me. I went into it money, and aside from the satisfaction of being able to help the family, money is all I got out of it. It was not enough. I felt that life was passing me by. From being merely discontented I became acutely miserable. My one ambition was to save enough to quit and go to Europe to study music. I used to get up at dawn to practice bee I left “downtown”, distracting my poor mother by bolting a hasty breakfast at the last minute. Instead of lunching with my business associates, I would seek out some cheap café, order a meager meal and scribble my harmony exercises. I continued to make money, and finally, bit by bit, accumulated enough to enable me to go abroad. The family being once more solvent, and my help no longer necessary, I resigned from my position and, feeling like a man released from jail, sailed Europe. I stayed four years, worked harder than I had ever dreamed of working bee and enjoyed every minute of it.“Enjoyed” is too mild a word. I walked on air. I really lived. I was a free man and I was doing what I loved to do and what I was meant to do.If I had stayed in business, I might be a comparatively wealthy man today, but I do not believe I would have made a success of living. I would have given up all those intangibles, those inner satisfactions, that money can never buy, and that are too often sacrificed when a man’s primary goal is financial success.When I broke away from business, it was against the advice of practically all my friends and family. So conditioned are most of us to the association of success with money that the thought of giving up a good salary an idea seemed little short of insane. If so, all I can say is “Gee! It’s great to be crazy.”Money is a wonderful thing, but it is possible to pay too high a price on it. 78Catawampus: 恶意的,打斜的 -01-7 18:6: 来源: 在杂志上看到过这么一个小故事:结婚前夕,未婚妻决定上演一幕让未婚夫遭受重创的"逃婚记",和刚结识的小师弟私奔故事很简单,但作者的用词很"美国化",举个例子:"Larry's elopement with Eloise knocked Cindy's wedding plans all catawampus",句中的catawampus可是一个地地道道的美语词如果记得我们前些天讲过的"galleywest"(It would knock the whole program galleywest),catawampus在这里不难理解,意思是"彻底打乱了整个婚礼计划",其"破坏"意味比galleywest更浓细查catawampus的词源,它包含的意思倒真不少首先,在口语"The school is catawampus across from the ice-cream parlor"中,"cata-"由"cater-"演变而来,均来源于法语词"quatre"(四),所以catawampus在句中相当于catercorner(斜对角的);后来,人们又把cater与cat相联系,制造了另外两个很有趣地表示"斜对角"的"猫"词,kittycorner和cattycorner另外,catawampus做名词时常出现在童话故事或魔幻小说中,表示不曾见过、无可命名的"怪物";由此,它做形容词时也可表示"fierce;savage"(凶残的,野蛮的)值得一提的是,我们常说的"美洲豹"或"野猫"都可以用catawampus来表示(中国日报网站编译) 恶意 表示 故事 意思

新东方英语900句提高篇56 求助 -01-7 :: 来源: Lesson Fifty -six Asking Help 求助高速下载 Can I give you a hand with that?我能帮你一把吗?Can I give you a hand?Need a hand?give sb a big hand 鼓掌Let‘s give Jenny a big hand.Thanks a lot, but I can do it myself.多谢,但我自己能行Thanks.Thank you.Thanks a lot.Thanks a million.I appreciate it.Thank you.I’d like to have your help.Could you lend me ten dollars? I left my wallet at home.你能借给我十美元吗?我把钱包落家里了wallet purseCould you open the door me?Could you mail the letter me?Could you buy a coke me?Could you fix the computer me?Yes, no problem. OK. Sure. Of course.Certainly.I’d love to, but...I’d love to, but I have no money now.I’d love to, but I have no time now.I’d love to, but I am busy with my work now.Would you please fix the printer me?你能帮我修一下这个打印机吗?laser printer 激光打印机jet printer 喷墨打印机I‘ll do my best, ma?am.我尽力而为,夫人Miss Madam 夫人Ms. 女士I‘ll do the best.I'll do my best.I'll do my utmost.I‘ll do everything in my power.Would you mind giving me a push? My car has stalled.您介意帮我推一把吗?我的车子熄火了Would you mind doing me a favor?do sb. a favorNot at all.Sorry it can‘t be done, because I’m ill.Sorry it can‘t be done, because I’m so busy.Sorry it can‘t be done, because I’m tied up.I’m afraid it‘s a bother you to do this.恐怕做这件事会给你添麻烦bother big trouble huge troubleDon‘t bother me.brother 兄弟I’m afraid it‘s a big bother you to do this.It is no bother to me, and I‘ll be glad to do it.一点也不麻烦,我很乐意做的I’d be happy to help you in any way I can.我愿意尽我所能来帮助你You are most kind. I wish I could repay you somehow your kindness.你太好心了我希望能对你的好心有所回报I want to repay you.It‘s very kind of you.You’re most kind.How can I ever thank you?If there‘s anything else I can do, please let me know.如果还有其它我能做的事,就请告诉我I certainly didn‘t intend to cause you so much inconvenience.我实在是无意造成你这么多的不便intend to mean toMike will be indebted to you what you’ve done.对于你所做的,麦克将会十分的感激grateful be indebted to sbMy family is indebted to the doctor.My boss is indebted to me.I’d appreciate it if you would turn out the lights. I’m sleepy.如果你能把灯关了我会很感激的我困了turn offturn onturn upturn downThere‘s just one last favor I need to ask of you.我还需要请你帮最后一个忙 求助 提高 英语 新东方

A Lesson Living"Everything happens the best," my mother said whenever I faced disappointment. "If you 1)carry on, one day something good will happen. And you'll realize that it wouldn't have happened if not that )previous disappointment."Mother was right, as I discovered after graduating from college in 193. I had decided to try a job in radio, then work my way up to sports 3)announcer. I )hitchhiked to Chicago and knocked on the door of every station - and got 5)turned down every time.In one studio, a kind lady told me that big stations couldn't risk hiring an 6)inexperienced person. "Go out in the sticks and find a small station that'll give you a chance," she said.I 7)thumbed home to Dixon, Illinois. While there was no radio-announcing jobs in Dixon, my father said Montgomery Ward had opened a store and wanted a local 8)athlete to manage its sports department. Since Dixon was where I had played high school football, I applied. The job sounded just right me. But I wasn't hired.My disappointment must have shown. "Everything happens the best," Mom reminded me. Dad offered me the car to job hunt. I tried WOC Radio in Davenport, Iowa. The program director, a wonderful Scotsman named Peter MacArthur, told me they had aly hired an announcer.As I left his office, my frustration boiled over. I asked aloud, "How can a fellow get to be a sports announcer if he can't get a job in a radio station?"I was waiting the elevator when I heard MacArthur calling, "What was that you said about sports? Do you know anything about football?" Then he stood me bee a microphone and asked me to broadcast an 9)imaginary game.On my way home, as I have many times since, I thought of my mother's words "If you carry on, one day something good will happen. Something wouldn't have happened if not that previous disappointment."I often wonder what direction my life might have taken if I'd gotten the job at Montgomery Ward. 966

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