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吴彦祖拍的Seiko表的广告,更像是一个自己对人生的看法,除了结尾的那一句挑战自己的极限,也就像Seiko表一样。广告视频从journey, acting, life三方面讲述了自己的人生感悟。帅气的外表,从容的气质,完美的口音,清晰的表达!A啊A。On jurneyOne place I go often now is South Africa. And Im not talking about Johannesburg or Cape Town. I stay in a place that is a farm country. Big big open land and big big open skies. The place that I stay is a traditional African hut. Inside is very comfortable, but no electricity. The challenge there is try to learn how to live without the creature comforts youre used to. Like a PC, like a TV, cell phone. Its really good for me because, especially my lifestyle here can be very spoiled sometimes. Everybody wants to give you the best things, you always have the best things. But, can you live as a basic human being, can you live without all that stuff. I think these kinds of things push me or challenge me to expand my horizons. Because the problem with being in the same place always in the same time is your world becomes smaller but what I do is as soon as I finish working on a movie or when I have time to relax or travel Ill go away in travel and try to go to somewhere new or someplace different and try to experience something Id never experience in my home. And thats the main reason why I do it, to push my mind and try to challenge myself to see the world in a different way. 现在我经常去的地方是南非,我指的并不是约翰内斯堡或开普敦。我住在有农场的乡村里。这里有大片大片的地和蓝天。我所住的地方是典型的南非小屋,里面非常舒适,但是没有电。所以对我来说,抛弃曾经便利的生活条件来适应这里的生活,的确是个挑战。比如像电脑、电视、手机这类物品。这对我来说真的很不错,因为尤其在香港,我有时会受到宠爱。每个人都想给你提供最好的东西,你也总是有最好的东西。但是,我可以过一种简单的普通人生活吗?离开这些我可以生存下来吗?我认为这种生活方式可以帮助我扩大我的视野。一直生活在相同的地方会使你的世界变得狭小,因此,每当我拍摄完电影或是有时间放松或旅游时,我会立刻出去旅游,去一些从未去过的地方,或是和我在这里感觉不同的地方。这就是我为什么这么做的原因,帮助我用另一种眼光看世界。ON ACTINGBut really what it is, is to just broaden your horizons and to look at the world in a wider perspective. I think acting gives me the opportunity to explore that much more. But what I really need to do when Im not acting is to go out in the world and absorb all that information. I keep them in my mind, my library for when I can use them again when Im acting. I think in my field, in my business,you come across barriers and challenges every day, and to be able to have the peace of mind to calmly look at the whole situation and learn how to make decisions off that is the most important. I think nowadays its very hard for people to be in the moment. Youre always thinking what I got to do next, what happened yesterday, but whats happening in front of you, are you enjoying that moment in front of you, thats the most important thing. And thats what we try to do in acting. 演戏可以扩大我的视野,用更广阔的视角看世界。我认为,演戏给我提供了很多探索世界的机会。但是,当我不演戏时,我真正需要的是出去看世界,获取各种信息。我将它们储存在我的大脑中,当我演戏时我可以从这个“图书馆”中提取信息。在我看来,每个人每天都会面对各种各样的困难和挑战,如何做到用平和的心冷静地看待全局以及做出抉择,这才是最重要的。我认为,现在的人们已经很难活在当下了。人们总是考虑着未来,惦记着昨天,而如何享受好现在,活在当下却是最重要的。这也是我在演戏时想要传达的东西。ON LIFEIts not necessary about going to a certain place or arriving at a certain goal in life. The important thing is about what you learn along the way in that journey. And to always keep your mind open about what you see before you get to the destination. Because your destination may not be important, its about the experiences along the way and how it enriches you as a human being. So whether its traveling or whether its your life in general, to always remember to ;smell the roses;, to appreciate whats happening around you not just focusing on just the end or just the goal. Life will make its turns and you just have to learn to go with the flow and learn how to be y for that, for every moment that changes in front of you.其实,没有必要去设定自己未来的发展方向或是目标。重要是在到达终点的过程中你学到了什么,如何敞开你的心门。因为你的终点或许并不重要,重要的是一路上你收获到的经验以及更丰富的人生。所以,不论是旅行还是日常生活,要记得“享受生活”,体会周遭发生的事而不是将结局或目标作为关注点。人生总是波涛起伏,你要学的是随波逐流,如何做好准备随时面对迎面而来的挑战。The real challenge is to extend my own limits.201403/277625

“我能不能把你的办公室废弃了?”这是Elyn对她医生曾问的问题,而且不是开玩笑。一个合法的学术家,在2007年Saks来这里,带着她自己精神分裂症的故事,被治疗和药物所控制但始终存在。在这个强大的演讲中,她请求我们去用清晰的,诚实的,同情的眼光去看待有精神疾病的人们。201403/277019Ashley Judd Blessed to Return in Dolphin Tale 2The actor talks about the films message and what it means to her.G: And it takes hour for Ashley Judd back with us this morning. She is starring in Dolphin Tale 2, bing you back her role, turn to be inspiring team saved a hurt dolphin named Winter. Here she is speaking with the daughter of Winters doctor after they learn the dared orphan sick again.A: What if someday I came to work and the place was empty.Just room after room, no patients, such a bore, doctors and nurses sitting around because everybody in town was fine.No need for surgery, no sick people.No one is here, honey, because they want to be, they are here because they need to be. I assure you no one stays one minute longer than they have to..Talk to your dad. You kids take us by surprise. You grow up so stinging fast.G: How true is that? So great to get Ashley Judd here now, welcome back.A: Thank you, good morning.G: You said you feel blessed to have this role again.A: Oh, so blessed absolutely.G: What grabs you about it.A: So many things, initially what reach mind is the fact that as humans we sometimes do foolish and selfish things that hurt animals. But we also have such compassion and engenuity that we can help rehabilitate them and ideally restore them to their native habitats. In Winters case she wouldnt be able to survive in the wild because she doesnt have a tail. And the fact is she is willing to live with this processes and is clearly an very content animal and has such grace that she has become an inspiration to people all over the world. Its pretty joyful to be a part of that.G: The challenge this time around is Winter cannot live alone.A: Precisely.G: His mother dies, so we made a new dolphin Hope.A: Yes, Dolphins just like humans are meant to be in community. And she would not survive on her own. She would literally die from grief. So the name Hope has so much meaning. Winter has hope. You know obviously the season winter has hope because spring comes. Winter the dolphin has hope and we all have hope. And that is the credit to Charles Martin Smith, the director of this film.G: And you know, one of the twitter questions we got. Robin Duken tweet to know. Was it difficult to train dolphins and the actress so you can shew together? Thats the big part of its job.A: Okay, Winter is a camera hog. There is no difficulty. If anything is like hello, this is too like in this movie. She loves being the center of attention.G: Hey such a great cast for ** , all back together again.A: And these beautiful children. So lovely. Love working with Nathan and Cozy.G: Tell us about the clear water marine aquarium,there, you know this is where this the reabilitation has happened? Whats the first movie and now the second meant for that?A: Well its meant that we as audience members and animal lovers have helped increase the number of animals safen able to help and return to the wild. You know CMA is the real deal. It was jsut this little kind of somewhat crony mama and papa operation at the begining. And now theyve increased facilities, and theyve got the capacity to expand theire science and I just love being associate. Im glad they tolerate me. I am like in the way when I go there. Being able to see what goes on behind the scenes is fans fascinating too , because they just have whiteboards full of the names of the animals for their helping. You know the movie isnt about dose animals but their work is very extensive.G: They are doing great work and its a great movie. Asheley Judd thanks very much.A: Thank you Goerge, a pleasure /201409/329316In Bangkok,Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has arrived for an official visit to Thailand. Premier Li is scheduled to meet the Thai royal family and leaders of the government and the parliament. They will hold in-depth talks on bilateral ties as well as regional and global issues of common concern. Premier Li will also address the Thai parliament during his three-day stay in the country. Thailand is the second leg of Premier Lis maiden trip to Southeast Asia after Brunei, since he took office in March.中国总理李克强已经抵达泰国曼谷进行正式访问。李克强将按计划与泰国皇室以及政府国会领导人见面会谈。他们将就共同关心的区域与国际问题进行双边深层讨论。在为期三天的国事访问期间,李克强还将在国会进行演讲。自李克强三月就职以来,泰国是其首次东南亚之行,继访问文莱后的第二站。201310/259905

Royal Ascot Set To Win Back Confidence In Racing This years showpiece event aims to leave the sports recent doping scandals behind and win back the confidence of punters.为期一周的英国皇家爱斯科赛马会开幕,吸引了来自世界各地的人前来观看。英国女王等王室重要成员是皇家赛马会的常客,其它社会名流也趋之若鹜。人们头戴造型独特的帽子,成为一道亮丽的风景线。皇家爱斯科赛马会由安妮女王于1711年建立,它是欧洲最为著名的赛马会,也是英国社交日历上最为重要的一场活动,参与者的着装也是各大媒体争相报道的重点话题。Best horses from around the world in final preparation for the most prestigious meeting of all -- Royal Ascot. It comes after a scandal this spring that saw leading trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni banned for injecting horses with anabolic steroids. Performance enhancing drugs are illegal in British racing. But in some countries sending runners to Ascot, substances like the anti-bleeding agent LASIKS are a fact of life.If we didnt use LASIKS, it will be like Usain Bolt putting the starting blocks five metres behind the other guys. You know, Im not prepared to do that. Im fighting as hard as anybody in America. The change is the rules. I should be able to go racing in any country and know that not any of the rules in terms of medication, even your objections, you know, for interference. The rule should be standing out, in my opinion, throughout the world.Britains leading Acorn VETS is the benefits the drugs are clear. It can never be justified. They increase aggression. You could argue that they will make a horse keener to race, keener to run. Um, and if they enable it to work harder during training, which they probably do, then you can get it fitter during the training period. I think you have to be pretty a callous sort of person to be prepared to expose your horse to unnecessary risk for your own ends.The modern Royal Ascot is an international meeting with runners from countries with much more liberal rules on the use of drugs. Despite this, the authorities here believe the public can have confidence in every horse that passes the winning post.Each horse that travels has to send in advance to the British Horse Racing Authority a schedule of what treatment that horse might have received in the previous, quite a long time, time before it comes. And then when the horse arrives, they are tested by the British Horse Racing Authority there. So as the attention turns from scandal to runners and riders, British racing is hoping a week of clean sport, though it may take longer to wash away the troubles of recent months. Paul Kalsol, Sky News. /201306/245056Its going to be cold for a while, but you can still look hot. Consider the ways you can brighten your face and distract yourself from the doldrums of a long winter.寒冷的天气将会持续一段时间,但是你仍然可以看上去热情似火。考虑下面的方法,可以让面部熠熠生辉,转移漫漫寒冬的暗淡无光。You Will Need你需要Oil-based moisturizer油性保湿霜Foundation primer美白隔离底霜Foundation粉底Eye shadow眼影Concealer遮瑕膏Lip gloss唇Sunscreen (optional)防晒霜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Put on moisturizer1.涂抹保湿霜Use an oil-based moisturizer, rather than mineral-based, before applying your makeup. Minerals can dry skin and offer little protection against cold and low humidity. Look for moisturizer that provides essential vitamins that can rejuvenate the skin.化妆之前先涂抹油性保湿霜,而不是矿物质成份的保湿霜。矿物质会导致皮肤干燥,而且在寒冷干燥的空气中不能保护皮肤。寻找能够恢复皮肤活力,可以提供必需维他命的保湿霜。Put on sunscreen to further protect yourself if you are going to be out in the sun a lot. The sun can still burn when it reflects off snow.如果曝露在阳光下的时间比较长,涂抹一层防晒霜,进一步保护皮肤。在雪的反射下,阳光仍然会灼伤皮肤。Step 2 Build the foundation2.打粉底Smooth on a foundation primer before your foundation, which will make it last longer without fading. Light foundation in winter works well with all skin types. Then apply a moisturizing foundation to further combat the effects of dry winter weather.涂抹粉底之前先涂一层美白隔离底霜,可以让妆容保持更长时间。冬季,轻薄的粉底适合所有皮肤类型。然后涂抹一层保湿效果的粉底,进一步抵抗寒冷干燥的天气。Step 3 Counteract winter effects3.抵消冬季影响Counteract winters effects on under-eye circles by working in concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone under each eye.眼袋部位涂抹比皮肤颜色稍浅一点的眼影,抵消冬季的影响。Lip gloss tends to stay on longer than plain lip balm.唇的持续时间比普通润唇膏的持续时间更长。Step 4 Go for neutral shades4.选择中性眼影In general, opt for neutral shades of winter makeup. Choose light browns, grays, and pinks, and matte eye shadows in gray and brown.总体来说,冬季妆容选择比较中性的眼影。选择淡棕色,灰色,粉红色,灰色和棕色的无光泽眼影。American women, influenced by Hollywood, began using suntanning powders after 1920.受好莱坞电影影响,美国女性从1920年以后开始使用晒黑粉。201411/339614

An example of that strategy had its finest hour当全球的未来遭到威胁时when the future of the world was in the balance.这种方法大放异In a quiet corner of the Met Office library hangs a map,在英国气象局图书馆的僻静角落挂着一张地图probably the most famous weather map in the world.它可能是全世界最著名的一张气象图Its the forecast for D-Day.它是诺曼底登陆的天气预报It played a critical role对于二战的结局in the outcome of the Second World War.它发挥了至关重要的作用The weather forecast might well have won the war.可能是天气预报赢得了战争They were trying to predict, within a window of a few days,他们尝试预测在几天里with the right amount of moon, the right tides,是否有合适的月相 合适的潮汐as to whether the weather would be flat enough for the landings.以及合适的天气用于登陆The forecast was for this ridge of high pressure预测结果是这道高压脊to move in across the western part of the Channel.将从海峡西部移动过来As you can see, it hadnt got quite as far in as was expected.能看到 它没有预计中走的那么远So conditions werent perfect,所以登陆条件并不是绝佳的but they knew that if they didnt go at the beginning of June,但是他们知道如果六月初不出发的话theyd have to wait another month.就必须再等一个月201411/341929In the great Tree of Life,在生命树上one branch of the mammals has a particular fascination for us,哺乳类有一个分 让我们特别感兴趣for we belong to it.那就是我们所属的Primates.灵长类Primate hands provide a firm grip.灵长类的手握力十是And forward facing eyes accurately assess distance.朝着前方的双眼 能精确地评估距离Both are crucial for a lifestyle that began in the trees.这两者都对始于树梢的 生活方式至为重要Intelligence among primates can excel that of all other animals.灵长类的智力 在动物王国中排名第一Primates can solve difficult problems...灵长类能破解难题..develop thoughts and ideas...发展出思维和理念..and build long-lasting relationships.建立长长久久的感情But most importantly,最重要的是primates remember what they learn during their lives.灵长类能记住 在这一生中学到的东西This film reveals how intelligence helps our closest relatives这个节目要告诉各位 智力如何帮助我们的近亲to tackle the many challenges of life.迎接生命中的挑战201311/265054

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