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英国公投退欧,黄金价格飙涨至6月最高位 --6 :6: 来源: 6月日,随着英国公投退欧导致的全球股票和货币市场被血洗,黄金价格飙涨至6月来最高位 Gold prices zoomed to 6-month high of Rs31,5 per ten gram Friday in the biggest single-day gain of Rs1, since August as Britain voted to exit the European Union leading to bloodbath in global equity and currency markets.6月日,随着英国公投退欧导致的全球股票和货币市场被血洗,黄金价格飙涨至6月来最高位,每十克价3卢比,这是自年8月以来的单日最大涨幅——卢比It was gold’s highest closing level of Rs 30,730 after April , in the bullion market in New Delhi.星期五以330卢比收盘,这是自年月日以来,新德里金银市场黄金的最高收盘价The rupee too hit a four-month low of 68.1 against the US dollar, making the dollar-ed gold expensive.印度卢比对美元汇率为68.1,也创下四月来新低,使得以美元报价的黄金更昂贵Silver also registered a steep rise of Rs1,000 to Rs,300 per kg, largely in tandem with global trend as money flew to safe-haven investments following trouble over Brexit - Britain’s exit from EU.白银价格也大幅上升00卢比,每千克报价达300卢比,很大程度上受英国公投决定退欧促使投资者涌向安全天堂避险资产有关Gold in London, which normally sets the price trend in the market here, soared as much as 8.1% to ,358.5 an ounce -- the highest since March . The rally was the biggest daily jump since .通常能决定黄金在市场上的价格走势的伦敦金,当天也飙升8.1%,报价58.5美元每盎司——这是自年3月以来的最高价位而本次反弹也是自以来单日最大涨幅On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5% rallied by Rs1, each to Rs30,885 and Rs30,735 per gram, highest level since April , .而在印度国内市场上,99.9和99.5黄金在回弹卢比后,分别达到了385和335每克,这也是自年月日以来最高价位Traders said a significant rise of 6.5 per cent in yellow metal prices on the Multi Commodity Exchange in early trade today further supported the uptrend, indicating more demand the precious metals in coming sessions.交易员表示,在当天印度多种商品交易所的早市交易中,黄金价格显著上升6.5个百分点,进一步撑了上升趋势,暗示在未来一段日子贵金属需求还会增加英国退欧致使亚洲股市急剧动荡 --5 19:00: 来源: 由于英国退欧影响,亚洲股市反响强烈,各大股指纷纷跳水 After initial gains, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 5 closed 7.9% down at ,95. points, the biggest one-day fall since the tsunami.虽然一开始曾有所增长,但是日经5指数当天收盘于95.点,跌幅达到了7.9%,创下了自从年海啸以来最大单日跌幅The UK voted by 5% to 8% to leave the European Union after 3 years, in a historic referendum.在这场历史性的公投中,英国民众以5%比8%的票数通过退出欧盟的决议,结束了其长达3年的欧盟成员国身份Analysts said investor sentiment is rattled by the looming uncertainty on markets around the globe.据分析人士表示,由于这一阴森逼近的不确定性的影响,全球市场上的投资者信心受到急剧动摇The British pound at one point hit its lowest level since 1985.英镑汇率一度跌破了1985年以来的最低水平The Japanese yen has surged to 1. to the US dollar as investors now see the currency as a safe haven. Tokyo has years been trying to keep the yen low as any surge in the currency hurts the country’s exporters.由于投资者们将日元作为避险的最佳选择,日元兑美元汇率已经飙升到了1.日本多年以来一直试图维持日元的低价位,因为一旦日元升值,其国内的出口商就会严重受损Japan’s currency woes日元困境Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the central bank stood y to ensure market stability.据日本央行行长黑田东彦表示,日本央行随时准备出手保障市场稳定"The BOJ, in close co-operation with relevant domestic and eign authorities, will continue to carefully monitor how the [EU referendum] would affect global financial markets," Mr Kuroda said on Friday.黑田东彦在周五表示说:“日本央行于相关国内、国外部门密切合作,将会继续密切关注英国公投给全球金融市场带来怎样的影响”Most of Japan’s big exporter companies took major hits with Bridgestone, Toyota and Panasonic all losing more than 8%.日本多数大型出口企业都受到了严重冲击,普利司通、丰田和松下受损的幅度均超过了8%Companies with production hubs in the UK also suffered. Hitachi, which produces trains in Britain, fell .3% while carmaker Nissan which has plants in the UK fell 8.1%.在英国拥有生产中心的公司也损失惨重在英国生产火车的日立损失达到了.3%,在英国扎根的汽车制造商尼桑的跌幅达到了8.1%" Japan, a sharp yen appreciation is the most concerning outcome from Brexit," Takuji Okubo, chief economist with Japan Macro Advisors, told the B.日本宏观经济顾问首席经济学家卓治·大久保对B透露说:“对于日本来说,日元大幅升值才是英国退欧带来的最令人忧虑的影响”"A sharp yen appreciation poses a threat of a return to deflation, causing prices to drop, corporate profits to shrink and asset markets to fall," he said.他说道:“日元大幅升值具有通货紧缩的威胁,会导致物价下跌、企业利润萎缩、资本市场也将大幅缩水”"Japan cannot afd to sit back. With the BoJ nearly having exhausted its easing options, currency intervention is one of the only policy measures Japan can take to fight back the tide of deflation," Mr Okubo said.大久保说道:“日本不能袖手旁观日本央行几乎用尽了其所有的货币宽松政策措施在日本所能采取的有限几项措施中,货币干预是其中一项能够用来阻止通缩趋势的措施”Other markets in Asia其他亚洲市场In South Korea, the Kospi index closed 3.1% lower at 1,95.. The Korean won has dropped the most against the US dollar since the beginning of June.韩国综合股价指数收盘于195.点,跌幅为3.1%韩元兑美元汇率跌幅达到了6月以来的最大值Australia’s ASX0 finished the day 3.% lower at 5,1..澳大利亚ASX0指数当天收盘于51.点,跌幅达到了3.%In China, the mainland Shanghai Composite was down 1.3% to ,853.98 while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down sharply .% to ,0.6 points.在中国,上综合指数收盘于53.98点,跌幅1.3%香港恒生指数收盘于0.6点,暴跌.%Mumbai’s Sensex in India also fell by 3.6% to 6,.85 points.印度孟买指数收盘于6.85点,跌幅3.6%"There has been a sharp knee-jerk reaction in markets, as hopes of Bremain had gained traction in the past week," Shubhada Rao, analyst with Yes Bank in Mumbai told the B.孟买Yes Bank分析师拉奥告诉B说:“市场呈现一个犀利的倒V型走向,因为在前几周人们还认为英国将继续留在欧盟,那个时候市场形势还一片大好”"In the near-term, equity and currency markets could test new lows, while continuing to closely watch developments in UK the way ahead."“在短期内,股票和货币市场可能将会跌到更低点,同时密切关注英国事态在未来的发展”什么?漫威与DC的名角竟然都一样! -- :1: 来源:sohu 漫威与DC的粉丝一直为捍卫各自的英雄而战斗不止,可是如果你是超级粉丝,对比两大阵营,你会发现很多相似的人物呢 创作各种与众不同的人物来构造一个长达80年的虚构世界本来就是一个非常艰难的任务这些人物之间还存在着竞争关系,他们还要有各自新奇的想法那么创造这些人物就更加艰难了有时,你会有似曾相识的感觉,或是发现一些共同点有时,一些人物出奇地相似,甚至会让你感到吃惊 Creating unique characters over the course of almost 80 years to populate your fictional worlds is a difficult enough task on its own. But to create those characters with direct competition who are also trying to create new and interesting ideas is even harder! Sometimes you might get a little deja vu or notice some inspiration and borrowed elements. Other times, the characters are ridiculously similar to the point of raising some eyebrows. 1. 海王(《多趣漫画第73期191年月)纳(《电影连环画周刊第1期1939年月)Aquaman (More Fun Comics #73November 191) and Namor the Submariner (Motion Picture Funnies WeeklyApril 1939) 两者都是海底之国亚特兰蒂斯的皇室,能够在水下呼吸,海底之国亚特兰蒂斯的统治者他们都喜欢穿鱼鳞裤 The Royalty of the Lost City of Atlantis with the ability to breathe underwater and lord over their oceanic realms. They also both love fish scale pants. . 快银(《X战警第期196年3月)闪电侠(《闪电侠第1期190年1月)Quicksilver (The X-Men# March 196) and The Flash (Flash Comics #1January 190) 两者都是宇宙中速度最快的人虽然有本质上的区别,但总的来说都是“他跑得太太太太快了“ The fastest men alive of their respective universes – there are some nitty-gritty differences, but it all comes down to ;he runs really, really, ridiculously fast.; 3. 诺瓦军团(《神奇四侠第期1979年3月)绿灯军团(《全美漫画第期190年7月)The Nova Corps (Fantastic Four# March 1979) and The Green Lantern Corps (All-American Comics #July 190) 两者都负责系治安,同伴在临死前赐予了主人公超能力 An intergalactic police ce with super powers granted to the main character by a dying member they stumbled upon. . 自杀小队(《英勇与无畏第5期1959年9月)雷霆特工队(《无敌浩克第9期1997年1月)The Suicide Squad (The Brave and the Bold #5September 1959) and The Thunderbolts (The Incredible Hulk #9January 1997) 两者都是超级反派团队,因为体内被植入炸弹而执行任务,多年来整容发生彻底的改变 Teams of super villains being ced to do good, usually convinced via explosives implanted in them, and have had radically changing line-ups over the years. 5. 死侍(《新变种人第98期1991年月)丧钟(《新少年泰坦第期1980年月)Deadpool (New Mutants #98February 1991) and Deathstroke (New Teen Titans #December 1980) 这一对的人气都很高韦德;威尔逊(死侍)是参考另一个具有超能力,超再生能力的特种兵 斯莱德;威尔逊(丧钟)而得名死侍之前的装扮也和 斯莱德一样 This one's pretty blatant... Wade Wilson (Deadpool) was named as a reference to the other super-skilled, hyper-regenerative merc-master Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). Deadpool has even dressed up as Slade bee. 6. 美国队长(《美国队长第1期191年3月)守卫者(《星光灿烂第7期19年月)Captain America (Captain America Comics #1March 191) and The Guardian (Star-Spangled Comics #7April 19) 两者都是拿着盾牌、超级爱国、挑战不公、保护平民的英雄 Shield wielding, super-patriotic heroes who fight against injustice and defend the innocent. 7. 超人(《动作漫画第1期1938年月)角斗士(《神奇X战警第1期1977年月)Superman (Action Comics #1April 1938) and Gladiator (The Uncanny X-Men #1October 1977) 两者都是外星人英雄,具有超级力量、速度、反应、飞行、激光视力、霜冻呼吸,近乎无敌并且拥有罕见的石头 Alien heroes with super strength, speed, reflexes, flight, laser-heat vision, frost breath, and near invincibility except to a certain rare stone. 8. 猫女(《蝙蝠侠第1期190年)黑猫(《神奇蜘蛛侠第19期1979年7月)Catwoman (Batman #90) and Black Cat (The Amazing Spider-Man #19July 1979) 两者都是以猫为主题的窃贼,爱慕罪恶打击者,爱好鞭子和黑色紧身衣裤 Cat-themed cat burglars that are a potential love interest the lead crime fighter, with a penchant whips and black body suits. Subtle. 9. 绿箭(《多趣漫画第73期191年月)鹰眼(《悬疑故事第57期196年9月)Green Arrow (More Fun Comics #73November 191) and Hawkeye (Tales of Suspense #57 September 196) 两者都有不可思议的体格和特技,非常善于使用弓和所有具有创造性的箭更不必说他们的魅力以及左右逢缘已经达到超人类级别了 incredibly athletic and acrobatic, supremely good with a bow, and all sorts of creative arrow types. Not to mention charm and smarm that reaches nearly superhuman levels on its own. . 原子侠(《展台第期1961年月)蚁人(《惊异故事第7期196年1月)The Atom (Showcase #October 1961) and Ant-Man (Tales to Astonish #7January 196) 两者都是不可多得的天才发明家,发明了缩小物体的方法,发明了特殊的外衣装备使得他们能利用这种能力打击犯罪 An incredible genius and inventor discovers a way to shrink objects and decides to create a suit to allow him to use this ability to fight crime. . 黄蜂侠(《惊异故事第期1963年6月)黄蜂女(《少年泰坦第5期1976年月)Wasp (Tales to Astonish #June 1963) and Bumblebee (Teen Titans #5 December 1976) 女超人也有缩小的能力,具有飞行的能力,形象基于有螯针的昆虫 Superwomen also capable of shrinking to a tiny size, capable of flight and based off of a stinging insect. . 钢铁侠(《悬疑故事第39期1963年3月)蝙蝠侠(《侦探漫画第7期1939年5月)Iron Man (Tales of Suspense#39 March 1963) and Batman (Detective Comics #7May 1939) 两者都是超级富有的大公司继承人,发生了悲惨的事故,之后利用自己的财富创造了帮助他们打击犯罪的高科技装备 Ludicrously rich heirs to a super-corporation who have a tragic accident and thereafter use their riches to create technology that helps them fight crime. . 命运士(《多趣漫画第55期190年5月)奇异士(《奇异故事第1期 1963年7月)Doctor Fate (More Fun Comics #55May 190) and Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #1 July 1963) 两者都是士,具有非凡的神奇能力,获得了可以给他们无限力量的上古神器,打击宇宙中具有威胁性的魔法势力 Doctors with remarkable magical abilities and ancient trinkets that grant them increased abilities to fight against magical threats to their universe. . 靶眼(《超胆侠第1期1976年3月)死亡射手(《蝙蝠侠第59期1950年7月)Bullseye (Daredevil #1March 1976) and Deadshot (Batman #59JuneJuly 1950) 两者都是雇佣的杀手,对于从未任务失败感到自豪更巧的是,他们分别是雷霆特工队和自杀小队的成员 Hired assassins who are supremely accurate and pride themselves on never being able to miss. They are also, coincidentally, both members of the Thunderbolts and Suicide Squad respectively. . 达克赛德(《超人的好朋友第1期1971年月)灭霸(《钢铁侠第55期1973年月)Darkseid (ever People #1February 1971) and Thanos (Iron Man #55February 1973) 两者都是体型巨大且粗野的统治者,致力于统治和获得力量,是宇宙最大的威胁 Large, brutish rulers bent on conquering and gaining power, who are a massive threat to the universe as a whole. . 伸缩人(《闪电侠第1期1960年5月)神奇先生(《神奇四侠第1期1961年月)Elongating Man (The Flash #1in May 1960) and Mr. Fantastic (The Fantastic Four #1in November 1961) 两者都是超级天才,能够延伸并操纵自己的身体弹力强人阿姆斯特朗在他们面前脸都没处放 Super-geniuses who are able to stretch and manipulate their body. Stretch Armstrong has nothing on these guys.意大利APP提供实时“蚊子热点” -- :5: 来源:chinadaily Smartphones are being used to combat the ded mosquito in Italy, with a new app that tracks the location of the blood-sucking pests.意大利人很怕蚊子,于是用上智能手机来抵御蚊害:一种新开发的应用程序将能追踪到这种吮血物种的形迹The free app, called ZanzaMapp, gathers inmation from the public in order to highlight hot spots of mozzie activity in real time. The mosquito heat map will allow people to avoid areas with high concentrations of bugs, and help authorities to better direct pest control efts, the project's website notes. It also enables users to upload photos so that experts can determine which species have been found and where.这是一款免费应用,名为“ZanzaMapp”,它可以搜集公共场所信息,然后实时给出蚊虫猖獗的热点项目官网称,这些蚊子热点地图能帮人们避开蚊虫集中区,也有助于政府更有效地实施灭蚊措施它还允许用户上传自己拍到的蚊虫照片,便于专家帮忙识别蚊子种类及其活动范围The app's creator, expectant father Cesare Bianchi from Rome's Sapienza University, says he was driven by a lack of inmation on how to deal with new threats such as the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which doctors believe causes severe birth defects.该应用程序的发明者是罗马大学的切萨雷·比安奇即将为人父的比安奇表示,面对依靠蚊子传播的寨卡病毒等新威胁,相关应对措施却存在信息缺乏的问题,他于是萌生了创建这个应用的想法医学界认为寨卡病毒会导致严重的新生儿缺陷"I was searching a place that was as safe as possible from the risk of Zika", he says. "I realised there's little practical inmation on how to manage the presence of mosquitoes." The app includes tips making places less attractive to the insects, such as removing stagnant water.他表示,“我一直在找一个最不容易受寨卡病毒威胁的地方然后我意识到,在定位蚊子的问题上,相关实用信息几乎没有”这款应用里还有各种小贴士,告诉人们降低蚊虫滋生的办法,比如周围不要有积水In March, the World Health Organisation warned that European countries may be at risk of a Zika outbreak, with the widesp tiger mosquito capable of transmitting the virus. In , tiger mosquitoes were blamed an outbreak in northern Italy of the chikungunya virus, more commonly seen in tropical regions.今年3月,世界卫生组织曾向欧洲国家发出预警:寨卡病毒可能肆虐欧洲,而广泛存在的虎斑蚊是传播寨卡病毒的祸首年,意大利北部曾爆发基孔肯亚病毒,原因也是虎斑蚊的猖獗基孔肯亚病毒常见于热带地区Vocabularymozzie:蚊子(口语,方言)mosquito-borne:蚊媒的,蚊虫传播的birth defect:先天缺陷,出生缺陷stagnant water:积水;死水英文来源:B编译:杜娟“贩卖儿童一律死刑”刷屏朋友圈 --19 ::7 来源: “贩卖儿童一律死刑”刷屏朋友圈日,很多人的微信朋友圈被一条网帖刷屏:“建议国家改变贩卖儿童的法律条款,拐卖儿童判死刑!买孩子的判无期!”相关话题引起了社会各界的广泛关注和热烈争议请看相关报道:The advocacy began to circulate online roughly after a CCTV report revealed of the 37 suspects of a child trafficking gang in Henan Province, only the prime suspect received a death sentence in the first trial, while the others were given up to years in jail.这个话题在网上引发刷屏是源自中央电视台的一个报道——河南省一个37人的贩卖儿童团伙中仅有一名主犯一审获死刑,其余人获刑最高年我国刑法规定,拐卖妇女儿童(trafficking in women and children)处五年以上有期徒刑至死刑不等拐卖妇女儿童集团的组织者或者拐卖妇女儿童数量超过3人以上等情节特别严重者(when the circumstances are particularly serious),最高可以处以死刑“最高死刑”不等同于“一律死刑”大量网民在社交平台表态持“一律死刑”,称“孩子都没机会从头再来凭什么给人贩子改过的机会!(Why should they be given a second chance when the children they harmed don't get any)”而法学界、社会学界人士则多从专业角度提出反对意见法学专家称,犯罪分子应该受到什么样的处罚应该遵循“罪刑相适应原则”(Suiting Punishment to Crime),不能“一律死刑”社会学家则称,“一律死刑”可能引发犯罪分子的搏命心态,增加了被拐儿童所面对的危险

英式英语药丸?连英国人都开始使用美式拼写了 --01 :0:5 来源:chinadaily 关于英式英语和美式英语之间的差异,我们点津的Tip Talk栏目曾专门出过三期内容给大家讲:Tip Talk:英英大战美英之spellingTip Talk:英英大战美英之accentTip Talk:英英大战美英之vocabulary differences然而现在有消息称,英式英语地位不稳,就连英国人都开始使用美式英语了……British English may have come first, but around the world, the American way of spelling is now far more popular.英式英语出现的较早,但从全球看,现今美式英语的拼写方式却更受欢迎A recent examination of these two variants of the English language show that publications now largely use the American version, swapping words like ‘centre’ ‘center’ after the 1880s.近期一项对这两种拼写的研究发现,现在的出版物广泛使用的是美式写法,自从19世纪80年代后,就有把“centre”替换成了“center”等类似情况出现According to the data, this shift was further strengthened around the time of World War I – and as the language evolved, even the British have ditched the spelling of some words their trans-Atlantic counterparts.数据显示,这种替换现象在第一次世界大战时尤为明显随着英语的发展,甚至连英国人都开始使用美式拼写了The charts revealed on Steemit were generated using Google Ngram Viewer, and show the usage trends of numerous words between 1800 and 00. In the graphs, American spelling is shown in blue, and the British version is indicated in red.社交媒体Steemit上流传的这些图表是用谷歌Ngram Viewer制作的,展示了1800年至00年间大量词语的使用趋势在图表中,美式拼写以蓝色线条表示,英式的则为红色Among many words, including ‘grey’ and ‘flavour,’ British English can be seen dwindling around 1880, when American English began to cross into wider use.英式英语中许多词语,如“grey”和“flavor”等,都在1880年左右开始衰落,而那时美式英语开始盛行Since then, English-language publications have preferred ‘gray’ and ‘flavor,’ and despite fluctuations in use over the years, they’ve remained more popular than the preceding versions since overtaking them.从那以后,英语出版物更偏爱使用“gray”和“flavor”等拼写方式,尽管这些年使用频率有所波动,但是这种美式英语的拼写方式在取代了英式的地位之后,一直保持着主流地位The American way of spelling has continued to grow in usage over the years, with ‘liter’ passing ‘litre’ around 1900, and ‘center’ becoming the more common choice over ‘centre’ in 19.近年来人们继续偏爱美式拼写,大约在1900年时,“liter”代替了“litre”,19年,“center”取代了“centre”‘19 marked a turning point in the usage of the British spelling, as the American alternative became more frequently used in literature,’ the post explains, in regards to 'center.'提到“center”一词时,主解释道,随着美式英语在文学作品中的频繁出现,19年成为了英式拼写的一个转折点‘This was just a year bee the beginning of World War I, which many view as a key period in America’s rise to superpower status.’ 而这一年正是第一次世界大战爆发的前一年,一战被视为美式拼写取得主流地位的关键时期During World War I, the world also began to favor ‘defense’ over the British English version, ‘defence.’第一次世界大战期间,人们对“defense”一词的喜爱也超过了英式版本的“defence”Though this switched again between 19 and the late 1930s, the American spelling took over good around 190.尽管在19年至1930年末期之间,英式拼写曾经抢回过一次其“地位”,但是在190年,美式拼写永远地确立了其主导地位Around the same time, use of the spelling ‘airplane’ spiked dramatically over ‘aeroplane,’ and continued to dominate through the century.同时,“airplane”一词以迅雷不及掩耳之势取代了“aeroplane”,并且一直被广泛使用 many years, British English maintained its hold on ‘honour,’ grappling with the American version years as the two flip-flopped in popularity around the world.曾经,英式英语的“honour”一词与美式英语版本的流行度不相上下,由此二词展开了长期的拉锯战In the 1970s, however, American English gained a clear lead as ‘honor’ increasingly became the more spelling of choice.但在世纪70年代,美式拼写“honor”明显处于领先地位,“honor”逐渐成为更受欢迎的拼写方式‘If there were ever a word that failed to make it across the Atlantic, it must be ‘gaol,’ the post says.“如果说曾经有一个词没有跨过太平洋,被美式化的话,这个词肯定是’gaol’”,主称‘Ever since the middle of the 19th century it has been fading into obscurity as even the British Isles slowly rejected the old spelling.’19世纪中期以后,这个词变得越来越少见,连英国各岛都开始逐渐拒绝使用这种旧的拼写方式英文来源:每日邮报翻译:冯露(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

伦敦将开3D打印餐厅:花00元吃一堆浆糊 --18 :: 来源: 一家全3D打印餐厅将在伦敦开业,新奇的料理方式吸引了大批吃货的注意 It sounds like the future — a restaurant where the food you eat is printed, and even the utensils you eat with are too.这听起来似乎是在未来才会发生的事情--你可以在一家餐厅里吃到打印出来的食物,甚至你使用的餐具也是打印的Well, now it’s happening. Food Ink, the world’s first 3D-printing restaurant, opens in Shoreditch this month.而现在,这就是事实全球首家3D打印餐厅Food Ink本月将在伦敦肖尔迪奇开业During the day there’ll be chance to taste 3D-printed snacks, you can try using 3D printers and pens, and lounge on 3D-printed furniture.白天,顾客们将有机会品尝到3D打印出来的小吃,也能够试着用一用3D打印机和3D笔,还可以在3D打印的家具上休息一番In the evening, (if you can k out 50 pound) there’s a multi-sensory nine-course taster made using the printers by Joel Castanye of Michelin-starred El Bulli and La Boscana.到了晚上,(如果你愿意付50英镑的话)这家餐厅将会提供一个多感官的品尝菜单,一共九道菜,所有菜式全都是由米其林星级厨师布里和波斯卡纳用3D打印机做出来的There’s only tickets available each night and demand is expected to be very high.这家餐厅每天晚上只招待名顾客,据估计需求将会非常大The restaurant -- which claims to be the first of its kind worldwide -- started life in Venlo, in the Netherlands, back in April. Rather than seeking gastronomic heights, the concept aims above all to give food fans a glimpse into the future of food and cookery. The pop-up’s founders will be touring their concept throughout the world over the coming months, heading to Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Taipei, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Austin, Texas, USA, Singapore, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Sydney and Reykjavik.虽然号称是全球首家3D打印餐厅,单其实早在月份荷兰芬洛就有了一家类似的饭店这家餐厅的目的不是为了追求美食的新高度,它的理念是要给吃货们展示一下未来食物和烹饪的样子这家餐厅的创始人们将在接下来的几个月里把他们的理念传遍全世界,渗入柏林、迪拜、汉城、罗马、特拉维夫、巴萨罗那、巴黎、阿姆斯特丹、多伦多、纽约、台北、、圣保罗、东京、奥斯丁、德克萨斯、美国、新加坡、洛杉矶、开普敦、悉尼和雷克雅未克

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