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However theres a problem.然而问题依旧存在Its still very difficult用一种用户友好的方式to encrypt content in a user-friendly way.对信息进行加密仍然非常困难One of the best ways to protect your privacy保护隐私最好的方式之一is to use encryption,就是使用加密but encryption is so incredibly hard to use.但是加密实在是太难使用I am a technology person我本身是个技术人员and I struggle all the time想让我的加密产品运作to get my encryption products to work.还都非常困难And thats the next challenge,下一个挑战developing an internet where useable encryption是为那些想要躲避大规模监控的人makes bulk surveillance,研发一个在互联网上实用的加密系统for those who want to avoid it, more difficult.使监控变得难上加难At the moment, the systems were using目前 我们正在使用的加密系统are fairly insecure in lots of ways.在很多方面都十分不安全I think the programmers out there我认为程序员have got to help build tools to make that easier.得开发一种工具使加密变得更简单If encryption is to become more commonplace,如果加密变得更普遍the pressure will likely come from the market.压力将很有可能来自于市场The result of the revelations about the National Security Agency国家安全局泄密事件的结果is that people are becoming quite paranoid.是让人们变得相当多疑重点解释:1.come from 来自; 起源于例句:Nothing but disaster would come from such a plan.此一计划除了导致失败而外将一无所获。2.struggle to do 奋斗; 挣扎例句:Science is the never-ending struggle to find truth.科学是为寻求真理而进行的永无止境的奋斗。201704/506875。

  • You have to do three things.你必须明白三件事。You dont get the most information from any one.你不可能从任何人那里得到很多的信息。You have to photograph the collections.必须要不停地拍照收集素材。You have to photograph the women on the street...who have bought the things and how theyre wearing them.去拍大街上的那些女人她们买了什么样的衣,怎么去穿和搭配。And then you have to go to the evening events.还要去参加一些晚宴。You cant report to the public unless youve seen it all.如果你自己都不完全了解这些,你就不能向大众去传播。People just go off and say what they think.Well, it isnt really what I think.人们总是在说他们是怎么想的。但这些不是我个人的想法。Its what I see.这全是我亲眼所见的。It doesnt happen like in a day or an hour.I go out and thats it.这些都不是一蹴而就的。我出去拍照,亲眼看到的这些。I run around and photograph all people with holes in their sneakers.我四处奔波,去拍各种各样的人和不同的细节。Its not that at all.但不仅仅是这样。Suddenly I see something, then I see it again, and I think, ;Ah, theres an idea,; and other times Ill see it and Ill think, ;Wow, thats an idea,; and then Ill look for it.如果我忽然想到什么有趣的电子,我会再去想一遍,或许我会觉得 ;嘿,这是个好点子;当我再反复去看和想它的时候如果我还觉得;这是个好主意!;我去会去找类似的衣拍照。But Ill be doing ten other ideas all at once, you see.不过一般情况下,我会带着很多个点子去拍不同的照片。They make the best sandwich.这儿的三明治简直是最好吃的。And coffee...three dollars. The cheaper the better, you know?还有这儿的咖啡…就三美元有时候便宜也有好货呀。The coffee at the Times, I...I...Its so...ugh.《纽约时报》的咖啡…可真是…难喝。My cord kept coming out of the camera last night. -Oh, yeah?我的胶卷昨晚总跑出相机。-哦,是么?So Ive been worried sick.弄的我很是担心。But I got something, any rate, on that roll.不过什么事都有个几率吧。Well see about the others.我们来看看其他几卷照片。Do you know anything about his personal life?Nothing. -Nothing.你对他的个人生活有什么了解么?不知道。-一点都不知道么?201608/459347。
  • And thats why you need to break things down to bite-sized chunks.所以要把事情分开 分成若干小部分You try and reach one goal,get to there, reassess,and then go for the next one.先制定一个目标 完成目标 再审时度势 为下一个目标做准备It just means jungles become about lots of little successes rather than one big failure.由此丛林探险是由 诸多细小的成功组成 而不是只是一次失败Two things you can guarantee in the jungle dense undergrowth and sudden downpours.丛林中有两件事是可以确定的 即茂密的植物 以及突降的倾盆大雨Rain. youve got to love it, eh?A good-sized river, this.下雨了 好好享受吧 一条相当宽的河You know, really, I want to stick to my plan of heading north.我想一直按照计划继续向北走Which means weve got to get across it.所以我们要横渡这条河Look, you can see those are big rapids up there.Dont want to get tangled up with those.看那 湍急的河流滚滚而来 千万不要陷入其中Try and find a safer place a safer place to cross downstream.试着找到比较安全的地方 可以顺流渡河的安全之地You cant underestimate the power of fast-flowing water.不要低估湍急河水的力量In 2007, 12 Guatemalans were swept away in their truck by a rain-swollen river.They were all killed.2007年 12名危地马拉人 被因下雨而涨满的河水 连人带车卷走了 无一生还Were well downstream in the rapids here.我们在急流的下方I reckon we should be able to cross it.我认为 我们应该可以穿过去Youre gonna need to stick with me on this.Okay, come on, lets go.一定要紧紧跟着我 好了 咱们出发吧201609/466756。
  • ;Why is the sky blue?; is, like, the classic curious-kid question. People wonder about it all the time.;为什么天空是蓝色的?”这是一个典型的好奇宝宝问题。是人们一直都想了解的问题。But for all those people asking why the sky is blue, for some reason you dont get too many questions about why the ocean is blue.只是那些问天空为什么是蓝色的人却不常问海洋为什么是蓝色的。Maybe thats because the ocean sits under the sky. So you might just assume that the oceans look blue because they reflect the sky.也许这是因为海洋在天空的下方。所以,人们就假设蓝色的海洋是因为海洋倒映出天空的颜色。But if science has taught us anything, its that just because something seems obvious, that doesnt mean its true — like in this case.如果说科学教会我们一点什么的话,那就是显而易见的东西并不意味着真实——比如,海洋。Because the real reason the ocean is blue has more to do with the fact that water is just … inherently blue.因为海洋呈蓝色的真实原因与水固有的蓝色有着很大的关系。The sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering, where bluer light bounces off air molecules better than redder light.天空的蓝色是因为瑞利散射,蓝色的光比红色的光更容易反射空气分子。And some of that blue does reflect off the oceans surface, but thats not the main reason the ocean is blue.并且一些蓝光确实会反射到海洋表面,但是这并不是海洋呈蓝色的原因。The ocean is blue mostly from absorbing light, not from reflecting it. Different types of light can make water molecules vibrate different ways.海洋的蓝色更多地是来源于吸收的光而不是反射的光。不同的光会使水分子以不同的方式震动。When light, like from the sun, hits water, light on the redder side of the spectrum has just enough energy to get those molecules wiggling.当来自太阳的光射入水中,红色光谱面的光将获得充足的能量使这些分子了摆动起来。So water absorbs red, yellow, and green light better than blue.因此相比蓝光,水能更好地吸收红、黄和绿光。Most water molecules cant do much with blue light, though, so it basically just goes right on by.大多数水分子与蓝光没啥联系,因此,蓝光主要只是负责正常运转。A small amount of water, like in a cup, might look like it lets every color through equally well, since its transparent.似乎每种颜色都能穿透一杯水,因为水是透明的。But that cup of water actually lets slightly more blue light through than red.但是这一杯水中穿透的蓝光比红光要稍微多那么一点点。And in the ocean, by the time you get to about a hundred meters deep, almost all of the red light has been absorbed, so the water is a deep blue color.在海洋之中,一旦深入约100米时,几乎所有的红光都会被吸收,因此,海洋是呈深蓝色的。Water still absorbs some blue light, though, which is why the oceans are completely dark below about a kilometer deep.水仍然会吸收一些蓝光,因此千米以下的海洋深不见光。Some blue light also gets reflected back toward the surface instead of absorbed on its way down, giving the Earth its beautiful blue oceans.一些没有被吸收的蓝光也会反射回表面,这才赋予了地球漂亮的蓝色海洋。 There are some places with water thats a different color — it might be blue-green, for example, because of algae that reflects green light.有一些地方的水有着不同的颜色,比如,蓝绿色,这是因为海藻反射了绿色的光。And near mouths of big rivers, the ocean can look brown because of all the dirt and silt in the river.在靠近大河的河口处,海洋看起来是棕色,因为河流中有泥土和淤泥。But no matter whats in it, deep water looks pretty blue, because thats the only color of sunlight left after the other colors were absorbed.但是不论其中有什么,深层水都是蓝色的,因为当其中一种颜色被吸收后,另一种阳光的颜色是唯一留存下来的颜色。Some animals have even evolved to take advantage of this by being red instead of blue.一些动物进化后,也利用了这一特点,它们身体呈现红色而非蓝色。Blue animals in deep water will reflect that blue light, so theyll be easier for predators to find — or for prey to avoid.一些深水蓝色动物会反射蓝光,因此它们更容易被捕食者发现,而被捕食者也能更容易避开它们。But with little to no red light to reflect off of red animals, animals with red skin or scales or whatever just look black in deeper water, which makes them harder to find.对于几乎很少或不反射红光的红色动物来说,它们有着红色的皮肤或鱼鳞,在深水中呈黑色,因此很难发现它们。So, no matter what the sky looks like today, just remember that deep water is always blue.不论如今天空呈什么颜色,只要记住深海永远是蓝色的。Thanks to Patreon patrons Arraffa Piédiferro and someone who just put their name as a pair of brackets for asking this question,谢谢Patreon的观众Arraffa Piédiferro以及括号里的那些观众,and thanks to all our patrons, who keep these answers coming.谢谢所有的不断提问的观众。If youd like to submit a question to be answered, you can go to patreon.com/scishow. And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!如果你想提问,请登录patreon.com/scishow。不要忘记去youtube.com/scishow订阅我们哟~201707/516299。
  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481025。
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