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Royal delicacies of Chinese Duanwu Holiday端午节吃什么?And finally, happy Dragon Boat Festival. People across China are celebrating this special occasion by eating zongzi, the glutinous rice dumpling. But besides zongzi, what other Dragon Boat dishes are you familiar with? Well, lets take a look at how Chinese emperors used to honor the festival through delicious foods eaten only on this special holiday.最后,端午节快乐。中国各处的人民都在吃着粽子,也就是糯米团子,来庆祝这特别的节日。但除了粽子外,你还熟悉哪些其他的端午佳肴呢?嗯,来看看中国帝王过去怎么透过只能在这个特殊节日吃的美食来纪念此佳节。Known in the West as Dragon Boat Festival, Chinas Duanwu Festival is also called the Double Fifth, as it falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar.在西方以龙舟庆典为人所知,中国的端午节同样也称作五月五,因为它落在中国农历第五个月的第五天。In history, the day was considered unlucky. So Chinese people, including the royal family, often went out of their way to avoid evil spirits. This tradition lasted until the end of the Qing Dynasty.在历史中,这天被认为是不幸的。所以中国人,包括皇族,通常外出以避开恶灵。这个传统持续到清代末期。On this same day many years ago, the emperor and his concubines would board a boat and drop dumplings made of glutinous rice into water, honoring Qu Yuan, a famous patriotic poet who drowned.在许多年前的同一天,皇帝和他的妻妾们会登船并将糯米做的团子丢入水中,纪念屈原--那位溺水的知名爱国诗人。Nowadays, pastry chefs like Mr. Zhao use Duanwu festival as an opportunity to create new special snacks, while still honoring tradition. Here hes making a mini zongzi, as small as a thumb.今天,像是赵先生这样的糕点师父将端午节当做一次创作全新特殊甜点的机会,但同时仍向传统致敬。在这里他正在制作迷你粽子,跟大拇指一样小。For ordinary people, zongzi is always eaten with sugar. But in royal palace, things are a little bit different. Instead of sugar, they dip their zongzi into honey mixed with osmanthus flowers.对一般人来说,粽子一直以来都是沾着糖吃的。但在皇宫里,事情有点不一样。不用糖,他们反而将粽子沾上混有桂花的蜂蜜。For royal family, there was also a special kind of cookie that was not to be forgotten on Duanwu festival. In the past, chefs would decorate the cookie with patterns of five kinds of poisonous insects. At that time, people believed that eating the cookie would ward off evil spirits. But this year, Mr. Zhao has put a spin on the decoration to lighten things up, switching the old pattern for five kinds of flowers.对皇族来说,还有一种在端午节不能被遗忘的特殊糕饼。在过去,大厨们会用五种毒虫的图形装饰糕饼。在那时,人们相信吃下那些糕饼就能除去恶灵。但今年,赵先生在装饰上动了点手脚让气氛轻松一点,将过去的图形改成五种花的图形。For the Chinese, Duanwu is not just a three-day holiday. Its a tribute to Chinese history and traditions, which have been lasted for thousands of years.对中国人来说,端午不只是一段为期三天的假期。它是对中国历史及传统的礼赞,那已经流传数千年了。201412/349346DPRK notifies South Korea of live-fire drill near border朝鲜通告韩国边境附近实弹演习The South Korean ministry of defense says its been notified by the DPRK of live fire drills to be held in two areas near a disputed sea border.韩国国防外交部称,朝鲜通告将在两个有争议的海上边界地区进行实弹射击演习。The DPRK conducted similar drills in late March, firing more than 500 rounds of artillery near the so-called Northern Limit Line, the de-facto sea border since the 1950-to-53 Korean war. More than 100 rounds landed south of the border, prompting South Korea to fire hundreds of rounds back into the Norths waters.朝鲜三月底进行过类似演习,在1950年至1953年朝鲜战争后的实际边界,即所谓的北方边界线附近发射500多发炮弹。其中超过100发落在边界南部,促使韩国将数百发发回北方水域。201405/294172




  遍刻着阿卡德人楔形文字,且有些破损的陶制圆柱就是塞鲁士圆柱,是宗教宽容和多元文化的有力象征。在这场引人入胜的演讲中,大英物馆馆长内尔·马克雷格,通过这件文物,追溯了2600年的中东历史。201407/310174Tommy, hold your position.汤米,站好你的位置。Tommy,Youre supposed to be on the wing.汤米,你应该站在侧翼。Its not the Cup Final.Hes seven years old.这又不是什么总决赛,他才七岁。Youre never too yound, Val.足球就该从娃娃抓起,瓦尔。重点词汇: wing 侧翼例句:We should concentrate on their right wing.我们应该把注意力放在他们的右翼。 201405/294562


  But there is more to this landscape than meets the eye. China has literally thousands of mysterious caverns concealed beneath the visible landscape of the karst.但百闻不如置身这片奇妙山地亲身一见。在中国醒目的喀斯特地貌下,隐匿着无数的神秘洞穴。Much of this hidden world has never been seen by human eyes and is only just now being explored.这些隐秘世界大多不为世人所知,而现在他们将被展现在世人眼前。For a growing band of intrepid young Chinese explorers, caves represent the ultimate adventure.奇险洞穴中再现了一场终极的探险,主角是一群日渐成长、初生牛犊般的年轻探险家。Exploring a cave is like taking a journey through time. A journey which endless raindrops will have followed over countless centuries.探索一个洞穴,犹如一场穿越时空的探险。常年积水叮咚伴随着无止境般的旅途。Fed by countless drips and trickles, the subterranean river carves ever deeper into the rock.水滴潺潺落下,地下河流深切入岩。 /201406/305829

  Newcastle scraped through with a win over Chelsea.纽卡斯尔险胜了切尔西。But it wont be enough in itself.Liverpool are breathing down their necks.但这还远远不够。利物浦队的积分紧随其后。重点词汇:scrape through 勉强通过例句: I just scraped through a couple of A-levels.我只是勉强通过了几门高级程度考试。 201406/303012。


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。Im a herbivore thats native to Africa and Asia, all of my species are endangered. 我是发源于非洲和亚洲的食草动物,我的种族濒临灭绝。My order also includes zebras and horses, but Im by far the biggest mammal in the group.我的同目里还有斑马和马,但我是该组中最大的哺乳动物。Im a rhinoceros. 我是犀牛。Conservationists estimate there are fewer than 30,000 rhinos left in the world today.环保人士估计如今世界上的犀牛已经不到3万头了。AZUZ: One big reason for that, poaching. 期中最大的原因就是,偷猎。Trespassing and illegally killing rhinos, which are slow to reproduce. 犀牛繁殖得很慢,被非法入侵者、非法偷猎者捕杀。Their horns are what poachers are after. 偷猎者们想要的就是他们得犀牛角。They are made of keratin, a kind of protein we have in our hair. 犀牛角有角质构成,我们的头发也有这种成分。Sometimes they are sold as trophies, sometimes because they are believed to have healing properties. 有时候它们被作为战利品出售,有时候是因为它们被认为可以用来疗伤。Its why protecting them in places like South Africa is priority.这就是为什么要优先在南非这样的地方保护犀牛。 /201412/350161

  It takes place on the fourth of July and celebrates Americas freedom. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today well be learning more about Independence Day.那在七月四日举行,庆祝美国的自由。欢迎收看WatchMojo.com,今天我们要了解更多有关美国国庆日的事。Independence Day is an American national holiday that celebrates the adoption of the formal declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. This landmark document decreed that the 13 colonies were no longer part of the British Empire and had become independent states.美国国庆日是庆祝1776年七月四日通过正式独立宣言的美国国定假日。此份具重大意义的文件判定十三个殖民地不再是大英帝国的一部分,且成为独立的州。The declaration came about, thanks to Richard Henry Lee of Virginia who proposed its creation. Founding father John Adams advanced the idea of a manuscript, and the committee of five, led by chief author Thomas Jefferson, composed the written draft. Final edited version of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4.独立宣言诞生,多亏了提出其创作的维吉尼亚州的Richard Henry Lee。建国之父John Adams提出了手稿的想法,接着五人小组,由首席作者Thomas Jefferson领导,拟出了草稿。独立宣言最终修订版本在七月四日通过。In it was one of the most famous sentences in the English language, which outlined the belief system of this new country and became a cornerstone of American society: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.在独立宣言里有英文这语言中这最知名的句子之一,那略述了这个新兴国家的信念系统,成为美国社会的基石:我们相信这些真理不言自明,也就是人皆生而平等,他们由造物主赋予若干不可剥夺的权力,其中包括生命、自由、及追求幸福的权力。Celebrations of American independence have taken place since the adoption of the declaration. Meanwhile, the City of Philadelphia first laid the groundwork for todays celebrations with fireworks, speeches, music, parades, and displays of red, white, and blue.美国独立的庆祝活动自独立宣言的正式通过后开始举行。同时,费城首先奠定了今日庆祝活动的基础,运用了烟火、演讲、音乐、游行、和红白蓝的摆设。Eventually in 1938, the celebration became a paid federal holiday. All traditions continue as well. For example, at military bases, a 50-gun salute is fired to commemorate the independence of each of the 50 states.最后在1938年,庆祝活动成了联邦的带薪假。所有传统也持续下去。举例来说,在军事基地,会鸣放五十响礼炮来个别纪念五十州的独立。Today Independence Day is a prominent summertime event marked by shows of patriotism, outdoor activities, and tributes. There are also parades in the morning and firework displays at night. Plus the national anthem and other patriotic songs take center stage.今天美国国庆日是由爱国主义的表演、户外活动、和敬意所标志的重要夏日活动。早上也有游行,晚上则有烟火表演。此外,国歌和其他爱国歌曲也是瞩目的焦点。The holiday has become so popular, the first week of July is the busiest time of the year for travel in the ed States, as Americans extend the long weekend to celebrate the birth of America and a defining moment in American history.这个节日变得如此受欢迎,因此七月的第一个礼拜是美国国内旅游最繁忙的时间,因为美国人自行延长周末连假拿来庆祝美国的诞生、以及美国历史中决定性的一刻。If youre interested in learning more about important moments in American history, be sure to tune in to WatchMojo.com.如果你有兴趣认识更多美国历史中重要的时刻,一定要收看WatchMojo.com。201412/347200

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