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China should roll back its one-child policyand instead mandate that all couples have two children, a family planningofficial has said, drawing criticism from a ruling Communist Party newspaper(AFP Photo/Wang Zhao)“中国应该暂缓独生子女计划,建议每对夫妇都生两个孩子。”中国一位计划生育官员近日语出惊人,引来了党报的批评。Beijing (AFP) -China should roll back its one-child policy and instead mandate that allcouples have two children, a family planning official has said, drawingcriticism Friday from a ruling Communist Party newspaper.“中国应该暂缓独生子女计划,要求每对夫妇都生两个孩子。”中国一位计划生育官员近日语出惊人,本周五引来了党报的批评。Mei Zhiqiang,deputy director the Family Planning Commission of Shanxi province, offered therecommendation earlier this week as a way to solve the country#39;s increasinglyproblematic gender imbalance.梅志强,现任山西省计划生育委员会副主任。本周他在政协会议上做出了如上的提议,旨在解决中国日渐明显的性别比例失衡问题。;We shouldmake sure our policy and system allows our children to give birth to twochildren,; Mei said, according to a report by the government-run sxrb.comnews website.“我们应该从政策和制度上允许我们的子女生育两个孩子。”根据山西新闻网的一份报告显示,梅志强在会议上说道。;And theymust have two children,; he added.“而且一定要生下两个孩子。”他说。The Global Times,a newspaper affiliated with the Communist Party mouthpiece People#39;s Daily, onFriday urged caution when proposing new initiatives, warning that a two-childpolicy ;cannot be forced upon Chinese parents;.隶属于《人民日报》的《环球时报》本周五指出应该谨慎提出新的提案,警告二胎政策不应该强加在中国的父母身上。;Mei#39;sintention to remodel China#39;s demographic framework may be earnest, but callingfor a direct administrative intervention to enforce a new policy over thisdelicate issue needs to be reconsidered,; Global Times writer Liu Zhunwrote in an op-ed.梅志强改造中国人口结构的意图是真诚的,但在这个敏感的问题上要求直接的行政干预来实施一项新的政策需要重新考虑。《环球时报》作者刘准在一篇社论中这样写道。In an effort torein in population growth, China in the late 1970s introduced its controversialfamily planning policies, which limit most couples to only one child.为了控制人口增长,中国从20世纪70年代末就开始实施了富有争议的计划生育政策,大多数的夫妻被限制只能生一个孩子。The regulationshave led to sometimes brutal crackdowns on families with more than one child,including forced abortions and sterilisation as well as the levying of heftyfines.这项政策给不少一个孩子以上的家庭带来了残忍的打击,包括堕胎、绝育以及重金罚款。The policy hasalso exacerbated an existing gender imbalance fed by a traditional desire tohave a son.由于传统重男轻女观念的影响,这一政策也加重了已有的性别比例失调问题。The rulingCommunist Party moved to relax the rules in late 2013 to allow couples to havetwo offspring so long as at least one of the parents is an only child. Yet farfewer couples have applied to have a second child than expected.2013年末,当局放松了这一政策,夫妻二人只要至少一人为独生子女就可以生两个孩子。但目前为止,申请生二胎的夫妇远远低于预期。Liu noted that;an ageing -- and increasingly male -- populace is now starting to posefundamental demographic challenges that officials have been trying toaddress.;《环球时报》刘准写到:人口老龄化、男性人口猛增等问题渐渐凸显,已经成为官方一直努力解决的人口构成挑战。But he added:;It is better to carry forward the new policy through encouragement andincentives, which will be more easily accepted by the people.;但他补充道:“新的二胎政策最好还是以鼓励和奖励的方式来推进,这样更容易被大众接受。”Nearly 116 boyswere born for every 100 girls in China in 2014, while the sex ratio in thetotal population was 105 men to 100 women.2014年中国每100个女婴出生就有116名男婴出生,总人口性别比例女比男达到100:105。The starkimbalance threatens to create widesp social unrest as millions of men areunable to find wives. The problem has also led to an increase in humantrafficking in recent years as women from neighbouring countries, especiallyVietnam, are brought to China to marry single men.由于人口性别比例失衡,数百万的男性无法娶妻,这将威胁到社会的稳定,同时还导致近年来越来越多的人口贩卖,被贩卖的女性来到中国后嫁给了中国单身男性。被贩卖的女性主要来自越南等邻国。Mainland China#39;s total population stood at1.37 billion at the end of 2014, according to the National Bureau ofStatistics, an increase of 7.1 million over the end of 2013. It remains theworld#39;s largest, although India has been catching up in recent years.根据国家数据显示,截至2014年末中国人口达到了13.7亿人,比去年增加了710万人。中国依然是世界人口第一大国,但印度近年来人口数量迅速追赶中国。 /201502/360261China National Petroleum Corp has agreed a m environmental settlement in the nation’s largest public interest lawsuit, five years after China’s worst-ever crude oil spill fouled the coast near the northeastern port of Dalian.中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC,简称:中石油)已同意付3200万美元和解金,以了结中国最大一桩环境公益诉讼案。5年前,中国东北港口城市大连附近海岸遭遇了一起中国史上最严重的原油泄漏。CNPC, parent of listed PetroChina, agreed to set up a Rmb200m “environment sustainability and protection fund” to settle a court case brought by the Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association, a local organisation with strong backing from former city officials.中石油是上市公司中国石油天然气股份有限公司(PetroChina)的母公司。该集团已同意建立一2亿元人民币的“环境可持续发展和保护基金”,以了结大连市环保志愿者协会(Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association)提起的一桩法庭诉讼。该协会是一家地方性组织,得到前大连市官员的大力持。The case is one of a growing list of penalties after the implementation of the Environmental Protection Law early this year, which allowed for higher fines against companies and permitted civic groups to bring lawsuits against polluters.今年初新环保法实施以来,破坏环境受到惩罚的例子越来越多,此案就是其中之一。新环保法允许对企业征收更高罚金,还允许民间组织对污染企业提起诉讼。“The new environmental law gives us civil organisations the right to bravely say no to these state-owned companies,” said Tang Zailan, office director for the Dalian group. “Before, we didn’t have that right.”“新环保法赋予了我们这些民间组织权利,让我们能勇敢地向这些国企说不,”大连市环保志愿者协会副会长唐在林表示,“以前我们可没有这个权利。”While large for China, the amount is still tiny compared with the billions paid by corporate polluters elsewhere and the liabilities faced by foreign groups in China.尽管这笔钱对中国而言金额很高,但与其他国家污染企业付的数亿美元罚金以及外企在华被处以的罚金相比,仍然是微不足道的。Previous awards, most of them very small, had directly compensated victims but the Dalian case sets a new precedent for a public interest lawsuit — a concept that still remains ill-defined.以前,这方面的罚款金额大多很低,是直接赔偿给受害者,而大连这桩案子为公益诉讼确立了一个新的先例——公益诉讼这个概念仍没有明确的定义。A PetroChina spokesman said the company had contributed to the original clean-up but declined to give a figure for how much.中石油一名发言人说该公司已为最初的清理工作提供了资金,但拒绝透露具体的数字。Although the new law gives both environmental bureaux and citizens more teeth, China’s court system remains unpredictable.尽管新环保法赋予了环保机关和公民更多的有力武器,但中国的司法体系仍然不可捉摸。The Dalian lawsuit had originally sought Rmb645m but the volunteers’ organisation decided to settle because “if we pursued the case through the court system it could be very slow and with unpredictable results”, Mr Tang said.唐在林表示,大连案最初的索赔额是6.45亿元人民币,但志愿者协会决定了结此案,因为“如果我们继续诉诸司法体系解决,过程可能会非常慢,结果也难以预料”。 /201506/383326

There’s no use denying it — autonomous cars are coming. Experts says that partially autonomous cars will be on the road by 2017, and that within a decade, fully autonomous vehicles will be zooming on highways and through our neighborhoods.不容否认,自动驾驶汽车离我们已经不远了。专家表示,能实现部分自动驾驶的汽车将于2017年上路;不到10年,完全自动驾驶汽车将开始穿梭在高速公路和大街小巷。When this day comes, though, what will become of the two car garage? It may not be needed anymore, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.等那一天真的来了,双车车库会有什么样的遭遇?根据密歇根大学运输研究院的一项最新研究,到时我们可能就不再需要这种车库了。The study essentially posits this: if autonomous cars become the norm, they could be shared by two people in the same household. Say Jack and Diane are married and live in the center of a medium-sized city, one where there is no major public transportation to speak of. Their self-driving car could take Jack to his job in the suburbs, then return to the apartment, where Diane would get in and be shuttled to her job in another part of town. The two no longer need their own vehicles to get to work, and can share the one autonomous car without having to deal with car pooling or going out of their way.该研究指出:如果自动驾驶汽车成为常态,两位家庭成员就可以同时使用一辆车。比如杰克和丹妮是一对夫妇,居住在一座中型城市的市中心。他们的自动驾驶汽车可以载着杰克到郊外上班,然后返回他们的公寓,载着丹妮去城里的另一个地方上班。两人无需分别开一辆汽车上班,也不必再为拼车之类的麻烦事操心,而是可以共用一辆自动驾驶汽车。“This reduction in ownership and an accompanying shift to vehicle sharing within each household, in the most extreme hypothetical scenario, could reduce average ownership rates by 43% (from 2.1 to 1.2 vehicles per household,)” the report says.该报告指出:“家庭汽车拥有量的减少和用车模式的转变,在最极端的假设下,可能使家庭汽车的平均拥有量降低43%(每个家庭从拥有2.1辆车下降到1.2辆)。As noted, though, this is just the most extreme possibility. Brandon Schoettle, the lead writer of the study, said the actual reduction in car ownership could be much less than that, depending on a few factors. For instance, states may pass laws that prohibit such an arrangement by requiring autonomous cars to only operating with a human inside.不过正如上文强调的,这只是最极端的假设。该研究项目的首席作者布兰登o舒特勒认为,受一些因素的影响,机动车保有量的实际减少幅度可能显著低于这个比率。比如,美国的有些州可能会出台法律,禁止无人驾驶汽车单独上路,而是要求必须有一名驾驶员坐在车内。And even though driverless cars are starting to creep into the mainstream, don’t expect this change to happen overnight. Schoettle said turning over the existing fleet of cars would take time, so any reduction in the number of cars on the road could take “decades.”即使无人驾驶汽车已经开始潜入主流,但这种改变也不会一夜之间发生。舒特勒表示,要淘汰现有数量的汽车需要很长时间,所以要想看到路面汽车数量明显减少这一幕,可能还得等上“几十年”。 /201503/362743

US and EU sanctions against Moscow are in danger of turning round and biting the west by constraining global oil supply and pushing up prices, the former chief executive of BP has warned.英国石油(BP)前首席执行官唐熙华(Tony Hayward)警告称,美国和欧盟(EU)对莫斯科的制裁可能抑制全球石油供应并推高价格,反过来伤害到西方。Tony Hayward said that cutting Russia’s energy groups off from capital markets and restricting their access to western oil technology would eventually lead to less investment in Russian oil production and damage long-term supply. He said the US shale boom had obscured the growing risks to the world’s supply but its effect would wear off, leaving the global economy dangerously exposed to potential disruptions in the flow of oil.唐熙华表示,禁止俄罗斯能源集团进入资本市场并限制它们获得西方石油技术,最终将导致俄罗斯对石油生产的投资下降,从而损害长期供应。他说,美国页岩油气繁荣掩盖了日益增长的全球供应不足的风险,但这种效果将会消退,让全球经济危险地暴露于石油供应可能中断的风险。He spoke as the US and Europe expanded sanctions against Russia on Friday, with the US adding Gazprom, Europe’s leading energy provider, and Lukoil, the privately owned oil group, to the companies deprived of US goods, technology and services for deep water, Arctic offshore and shale projects. The EU and US have also imposed restrictions on financing for some state-owned Russian energy groups.唐熙华发表此言之际,美国和欧洲上周五扩大了对俄罗斯的制裁,其中美方将欧洲主要能源提供商俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)和私营石油集团卢克石油公司(Lukoil)列入不能利用美国商品、技术和务开发深水、北极海域和页岩项目的制裁名单。欧盟和美国还对一些俄罗斯国有能源集团的融资施加限制。“The world has been lulled into a false sense of security because of what’s going on in the US,” Mr Hayward said in an interview with the Financial Times, referring to the shale boom that has driven a 60 per cent rise in US crude output since 2008. But he asked: “When US supply peaks, where will the new supply come from?”唐熙华在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“美国的局面使世界产生了一种错误的安全感。”他指出,页岩繁荣推动美国原油产量自2008年以来猛增60%,但他问道:“当美国供应见顶回落的时候,新的供应将来自何处?”As output from mature basins declines, the world has banked on new barrels from places such as Canada, Iraq and Russia. But Russian production from untapped resources in the Arctic and shale reserves in Siberia are threatened by sanctions, he said. “Because of financial sanctions, the big gorillas are going to start cutting their activities.”随着成熟油田的产量下降,世界寄望于加拿大、伊拉克和俄罗斯等地增加石油供应。但唐熙华表示,俄罗斯在北极未开发资源和西伯利亚页岩油气储量的开采受到制裁的威胁,“由于金融上的制裁,这些大型集团将开始削减它们的活动”。Mr Hayward, who runs oil explorer Genel Energy and is chairman of commodities group Glencore, also questioned projections for a big increase in oil production from Iraq. He said the country would struggle to reach targets to double production by 2020.目前执掌石油勘探公司Genel Energy、并担任大宗商品交易商嘉能可(Glencore)董事长的唐熙华,还对伊拉克石油产量大幅增长的预测提出质疑。他说,伊拉克将很难实现到2020年产量翻倍的目标。Sanctions could endanger joint ventures that Rosneft, the state-controlled Russian oil group, has set up with western majors such as ExxonMobil to explore in Russia’s Arctic seas. Michael Cohen, an analyst at Barclays, said they could also make it harder for European oil groups and service companies to provide support for their current operations in Russia.制裁可能危及俄罗斯国有控股的俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)和埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)等西方石油巨头为勘探俄罗斯北极海域而成立的合资公司。巴克莱(Barclays)分析师迈克尔#8226;科恩(Michael Cohen)表示,制裁也可能让欧洲石油集团和务公司更难为它们当前在俄罗斯的运营提供持。 /201409/328366Singapore may hold the dubious title of ;most expensive city in the world,; but it remains the most popular place for expats to live and work, according to an annual survey of expats released by HS.尽管新加坡拥有饱受争议的头衔;世界上最昂贵的城市;,但是根据汇丰公布的年度移民地调查,它依然是华侨工作和生活的最佳选择。Expats praised the city-state for its appealing salaries, career development opportunities and quality of life. And despite the eye-watering cost of living day-to-day in Singapore (including transport costs three-times that of New York), more than a quarter of its expats who responded to the 2015 Expat Explorer survey said they earned more than 0,000 per annum (compared to just 13% of expats globally).侨民高度赞扬新加坡诱人的薪资,职业发展机会和生活质量。尽管新加坡的日常开销惨目忍睹(包括交通费是纽约的三倍),仍有超过四分之一的侨民向2015年移民地调查官表示,他们的年收入超过200000美金(相比于全球13%侨民)。A salary increase or chance to get ahead in a career are often the big incentives to move abroad, but an increasing number of expats are travelling to new countries for personal rather than financial reasons, the HS study found. Three in five of the people surveyed said they had not experienced an immediate increase in their pay, but more than half, 53%, said their quality of life had improved after moving.薪资的增长和事业取得头筹的机遇往往是移居国外的主要动机,但是汇丰发现,越来越多的侨民出于个人原因为了周游他国而移民,并不是由于经济原因。被调查的5名侨民中有3名声称他们并没有经历过薪资的飞涨,但是超过一半,53%的人觉得他们的生活质量在移民后提高。Destinations where expats were most likely to have relocated in order to improve wellbeing were New Zealand, Spain and Portugal, while Sweden was the most appealing for expats with families, thanks to ample childcare options and the relative ease of organising schools.为了提升幸福感,侨民往往选择新西兰,西班牙和葡萄牙作为移民地,而瑞典对于扯家带口的侨民来说最有吸引力,因为它拥有宽泛的育儿选择和井然有序的学校。A total of 21,950 people from 39 countries responded to HS#39;s 2015 survey and the bank asked them to share their views on everything from career and financial wellbeing to quality of life. New Zealand, Sweden, Bahrain and Germany rounded out the top five overall expat destinations, while Egypt, Italy and Brazil were at the bottom of the pack.来自39个国家的21950人参与了汇丰2015年度的调查,要求他们分享关于职业,经济福利到生活质量的各方面观点。新西兰,瑞典,巴林和德国位居理想移民地前五,然后埃及,意大利和巴西位于末端。The survey did not take into account issues like human rights, which, according to the Human Rights Watch, remain ;highly problematic; in Bahrain (listed at No. 4 in the ranking) and ;a serious problem; in the UAE (listed at No. 9).调查并没有考虑人权问题。根据人权属观察,巴林的人权仍然问题重重(位列第4),阿联酋人权问题严重(位列第9)。The best benefit packages still come from a placement in the Middle East. Some 80% of expats surveyed in Oman received airfare allowances for trips home, and in Qatar, 75% received an accommodation allowance. The global average for both measures was just 33%.福利待遇最好的国家仍然位于中东。阿曼接受调查侨民中的80%拿到了回家的机票津贴,卡塔尔75%的被调查侨民拿到了住宿津贴。这两项措施的全球平均覆盖率仅有33%。Contractual benefits in locations outside the Middle East were less common. Just over half of global expats (52%) received health and medical allowances and over a fifth (21%) were given a relocation allowance.中东以外地区的合同福利并不常见。只有超过一半的全球侨民(52%)收到健康医疗补贴,超过五分之一(21%)的拿到了再安居津贴。HS#39;s results differ considerably from a similar study released in August by InterNations, a global network of 1.8 million members who live and work abroad. InterNations#39; Expat Insider listed Ecuador as its top expat destination thanks to its low living expenses, affordable healthcare and high levels of personal satisfaction. Mexico and Malta also ranked higher than Singapore, which came in at No. 4.八月,InterNations公布的一项类似调查结果和汇丰大相径庭,该组织是由180万在国外生活和工作的侨民组成的。InterNations将厄瓜多尔列为移民最佳地,因为它生活成本低廉,医疗费用低,个人满意度高。墨西哥和马耳他的排名也比位列第四的新加坡高。;The income situation and quality of life in a country like Singapore is usually quite good, but there are other components that also influence your expat life,; explained InterNations founder Malte Zeeck. ;Something we value very highly is how friendly locals are towards foreigners and how easy it is to settle in. This can be very different in countries like Ecuador or Mexico than it is in a place like Switzerland, Germany or Singapore.;;像新加坡这样的城市,收入状况和生活质量都相当不错,但是仍然有一些其他因素在影响你的移民生活,;InterNations的创始人Malte Zeeck谈到。;本地人对外来人口的包容度和定居的难易度是我们非常关心的。这些问题在不同国家和不相同,比如厄瓜多尔和墨西哥相比瑞典,德国和新加坡有很大不同。;Indeed, in some instances among the top 10 destinations in HS#39;s study, expats did not feel they were integrating well into the local culture or with local people. In the ed Arab Emirates and Switzerland, nine and 10 on the HS ranking, only 42% and 43%, respectively, felt they were integrating well. And despite its top spot, only 54% of expats in Singapore said they enjoyed immersing themselves in local culture.事实上,在汇丰前十移民地中的一些国家,侨民并不觉得他们很好的融入了当地文化和居民。在汇丰调查结果第九和第十的阿拉伯联合酋长国和瑞士,只有分别42%和43%的人觉得他们融入了当地文化和居民。尽管新加坡位于榜首,只有54%的移民说他们很乐于沉浸在本土文化中。 /201509/400958Yes, 2014 is an absolute total disaster just waiting to ignite. In #39;Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end#39; we analyzed 10 major crash warnings since early this year. Since then, more incoming bogies raced across our radar screen. Ticking time bombs from Congress, the Supreme Court, sex, carbon emissions, Big Oil, NSA, IRS, Tea Party austerity. Relentless. Mind-numbing.不错,2014年完全是一场灾难,只等着引爆。在《年内股市崩盘的概率有多大?》(Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end)一文中,我们分析了今年年初以来的10大崩盘征兆。之后,我们又不断发现了更多新的妖魔。它们有如嘀嗒作响的定时炸弹,来自国会、最高法院、性问题、碳排放、石油巨头、国家安全局(NSA)、国税局(IRS)、茶党式财政紧缩。接踵而至,让人无法招架。So many are tuning out. Denial. Truth is, bubbles are everywhere. Ready to blow. The evidence is accelerating, with only one obvious conclusion: Max 98% risk at a flashpoint. This 2014 crash is virtually guaranteed. There#39;s but a narrow 2% chance of dodging this bullet.那么多的人视而不见,不承认事实。真相是泡沫无处不在,随时准备爆掉。据越来越多,结论只有显而易见的一个:泡沫破灭的风险最高可达98%。2014年这次崩盘几乎是铁定要发生的,躲过这枚子弹的概率只有区区2%。Here are the 10 bogies, drones targeting markets, stocks, bonds and the, global economy:以下10种妖魔就像无人机一样,瞄准了股市、债市和世界经济:1. Bubble With No Name Yet triggers the biggest crash in 30 years1. “暂时没有名字的泡沫”引发30年来的最大规模崩盘All three of the big worldwide financial bubbles that have blow up in the last three decades have #39;been fueled by the Fed keeping policy rates below the nominal growth rate of the economy far too long, #39; says global strategist Kit Juckes of the French bank Societe Generale.法国兴业(Societe Generale)国际策略师基特#8226;朱克斯(Kit Juckes)说,过去30年破灭的三个世界级金融大泡沫背后,都是“美联储(Fed)太久时间将政策利率维持在名义经济增长率之下”。The three bubbles: The Asian Bubble in the early #39;90s, Dot-com Bubble of the late #39;90s and what Juckes calls the Great Big Credit Bubble that triggered the 2008 Wall Street meltdown.三个泡沫分别是:20世纪90年代初的亚洲泡沫,90年代晚期的互联网泡沫,以及在2008年引起华尔街崩盘的那次泡沫,朱克斯称之为“信贷大泡沫”(Great Big Credit Bubble)。Juckes warns that we#39;re now trapped in the fourth megabubble fueled by the Federal Reserve in the last 30 years, since the rise of conservative economics. He calls this one, the Bubble With No Name Yet. OK, we invite you to send in your nomination to name the new bubble. But whatever you call it, do it fast, it#39;s close to popping, like the Asian, Dot-com and Credit crashes the last 30 years.朱克斯提醒,我们目前正处于第四次超级大泡沫之中,它是美联储在保守经济学兴起以来的30年时间里吹起来的。他将这个泡沫称为“暂时没有名字的泡沫”(Bubble With No Name Yet)。好,大家来给这个新泡沫命名吧。但不管你叫它什么,都要快点起名,因为它马上就要爆了,就像过去30年相继破灭的亚洲泡沫、互联网泡沫和信贷泡沫一样。2. Marc Faber#39;s Doomsday warning on Bernanke#39;s disastrous QE scheme2. 麦嘉华对贝南克灾难性QE计划的末日警告Faber laughs at Bernanke#39;s remark that the economy would be strong enough later this year so he could take his foot off the gas, that is begin #39;tapering, or scaling back it#39;s stimulative quantitative easing (QE) program later this year.#39; Yes, laughed.贝南克(Bernanke)说今年晚些时候的经济将会走强,所以到时候他可以松开油门,也就是“在今年晚些时候开始减弱刺激性的量化宽松(QE)计划”。对此麦嘉华(Marc Faber)笑了。没错,他笑了。According to BusinessInsider.com, #39;embracing hyperbole, #39; Faber #39;suggested that QE would basically be a part of everyday life for the rest of our lives, #39; adding that back in 2010 in the early days of Bernanke#39;s disastrous experiment, Faber warned #39;the Fed#39;s headed for QE99.#39;据BusinessInsider.com报道,麦嘉华夸张地说,“QE基本上会成为我们下半辈子日常生活的一部分”。麦嘉华还说,2010年在贝南克灾难性试验的早期阶段,他曾给出“美联储奔向QE99”的警告。3. Economy is aly crashing, GDP will get even worse in 2014-20163. 经济已经在崩溃,2014年到2016年的GDP将会更加难看Over at Huffington Post Mark Gongloff warns: That #39;dramatic downgrade of U.S. economic growth in the first quarter revealed the economy#39;s lingering weakness, exposed the folly of Washington#39;s austerity obsession and slapped the Federal Reserve#39;s newfound optimism right in the face.#39; And with politics deteriorating, it#39;ll get worse.马克#8226;高恩洛夫(Mark Gongloff)在《赫芬顿邮报》(Huffington Post)上警告说:“一季度美国经济增长的大幅降级揭示了经济体挥之不去的疲弱,暴露了华盛顿执迷于财政紧缩的愚蠢,并给美联储最新的乐观打了一记响亮的耳光。”而随着政治局势的恶化,增长速度还会进一步放缓。Gongloff piles on the bad news about 2014: GDP #39;grew at a 1.8% annualized pace in the first quarter ... revising down its earlier estimate of 2.4% growth ... The first quarter#39;s dismal growth was at least better than the 0.4% GDP growth of the fourth quarter of 2012. But it was still far from healthy, and economists don#39;t see it getting much stronger any time soon.#39; And that#39;s real bad news for the markets going into 2014.高恩洛夫罗列出一长串有关2014年的坏消息:“2013年一季度GDP年化增长速度为1.8%……向下修正了早前增长2.4%的估计……一季度的惨淡增长至少好于2012年四季度GDP 0.4%的增长,但离健康的增长仍然差了很多,经济学家预计短时间内也不会好到哪里去。”对进入2014年的市场来说,这是实打实的坏消息。4. Precious metals: #39;Going dark! Economic cycles point downward#39;4. 贵金属:“都在玩消失!经济周期下行”That#39;s the headline flashing red warnings. After reviewing 20 cycles tracked by 20 other experts, GoldSeek.com concluded: #39;There are many cycles that suggest a stock-market correction or crash is near ... Preparation is important. You still have a little time remaining before the #39;window#39; closes!#39;GoldSeek.com的这个标题发出了红色警报。在评估另外20名专家跟踪的20种周期之后,它总结道:“很多周期表明股市的调整或崩溃已经临近……未雨绸缪是很重要的。在‘窗口’关闭之前,你仍有一些时间!”Traders heading for the exits: #39;Unsustainable trends can survive much longer than most people anticipate, but they do end when their #39;time is up, at the culmination of their time cycles.#39; They analyzed more than 20 cycles: #39;Nearly unanimously point to tectonic shifts in the months and years ahead.#39;交易员们纷纷退出:“不可持续趋势苟延残喘的时间可以远超多数人的预期,但时候一到,在周期的顶点,它们还是会结束。”他们分析了20多种周期,“差不多无一意外地预示未来数月、数年将发生地壳运动”。Yes, they hedge on the timing but the ticking time bombs are loud, close. And #39;the precious-metals crash, starting in April of 2013, was the first warning of what is coming globally.#39;是的,在具体时间问题上它们给不出,但定时炸弹的嘀嗒声很响、很近。“始于2013年4月份的贵金属崩盘,是全世界即将发生的情况的第一个警告信号。”5. Gross warns: #39;Ponzi Scheme! Tipping Point! Credit Supernova!#39;5. 格罗斯警告:“庞氏骗局!临界点!信贷超新星!”Bond King Bill Gross admits, #39;QE must end.#39; Trillions of cheap money #39;has distorted incentives and inflated asset prices to artificial levels.#39; But now Gross says #39;the Fed plan may be too hasty.#39;债券大王比尔#8226;格罗斯(Bill Gross)承认:“QE必须结束。”数万亿的低成本资金“扭曲了激励机制,将资产价格推高至人为水平”。但现在格罗斯说“美联储的计划可能过于仓促了”。What? Hasn#39;t his firm made enough money off Bernanke#39;s cheap money printing? So he#39;s blaming #39;lower growth on fiscal austerity, #39; even as Bernanke keeps blowing up the Fed#39;s balance-sheet bubble by trillions under the delusion he#39;s America#39;s savior because our dysfunctional Congress failed?什么?他的公司利用贝南克印刷的低息钞票还没赚够?于是他将“增长速度降低”归咎于“财政紧缩”?就在贝南克错以为国会失灵、他才是美国的救星,所以继续以数万亿的规模吹胀美联储资产负债表泡沫的时候?Gross shifts, makes no sense: Just four months ago he warned the Fed is blowing a Credit Supernova, a new monetary bubble that would implode Bernanke#39;s arrogant risky experiment putting America#39;s future at great risk by bankrolling a Wall Street Ponzi Scheme and blowing a huge financial bubble.格罗斯出尔反尔,不可理喻:四个月前他还警告说美联储正在构造一颗信贷超新星、一个新的信贷泡沫,这个泡沫将击垮贝南克资助华尔街庞氏骗局、吹起一个巨大金融泡沫、进而将美国之未来置于巨大风险之下的自负的、高风险的实验。 /201310/262199

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