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嘉兴妙桃假体隆胸的价格浙江嘉兴曙光医院祛疤手术多少钱President Bush Delivers Commencement Address at Texas Aamp;M THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Howdy! AUDIENCE: Howdy! THE PRESIDENT: I am thrilled to be back in Aggieland. (Applause.) And it's always an honor to be introduced by the President of the ed States -- especially when he's your Dad. And how about Mom? Mom, I've been meaning to say this publicly for a long time -- thanks, thanks for the gray hair. (Laughter.) I congratulate the graduates of the Fighting Texas Aggie Classes of 2008 -- (applause) -- class of 2007 -- (applause) -- the class of 2006 -- I'd better stop. (Laughter.) Let's just say that I hope there's no one left from when I spoke to the commencement in 1998. (Laughter.) If so, I hope you're walking out of here with a Ph.D. (Laughter.) I am grateful to the faculty and staff of Texas Aamp;M for their devotion to learning and their example of scholarship. I appreciate your outstanding President, Dr. Elsa Murano. And I am glad to be with -- there you go. (Applause.) And I am glad to travel from Washington today with three fine Aggies representing Texas in the ed States Congress -- Congressmen Chet Edwards, Joe Barton, and Jeb Hensarling. (Applause.) I am pleased to see so many of your families and loved ones here today. While you bled maroon, they bled a lot of green. (Laughter.) So please join me in thanking all those whose support made it possible for you to reach this proud day. (Applause.) There is one person who wishes he could be here today -- and that's your former President, and America's Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates. (Applause.) You know, he's got an excused absence. It's not like he's over at the Dixie Chicken. (Laughter.) He's traveling to the Middle East, consulting with our generals, and showing his support for the men and women of the ed States Armed Forces. (Applause.) When I asked Bob to be the Secretary of Defense, it was clear how much he loved Texas Aamp;M. After all, he refused to come to Washington until after he attended the winter commencement. And I was even more impressed when he insisted on standing during the Cabinet meetings -- (laughter) -- claiming he was the "12th Man." (Laughter.) One day, he explained it all. He said: "Mr. President, I'm red ass." (Applause.) I'll say this for Aamp;M -- you've got some mighty fine traditions. (Applause.) Back in my day, I think I would have enjoyed dunking my ring. (Applause.) I would have loved to have taken Laura to "midnight yell." (Applause.) I especially like the traditions around Reveille. Anytime she barks during a class lecture, everyone in the room is dismissed. (Applause.) I wish she had been there for some of those press conferences. (Laughter and applause.) This campus is home to solemn rituals that demonstrate the strength of your bonds. In playing of Silver Taps to honor fallen classmates, in the reunion of students and alumni to the roll call at Muster, and in wearing of your timeless rings, you affirm a powerful truth: Once an Aggie, always an Aggie. (Applause.) Traditions like these are central to the Aamp;M experience. And so is academic excellence, and all of you will benefit from your rigorous courses of study. I suspect you'll also find that some of your most important learning took place outside the classroom -- in the friendships you formed, perspective you gained, and the things you discovered about yourselves. When you leave this campus, you will be well prepared for any endeavor you choose. To those of you who have jobs lined up, I -- congratulations. To those not exactly sure what comes next -- I know how you feel. (Laughter and applause.) As our days in the White House wind down, we're going through a series of "lasts." I pardoned my last Thanksgiving turkey. Laura decorated for her last Christmas in the White House. And Barney bit his last reporter. (Laughter.) Or at least that's what we hope. (Laughter.) This is also my last commencement address as President. (Applause.) And it is fitting that it takes place here in Texas, where I have been so blessed over the years. I was raised here by wonderful parents, surrounded by brothers and sisters whose love still sustains me. And Texas is where I went to a backyard barbeque and met a beautiful teacher named Laura Welch. Texas is where our girls were born and our lifelong friends live. And next month, when our time in Washington is done, Texas is where we're coming home. (Applause.) These days, I'm asked a lot about my time as President. Some days have been happy, some days not so happy -- every day joyous. It's been a tremendous privilege. I have traveled across our nation, and to 74 countries around the world. I have slept in Buckingham Palace; I have feasted in the desert of Abu Dhabi; I've watched the sunrise in Jerusalem. I have spoken to campaign rallies in packed stadiums, and to hundreds of thousands in Romania's Revolution Square. I've taken Marine One into America's biggest cities, and visited many of our smallest towns. Through it all, nothing has inspired me more than the character of the American people -- the acts of courage and service that sustain our free society, and make this the greatest nation on Earth. (Applause.) 200812/58660嘉兴哪家医院祛斑效果好 Let me begin with something General Eisenhower said in his 1952 presidential campaign. Quote, "We must achieve both security and solvency. In fact, the foundation of military strength is economic strength," end e.让我以艾森豪威尔将军在1952年总统竞选时说过的一句话开始:“我们必须获得安全和财务偿还能力。事实上,军事实力的基础就是经济实力。”With that in mind, the first lead question.在脑中记住这个,让我们开始第一个引导问题。Gentlemen, at this very moment tonight, where do you stand on the financial recovery plan?先生们,在今晚这个特别的时刻,你们在金融拯救计划中站在哪里?First response to you, Senator Obama. You have two minutes.第一个回答问题的是你,议员奥巴马。你有两分钟时间。OBAMA: Well, thank you very much, Jim, and thanks to the commission and the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss, for hosting us tonight. I can't think of a more important time for us to talk about the future of the country.奥巴马:好的,非常感谢你,吉姆,也感谢(总统竞选辩论)委员会,感谢密西西比大学今晚容纳我们。我无法想象我们还有比今晚讨论这个国家的未来的更重要的时刻了。You know, we are at a defining moment in our history. Our nation is involved in two wars, and we are going through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.你们知道,我们现在正处于我们历史上的一个决定性时刻。我们的民族被涉入两场战争(注:伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争),而我们正在经历自经济大萧条(注:1929年)以来最糟糕的金融危机。And although we've heard a lot about Wall Street, those of you on Main Street I think have been struggling for a while, and you recognize that this could have an impact on all sectors of the economy.尽管我们听说了相当多关于华尔街的事情,但你们那些在城镇主街上的人们(注:这里指美国城镇和乡村的典型居民)已经在(艰难地)努力了一段时间。你们都知道这(金融危机)也许会影响到经济的方方面面。And you're wondering, how's it going to affect me? How's it going to affect my job? How's it going to affect my house? How's it going to affect my retirement savings or my ability to send my children to college?你们想要知道,它(金融危机)如何影响到我?如何影响到我的工作?如何影响到我的住宅?如何影响到我的退休金储蓄或者是送我孩子上大学的能力?So we have to move swiftly, and we have to move wisely. And I've put forward a series of proposals that make sure that we protect taxpayers as we engage in this important rescue effort.所以我们必须得即刻就行动了,而且我们得要明智地行动。我已经提出一系列的建议,以确保当我们从事这项重要的(金融)拯救行动时,纳税人(的权益)得到保护。Number one, we've got to make sure that we've got oversight over this whole process; 0 billion, potentially, is a lot of money.首先,我们必须确保整个过程有仔细的监督。可能(被国会通过)的7000亿美元是一笔相当大的数额。Number two, we've got to make sure that taxpayers, when they are putting their money at risk, have the possibility of getting that money back and gains, if the market -- and when the market returns.第二,我们必须确保纳税人现在冒着风险投入的钱有可能拿回来并增加,只要市场——且当市场回复(正常)时。Number three, we've got to make sure that none of that money is going to pad CEO bank accounts or to promote golden parachutes.第三,我们必须确保(这些钱)一分钱也不能变成CEO的账户或者成为黄金保护伞(注:企业的高级管理层或离任的政府官员在失去他们原来的工作后,在经济上给予其丰厚保障的安排)。And, number four, we've got to make sure that we're helping homeowners, because the root problem here has to do with the foreclosures that are taking place all across the country.第四,我们必须确保我们正在帮助住宅所有者,因为问题的根源与在这个国家到处都在发生的无力偿付房贷有关。Now, we also have to recognize that this is a final verdict on eight years of failed economic policies promoted by George Bush, supported by Senator McCain, a theory that basically says that we can shred regulations and consumer protections and give more and more to the most, and somehow prosperity will trickle down.现在,我们也必须承认这(金融危机)就是对议员麦凯恩所持的乔治.布什这八年来失败的经济政策的最终裁决。(他们的)一个理论主要宣称的是我们可以撕碎(市场)管理和消费者保护,只要给予越来越多的(自由)直到极致,然后繁荣昌盛就会从天上掉下来。It hasn't worked. And I think that the fundamentals of the economy have to be measured by whether or not the middle class is getting a fair shake. That's why I'm running for president, and that's what I hope we're going to be talking about tonight.(他们的)理论根本没有起过作用。而我认为经济的基础应该以中产阶级是否能进行公平交易作为衡量标准。这就是为什么我在竞选总统,这也是我所希望今晚我们将所讨论的。LEHRER: Senator McCain, two minutes.主持人:麦凯恩议员,两分钟。MCCAIN: Well, thank you, Jim. And thanks to everybody.麦凯恩:好的,谢谢你,吉姆。谢谢所有人。And I do have a sad note tonight. Senator Kennedy is in the hospital. He's a dear and beloved friend to all of us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the lion of the Senate.今晚我还有一个令人遗憾的消息:肯尼迪议员住院了。他是我们最亲爱的一个朋友。让我们向议会的雄狮表达挂念和祈祷。I also want to thank the University of Mississippi for hosting us tonight.我也要感谢今晚容纳我们的密西西比大学。And, Jim, I -- I've been not feeling too great about a lot of things lately. So have a lot of Americans who are facing challenges. But I'm feeling a little better tonight, and I'll tell you why.而吉姆,我——我近来一直对很多事情感到不满。许多面临困难的美国人们也和我一样。然而今晚我感觉稍微好些了,我会告诉你为什么。Because as we're here tonight in this debate, we are seeing, for the first time in a long time, Republicans and Democrats together, sitting down, trying to work out a solution to this fiscal crisis that we're in.这是因为我们在今晚这场辩论上,我们看到,这是相当长一段时间以来第一次共和党人和民主党人坐下来,尝试作出一个我们所面临的金融危机的解决方案。(注:我认为麦凯恩此言,意在抨击民主党人的“不合作”。当然,这个“不合作”是由他所定义的。)And have no doubt about the magnitude of this crisis. And we're not talking about failure of institutions on Wall Street. We're talking about failures on Main Street, and people who will lose their jobs, and their credits, and their homes, if we don't fix the greatest fiscal crisis, probably in -- certainly in our time, and I've been around a little while.我们毫不怀疑这次危机的危害性。我们现在不是在讨论华尔街那些机构的破产,我们是在讨论城镇主街上(那些人)的破产。如果我们不解决掉这次重大的财政危机,也许——不,毫无疑问地,在我们的有生之年,人们将失去他们的工作,他们的存款和他们的家。(笑)我已经伴随(金融危机)一段时间了。But the point is -- the point is, we have finally seen Republicans and Democrats sitting down and negotiating together and coming up with a package.但重点是——重点是,我们终于看到了,共和党人和民主党人坐下来一起磋商并将提出一系列方案(注:由于找不到中文对应于package的这个意思,只好用一系列方案来代替了)。This package has transparency in it. It has to have accountability and oversight. It has to have options for loans to failing businesses, rather than the government taking over those loans. We have to -- it has to have a package with a number of other essential elements to it.这些方案应该有透明性。它们应该可以落实责任和监管。它们应该包括转让衰退中的生意的债权,而不是让政府直接接管这些债权。我们必须——不,这些方案还应当包括许多其他的必需元素。And, yes, I went back to Washington, and I met with my Republicans in the House of Representatives. And they weren't part of the negotiations, and I understand that. And it was the House Republicans that decided that they would be part of the solution to this problem.还有,我回了一趟华盛顿,并会见了众议院的共和党议员们。他们并没有参与磋商,我理解。是共和党议会决定,他们也将是解决这次(金融危机)问题的一部分。But I want to emphasize one point to all Americans tonight. This isn't the beginning of the end of this crisis. This is the end of the beginning, if we come out with a package that will keep these institutions stable.但今晚我想对所有的美国人强调一点。现在不是金融危机尾声的序幕。即使我们拿出一系列解决方案使得那些(金融)机构稳定,现在也只是金融危机序幕的尾声。And we've got a lot of work to do. And we've got to create jobs. And one of the areas, of course, is to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.我们还有很多事情要做。我们得创造就业岗位。而创造就业岗位中一件(要做的)事情就是消除我们对外国石油的依赖。(注:个人以为麦凯恩在最后几句话里渲染金融危机的严重性,然后稍微透露一点“宏图和前景”,企图加强美国人对他的依赖感。很古老的招数,但政客们都在用。)LEHRER: All right, let's go back to my question. How do you all stand on the recovery plan? And talk to each other about it. We've got five minutes. We can negotiate a deal right here.主持人:好的,让我们回到我的问题。你们两位在经济救援计划中站在哪边?直接告诉对方。我们还有5分钟。我们现在就可以在这里商讨出一个结果。But, I mean, are you -- do you favor this plan, Senator Obama, and you, Senator McCain? Do you -- are you in favor of this plan?我(先前的)意思是,你们持这个(经济救援)计划吗?奥巴马议员,还有你,麦凯恩议员?你持这个计划吗?OBAMA: We haven't seen the language yet. And I do think that there's constructive work being done out there. So, for the viewers who are watching, I am optimistic about the capacity of us to come together with a plan.奥巴马:我们还没有看到这个计划。我认为在(国会)正在进行一项建设性的工作。所以,我想对观众们说,我对我们一起提出一项计划的能力表示乐观。(注:奥巴马这里回避了主持人的问题。他还是没有说他究竟是持还是不持。他的回答是一个non-answer,我们称为打太极、不表态。)The question, I think, that we have to ask ourselves is, how did we get into this situation in the first place?问题是,我在想,我们应该问问我们自己的是,我们是如何首次进入这种状况的?Two years ago, I warned that, because of the subprime lending mess, because of the lax regulation, that we were potentially going to have a problem and tried to stop some of the abuses in mortgages that were taking place at the time.两年前,我就警告过,由于次级贷款的混乱,由于松懈的管理,我们可能正在走向潜伏的问题。我还试图阻止一些当时抵押的滥用。Last year, I wrote to the secretary of the Treasury to make sure that he understood the magnitude of this problem and to call on him to bring all the stakeholders together to try to deal with it.去年,我写信给财政部长,以确信他意识到这个问题的严重性。我呼吁他召集投资人设法解决这个问题。So -- so the question, I think, that we've got to ask ourselves is, yes, we've got to solve this problem short term. And we are going to have to intervene; there's no doubt about that.所以,这个我们询问自己的问题,我认为,我们应该在短期内解决金融问题。我们需要干涉了,不容怀疑。But we're also going to have to look at, how is it that we shredded so many regulations? We did not set up a 21st-century regulatory framework to deal with these problems. And that in part has to do with an economic philosophy that says that regulation is always bad.但我们也需要看看,是什么让我们撕裂了那么多的(金融)管理?我们没有设立一个21世纪的管理框架来处理这些问题。而这(金融危机)部分地与一种经济理念有关。这种经济理念说(金融)管理总是坏的。(注:奥巴马不但回避了问题,而且开始了强烈地对布什政府,以及持布什政府的麦凯恩议员的抨击,认为他们的观念有问题。)LEHRER: Are you going to vote for the plan, Senator McCain?主持人:你会持(金融拯救)计划吗,麦凯恩议员?MCCAIN: I -- I hope so. And I...麦凯恩:我——我希望是,而且我……LEHRER: As a ed States senator...主持人:作为一位美国的议员……MCCAIN: Sure.麦凯恩:当然。LEHRER: ... you're going to vote for the plan?主持人:……你是说你会投票持这个计划?MCCAIN: Sure. But -- but let me -- let me point out, I also warned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and warned about corporate greed and excess, and CEO pay, and all that. A lot of us saw this train wreck coming.麦凯恩:当然。但是——请让我——让我指出来,我同样也警告过了联邦抵押协会和联邦房贷抵押机构,警告过了(金融)企业的贪婪和无度,还有CEO的(高)薪水,所有这些。我们很多人都看到了这火车即将来临的失事。(注:Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association, Freddie Mac Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)But there's also the issue of responsibility. You've mentioned President Dwight David Eisenhower. President Eisenhower, on the night before the Normandy invasion, went into his room, and he wrote out two letters.但这里同样要考虑责任的问题。你(主持人)提到了总统德怀特.大卫.艾森豪威尔。艾森豪威尔总统在进攻诺曼底的前夜,走进他的房间,写了两封信。One of them was a letter congratulating the great members of the military and allies that had conducted and succeeded in the greatest invasion in history, still to this day, and forever.其中一封信是庆祝部队和盟军中的杰出成员成功地完成了历史上最伟大的一次进攻,到现在,直到永远。And he wrote out another letter, and that was a letter of resignation from the ed States Army for the failure of the landings at Normandy.他还写了另一封信。那是一封向美国军方的辞职信。辞职的理由是诺曼底登陆的失败。Somehow we've lost that accountability. I've been heavily criticized because I called for the resignation of the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. We've got to start also holding people accountable, and we've got to reward people who succeed.不知何故,我们的责任没有落实。我一直饱受批评,因为我要求券交易委员会的主席辞职。我们得让人们(为自己的工作)负责,并奖励那些(工作上)成功的人们。But somehow in Washington today -- and I'm afraid on Wall Street -- greed is rewarded, excess is rewarded, and corruption -- or certainly failure to carry out our responsibility is rewarded.然而,在今天的华盛顿——我恐怕华尔街也是,不知为何,贪婪得到奖励,无度得到奖励,而腐败,或者无疑地说失职得到奖励。As president of the ed States, people are going to be held accountable in my administration. And I promise you that that will happen.(如果)我是美国总统,在我的管理下,人们将(为自己的工作)负责。我向你们保那将实现。LEHRER: Do you have something directly to say, Senator Obama, to Senator McCain about what he just said?主持人:你有没有一些对麦凯恩议员刚才所说的话直接要说的,奥巴马议员?OBAMA: Well, I think Senator McCain's absolutely right that we need more responsibility, but we need it not just when there's a crisis. I mean, we've had years in which the reigning economic ideology has been what's good for Wall Street, but not what's good for Main Street.奥巴马:嗯,我认为我们确实需要更多的责任(感),麦凯恩议员(在这点上)完全正确,但我们不应只在危机出现的时候才需要它(注:奥巴马此言,已经在影射麦凯恩及执政的共和党人在之前的不负责任,导致了现在的这场金融危机)。我指的是,在过去的数年时间里,占统治地位的经济思想总是考虑什么对华尔街有利,而不是什么对城镇大街(上的人们)有利。And there are folks out there who've been struggling before this crisis took place. And that's why it's so important, as we solve this short-term problem, that we look at some of the underlying issues that have led to wages and incomes for ordinary Americans to go down, the -- a health care system that is broken, energy policies that are not working, because, you know, 10 days ago, John said that the fundamentals of the economy are sound.而且,在(金融)危机发生之前,就有那么一些人在(辛苦地)挣扎了。这也是为什么我们在解决这个短期(金融)问题的时候,看看一些深层次的问题是如此重要。这些问题让普通美国人的工资和收入下降,让医疗系统破碎,让能源政策失效。因为……你知道,10天前,约翰(麦凯恩)还在说经济的根本还是健康的。(注:奥巴马在这句话的最后提到“因为……”时,停顿了一下,他其实真正想说的是“就是像麦凯恩这样的共和党人导致了现在的金融问题”,但他需要仔细斟酌措辞,不能说得太过,以免被对手抓住把柄。麦凯恩其实也有苦衷,10天前他还没有意识到金融危机是如此迅速地展现在了所有人面前,他还以为那些华尔街的投资可以撑一段时间。也因为他还需要撑住他背后的共和党,需要修饰共和党的执政能力。这使得他不得不硬着头皮说“经济根本还是健康的”。不料到了今天辩论的时候,几大投资相继破产或转行,他所说过的话也就成了奥巴马所攻击的把柄。这其实和某些人说“照片是真的”有异曲同工之妙。下面就看麦凯恩如何拆招了。)LEHRER: Say it directly to him.主持人:直接向他(麦凯恩)说。OBAMA: I do not think that they are.奥巴马:我不认为经济的根本是健康的。LEHRER: Say it directly to him.主持人:直接向他(麦凯恩)说。OBAMA: Well, the -- John, 10 days ago, you said that thefundamentals of the economy are sound. And...奥巴马:好的,约翰,10天前,你还在说经济的根本还是健康的,而……MCCAIN: Are you afraid I couldn't hear him?麦凯恩:(笑对主持人)你担心我听不到他说话吗?(LAUGHTER)(笑声)LEHRER: I'm just determined to get you all to talk to eachother. I'm going to try.主持人:我只是想要让你们俩互相交流。我想试试(笑)。OBAMA: The -- and I just fundamentally disagree. And unless we are holding ourselves accountable day in, day out, not just when there's a crisis for folks who have power and influence and can hire lobbyists, but for the nurse, the teacher, the police officer, who, frankly, at the end of each month, they've got a little financial crisis going on.奥巴马:而我根本就不同意这点。除非我们不论什么时候都让我们(对我们的工作)负责,而不是在出现危机的时候。(这危机只是)让某些有权力和影响力的人可以雇佣说客(而已),而坦白地说,对于护士、教师、警员,每个月的月末,都有着金融危机在上演(注:这里指房贷)。They're having to take out extra debt just to make their mortgage payments. We haven't been paying attention to them. And if you look at our tax policies, it's a classic example.他们必须拿出额外的钱来偿还抵押贷款。我们一直没有注意到他们。但你们如果看看我们的税收政策,那就是一个典型的例子(注:指税收和房贷一样,都在抽取着普通美国人的收入)。LEHRER: So, Senator McCain, do you agree with what Senator Obama just said? And, if you don't, tell him what you disagree with.主持人:那么,麦凯恩议员,你同意奥巴马议员刚才所说的吗?如果你不同意,告诉他你不同意什么。MCCAIN: No, I -- look, we've got to fix the system. We've got fundamental problems in the system. And Main Street is paying a penalty for the excesses and greed in Washington, D.C., and in the Wall Street.麦凯恩:(我)不同意。我……你看,我们得修理(我们的金融)系统。这个系统的根本有些问题,而城镇大街(上的人们)正在为华盛顿和华尔街的无度和贪婪付出代价。So there's no doubt that we have a long way to go. And, obviously, stricter interpretation and consolidation of the various regulatory agencies that weren't doing their job, that has brought on this crisis.所以,毫不怀疑,我们有很长的路要走。而且,很明显地,对各种各样没有做好他们工作而导致了这场(金融)危机的管理机构(实行)更加严格的整理和合并。(注:好个太极推手。麦凯恩接过奥巴马的咄咄逼人的锋头,顺势将这股力打向了金融管理机构。须知麦凯恩竞选的一个主要口号就是他要规整政府部门,改整机构。麦凯恩努力让大家把注意力集中在金融机构的失职上,而不是执政的共和党上,可谓用心良苦。然则美国老百姓也不是傻子。实事求是地说,这次金融危机,作为执政党的共和党确有较大责任。麦凯恩这一捣浆糊,看来很难糊弄过去。)But I have a fundamental belief in the goodness and strength of the American worker. And the American worker is the most productive, the most innovative. America is still the greatest producer, exporter and importer.但我心中深信美国劳动人民的善良和力量。而且美国劳动人民是富有生产力和创造力的(人民)。美国仍然是(世界上)最大的生产国、出口国和进口国。(注:当政客甜言蜜语地夸奖老百姓的能力时,就是要让老百姓做牛做马的时候了。麦凯恩寄希望于美国人民努力工作,把金融危机的洞给填实喽。这一招实在是失策啊!占人口大多数的美国工人不会吃这一套。而奥巴马想要从大企业家和富翁身上剥层皮来填金融的大洞,显然更能得到大多数美国人的欢心。从现在的持率来看,也是如此。)But we've got to get through these times, but I have a fundamental belief in the ed States of America. And I still believe, under the right leadership, our best days are ahead of us.但我们一定要熬过这段时间,我深信美利坚合众国(能做到)。我还相信,在正确的领导下,幸福的生活就在我们前头。200811/57086President Bush Discusses Freedom Agenda THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Please be seated. Henrietta, thank you for the kind introduction. I am honored to join you all today to express America's solidarity with those who yearn for liberty around the world.Captive Nations Week was first observed in 1959, at a time when Soviet Communism seemed ascendant. Few people at that first gathering could have envisioned then what the -- that the Cold War would end the way it did -- with the triumph of the shipyard workers in Poland, a Velvet Revolution in Prague, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union. Captive Nations Week is a chance for us to reflect on that remarkable history, and to honor the brave dissidents and democracy activists who helped secure freedom's victory in the great ideological struggle of the 20th century.Captive Nation Week is also a chance to reflect on the challenges we face in the 21st century -- the challenge of the new ideological struggle against violent extremism. In this struggle, we can go forward with confidence -- free nations have faced determined enemies before and have prevailed, and we will prevail again.I appreciate your leadership of USAID, Henrietta; and I want to thank all those who work for this very important Agency. I appreciate you being on the front lines of compassion and decency and liberty.I'm honored to be here with the Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez. The Cuban dissidents have no better friend than Carlos Gutierrez. Think about America -- Carlos was raised, born in Cuba. Today he sits in the Cabinet of the President of the ed States. I love what our country represents. And Carlos, I thank you for serving.I'm proud to be here with Ambassador John Negroponte. He's the Deputy Secretary of the Department of State. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Gordon England, is with us. Ambassador Mark Dybul, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. Thanks for coming, Mark. Other members of the administration -- a lot of members from the Diplomatic Corps. Thank you for coming. I'm proud to be in your presence.I believe America is the hope for the world because we are a nation that stands strongly for freedom. We believe every man, woman, and child is given the gift of liberty by our Creator. That's a fundamental belief of the ed States. This cherished belief has guided our leaders from America's earliest days.We see this belief in George Washington's assertion that freedom's cause, as he put it, the cause is "the cause of mankind."We see it in Lincoln's summoning of "the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere."We see it in Wilson's pledge to make the world "safe for democracy" in World War I, and FDR's determination to make America "the arsenal of democracy" in World War II.We see it in Kennedy's promise to "pay any price to assure the survival and success of liberty," and Ronald Reagan's call to "move toward a world in which all people are at last free to determine their own destiny."Over the years, different Presidents, from different eras, and different political parties, have acted to defend and advance the cause of liberty. These actions included bold policies such as the Lend-Lease Act, the Marshall Plan, the Berlin Airlift, the creation of NATO and the Voice of America, support for freedom fighters in Central America, and the liberation of Grenada and Panama. And because we were steadfast in liberty's defense, the cause of freedom prevailed.At the dawn of a new century, our belief in the universality of freedom is being challenged once again. We saw the challenge on September the 11th, 2001. On that day terrorists, harbored by a tyrannical regime thousands of miles from America, brought death and destruction to our shores. We learned important lessons: To protect America, we must fight the enemy abroad so we don't have to face them here at home. And to protect America, we must defeat the ideology of hatred by sping the hope of freedom.Over the past seven years, this is exactly what we have done. Since 9/11, we recognized that we're at war and we must stop new attacks before they happen -- not wait until after they happen. So we're giving our intelligence and law enforcement and homeland security professionals the tools they need to stop terrorists before they strike again. We're transforming our military to meet the threats of a new century. We're putting pressure on the enemy. We've captured or killed thousands of terrorists -- including most of those responsible for the September the 11th attacks. We've removed regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq that threatened our citizens and the peace in the world. And now we're helping the people of those two nations fight the terrorists who want to establish new safe havens from which to launch attacks on America and our friends.In the long run, though, the best way to defeat the terrorists is to offer a hopeful alternative to their murderous ideology -- and that alternative is based on human liberty. We've seen a hopeful beginning for the cause of liberty at the start of the 21st century. Over the last seven years, we've seen the citizens in Afghanistan and Iraq emerge from tyranny to establish representative governments. We've seen citizens in Georgia and Ukraine stand up for their right to free and fair elections. We've seen people in Lebanon take to the streets to demand their independence. We've seen strides toward democracy taken by nations such as Kuwait and Liberia, Mauritania and Morocco, and Pakistan.It's in our national interest to continue liberty's advance -- because we know from history that the advance of freedom is necessary for our security and for world peace. Just think about World War II. During that conflict Japan and Germany were enemies of America who invaded their neighbors and destabilized the world. And today, Japan and Germany are strong democracies and good friends and strong allies in the cause of peace.During the Cold War, the nations of Central and Eastern Europe were part of the Warsaw Pact alliance that was poised to attack Western Europe. Today, most of those nations are members of the NATO alliance, who are using their freedom to aid the rise of other young democracies. In these experiences, we have seen the transformative power of freedom. We've seen that free societies don't harbor terrorists, or launch unprovoked attacks on their neighbors. Free societies are peaceful societies. And that is why the ed States of America must continue to cause -- to lead the cause of freedom.Over the past seven years, we've learned that leading the cause of freedom requires combating hopelessness in struggling nations. Combating hopelessness is in America's security interests, because the only way our enemies can recruit people to their dark ideology is to exploit distress and despair. Combating hopelessness is in our moral interests -- Americans believe that to whom much is given, much is required. So the challenge for America in the years ahead is to continue to help people in struggling nations achieve freedom from corruption, freedom from disease, freedom from poverty, freedom from hunger and freedom from tyranny.In the years ahead America must continue to use our foreign assistance to promote democracy and good government. Increased aid alone will not help nations overcome institutional challenges that hold entire societies back. To be effective, our aid must be targeted to encourage the development of free and accountable institutions.In the past seven years we've more than doubled the federal budget for democracy and governance and human rights programs. We've increased the budget for the National Endowment of Democracy by more than 150 percent since 2001. We've transformed the way we deliver aid by creating the Millennium Challenge Account, which is a new approach to foreign assistance, which offers support to developing nations that fight corruption, and govern justly, and open their economies, and invest in the health and education of their people. The challenge for future presidents and future Congresses will be to ensure that America's generosity remains tied to the promotion of transparency and accountability and prosperity.In the years ahead, America must continue to promote free trade and open investment. Over the long term, trade and investment are the best ways to fight poverty and build strong and prosperous societies. Over the past seven years, we expanded the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which is sping prosperity by dramatically increasing trade between the ed States and Africa; implemented free trade agreements with 11 countries, creating hope and opportunity for both our citizens and the citizens of these nations. We're striving to make this the year that the world completes an ambitious Doha trade agreement -- will open up new markets for Americans' goods and services and help alleviate poverty around the world. The challenge for future presidents and future Congresses is to reject the false temptation of protectionism and keep the world open for trade.In the years ahead, America must continue to fight against disease. Nations afflicted with debilitating public health crises cannot build strong and prosperous societies for their citizens. America is helping these nations replace disease and despair with healing and hope. We're working in 15 African nations to cut the number of malaria-related deaths in half. Our Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, known as PEPFAR, is supporting the treatment of more than 1.7 million people. And Congress will soon pass legislation to significantly expand this vital initiative. We're expanding our efforts to train health workers for the poorest countries, to treat key neglected tropical diseases such as river blindness and hookworm. The challenge for future presidents and future Congresses will be to continue this commitment, so that we can lift the shadow of malaria and HIV/AIDS and other diseases once and for all.In the years ahead, America must continue to lead the fight against global hunger. Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug once said: "You can't build peace on empty stomachs." Americans are answering the call to feed the hungry. This year, the ed States has provided more than .8 billion in new funds to bolster global food security. We're the world's largest provider of food aid. I strongly believe we must transform the way that our food aid is delivered. One innovative proposal is to purchase up to 25 percent of our food assistance directly from farmers in developing world. This would help build up local agriculture; it will help break the cycle of famine. And I ask the ed States Congress to approve this measure as soon as possible. The challenge for future presidents and future Congresses will be to find still other innovative ways to alleviate hunger while promoting greater self-reliance in developing nations.In the years ahead, America must continue to lead the cause of human rights. The Soviet dissident Andrei Amalrik once compared a tyrannical state to a soldier who holds a rifle on his enemy, until his arms finally tire and the prisoner escapes. It's important we never strengthen the arms. The role of free nations like ours is to put pressure on the arms of the world's tyrants and strengthen the prisoners who are striving for their liberty.Over the past seven years, we've spoken out against human rights abuses by tyrannical regimes like those in Iran, Sudan, and Syria and Zimbabwe. We've spoken candidly about human rights with nations with whom we've got good relations, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia and China. In keeping with this commitment, today I renew my call for the release of all prisoners of conscience around the world -- including Ayman Nour of Egypt, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Oscar Biscet of Cuba, Riad Seif of Syria.To ensure our government continues to speak out for those who have no other voice, I recently issued a directive instructing all senior U.S. officials serving in undemocratic countries to maintain regular contact with political dissidents and democracy activists. The challenge for future presidents and future Congresses is to ensure that America always stands with those seeking freedom -- and never hesitates to shine the light of conscience on abuses of human rights across the world.As Henrietta mentioned, with us today are individuals who suffered terribly in the cause of freedom, and whose stories inspire our country, and their examples of resilience and resolve should give us courage. I'm not going to mention all the ones I met, but I'd like to make -- mention some.First, we stand with Blanca Gonzalez. Her son, Normando Hernandez Gonzalez, remains in Castro's gulag for speaking the truth about the Cuban regime. Bienvenidos. (Applause.)We stand with Olga Kozulina. Her father, Alexander Kozulin, remains in prison in Belarus for the "crime" of running for President. Welcome. (Applause.)We stand with Manouchehr Mohammedi. Both he and his brother were viciously tortured by the Iranian authorities. He was the only one who survived and escaped. Welcome to America. (Applause.)We stand with Cho Jin Hae, who witnessed several of her family members starve to death in North Korea. She herself was tortured by the communist authorities. (Applause.)Thank you all for coming. I thank the others who took time out of their day to meet me, as well. I appreciate your testament to the universal desire for freedom.This morning, I have a message for all those throughout the world who languish in tyranny: I know there are moments when it feels like you're alone in your struggle. And you're not alone. America hears you. Millions of our citizens stand with you, and hope still lives -- even in bleak places and in dark moments.Even now, change is stirring in places like Havana and Damascus and Tehran. The people of these nations dream of a free future, hope for a free future, and believe that a free future will come. And it will. May God be with them in their struggle. America always will be.Thank you for letting me come by, and may God bless you all. (Applause.)200807/44755海盐县中医院修眉多少钱

嘉兴去眼袋一般多少钱[Nextpage视频演讲]The President speaks to employees of K. Neal International Trucks, Inc., a company growing in the economic recovery, about the latest round of jobs numbers showing five consecutive months of positive jobs growth.Download Video: mp4 (117MB) | mp3 (11MB) [Nextpage演讲文本1]【PART 1】 THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody.AUDIENCE: Good morning.THE PRESIDENT: Well, let me just -- please, everybody, have a seat -- have a seat. It is wonderful to be here. And I want to make a couple of quick acknowledgments. This guy behind me, you may know him -- he’s the Vice President of the ed States, Joe Biden. (Applause.) Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor, Anthony Brown, is here. (Applause.) Got the mayor of Hyattsville, William Gardiner. (Applause.) And, of course, we’ve got to acknowledge the big man here -- (laughter) -- and he is big. (Laughter.) Owner of K Neal International, Stephen Neal. (Applause.) Now, I want to thank K Neal for having us here today, giving us a quick tour and having us look at all these -- all these trucks. (Laughter.) This is a business that has been selling commercial trucks for over 40 years. This company employs workers from all over the greater Washington area. After two years of recession that caused so much pain in so many communities, this is also an example of a company that is starting to see business pick up again. I was talking to Stephen and he told me that rental and lease sales have improved, that there’s a pent-up demand out there for new equipment and you’ve added workers over the last few months. And Stephen said if things keep on going well, he’ll add more in the months ahead. We’re hearing more and more stories like that all across America. A lot of businesses were hit hard during this downturn, but they’re starting to hire again. Workers who were laid off, they’re starting to get their jobs back. Companies that were almost forced to close their doors are making plans to expand and invest in new equipment. And this progress is reflected in the monthly jobs reports that we get each month. We received one today. In May, the economy added 431,000 jobs. (Applause.) Now, this is the fifth month in a row that we’ve seen job gains. And while we recognize that our recovery is still in its early stages and that there are going to be ups and downs in the months ahead -- things never go completely in a smooth line -- this report is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day.Now, I want to emphasize that most of these jobs this month that we’re seeing in the statistics represent workers who’ve been hired to complete the 2010 census. So these are temporary jobs that are only going to last until the fall, and that may be reflected in future jobs reports. But even if you put those temporary jobs aside, there’s no doubt that we saw another month of private sector job growth. And that is obviously critical because when businesses are hiring again, people start spending again. That, in turn, gives businesses more and more incentive to grow.Now, this doesn’t mean that the recession is over for the millions of Americans who are still out of work, or the millions more who are still struggling to make ends meet. No words, no statistics, can take away the pain and the anxiety that a family feels because of this downturn. That can only be relieved with a steady paycheck and the security that a steady job brings.What these numbers do mean, though, is that we’re moving in the right direction. The economic policies that we put in place are working. An economy that was shrinking at a scary rate when I was sworn in as President has now been growing for three consecutive quarters. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month during the winter of last year. We’ve now added jobs for six out of the last seven months. The taxpayer money it cost to shore up the financial sector and the auto industry is being repaid. I know it was unpopular, but it was the right thing to do. And both GM and Chrysler -- (applause) -- both GM and Chrysler are adding shifts and operating at a profit, which nobody would have imagined just a year ago. The question now is, how do we keep this momentum going? How do we keep adding jobs, raising incomes? How do we keep growing not just our economy but growing our middle class? In the short-term, we have to keep creating the conditions for companies like K Neal to succeed, to keep growing, to keep hiring. Because of a bill I signed into law a few months ago, businesses are now eligible for tax cuts for hiring unemployed workers. Companies are also able to write off more of their investments in new equipment. And as part of health reform, 4 million small businesses recently received a postcard in their mailbox telling them that they will be eligible for health care tax cuts this year and that those tax cuts could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to those companies. (Applause.) I’ve also urged Congress to cut more taxes for small businesses and pass a Small Business Lending Fund, so that small businesses can get the incentives and the credit that they need to create jobs and grow. I believe it’s absolutely critical that we extend unemployment insurance for several more months, so that Americans who’ve been laid off through no fault of their own get the support they need to provide for their families and they can maintain their health insurance until they’re rehired. And we should provide further support so that states are not cutting back on jobs and vital services, as well as incentives to create clean energy jobs.[Nextpage演讲文本2]【PART 2】Now, in the long run -- all that's in the short term. That's still part of the emergency effort to help build the economy and grow it coming out of the recession. But in the long run, we need to invest in the technologies and innovation that will lead to the jobs and the industries of tomorrow. So I want to introduce to everybody who’s here -- we’ve got Dan Ustian, who is the president of Navistar. Dan, stand up. (Applause.) Now, Navistar is a company that sometimes does business with K Neal International. And for months, Navistar’s Indiana manufacturing plant has been working on an electric delivery truck that’s fueled entirely by plug-in power. In fact, I visited the plant before it had produced its very first truck. And my understanding, Dan, is --MR. USTIAN: We’re y to go.THE PRESIDENT: We’re y to go. Thanks to the investments that we made in the Recovery Act, it just delivered its first truck a few weeks ago. Now, this is a plant that gave jobs to unemployed factory workers, and they’re now part of a cutting-edge industry that will create even more jobs and businesses in the months and years ahead. That’s what the future can look like. If we keep on making investments in research and development, in technology and clean energy, products and industries that we haven’t even imagined yet can find a home right here in the ed States of America. And if we provide our citizens with the education and training they need to do these jobs, we’re again going to see rising incomes and a growing middle class. That’s what we can do to make this economy stronger, rebuild it even stronger than it was before.And I have to say that Joe Biden oversaw the execution of our Recovery Act and hasn’t gotten a lot of credit for it, but it has been scandal free, the money has been spent on time. I was just talking to Stephen, and as he indicated, what the Recovery Act did was to help during a bad winter, during a tough time, helped him to keep that business, if not growing, then at least stable. And it helped him keep folks on the job that otherwise might have lost their jobs. (Applause.) And Joe deserves a lot of credit for that, so give Joe Biden a big round of applause. (Applause.) By the way, Joe says he used to be able to drive some of these trucks. (Laughter.)THE VICE PRESIDENT: That’s true.THE PRESIDENT: But I would suggest he not -- not to lend him a car -- that was a long time ago. (Laughter.) THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hey, man. THE PRESIDENT: Now, let me tell you what we can't do. We can't go backwards. What we can't do is go back -- now that we're starting to climb out of this hole that was dug for us, we can't go back to the very same policies that failed us in the last decade; the same policies that led us into that hole. Think about it. We've aly tried scaling back our investments in clean energy and education and innovation so that we could give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations, and that didn’t work. We aly tried putting industry insiders in charge of oversight -- didn’t work. We aly tried stripping away rules and regulations that kept Wall Street banks and oil companies in bounds. We let them play by their own rules instead, and it didn’t work. So we aly know where these ideas led us. And we're going to have a choice as a nation moving forward. We're going to be able to return, if we want, to the failed economic policies of the past; policies that gave us record deficits and declining incomes and sluggish job growth even before the recession; policies that led, in fact, to us almost going into a depression. We can take that road again. Or we can decide we want to move forward. We can keep building a stronger economy. We can keep pursuing the policies that have started to create jobs again; policies that invest in companies like K Neal; policies that invest in companies like Navistar; policies that invest in our people and in our future.So I don't know about you, I don't want to go backwards. I want to move forward. (Applause.) And I believe that the American people want to move forward as well. This economy hasn’t returned to prosperity yet, but we’re heading in the right direction. There are going to be some ups and downs. There are going to be some months where people start worrying that maybe we're not out of the hole yet. But if we remain determined, if we stick to it, if we stay the course of investing in our people and businesses like K Neal that are the heart and soul of America, then I'm absolutely positive we can succeed. And with your help -- with the hard work and ingenuity of workers and entrepreneurs like the ones at this company -– I'm absolutely positive we're going to have a brighter future.So, thanks for the great work you do. Thanks to Joe Biden for the great work that he does. God bless you. God bless the ed States of America. (Applause.)END9:56 A.M. EDT201006/105565嘉兴曙光医院眼睑其他排名 Hello, everybody.Irsquo;m speaking to you this week from the Boeing Plant in Everett, Washington. Boeing has been in this community for half a century. But itrsquo;s what theyrsquo;re doing here today that has folks really excited; because at this plant theyrsquo;re building the plane of the future ndash; the Dreamliner. Itrsquo;s an impressive sight. And, to be honest, part of why I came was to see it up close. But I also came because this is a great example of how we can bring jobs and manufacturing back to America.You see, the last few decades havenrsquo;t been easy for manufacturing in this country. New technology has made businesses more efficient and productive ndash; and thatrsquo;s good ndash; but itrsquo;s also made a lot of jobs obsolete. The result has been painful for a lot of families and communities. Factories where people thought theyrsquo;d retire have left town. Jobs that provided a decent living have been shipped overseas. And the hard truth is that a lot of those jobs arenrsquo;t coming back.But that doesnrsquo;t mean we have to settle for a lesser future. I donrsquo;t accept that idea. In America, therersquo;s always something we can do to create new jobs and new manufacturing and new security for the middle-class. In America, we donrsquo;t give up, we get up.Right now, thatrsquo;s exactly what wersquo;re doing. Over the past 23 months, businesses have created 3.7 million new jobs. And manufacturers are hiring for the first time since the 1990s. Itrsquo;s now getting more expensive to do business in places like China. Meanwhile, America is more productive than ever. And companies like Boeing are realizing that even when we canrsquo;t make things cheaper than China, we can make things better. Thatrsquo;s how wersquo;re going to compete globally.For Boeing, business right now is booming. Last year, orders for commercial aircraft rose by more than 50 percent. To meet that rising demand, theyrsquo;ve put thousands of folks to work all over the country. We want to see more of this. We need to make it as easy as we can for our companies to create more jobs in America, not overseas. And that starts with our tax code.No company should get a tax break for outsourcing jobs. Instead, tax breaks should go to manufacturers who set up shop here at home. Bigger tax breaks should go to high-tech manufacturers who create the jobs of the future. And if you relocate your company to a struggling community, you should get help financing that new plant, that new equipment, or training for new workers. Itrsquo;s time to stop rewarding businesses that ship jobs overseas, and start rewarding businesses that create jobs here in America. And Congress should send me that kind of tax reform right away.Another thing wersquo;re doing is to make it easier for companies like Boeing to sell their products all over the world, because more exports mean more jobs. Two years ago, I set a goal of doubling U.S. exports over five years. And wersquo;re on track to meet that goal ndash; ahead of schedule.We have a big opportunity right now to build not only an economy that will help us succeed today, but an economy that will help our kids and their kids succeed tomorrow. We know what we need to do. We need to strengthen American manufacturing. We need to invest in American-made energy and new skills for American workers. And above all, we need to renew the values that have always made this country great: Hard work. Fair play. Shared responsibility.We can do this. Ask the folks in Everett. Right here, a few years ago, the first Dreamliner took off on its maiden trip. Thousands of employees came to watch. One was an executive office administrator named Sharon Orsquo;Hara. As Sharon saw that first plane take flight ndash; a result of so much hard work ndash; she got goose bumps. In her words, she said, ;We said we would do it and we did.; Thatrsquo;s the story of America. We said we would do it, and we did. Thatrsquo;s the can-do spirit that makes us who we are. Wersquo;ve seen challenging times before. But we always emerge from them stronger. And thatrsquo;s what wersquo;re going to do again today. Thanks, and have a great weekend.201202/171902海宁镭射去痘印价格

桐乡市治疗黄褐斑多少钱Hello, everyone. I hope you’re having a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. I’ve got some good news for us today. Not only is our economy overall growing, but one of the important sectors of our economy is on the rise again: the American automobile industry. Just a few days ago, on Tuesday, Chrysler Corporation announced that they were repaying the taxpayers for the loans we gave them when we came into office.And this announcement came six years ahead of schedule – and just two years after Chrysler Corporation emerged from bankruptcy. You know, and it’s a sign of what’s happening throughout the American automobile industry.It’s not just Chrysler. Also this week, GM announced that its Detroit Hamtramck factory will run three shifts for the first time its 26-year history. You know, that’s 2,500 more good, paying jobs.In the words of Don LaForest, of the UAW – and I want to e him – he said, “It’s mind-boggling that we can go from near-extinction to full employment in two years.”What you didn’t get to hear in my rendition of his e is the tone of his voice: It was full of pride. Genuine pride. Because I can tell you he knows – as my dad used to say - that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity. It’s about respect.And I heard the same pride, and the same feeling of dignity, when I called the Jefferson North Chrysler plant in Detroit the day Chrysler paid back its debt. I talked to a UAW worker – her name was Frances – a line worker, who said her dad had worked on that line before, and that she had been out of work for two-and-a-half years before she was hired a year ago back to the plant.I got the same sense when I went to Bonneville and Son, a Chrysler dealership in Manchester, New Hampshire a couple days ago. 85 employees came out, stood out there in the lot with me. 85 people. All of whom knew and said, had Chrysler liquidated, had we not helped them, they wouldn’t have a job. When President Obama and I came into office, we faced an auto industry on the brink of extinction. Total collapse.At the time, many people thought the President should just let GM and Chrysler go under. They didn’t think the automobile industry was essential to America’s future.The President disagreed – and, in addition, he wasn’t willing to walk away from the thousands of hardworking UAW members who worked at GM and Chrysler – and in many cases, not only all their lives, but as second and third generation employees. And he certainly wasn’t going to abandon an industry that had meant so much to our economy, and so much to so many for so long.So, he said if GM and Chrysler, and their management, and all their shareholders were willing to do the difficult work of making themselves more competitive, we would support giving them another chance.And because of what we did, the auto industry is rising again. Manufacturing is coming back. And our economy is recovering and it’s gaining traction.But the thing is this: even for a lot of people with jobs, their wages aren’t keeping pace with prices of everything from gas to groceries to health care and college tuition.That’s why the President and I remain focused on, not just recovering from this recession. We’re focused on making sure that if you work hard, play by the rules, you’ll be able to get ahead, put your kids through college, retire with dignity and security.Before I sign off, I just want to mention once again Memorial Day and remember what this holiday’s all about. You know – we still have thousands of troops deployed in harm’s way. In days past, on Memorial Day, we remembered heroes from former wars – but I think it’s absolutely essential that we all remember today that thousands of names have been added to those memorials in the wars that are still continuing. Folks, all I ask you to do is, what my wife Jill and Michelle Obama ask, to reach out to those families who have someone deployed, in your community. Let them know you know. Let them know you know the sacrifice they’re making. Engage in – as my wife would say – a single act of kindness.Maybe invite them to your barbecue this weekend. Mow their lawn. Offer to mow their lawn next week. Make it known that you appreciate their sacrifice and you’re willing to lend a hand.As I said, that’s what Jill and Michelle Obama are doing through their Joining Forces initiative. And that’s what I hope all of us will do every day as long as we have a man or woman deployed in harm’s way. Thank you for listening and enjoy the holiday.201105/138353 May we not cherish this sentiment without presumption when we refect on the characters by which this war is distinguished?难道只有在怀疑使得这场战争非同寻常的因素时,我们才能骄傲地将这份情感珍藏吗?It was not declared on the part of the ed States until it had been long made on them,in reality though not in name;美国一直没有宣战,直到出现了以下情况——直到这场加于美国的战争在实际上,尽管不是在名义上已进行了很久;until arguments and postulations had been exhausted;直到再也没有争辩和规劝的余地;until a positive declaration had been received that the wrongs provoking it would not be discontinued;直到美国被明确地告知,无理挑衅不会中止;nor until this last appeal could no longer be delayed without breaking down the spirit of the nation,直到这最后的呼吁不可再施延,不然国家的精神就要崩溃,destroying all confidence in itself and in its political institutions,国家和政府机构的信心就要丧失,and either perpetuating a state of disgraceful suffering or regaining by more costly sacrifices,and more severe struggles our lost rank and respect among independent powers.那样,就得永远忍受屈辱,或者付出更高昂的代价和经过更严酷的斗争,才能恢复我国作为独立国家的地位和尊严。On the issue of the war are staked our national sovereignty on the high seas and the security of an important class of citizens,战争问题关系到我国在公海上的主权,关系到一个重要的公民阶层的安全,whose occupations give the proper value to those of every other class,而这个阶层所从事的职业,对于其他公民阶层具有重要的价值。Not to contend for such a stake is to surrender our equality with other powers on the element common to all,如果不为此而斗争,就是放弃我国在公海上与其他国家的同等地位,and to violate the sacred title which every member of the society has to its protection,就是侵犯每一个社会成员所拥有的、保护自己的神圣权利。I need not call into view the unlawfulness of the practice by which our mariners are forced at the will of every cruising officer from their own vessels into foreign ones,我不必强调指出,巡航官对我国水手为所欲为,迫使他们离开自己的船只而登上异国船只的不法行径,nor paint the outrages inseparable from it.也不必渲染其中免不了的暴行。The proofs are in the records of each successive Administration of our Government,我国历届政府的记录中都存有据,and the cruel sufferings of that portion of the American people have found their way to every bosom not dead to the sympathies of human nature.凡是同情心尚未泯灭的人们,都会在心中记住这部分美国人所蒙受的苦难。As the war was just in its origin and necessary and noble in its objects,由于这场战争从根本上说是正义的,从目标上说是必要的和高尚的,we can reflect with a proud satisfaction that in carrying it on no principle of justice or honor,所以,我们可以自豪而满意地表明,把这场战争继续下去,no usage of civilized nations,no precept of courtesy or humanity,have been infringed.并没有侵犯公正或道义原则,并没有违背文明国家的惯例,也没有触犯礼仪或人道法则。The war has been waged on our part with scrupulous regard to all these obligations,and in a spirit of liberality which was never surpassed.我们是以严格尊重所有上述义务的态度,和空前高昂的自由精神来进行这场战争的。01/85157嘉兴激光点痣嘉兴整形医院那个好



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