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江镜镇中心医院主页福清南岭镇哪个医院有男科The CIA has released thousands of declassified documents on flying saucers, aliens and other unexplained phenomena.美国中央情报局(CIA)日前公布了数千份有关飞碟、外星人及其他未解之谜的解密文件。#39;We#39;ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting,#39; the agency said on its website.中央情报局在官网上发表声明说:‘我们决定公开几份文件,它们将会引起怀疑者和信奉者的兴趣。’The post continued: #39;Below you will find five documents we think X-Files character Agent Fox Mulder would love to use to try and persuade others of the existence of extraterrestrial activity.#39;声明称:“我们相信,接下来的五份文件会连《X档案》中的特别探员穆德也想要加以利用,试图说他人外星活动真实存在。”All of the documents are dated from the late 1940s to the 1960s, but were top-secret until now.这些文件可追溯到20世纪40年代末到60年代,在此之前它们一直都是绝密文件。One of the files attached to the post is a document from East Germany in 1952, where agents were called to investigate what witnesses described as a #39;huge flying pan#39;.在公布的文件中,有一份来自1952年的东德,文件记录了特工人员对目击者描述的“巨型飞盘”的调查。The object was said to have a diameter of about 15 meters, according to the document.据这份文件记载,该物体直径约为15米。Similar flying saucers were also spotted in North Africa and Spain, the report said.报告称,在北非和西班牙也发现了类似的飞碟。#39;The picture [of the object] shows a diagonal stripe of diminishing width and lighter in shade than the sky over the dark bulk of a building cornice,#39; it was noted.文件还记载道:“从照片来看,该物体表面呈宽度递减的斜条纹,它比飞檐上方的天空颜色更浅。”Included with some of the documents were three pictures of the alleged extraterrestrials.在部分文件中还附有所谓的外星生物的三张照片。One of the photos - taken by British student Alex Birch in 1962—claimed to show a group of flying saucers flying over the city of Sheffield in the UK.其中一张照片是由英国学生亚历克斯·伯奇于1962年拍摄。这张照片展示了一群飞碟飞过英国谢菲尔德市的上空。However the photo was proven to be a hoax.然而,这张照片后来被实是一场骗局。The files also detail a case of flying saucers that were spotted over what was formerly Belgian Congo.这些档案还对在比属刚果(刚果旧称)发现的飞碟事件进行了详细的记载。The document reveals that two #39;fiery discs#39; were seen over a uranium mine, and that the discs had #39;glided curves and changed position many times#39;.据文件披露,在铀矿上空发现了两个“火盘”,它们沿曲线轨迹滑翔,并多次变换位置。It then adds: #39;Suddenly, both discs hovered in one spot and then took off in a unique zigzag flight to the north east.文件中写道:“突然,两个飞碟在一个地方盘旋,随即又沿独特的之字形轨迹向东北方飞去。#39;A penetrating hissing and buzzing sound was audible to onlooker below. The whole performance lasted 10 to 12 minutes.#39;“目击者听到一阵尖利的嘶嘶声和嗡嗡声。飞碟从出现到消失持续了10到12分钟。”An aircraft was then set to investigate the object, and got with meters of the saucer and according to the pilot, the inner core of it remained totally still while the a knob opening could be seen from the outside.一架飞机随后被派来侦查该物体,并飞到距飞碟几米远处。据飞行员说,飞碟内核区完全静止不动,从外部可以看到一个球形突出物。The pilot then gave up his pursuit when the #39;disc#39; appeared to disappear.当“飞碟”消失后,飞行员也停止了他的追踪。Also contained in the files is the case in Socorro, New Mexico in 1964, when police officer Lonnie Zamoraspotted a large flame rise from the ground and pierce the sky above a remote patch of desert.这些档案中也包含了1964年发生在新墨西哥州索科罗的案例。当时警察朗尼·萨莫拉发现沙漠远处一团巨大火焰腾空而起,划破天空。He went to investigate and found a shiny object the size of a sedan perched on the hilltop, which was oval in shape and aluminium in color.他走过去想一探究竟,发现在山顶处有一个轿车大小的发光物体,椭圆状,呈金属铝的颜色。The object then began to rise into the air and then sped away from him over the mountains and disappeared.随即,该物体开始升上天,快速越过山头,然后从他眼前消失了。The release of the documents coincide with the long-awaited return of The X-Files on Sunday.这些文件的公开恰逢影迷期待已久的《X档案》在周日回归。The beloved show was rebooted by the Fox Network after 10 years, with its two original stars reprising their roles.这场深得观众喜爱的科幻剧时隔十年之后,由福克斯电视网续拍。原来的两大主演也将回归。 /201602/425429江阴镇治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的 First doctor: “This morning for breakfast he requested something called ‘wheat germ, organic honey and tiger’s milk.’”医生甲说:“那家伙说今天早餐想吃……某种叫做‘小麦胚芽、有机蜂蜜和Tiger#39;s Milk有机蛋白质营养棒’的东西。” Second doctor: “Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties.”医生乙:“对啊。很多年前,人们对这些东西可着迷啦,他们笃信这里面含有维持生命必备的营养成分。”Fans of Woody Allen may recognize that snippet of dialogue from his 1973 comedy, “Sleeper.” The main character, a health-food store owner somehow frozen in 1973, has been thawed out 200 years later. He awakens to a world he can barely fathom, down to the kinds of food now said to constitute a sound diet. Everything that nutrition specialists once said was good for you, or really bad, turned out to be wrong.如果你是伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)的粉丝,或许你已经认出上述对话是他1973年的喜剧电影《傻瓜大闹科学城》(Sleeper)中的片段。影片的主角是一名健康食品商店的老板,1973年他莫名其妙地被冷冻了起来,直到200年后才被解冻。他苏醒过来,发现自己来到了一个令他迷惑不解的新世界,就连所谓的“健康食品”也改变了——过去被营养专家宣称是对人大有益处或害处的东西,后来发现都不是那么回事儿。First doctor: “You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or hot fudge?”医生甲:“你是说,不包括油炸食品?也没有牛排、奶油馅饼或热巧克力?” Second doctor: “Those were thought to be unhealthy — precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.”医生乙:“他们觉得这些东西不健康——不过,我们现在知道,事实恰恰相反呀。”Moviegoers laughed. They recognized how they were whipsawed by contradictory expert pronouncements about what they should or should not eat to stay healthy. On this score, not much has changed. How many times have Americans about a study damning this or that food, only to then hear the revisionist opposite? Avoid eggs, we were told; they clog your arteries. Wait, we then heard, eggs have nutritional value. Coffee can give you cancer. Hold on, coffee can improve brain function. Butter is terrible. Well, not really. Again and again, yesterday’s verity becomes today’s punch line.看到这里,观众们纷纷大笑起来。他们意识到,关于为了保持健康应该或不应该吃什么,专家们一直在给他们灌输相互矛盾的意见,让他们莫衷一是——只有这一点似乎一直都没有改变。多少次,一项研究言之凿凿,宣称这种或那种食物“罪大恶极”,结果不久,就又有人提出相反的论断。我们被告知不要吃鸡蛋,因为它们会堵塞你的动脉——接着我们又听说,鸡蛋颇具营养价值;咖啡会害你患癌症——等等,咖啡可以改善脑功能;黄油简直糟透了——好吧,其实也并非如此。一次又一次,昨天被奉为至理名言的,变成了今天的笑话。The vagaries of nutrition claims infuse the latest episode of Retro Report, documentaries exploring major news developments of the past and how they still resound. This installment harks back to the 1970s, when many health authorities asserted, with unshakable confidence, that a diet low in fat and cholesterol was essential for a healthful life (wheat germ and tiger’s milk presumably optional).最近一期的“Retro Report”(回顾历史上的重大新闻,并探讨其现实意义的系列电视纪录片)中就充斥着此类变幻莫测的营养学声明。这期节目回顾了上世纪70年代,当时,众多卫生部门都以坚不可摧的信心声称,低脂肪和低胆固醇的饮食(譬如小麦胚芽和Tiger#39;s Milk有机蛋白质营养棒之类)是健康生活必不可少的一部分。“Fat-free” became a mantra, not to mention a marketing tool to sell breakfast cereals and high-caloric snacks. If anyone qualified as a heretic back then, it was Dr. Robert C. Atkins, a cardiologist who died in 2003. The Atkins diet encouraged loading up on fat-laden foods like steaks and omelets, and steering clear of pasta, b and other carbohydrates.“脱脂”仿佛成了一个魔咒,更不用说它实际上已经化身为推销早餐谷物和高热量小食品的一种营销工具。而在当年,要说特立独行离经叛道,当属心脏病医生罗伯特·C·阿特金斯(Robert C. Atkins)士了(他在2003年去世)。阿特金斯饮食法鼓励人们大量进食高脂肪食物,如牛排和煎蛋卷等,同时避免食用意面、面包等碳水化合物。But conventional wisdom held that fat was bad, period, with relatively few Americans distinguishing between saturated fats (meat, eggs, dairy products) and healthier unsaturated fats (fish, vegetable oils, nuts). Typically, people turned to bs, cereals and potatoes — and to sugary soft drinks — for the calories they no longer got from protein-rich foods.但传统观念认为脂肪不是好东西,句号,一度只有少数美国人能对饱和脂肪(肉、蛋、乳制品)和较为健康的不饱和脂肪(鱼、植物油、坚果)区别对待。通常,人们只是直接转而食用面包、谷物、土豆以及含糖软饮料,以便获得他们原本应从富含蛋白质的食物中摄取的热量。“Diet is a trade-off,” Gary Taubes, a science journalist and the author of “Why We Get Fat,” told Retro Report. “If we reduce the amount of fat, you have to replace it with something.” That something tended to be carbohydrates. The result? Carbo-loading Americans grew fatter. “We put the whole country on a low-fat diet,” Mr. Taubes said, “and, lo and behold, we have an obesity epidemic.”“膳食是个交易过程,”《我们为什么会发胖?》(“Why We Get Fat”)一书的作者,科学记者盖里·陶比斯(Gary Taubes)在接受”Retro Report”采访时说。“如果我们减少了脂肪的摄入量,就必须用别的什么东西来替代它。”——比如碳水化合物。结果,大量食用碳水化合物,让美国人变得更胖了。陶比斯先生说:“在整个国家推行低脂肪饮食后,瞧啊,肥胖大肆流行了开来。”Obesity has proved a stubborn plague, one that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says affects 35 percent of American adults — about 79 million people. Tens of millions more, while not technically obese, are overweight. Not coincidentally, diabetes is a big national headache, even if the C.D.C. reported last month that new cases of the disease had begun to decline.肥胖已成为一个顽疾,美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,CDC)的工作人员表示,在美国的成年人中,肥胖者人数高达7900万,占35%。还有数以千万计的人虽然严格来说算不上肥胖,至少也是超重的。无独有偶,虽然据CDC上个月报道,糖尿病的新病例数开始下降了,但它仍是令美国头痛的一大疾病。As for that low-fat diet, a major federal study concluded in 2006 that its health benefits were greatly overrated. Such a diet, researchers found, had no effect on the risk of heart disease or cancer, the two biggest killers in the ed States2006年美联邦进行的一项重大研究显示,低脂肪饮食的健康效益被大大高估了。研究人员发现,这种饮食对美国致死率最高的两大疾病——心脏病和癌症的风险并没有影响This Retro Report episode comes as the federal government is again rethinking its Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They form a nutrition template that Washington issues every five years and is a bible for millions of the diet-conscious, whose numbers undoubtedly include many who overindulged during the holidays and entered the new year with a pledge to shed pounds.本期“Retro Report”的推出,正值联邦政府再次反思其《美国膳食指南》(Dietary Guidelines for Americans)之际。这些每隔五年由华盛顿发布的指南得到了数以百万计的注重饮食者的追捧,并视其为营养模板和饮食圣经,毫无疑问,众多在节假日里胡吃海喝,而后又在新年伊始许愿一定要减肥的人也在其中。The new guidelines are expected to be issued this month by the Departments of Agriculture and of Health and Human Services, which tend to follow the recommendations of an advisory committee. One likely eye-catcher is a new assessment of cholesterol, long an archvillain. It seems destined for rehabilitation to some degree. Months ago, the advisory committee concluded that the dietary intake of cholesterol (the body produces this waxy, artery-obstructing matter on its own) had no real effect on blood levels of LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol. “Cholesterol,” the committee said, “is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”预计新指南将在本月由美国卫生和公众务部(Department of Health and Human Service)和农业部(Department of Agriculture)发布。这些指南通常都会遵循顾问委员会的建议。其中,一项关于胆固醇的新评估很可能将十分引人注目。长期以来,胆固醇一直被视为洪水猛兽,而该评估可以说在一定程度上为它平了反。几个月前,该顾问委员会得出结论,从膳食中摄取胆固醇(人体自己也会产生这种会阻塞动脉的蜡状物)对LDL(低密度脂蛋白胆固醇),也就是所谓的“坏胆固醇”的血液浓度没有实质影响。该委员会称:“我们无需担心过度摄取胆固醇。”There is a conspicuous American tendency to cling to a favored diet as the gateway to good health, keeping weight down, staving off cancers and banishing heart attacks. A consequence is an abundance of regimens — vegan, gluten-free, Paleolithic, fruitarian and many more — each promoted by its adherents as the one true path.美国人中存在着一种非常明显的倾向,总是喜欢追捧某种特殊的饮食,以为它是能让你身体健康、保持体重、预防癌症、避免心肌梗死的唯一制胜法宝。结果,各种各样的膳食方案层出不穷:素食主义、无麸质饮食、旧石器时代饮食(Paleolithic,又译,古式饮食)、果食主义等等,每一种都拥有大批忠贞不二的拥趸。But nutrition experts, including those in this Retro Report, caution that life is complex, and that we are more than what we eat. Among them is Dr. Barbara V. Howard, who was a principal investigator in the 2006 federal study of low-fat diets.但营养专家,包括本期“Retro Report”中的专家们都警告,生命远比吃什么东西复杂得多。芭芭拉·V·霍华德(Barbara V. Howard)士也是其中之一,她是2006年美联邦一项低脂肪饮食研究的首席研究员。“We are not going to reverse any of the chronic diseases in this country by changing the composition of the diet,” Dr. Howard said when that report was issued. “People are always thinking it’s what they ate. They are not looking at how much they ate, or that they smoke or that they are sedentary.”“在这个国家中,改变饮食结构是无法逆转任何慢性疾病的,”霍华德士在发布上述研究报告时说道。“人们总觉得问题出在食物身上,却从不留心自己的食量,以及吸烟与否或是否存在久坐不动的生活习惯等。”Other explanations for why one person gains weight and someone else does not may include sleep patterns, genetic predispositions and the compositions of individual microbiomes — the trillions of microbes residing inside the human body. Some health researchers even question the significance of exercise in keeping pounds off, regardless of its other benefits. Among other things, one has to move around quite vigorously to hold the weight down. A Big Mac, for instance, has 540 calories. To burn it off, a person would need to jog or to swim laps for about 45 minutes. Not every Big Mac eater exercises that strenuously.对于为何有些人容易发胖而其他人则不然,还有些其他的解释,例如睡眠模式、遗传倾向和个人的微生物组(也就是栖息在人体内的数万亿微生物的总和)等。有些健康研究人员甚至对运动在保持体重中的重要性提出了质疑——虽然他们承认它可以带来其他好处。别的先不说,要控制体重,一个人非积极地运动不可。例如,一个巨无霸(Big Mac)含有540卡路里的热量。要消耗掉这些热量,需要慢跑或游泳45分钟。显然,不是每个吃巨无霸的人都会这么勤奋地锻炼的。Politics, too, can enter the picture. An example is the experience of Michael R. Bloomberg, a forceful public-health advocate when he was New York’s mayor. Despite resistance from restaurant owners and their political allies, Mr. Bloomberg pushed through a ban on trans fats (almost universally deemed a health hazard), and required fast-food outlets to post calorie counts.政治在饮食问题中也占有一席之地。就拿迈克尔·R·布隆伯格(Michael R. Bloomberg)的经历为例吧,他在担任纽约市长时是一位强有力的公众健康倡导者。尽管遭遇了来自餐馆老板和他们的政治盟友的阻力,布隆伯格依然力促通过了对反式脂肪(普遍认为它有害健康)的禁令,并要求快餐店公布其产品的卡路里计数。But he hit a political and a juridical wall when he also sought to restrict the sale of sodas and other sugary drinks of dubious nutritional value. State courts shot down his plan on procedural grounds. Mr. Bloomberg found himself widely denounced for having taken government nannyism too far.然而,当他试图限制汽水和其他营养价值存疑的含糖饮料的销售时,在政治和法律两方面都碰了壁。州法院基于程序上的原因驳回了他的议案。布隆伯格也因为让政府害了“奶妈主义”病(nannyism,禁止任何“可能”导致伤害的事情——译注)而广受批评。Then again, no one ever said figuring out the elements of a healthy diet would be easy. Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a nutrition specialist at Tufts University, suggested to Retro Report that accepted wisdom was not necessarily wise. Much of what has shaped dietary guidelines, he said, are “basically best guesses.” Uncertainty abounds. “I think now we know about 50 percent of what we need to know,” Dr. Mozaffarian said.不过话说回来,要找到健康饮食的要素绝非易事。塔夫茨大学(Tufts University)的营养学专家戴瑞什·莫萨法利安(Dariush Mozaffarian)士向“Retro Report”表示,受到广泛认可的观念未必就是正确的。他说,膳食指南中的大部分内容“基本上都是些‘最佳猜测’(best guess),”充满了不确定性。他还说:“我认为我们目前所知的,只占应该和需要知道的50%左右。”So is it possible that steaks, cream pies and hot fudge will someday be called the cornerstones of a healthy diet? Maybe if you can stick around for 200 years, you’ll find out.既然如此,有朝一日人们会不会将牛排、奶油馅饼和热巧克力列为健康饮食的重要组成部分?努力再活上个200年,你就知道啦。 /201601/423720What is the biggest deal breaker for you in a romantic relationship? Below average looks? A weird accent? Or a lack of commitment? A new study reveals that the top deal breakers are “disheveled or unclean” looks, followed by personalities that are “lazy” and “too needy”, according to a Wall Street Journal column.对你来说,结束一段亲密关系的最主要原因是什么?颜值太低,口音很怪,还是缺少承诺?据《华尔街日报》某专栏的最新调查显示,最常见的分手原因是外表“邋遢”,紧随其后的是“懒癌”和“粘人”。It’s not bad news for those who want to maintain a long-term relationship.对于想要维持长期关系的情侣来说,这并非坏消息。Poor hygiene can be easily dealt with. Just pay a bit more attention to your personal grooming routines. To cure laziness and neediness, on the other hand, is more difficult. It might require a complete lifestyle overhaul or a change in personality.不讲卫生是很容易解决的,只要在个人日常洗漱上稍加注意就行了。而治疗“懒癌”和“粘人”就难得多,因为这可能需要对生活习惯进行大刀阔斧的调整或个人性格的改变。Unfortunately, as the saying goes, a leopard cannot change his spots. Many deal breakers listed by the study support this cliché –you cannot change them easily.悲催的是,常言道:江山易改,本性难移。这项研究列出的许多分手原因都印了这句话——人很难改变。The study was published in October in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, under the title “Relationship deal breakers: Traits people avoid in potential mates”.十月份出版的《人格与社会心理学学报》上刊登了这项研究,标题为《分手的原因:这些特征让人们对潜在伴侣避之不及》。By collecting and analyzing survey results from more than 5,500 single people between the ages of 21 and 76, researchers identified what turns people off in a relationship, and how picky they are.研究者们在收集并分析了5500多位年龄在21岁到76岁之间的单身人士之后,发现了导致人们分手的主要原因,并确认他们真的很吹毛求疵。The study found that women are pickier than men. They listed more negative traits that would kill their interest in potential partners.研究显示,女性比男性更挑剔。她们列出的潜在伴侣的负面特征更多,这些特征会导致她们不愿意和对方继续交往。The study claims there’s a biological reason for women to be more selective. It’s women who get pregnant, so it’s important for them to be picky and choose a mate who is responsible and capable of helping them raise children.研究称女性选择伴侣更挑剔是由生理原因造成的。女人要怀生子,因此她们要选择一位有责任心,并能帮忙抚养孩子的人,这时挑剔就显得尤为重要。While men listed fewer deal breakers, theirs were just as distinctive. They are more likely to cite “having kids”, “living far away”, and “low sex drive” as deal breakers, thus showing a tendency toward a lack of commitment. According to the study, these characteristics “may reflect men’s greater concerns about resource investment in partners (and their families) and men’s somewhat higher interest in casual sex”.虽然男性列出的分手原因很少,却很奇葩。男人们很可能会将 “有孩子”、“住得远”、“性冷淡”等列为分手原因。该研究还表明,这些特征反应了男人更关注对伴侣及其家庭的资源投入,某种程度上也说明男人可能对“一夜情”更感兴趣。The study also found that people have different expectations for long-term and short-term relationships.研究的另一项发现是,人们对长期和短期恋爱的期望值不同。In long-term partners, the top deal breakers were “anger issues”, “is currently dating multiple partners” and “person is untrustworthy”. Among short-term partners, the deal breakers were “has health issues,” “smells bad” and “has poor hygiene”, according to results listed in The Wall Street Journal.在长期恋爱中,最常见的分手原因是“争吵”、“脚踏几条船”和“丧失信任”。而《华尔街日报》列出的短期恋爱的分手原因则包括“健康问题”、“体臭”、以及“不讲卫生”等。But just because certain deal breakers are common doesn’t mean they’re always justified. Sometimes deal breakers say more about your own prejudices than your partner’s flaws.但就分手原因而言,常见并不代表它们就合理。有时,分手原因并非对方的缺点,而是自己的偏见问题。For example, if you consider “sweaty hands” or “ugly toes” as deal breakers, then perhaps you are way too picky. The Wall Street Journal suggests asking your close friends if your deal breakers are ridiculous. Their advice will help you become more objective.例如,如果你分手的原因是“汗手”或是“难看的脚趾”,那么,你可能太挑剔了。《华尔街日报》建议大家咨询一下自己的好友,看看他们是否认为你的分手的理由太荒谬。这些建议能帮助我们变得更加客观公正。 /201512/413722福清第一人民医院几点下班

南岭镇中医医院预约免费福建省福清妇幼保健院在哪儿 Wearing a grey jacket from Alexander McQueen, pale grey cashmere sweater and button-down shirt, his baby birdlike features exaggerated by black-rimmed spectacles, Federico Marchetti meets me in a small parking lot on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. It’s a steely grey day and the clouds hang mistily over the surrounding hills. As he greets me, the scene has a whisper of John le Carré about it — like two operatives meeting to share secrets.在意大利科莫湖(Lake Como)边的一个小停车场内,我见到了费代里科氠尔凯蒂(Federico Marchetti),当时他身着Alexander McQueen牌的灰色夹克、搭配浅灰色羊绒衫和纽扣领衬衫,佩戴的黑框眼镜进一步凸显出他精明的五官。天色阴沉,云雾缭绕着附近的山上。当他问候我时,整个场景有点约翰勒卡雷(John le Carré)的味道——我们俩就像是两名特工在接头交换情报。The truth is rather more prosaic. The 46-year-old tech entrepreneur and founder of Yoox, the vast e-commerce retailer of luxury goods now poised on the brink of a merger with Net-a-Porter, is about to give me a tour of his hood.而事实远没有那么戏剧性。这位46岁的科技企业家、大型奢侈品电子商务零售商Yoox(即将与Net-a-Porter合并)的创始人,正准备带我在他的地盘四处看看。Marchetti settled in Como permanently a year ago, at the insistence of his partner, Kerry Olsen, a writer and journalist, who wanted to raise their daughter, Margherita, three, in a house with a garden. “I moved for her,” he says, explaining the daily commute to his office in Milan. Although Como has no shortage of starry inhabitants — Richard Branson is a few minutes along the lakeside, George Clooney owns a villa — the neighbourhood has, says Marchetti, the same sleepy provincial feel of his childhood home in Ravenna, the Byzantine capital in Italy’s northeast.在其伴侣克丽攠尔森(Kerry Olsen)的坚持下,马尔凯蒂1年前在科莫定居了下来。奥尔森是一名作家兼记者,她希望让他们的女儿——3岁的玛格丽塔(Margherita)在有花园的房子里长大。“我是为了她才搬家的,”他在解释自己为什么每日往返于位于米兰的办公室和这里时说。尽管科莫不乏星光熠熠的居民——理查德布兰森(Richard Branson)的住处就在湖边,距离马尔凯蒂家仅有几分钟的路程,乔治克鲁尼(George Clooney)在这里也有一栋别墅。马尔凯蒂称,这个社区寂静的乡村感就像他童年时在拉文纳(位于意大利东北部,过去曾是拜占庭在意大利的首府)的家一样。Walking towards the restaurant, we pass a palazzo belonging to a Russian billionaire that is being renovated for his daughter, and a dilapidated silk factory. The former mill is Marchetti’s, a two-year building project that will ultimately become the family home. With its industrial windows and factory roof, it is the antithesis of the splendid building next door. “I didn’t want a great ostentatious house,” he says. It will, however, fulfil his lifetime ambition of having a swimming pool: a 20m lap pool in the basement. “I never wanted a Ferrari. But I always wanted a pool.”在去往餐厅的路上,我们路过了一栋属于一位俄罗斯亿万富翁的豪宅(现在他正在为女儿翻修这栋宅子)和一座破败的丝绸厂。该厂现在归马尔凯蒂所有,正在装修(工期两年),最终将成为马尔凯蒂的家。这座有着工厂式窗户和房顶的建筑与隔壁富丽堂皇的豪宅形成鲜明的对比。“我不想要一栋特别浮夸的房子,”他说。然而,这栋房子将会实现他毕生的愿望:拥有一个位于地下室的长20米的小型游泳池。“我从不想要法拉利,但是我一直想要一个游泳池。”As we enter the restaurant, 40 pairs of eyeballs turn towards us. The diners are all local tradesmen, burly men on their lunch break. We were going to sit inside, as rain seems imminent, but the sight of so many young men, eating in silence, is a little overwhelming. “Shall we go back outside?” asks Marchetti, with a sympathetic grin. We take a corner table under a tree in the courtyard. “It has been family-run for over 100 years,” he says of the bar with its tabacchi desk by the till. “It’s our second home and the food is very good. I asked you to come here because I wanted to show you how I live. Rather than bring you to a Milanese super-duper restaurant, the luxury guy is bringing you to a little bar.”当我们走进餐厅时,40双眼睛立刻转向我们。用餐者都是身材健硕的本地人,正在享受午休时光。因为感觉快下雨了,我们本来准备坐到餐厅里面,但是这么多沉默用餐的年轻人盯着我们的目光,让人有点招架不住。“要不我们回外面吧?”马尔凯蒂问道,脸上带着同情的笑容。我们在院子角落一颗树下的桌子旁坐定。“这里是家族经营的,已经开了100多年了,”他说起这个吸烟桌紧挨着收银机的酒吧,“这里是我的第二个家,食物非常赞。我让你来这儿,是因为我想让你看看我是怎么生活的。这个奢侈的家伙没带你去米兰的高级餐厅,而是带你来一个小酒吧。”Today, though, the luxury guy has a sore tummy and is on “a strict diet” of fish and steamed vegetables — “no rice, or potatoes,” he insists, while ordering a shoal of lake fish that will be variously deep-fried, roasted, smoked and smothered in green sauce. I eat some b while Marchetti demonstrates parsimonious restraint; he is, however, persuaded to take a thimble of white wine.不过,这个奢侈的家伙今天肚子痛,而且还正处于“严格节食”中,只能吃鱼和蒸煮的蔬菜。他坚持“不要米饭,不要土豆”,然后点了各种炸、烤、熏、青酱拌的湖鱼。在马尔凯蒂展现自己过于严苛的自制力时,我吃了些面包;而他在我的劝说下抿了几口白葡萄酒。The younger son of a “white-collar” family — his father was a warehouse manager at Fiat and his mother worked at a call-centre (in “e-commerce”, he jokes) — Marchetti launched Yoox in 2000 with next to no experience of the fashion industry but the conviction he could persuade luxury brands to sell him end-of-season stock to sell online, at a time when luxury accounted for “zero per cent” of the e-commerce market.马尔凯蒂来自“白领家庭”,是家里的次子,他父亲是菲亚特(Fiat)一家货仓的经理,母亲在电话呼叫中心(他开玩笑说,也算是“电子商务”)工作。2000年创办Yoox时,他几乎没有任何时尚业从业经验,但却坚信能够说奢侈品牌把季末尾货卖给他、让他在网上销售,而当时奢侈品在电子商务市场上的份额为“0%”。Since then, Yoox has grown into a multinational “lifestyle” company with revenues of 524m and a net profit of ㄠ3.8m last year. It entered the US in 2003, Japan in 2004 and, in 2006, signed a deal with Marni to provide tech support and a website for the Italian fashion house. Yoox now powers the web infrastructure for 38 luxury brands (“mono brands”), including Armani, Valentino and those owned by the Kering group. In 2009 the company was listed on the Milan stock exchange. And on March 31 this year, Marchetti announced plans for a merger with Net-a-Porter, the luxury fashion site founded, also in 2000, by Natalie Massenet.从那时起,Yoox逐渐发展为一家跨国“时尚”公司,去年收入达到5.24亿欧元、净利润1380万欧元。2003年进入美国,2004年进入日本,2006年与意大利时尚品牌玛尼(Marni)签订协议,为后者提供技术持并建一家网站。Yoox如今为38家奢侈品牌打理它们的在线商店(“单一品牌专卖”),其中包括阿玛尼(Armani)、华伦天奴(Valentino)以及开云集团(Kering)旗下的几个品牌。2009年,该公司在米兰交所挂牌。今年3月31日,马尔凯蒂宣布了与Net-a-Porter的合并计划,后者是纳塔莉氠斯内(Natalie Massenet)于2000年创办的奢侈品时尚网站。In September, Marchetti will become chief executive of the newly created Yoox Net-a-Porter Group (Massenet will be executive chairman) and will oversee the operations of the world’s largest online luxury retailer. When the merger was announced, the implied valuation for the combined group was 3.4bn, with annual sales of ㄠ.3bn, shipping to 180 countries worldwide, and with a combined total of 24m unique users.今年9月,马尔凯蒂将成为新成立的Yoox Net-a-Porter集团的首席执行官(马斯内将担任执行董事长),负责这家全球最大的奢侈品在线零售商的运营。在合并消息宣布时,合并后集团的潜在估值为34亿欧元,年销售额13亿欧元,产品销往180个国家,总共拥有2400万不同用户。Not bad for someone who, even after 15 years in the industry, still describes himself as an outsider. “I’ve always been ambitious,” says Marchetti, as he gently separates some fish from its spine. He attributes his drive to no one. “My parents didn’t encourage me in any way. I wasn’t guided. But I was extremely, extremely, extremely good at school.” Neither was there an inspirational teacher to push him into further education — first economics in Milan, then an MBA from Columbia University. “I did it my own way,” he says. “I’ve been alone most years. I started Yoox by myself.”对于已在时尚行业干了15年却仍然称自己为局外人的他来说,这是个不错的成绩。“我总是野心勃勃,”马尔凯蒂一边剔鱼骨一边说。他并不把自己的进取心归功于任何人。“我父母从没有以任何方式鼓励我这样。也没人引导过我。但是我就是非常、非常擅长念书。”他也不是因为哪个老师的鼓励而继续深造——先是在米兰学习了经济学,之后在哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)拿到MBA。“我就是按照自己的方式做的,”他称,“大多数时间我都是自己一个人。我也是自己创办了Yoox。”......The merger is another step towards a long-imagined “dream” of Marchetti — the specifics of which he is vague about. “We started talking about a merger in 2009 but it was too early. It hasn’t been done to please investors, or for stock price; it’s a merger based on substance. And the substance is two companies that started at exactly the same time, with exactly the same vision, but which took completely different approaches. We started with end-of-season, they started full price. Then they started end-of-season [with The Outnet], we started full price [with The Corner]. Then we launched the mono brands, because we were strong at the back-end with logistics, and they launched the editorial content, because they were strong at the front end with the marketing. It’s incredible, like sliding doors — like it was almost planned. I don’t think any merger in history has been so perfect on paper. ”两家公司合并是马尔凯蒂向着其长期憧憬的“梦想”迈进的又一步(具体细节他不愿多谈)。“我们2009年便开始讨论合并,但那时还太早。合并并不是为了取悦股东或者推高股价,而是一次基于实际情况的合并。现实就是两家公司几乎同时创办,拥有完全相同的梦想,但是选择的道路却截然不同。我们从季末尾货做起,他们从全价商品做起。之后他们(创立The Outnet)进入季末尾货市场,而我们(创立The Corner)进入全价商品领域。再之后我们推出了单一品牌专卖,原因是我们在后端物流方面很强,而他们推出了编辑内容板块,因为他们在前端营销方面很强。我们就像两扇滑动门一样相互契合,简直不可思议,几乎像是设计好的。我不认为公司合并史上有过如此完美合拍的案例。”Nevertheless, as he quickly points out, this is not a marriage of equals. Marchetti is still a solo operator and he’s very clear that the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group has only one boss. He raises a hand: “And that’s me.”尽管如此,正如他很快指出的那样,这并非一次平等的联姻。马尔凯蒂仍然是唯一的掌门人,他非常清楚地表明Yoox Net-a-Porter集团只有一个老板。他举了举手说:“那就是我。”While their business models have followed opposite but complementary paths, Marchetti and Massenet’s managerial styles might be harder to fuse. At Net-a-Porter, the glamorous, California-born Massenet has built her empire on foundations of sororal cheerleading — lots of positive affirmations, #incrediblewomen and whooping about team achievements. Marchetti, on the other hand, is notable for his relative anonymity. “They don’t like me,” he says of his relationship with his staff. Really? “No, they don’t like me,” he continues. “There is no love.” He stops. “I think they feel inspired. But they don’t need to love me.”尽管两家公司的商业模式选择了截然相反却又相互补充的发展道路,但马尔凯蒂和马斯内的管理风格也许没那么容易调和。在Net-a-Porter,生于加州的魅力女性马斯内以拉拉队为基础建立了她的帝国,这里充满了正面肯定、对女性的歌颂、对团队成绩大张旗鼓的宣扬。而马尔凯蒂是出了名的低调。“他们不喜欢我,”他说起自己和员工的关系时这样说。真的吗?“是的,他们确实不喜欢我,”他接着说,“没有爱,”他顿了一下,“我觉得他们会感觉受到鼓舞。但是他们不需要爱我。”Will there not, then, be a conflict of cultures in the new world order? “We’re different,” says Marchetti. “But it’s not bad. I don’t need love. I need results.”那么,在新公司中不会出现文化冲突吗?“我们截然不同,”马尔凯蒂称,“但是这不是坏事。我不需要员工的爱。我要的是业绩。”On paper, Marchetti’s attitude may seem arrogant but, in person, his gnomic self-analysis is drily amusing: when I suggest our lunchtime rendezvous is an elaborately staged attempt at humility and that no one in the bar knows who the hell he is, he starts laughing. “Today everything low-key. And then when you leave the helicopter arrives with my dinner...”栠攀 jokes.理论上,马尔凯蒂的态度可能看起来很傲慢,但是与他本人接触时,他精辟的自我剖析颇有些冷幽默:当我暗示我们的午餐地点是为了彰显其谦虚的精心安排、且餐厅里没人知道他到底是谁时,他笑了起来。“今天一切都很低调。等你走了以后,直升机会给我送晚餐过来……”他开玩笑说。In fact, his braggadocio sounds more like incredulity: as if he’s still a little mystified by his success. “Starting a company like Yoox in a country like Italy, it’s quite a miracle. It was a cultural innovation: internet, venture capitalist, stock options...It was an American story in Italy, so it was quite brave. But, at the same time, I had huge advantages: the proximity to the designers, speaking the same languages to the brands, understanding their needs.”事实上,他的自夸听起来更像是质疑:仿佛他对自己的成功仍然有点困惑。“在意大利这样的国家创办一家Yoox这样的公司,是个不小的奇迹。这是一种文化革新:互联网、风投资本家、股票期权……这是一个发生在意大利的美国故事,所以这相当勇敢。但是,与此同时,我也拥有巨大的优势:与设计师近在咫尺、与品牌厂家说着同样的语言、理解他们的需求。It was brave, possibly foolhardy, to launch a company selling discounted luxury goods in 2000. At the time, Marchetti was working as a merchant banker — and miserable with it. “I was leaving the office around 8pm and at night writing my business plan. Around Christmas 1999 I said, ‘I think I need to do it.’ I’m 30, I had to take a risk. So I quit my job. And in 40 days I convinced the venture capitalist to give me ㄠ.5m for 33 per cent of my idea,” he says. “And this was Italy, where there were two venture capitalists, not Silicon Valley, where there are hundreds.在2000年创办一家卖打折奢侈品的公司的确很勇敢,可能还有些鲁莽。当时,马尔凯蒂是一名商业的员工——过得很痛苦。“晚上8点左右我才离开公司,夜里还要写商业计划。1999年圣诞节前后,我说,‘我觉得我必需做这件事。’当时我30岁,不得不冒一次险。于是我辞掉工作。在40天内说风投给我150万欧元,来买我这个想法的33%的所有权,”他称,“这发生在当时只有两个风投资本家的意大利,而不是在如今有着数百名风投资本家的硅谷(Silicon Valley)。”“I took a big risk, and the risk was essential. I cannot say I love risks. I’m not a cowboy. I suffer, internally. But it’s a fine line between luck and risk and I’ve been very lucky. We started in the same month as Net-a-Porter, in June 2000. Boo.com [the LVMH-backed e-commerce site] collapsed in May 2000, and then luxury collapsed. Had I [tried to get] the investment a month later, I would have got nothing.”“我冒了很大风险,而这种风险是有必要的。我不能说自己喜欢冒险。我并非莽撞之人。我内心很受煎熬。但是,幸运和风险仅有一线之隔,而我非常幸运。Yoox和Net-a-Porter在同一个月创办,都创办于2000年6月。Boo.com(路威酩轩集团(LVMH)出资的电商网站)于2000年5月关停,随后奢侈品业也垮了。如果我再晚一个月去争取投资,我可能筹不到一分钱。”He may not be a cowboy but there must have been a certain swagger about the 30-year-old nobody. “I didn’t even have a website,” he says. “And I was not the son of any one. I was just selling the dream of an online service. And I was very good at selling the dream. Because I believed in that dream.”他也许不是莽撞之人,但是当时那个30岁的无名小卒身上必然带着某种狂妄。“我连个网站都没有,”他说,“我也没有爹可以拼。我当时只是在推销自己关于在线务的梦想。我很擅长推销梦想。因为我相信自己的梦想。”Marchetti made fashion his focus because it was a native luxury, because he had the home advantage and because there was no competition. “You cannot be great at everything,” he argues, when I suggest the big fashion brands have been rather cowardly about e-commerce. “You need to be a specialist. The internet is a different set of skills. Unless, like Burberry, you have a leader and designer that is an internet native and it’s part of the strategy.”马尔凯蒂把重心放在时尚方面,因为它是天然的奢侈品,还因为他有本土优势,而且还没有竞争。当我表示大型时尚品牌一直对电子商务相当畏惧的时候,他反驳道,“你不可能什么事都精通。你需要成为一个专家。互联网是一套不同的技能。除非像巴宝莉(Burberry)一样,你有一个出生于互联网时代的领导者兼设计师,并且互联网是你战略的一部分。”Marchetti’s specialism is in logistics and, to that end, his greatest asset is a warehouse in Bologna. A 102,000 sq m distribution centre through which 8,000 orders are processed every day, it is the mother ship for the group’s operations. It is here that every one of the 5.5m items currently stocked are unpacked, checked for damage, photographed, tagged, stored and repackaged on their passage to a final destination. A marvel of technology, it is patrolled by robots that pick out items from container-loads of goods while 55 studios capture between 9,000 and 15,000 images every day. It’s also a very human enterprise; human hands unpack the incoming product, dress the mannequins and pack the merchandise away when it is sold: they might also wrap them in tissue paper or tie them with a ribbon depending on the particulars of the mono-brand packaging. “It’s an amazing operation,” says Marchetti. “You wouldn’t expect so much perfection from an Italian company — about 0.001 per cent of mistakes. Why? Because we cannot send Armani.com a Saint Laurent product. We need it to be right, otherwise it’s a loss of credibility.”马尔凯蒂的特长在于物流,在这方面,他最宝贵的资产就是位于洛尼亚的仓库。这个面积达10.2万平米的配送中心,每天处理的订单数达到8000个,是该集团运营的大后方。就在这里,550万件现有库存商品逐一被拆包、检查、拍照、打上标签、存放好、然后在发给最终顾客前重新包装好。这是科技的奇迹,机器人将商品从成集装箱的货物中拣出,55间摄影室每天拍摄9000-15000张照片。这也是一家非常需要人力劳动的企业;入库商品拆包、给模特穿上装、商品售出时打包好发走,靠的都是人工;有些商品还需要人工用薄纸包好或是用丝带打结(取决于不同的个别品牌的具体包装要求)。“这是一项神奇的业务,”马尔凯蒂称,“你想不到一家意大利公司能如此完美——错误率约为0.001%。为什么呢?因为我们不会给Armani.com送一件圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)的商品。我们需要它准确,否则我们会失去信誉。”Neither does the stock hang around. “We have a huge inventory in our logistics, so it’s a huge commitment,” he says. “Boo.com collapsed because of the inventory.” So what do you do? Discount it to death? “Yes,” says Marchetti. “And everything goes.”他们也不会让库存停留太久。“我们物流中的库存量很大,因此这是巨大的投入,”他称,“Boo.com就是因为库存积压严重倒闭的。”那你怎么办?打折到卖出去?“是的,”马尔凯蒂说,“所有东西都会清掉。”His other great advantage is a vast bank of data. With nearly 15 years and millions of transactions to pick over, he has become a font of retail information and it’s a joy to quiz him about the world’s shopping habits. Who are the serial returners? “The Germans,” he says. “They’re the worst.” And the least likely to shop during office hours? “The Japanese are the most ethical guys. They only ever shop after midnight. They don’t sleep.” (The Brits tend to shop late afternoon and evening and, though he won’t speak ill of his countrymen, it’s pretty clear from his facial expression that Italians like to do it at their desks.) The Spanish prefer red while the Italians love purple. Men are more loyal to brands and 65 per cent of transactions are undertaken by women, except in China, where the reverse is true.他另外一个巨大的优势是拥有海量数据库。坐拥近15年、数百万笔交易的信息,他成了零售业信息的百科全书。考他世界各地的购物习惯是件很有趣的事。哪国人最爱退货?“德国人,”他称,“他们最爱退货。”哪国人最不可能在上班时间购物?“日本人是最有职业道德的。他们只在半夜购物。他们压根不睡觉。”(英国人往往在傍晚和夜里购物,尽管他不想说同胞的坏话,但从他的面部表情上可以清楚看出,意大利人喜欢在办公室网购。)西班牙人对红色青睐有加,而意大利人最爱紫色。男性的品牌忠诚度更高,而65%的交易是女性完成的,不过中国是个例外,那里的情况是相反的。It’s a game I could play all day. “It’s a sociological dream,” he agrees. It’s also valuable. For example: “We found out that when women buy shoes, in two-thirds of cases they only buy shoes, they don’t mix the cart with anything else. It’s a very focused category. Which means that, after analysing 8m orders with shoes, we launched a website for shoes only [shoescribe.com], because we knew what women want. The power of information is huge.”这个小游戏我能玩上一整天。“这是社会学梦寐以求的信息,”他也赞同。这些信息也很有价值。比如:“我们发现,当女性买鞋时,2/3的情况下她们只买鞋,她们不会在购物车里加入其它商品。这是一个非常专注的种类。这意味着,在对800万个鞋履订单进行分析后,我们推出了一个只卖鞋的网站(shoescribe.com),因为我们知道女性购物者想要什么。信息的力量太大了。”If I were a luxury CEO, I would insist Marchetti be at every meeting. But, he says, luxury has been fairly reluctant to harness the power of his data. “Historically, it’s an industry that drops down from creativity to the customer — data have not been so essential. But I do my bit and I’m sure that they will come.”如果我是一个奢侈品CEO,我会坚持让马尔凯蒂参加所有会议。但是,他说,奢侈品牌一直挺不愿意利用其数据的力量。“从历史角度来说,这是个从创意沦落到迎合消费者的行业——数据一直没那么重要。但是我会做好分内之事,我敢肯定他们会来找我的。”Perhaps it’s just as well. If all we were being offered were things based on web sales, our wardrobes would probably be directed by housewives in Texas. Besides, while Marchetti knows what sells, he still doesn’t know why.也许这也是公平的。如果市面上售卖的所有装都是基于互联网销售情况决定的,那么我们的衣柜很可能会由德克萨斯州的主妇说了算。此外,尽管马尔凯蒂知道哪些商品卖得好,但他仍然不知道这是为什么。“There’s a very common risk with data that you can become lost in it. At Yoox we still use a good part of commercial instinct for the buy. It’s a mix. Using data is a piece of information but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are led by it. It’s the sociological point of view that I’m missing. Why do women buy only shoes when they buy online? I don’t know. I just know that they do.”“运用数据有一个非常普遍的危险,那就是你可能会迷失其中。在Yoox,我们仍然很大程度上利用商业直觉决定进哪些货。两者要结合起来。利用数据是获得一种信息,但是未必意味着我会被它左右。我不知道的是社会学上的观点。为什么女人在网上购物时只买鞋?我不知道。我只知道她们就是这样。”In a commercial world dominated by chatter about Applebot and Silicon Valley evangelists, Marchetti is an exception. He’s not especially tech-obsessed: he couldn’t care less about the Apple Watch, and he’s less dogmatic about the omnipotence of the tech age than one might assume. He doesn’t believe, for example, that the internet will kill print media, nor the fashion show. “I’m a hybrid type of guy,” he says. “I’m not a fanatic who thinks the world will only go online, or that there will be no more fashion shows, or e-commerce will be 100 per cent of sales...I really think the fashion shows are a very efficient way to make business.”在这个由关于Applebot(苹果(Apple)的网络爬虫——译者注)的议论和硅谷(Silicon Valley)狂热者主导的商业世界里,马尔凯蒂是个异类。他并不是特别沉迷于科技:他一点都不关注Apple Watch,对科技时代的无所不能也没有人们所认为的那样武断。例如,他不相信互联网会干掉纸媒和时装秀。“我是那种比较兼容并包的人,”他称,“我不是那种认为整个世界只会日益转移到线上的狂热者,也不认为不会再有时装秀或者销售将100%通过电子商务完成……我真的认为时装秀是一种非常有效的做生意的方式。We walk together up the hill towards his temporary home until the mill is complete. It’s an unassuming house, albeit one with a tower in the garden and extra houses for two housekeepers. Otherwise, it’s full of the normal jumble of a family home. Nothing fancy. Neither is his new boat, an old wooden knockabout called La Dolce Vita he picked up because he thought it would be nice “to bring my ladies out”. He suddenly looks a bit doleful. “The next three years won’t be la dolce vita, that’s for sure,” he says suddenly, as he considers the implications of his “perfect merger”.我们一起向山上走向他在工厂改装完成前的临时住所。这是一栋朴实无华的房子,尽管花园里有一座高塔,还有额外的房子给两名管家住,不过除此之外就像普通人家的房子一样,一点儿都不浮夸。他新买的船也很朴实,是一艘名为“甜蜜生活”(La Dolce Vita)的旧木船,他买它的理由是觉得用它“载着我的美女们出航”会很美妙。突然间他看起来有点沮丧,“接下来的3年不会是甜蜜的生活,这是可以肯定的。”说话间他在琢磨“完美合并”带来的影响。In spite of this, he’s very happy. “I’m a bit Calvinist, I think, in a country that is very Catholic,” he explains. “Even when I took the company public I was distant. I just came home and ate a bowl of minestrone. No champagne. No holiday. Nothing. I think it’s a problem — I always then think what’s next? I’m never satisfied. But when I did the merger I was very, very, happy.”尽管如此,他还是很开心。“我觉得,在一个天主教影响很大的国家,我有点像个加尔文教徒,”他解释说,“即使是在我的公司上市的时候,我也是很淡然的。我只是回家吃了一碗意大利蔬菜浓汤。没有开香槟。没有去度假。什么都没有。我觉得我有这毛病——总是会想接下来怎么办?永不满足。但是当我完成合并时,我非常非常开心。”No minestrone then? “No, no,” he laughs. “No minestrone that night...”那天晚上没吃意大利蔬菜浓汤吗?“没有,没有,”他笑道,“那天晚上没吃……” /201509/400247南岭镇儿童医院妇科咨询

福清南岭镇治疗肠道疾病多少钱Song Dynasty宋朝Western Xia西夏Western Xia, was the kingdom of the Tibetan-speaking Tanguts tribes that was established in the 11th century and flourished through the early 13th century until it was conquered by the Mongols of the Yuan dynasty.西夏,是由将藏语的党项部落在11世纪建立的国家,它在13世纪早期兴盛发展直到被蒙古人建立的元朝征。It was located in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of Kansu (Gansu) and Shensi (Shaanxi).它位于现在中国西北部甘肃省和陕西省。Occupying the area along the trade route between Central Asia and the West,党项占据了连接中亚和西亚之间贸易之路的一片区域,the Tangut were formally a tributary state of first the Song and then the Jin.它原先是宋朝后来是金朝的朝贡国。In actuality, they were defacto independent, and the interaction belween the Jin, the Song, and the Western Xia is of interest to historians of diplomacy事实上,它们实际上是独立的,研究外交的历史学家对于金、宋和西夏这三个国家的关系很感兴趣,because they are an example of diplomatic relations between states of defacto equal power.因为它们是国家之间外交关系。 /201511/406474 I#39;ve got super powers, so I never need any help, I even fly, so I don#39;t even have use for the infrastructure ... 我有超能力,所以我从不需要任何帮助,我甚至可以飞,所以我基本没有使用基础设施…So, yes, I think it#39;s unfair I need to pay taxes like everybody else ...所以,我认为像其他人一样纳税这是不公平的…… /201601/420339福清市医院修复处女膜渔溪镇妇幼保健院QQ



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