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赣州整形美容医院疤痕修复怎么样赣州激光去痘印多少钱Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi made an unannounced visit to the Sinai Peninsula Saturday to pay tribute to what he calls military ;heroes; who are standing up to Islamic extremist violence.埃及总统塞西星期六去到西奈半岛访问,缅怀他称之为英雄“的那些勇于反击极端恐怖组织“伊斯兰国的官兵。塞西此次访问西奈半岛,之前并没有对外公布消息。Wearing army fatigues for the first time since stepping down as military chief and into the presidency, Mr. Sissi told the troops ;to say that everything is under control is not enough. The situation is totally stable.;塞西在访问西奈半岛期间,身著的是迷军装;这是他辞掉埃及军方首席将领一职、出任总统以来,首次身著迷在公众面前出现。塞西对驻守在西奈半岛的埃及官兵表示:“仅仅说军事已经在我方掌控之下,还不完全;目前局势彻底稳定。”The Islamic State affiliate in Egypt, calling itself the Sinai Province, is claiming responsibility for most of the recent attacks on soldiers, police, and civilians on Sinai.在埃及的“伊斯兰国分自称是“西奈省,并称最近一段时间内针对西奈半岛上的埃及官兵、警方人员、以及平民百姓的袭击,多数都是他们所为。This includes Wednesdays massive terrorist strikes on Egyptian army checkpoints that reports said killed dozens of soldiers.上述袭击事件当中,就包括星期三发生的针对埃及军队哨所的大规模恐怖袭击。数十名埃及官兵在那次袭击事件中丧生。The army struck back, killing 100 militants.埃及军方对“伊斯兰国随后进行了还击,并击毙了一百名武装激进分子。Meanwhile, more violence on Sinai killed at least four civilians Saturday, including a child.眼下,西奈半岛上的暴力和冲突仍然在持续。星期六,至少四位平民百姓丧生,其中还有一名儿童。来 /201507/384115赣州有人激光去咖啡色的胎记吗 A Moscow court on Sunday charged two men with alleged involvement in the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov and confirmed the arrest of three other suspects.周日,莫斯科一家法庭指控两名男子涉嫌参与谋杀俄罗斯反对派政治人物鲍里#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov),并实还逮捕了另外三名嫌疑人。Zaur Dadayev, deputy commander of the “NorthBattalion, a unit of the Chechen security services under the patronage of the Caucasus republic’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, had admitted his involvement in the crime, said Judge Natalia Mushnikova.法官纳塔利娅#8226;穆什尼科Natalia Mushnikova)表示,绍#8226;达达耶夫(Zaur Dadayev)已承认参与了这一犯罪活动。达达耶夫是“北”营(;North; Battalion)的副指挥官。“北”营是俄罗斯车臣共和国领导人拉姆#8226;卡德罗夫(Ramzan Kadyrov)持的车臣安全部门旗下的一个小分队。Anzor Gubashev, a cousin of Mr Dadayev, was also indicted but said he was not guilty.达达耶夫的表兄弟安佐#8226;古巴舍夫(Anzor Gubashev)也受到了指控,不过他声称自己无罪。The court said Mr Dadayev was to remain in custody until at least April 28. It also extended the detention of Mr Gubashev’s brother Shagit Gubashev, Khamzat Bakhayev and Tamerlan Eskerkhanov until early May. All three men said they were innocent.法庭表示,达达耶夫将至少被羁押8日。法庭还将沙吉特#8226;古巴舍夫(Shagit Gubashev)、哈姆扎#8226;巴哈耶夫(Khamzat Bakhayev)和塔梅尔#8226;埃斯克尔哈诺Tamerlan Eskerkhanov)三人的羁押期延长月初。这三人均声称自己无罪。沙吉特#8226;古巴舍夫是安佐尔#8226;古巴舍夫的兄弟。The rapid presentation of suspects, all apparently from the North Caucasus, and an alleged confession especially after police initially struggled to find even the getaway car stirred new debate among government critics.几名嫌疑人似乎都来自北高加索。鉴于警方最初连逃跑的汽车都很难找到,如今却这么快就揪出了嫌疑人、而且据传已有嫌疑人招认,这在俄罗斯政府的批评者中引发了新的争论。来 /201503/363056寻乌县做激光去毛多少钱

赣州整形美容医院去除妊娠纹手术怎么样Call me Finlandised but there must be a better way than sanctions. Russia and the west are competing over who can hurt the other the most. This is no way to resolve a crisis.你可以叫我“芬兰化”分子,但肯定有比制裁更好的方式。俄罗斯和西方正在比拼谁能最大限度地伤害对方。这种做法不可能解决一场危机。President Barack Obama says that sanctions are having an effect. Yes, they are. They are increasing popular support for Vladimir Putin. They are driving an ideological, political and cultural wedge between Russia and the west. While they hurt the Russian president’s close advisers, they also hurt Norwegian fishermen, Italian cheese makers, Finnish dairy companies, German technology companies and global energy companies. They drain hope from the European economy.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)宣称制裁正在发挥作用。是的,的确起了作用。制裁提高了大众对弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的持。制裁在俄罗斯和西方之间划下了意识形态、政治和文化的鸿沟。制裁打击了俄罗斯总统的亲近顾问,但同时也损害了挪威渔民、意大利奶酪制造商、芬兰奶制品企业、德国科技企业和全球能源企业的利益。制裁抽干了欧洲经济的希望。But are they helping the situation in eastern Ukraine? No, they are not.但这些制裁是否改善了乌克兰东部的局势?不,没有。Sanctions might work as a part of a proper strategy. At the moment, they are a substitute for policy. We need a cool-headed policy to deal with an assertive Russia. Do not get me wrong. If we do not respect human rights and the rule of law we are at the mercy of the powerful. If states do not respect the norms they have sanctified in international treaties, we turn the clock back to another century. Principles are dangerous only when they are not restrained by common sense.制裁可能作为一套合理战略的一部分发挥作用。但眼下,制裁成为了政策的替代物。我们需要冷静的政策来应对强势的俄罗斯。不要弄错了我的意思。如果我们不尊重人权和法治,我们就只能任由强者摆布。如果国家不遵守它们写入国际条约中的规则,我们就倒退到了上一个世纪。只有当原则不被常识约束时,它们才是危险的。Remember the story about a drunken fight over a principle? Two men order drinks; one of them takes the change. “Hey, that’s my money,says the other. “No, it’s mine,the first retorts. “Are you calling me a liar?Ugliness ensues; the police are called. “Did you get into a fight over 50 cents?asks the officer as the two men are whisked away. “No, it was over a principle.”还记得醉鬼因为原则而打架的故事吗?两个男子点了酒水;其中一人拿走了找零。“喂,那是我的钱,”另一个人说。“不,是我的钱,”第一个人反驳。“你是在说我是骗子么?”事情变得丑陋起来;警察被叫来了。“你们为0美分打架?”警官在带走两名男子时询问。“不,是为了原则。”I am not suggesting that Crimea is small change (although Vyacheslav Molotov called Finland “small potatoesduring the postwar peace negotiations). I am suggesting that in a democracy, foreign policy requires a balance between realism and idealism. Realism without idealism leads to cynicism. Idealism without realism leads to a bloody nose.我不是在暗示克里米亚是“找零”(尽管维亚切斯拉夫#8226;莫洛托夫(Vyacheslav Molotov)在战后和平协商时的确把芬兰叫做“小角色”)。我的意思是,在民主国家,外交政策需要在现实主义和理想主义之间达成平衡。没有理想主义的现实主义会导致愤世嫉俗。没有现实主义的理想主义会遭遇迎头痛击。The lessons of Finland’s experience of dealing with Russia can be summed up in two sentences. First, do not be naive. Second, do not be stupid. Great powers are good at changing their policies unexpectedly and Russia is no exception. One day they are friends, the next they are selling you down the river. Remember the Treaty of Tilsit? It led to Russia robbing Finland from Sweden with Napoleon’s consent. Remember the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? It lead to Josef Stalin taking over the Baltic states and trying (but failing) to take over Finland. Remember Yalta? Well, everyone remembers Yalta.芬兰应对俄罗斯的经验教训可以总结成两句话。首先,别天真。其次,别犯蠢。大国擅于出其不意地改变政策,俄罗斯也不例外。今天他们和你是朋友,明天就会出卖你。还记得《提尔西特条约Treaty of Tilsit)吗?该条约使俄罗斯得到拿破仑的许可,从瑞典手中夺取了芬兰。还记得《苏德互不侵犯条约Molotov-Ribbentrop pact)吗?该条约使约瑟#8226;斯大Josef Stalin)控制了波罗的海国家并试图(虽然失败了)控制芬兰。还记得雅尔Yalta)吗?好吧,每个人都记得雅尔塔。How can we stop the downward spiral of sanctions? Two things need to be done. First, there should be a peace treaty between Ukraine and Russia, combining an agreement on borders with a commitment from Kiev to uphold the rights of Russian speakers, and a commitment from Moscow to stop supporting the rebels in eastern Ukraine. This offers both sides a face-saving way out. Second, Russia and the west should reconfirm their commitment to the so-called Helsinki principles: respect of territorial integrity and human rights. The Helsinki Accords will turn 40 next summer. This would be a good time to renew these vows. If Moscow chooses this course, the west should begin to dismantle the sanctions.我们怎么才能阻止制裁的恶性循环呢?需要做两件事。首先,需要在乌克兰和俄罗斯之间缔结和平条约,并在两国间达成边境协定,基辅方面要承诺维护说俄语人群的权利,而莫斯科方面要许诺不再持乌克兰东部的反叛分子。这给双方提供了一个留存颜面的出路。第二,俄罗斯和西方应该再度确认对遵守“赫尔辛基原则Helsinki principles)的承诺:尊重领土完整和人权。明年夏天,《赫尔辛基协议Helsinki Accords)就签0年了。这是一个更新誓言的好时机。如果莫斯科选择采取这样的行动,西方就应该开始取消制裁。It sounds idealistic, and perhaps it is. Just in case, Finland and Sweden should join Nato in due course. Moscow might complain that the western sphere of influence was again expanding. But these two countries are aly part of the west. Their membership in Nato would benefit Russia: it would bring in two pragmatic countries who want to make Russia and Nato partners again. As surprising as it may sound these days, it is possible to balance idealism and pragmatism in a constructive way.这听上去很理想化,事实上可能也是如此。以防万一,芬兰和瑞典应该在适当的时候加入北Nato)。莫斯科或许会抱怨西方的势力范围又扩张了。但这两个国家已经是西方的一部分了。它们加入北约会使俄罗斯受益:引入两个信奉实用主义、希望俄罗斯和北约重归于好的国家。眼下这听上去或许让人惊讶,但以一种建设性的方式平衡理想主义和实用主义是可能的。The writer is secretary-general of the Northern Light, a European business leadersconvention based in Helsinki作者是赫尔辛基欧洲商界领袖大会“Northern Light”的秘书长来 /201410/335768赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗褐青色痣怎么样 Investigative crews continue to work at the scene of a shooting in the parking lot of a military recruitment office in Chattanooga, Tennessee调查人员仍在位于田纳西州查塔努加某征兵办公室停车场的击现场展开工作A federal prosecutor said on Thursday he was investigating an “act of domestic terrorismafter a gunman killed four US marines during shootings at two different sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before being killed.周四,美国一名联邦检察官表示,他正在调查一起“国内恐怖主义行动”。之前,一名持者在田纳西州查塔努加(Chattanooga)的两处军事设施开打死了4名海军陆战队员。这名持者后来被击毙。Bill Killian, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, was speaking after the gunman whom the FBI later identified as Mohammod Youssof Abdulazeez, 24 fired 25 to 30 rounds at a military recruitment office. He then drove several miles to a US Marine reserve centre and opened fire again. Those killed were all shot at the reserve centre.田纳西州东区联邦检察官比尔蘒利Bill Killian)是在持者于一处征兵办公室开50后发表上述言论的。美国联邦调查局(FBI)后来确认,此人名叫穆罕默德优素福阿卜杜拉齐兹(Mohammod Youssof Abdulazeez),今4岁。此人离开征兵办公室后驱车几英里来到美国海军陆战队一个预备役中心,再次开名死者都是在该中心被射杀的。While the FBI cautioned against speculation about the killer’s motives, the attack is bound to revive fears about the risks to the US of violent domestic and especially Islamist extremism.尽管FBI告诫人们不要推测这名凶手的动机,但这起袭击事件注定会让人们再度担心起国内暴力极端主义(尤其是伊斯兰极端主义)给美国带来的风险。The attack comes less than a month after the killing of nine black people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina. It comes just over two months after police shot dead two gunmen who opened fire at an event to draw cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.不到一个月前,南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿(Charleston)的伊曼纽尔非裔卫理公会教Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church)发生名黑人被杀事件。而仅仅两个月前,两名持者在得克萨斯州达拉斯郊区一个“先知穆罕默Prophet Mohammed)漫画展”活动现场开射击,后被警方击毙。“We are conducting this as an act of domestic terrorism,Mr Killian said. “The FBI is now in charge of the investigation.”“我们正把它当做一起国内恐怖主义行动处理,”基利安说,“FBI现在负责展开调查。”Andy Berke, Chattanooga’s mayor, said it was “incomprehensiblewhat had happened and the way that “individuals who proudly served our countryhad been treated. Mr Berke confirmed that four people had been killed, that the gunman had been killed at the scene of the second shooting and that a police officer and others had been wounded.查塔努加市长安迪伯克(Andy Berke)表示,这起事件的发生,以及“那些曾自豪地为国效力的人”受到的对待,是“不可思议的”。伯克实,人被打死,持者在第二处开现场被击毙,一名警察以及其他人受伤。Fred Fletcher, chief of Chattanooga police, said someone had “brutally and brazenlyattacked members of the US’s armed forces and city and county police officers had been able to act immediately to ensure there was no further loss of life.查塔努加警察局长弗雷德弗莱Fred Fletcher)表示,有人“残忍而肆无忌惮地”袭击了美国武装部队人员,而市县警方有能力迅速采取行动,确保不会有更多人员失去生呀?While the US has worked hard since 2001 to prevent the infiltration into the US of overseas violent extremists, the country has suffered several attacks staged by US residents radicalised by a series of causes. The highest profile was the bombing of the Boston Marathon in April 2013 by two ethnic Chechen brothers. The bombing killed three spectators and injured hundreds more, while the brothers went on to kill a police officer on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the only surviving brother, was sentenced to death in May in a federal court in Boston.尽管001年以来美国下大力气防止海外暴力极端主义分子渗透到境内,但该国还是发生了多起由美国居民发动的袭击案。这些人是因不同的诉求而沦为极端分子。最具轰动效应的013月由一对车臣裔兄弟制造的波士顿马拉松爆炸案。那起爆炸导致三名观众死亡、数百人受伤,这对兄弟接着在麻省理工学MIT)校园里杀死了一名警察。今月,这对兄弟中唯一活下来的焦哈尔察尔纳耶夫(Dzhokhar Tsarnaev)在波士顿一家联邦法院被判处死刑。来 /201507/386348宁都县激光去痘坑多少钱

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