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US Remembers 9/11 Terror Victims 悼911遇难者 America's presidential rivals put aside their differences to mark the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people. Barack Obama and John McCain each laid a flower at Ground Zero in New York. Robert Nisbet reports.Today the increasingly bitter presidential campaign was suspended. The two political rivals bowed their heads at a makeshift memorial in the pit at Ground Zero. Earlier at 8:46 in the morning, the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center 7 years ago, bells across the city rang out. New York paused to remember.In all, there were full silences marking the moments of impact and when the towers collapsed. “I will miss you, mom, forever. I thank you for the lessons you taught me in life and in your death. Thank you.”“Robert J. DeAngelis Junior”,“Tom Elizabeth”.This is the last time families of the victims will be allowed on the site for the anniversary. “James DeBlase.” Work is due to begin soon on the permanent memorial called the Freedom Tower. “Simon Marash Dedvukaj. Jason Christopher DeFazio.”More bells tolled in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where ed 93 crashed into a field killing 40 passengers and crew. “I’ve had the great honor and privilege to witness great courage and sacrifice for America's sake, but none greater than the sacrifice of those good people who grasped the gravity of the moment, understood the threat, and decided to fight back at the cost of their lives.”At the Pentagon, where 184 people died when American Airline 77 crashed into the perimeter wall, a memorial was dedicated by the president. “A doomed airliner plunged from the sky, split the rock and steel of this building, and changed our world forever. The years that followed have seen justice delivered to evil men and battles fought in distant lands.” The shattering events of 9/11 helped mold the legacy of the outgoing commander-in-chief. The repercussions will still be felt by his successor.Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Washington.参考中文翻译:在9.11七周年之际,总统竞选对手奥巴马和麦凯恩放下分歧,共同悼念在恐怖袭击中遇难的3000名同胞。奥巴马和麦凯恩在世贸大厦遗址“归零地”奉上鲜花。Robert Nisbet报道。今天,日益激烈的总统竞选活动暂停。两位政治竞争对手在归零地临时举行的纪念活动上向遇难者鞠躬。早上8:46,7年前第一家飞机撞击世贸中心大楼的时间,整个纽约市钟声鸣响。整个纽约暂停一切活动进行悼念。到处一片寂静,纪念恐怖袭击的影响和双子楼倒塌的瞬间。“妈妈,我会永远想念你。感谢你在你的生与亡中教给我的教训。谢谢你。”“Robert J. DeAngelis Junior”,“Tom Elizabeth”.这是最后一次允许遇难者家属在遗址举行纪念活动。“James DeBlase.” 这里将要开始建造一个永恒的纪念碑“自由塔”。“Simon Marash Dedvukaj. Jason Christopher DeFazio.”更多的钟声鸣响在宾夕法尼亚的Shanksville,在那里,93名美国人冲上当场,杀死了40多名乘客和工作人员。“我很荣幸目睹为了美国而战斗的勇气和所做的牺牲。但是什么都比不上他们所做的牺牲,他们仅仅抓住那一瞬间的沉重,理解那种威胁,决定以生命为代价来反击。”当美国航空77撞向五角大楼,184人丧生。总统举行了纪念仪式。“一架准备好殒命的飞机从空中袭来,撞向大楼,永远的改变了世界。接下来的几年,恶人收到正义的惩罚,远方战争正在进行。”9.11事件形成了那些外派的司令官的遗产,而且这些反响将被继承者们深深的体会到。200811/57314。

  • One size does not fit all. That's the philosophy behind an innovative approach to primary education which started in Britain less than a decade ago.The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is now taught in more than 1,000 primary schools in 58 countries, including the ed States. The curriculum personalizes education and applies an internationally-minded approach to learning.国际小学课程(IPC)是一种比较新的教育方法。这个课程不到10年前在英国开始,目前包括美国在内的58个国家的1000多所学校正在教授这套课程。国际小学课程将教育个人化,并且将一种具有国际观念的方法用在学习上。Alison Kerr is a second grade teacher in the British American School of Los Angeles, one of a few American private schools that teaches the International Primary Curriculum. She says the main goal of the curriculum is to engage children in the learning process. This term, for example, her class is learning about historical figures.阿里森.科尔是洛杉矶英美学校二年级教师。这个学校是教授国际小学课程的几所美国私立学校之一。她说,这个课程的主要目标是使学生投入学习过程当中。比如,这个学期,她那班学生在学习历史人物。"I got the children to come in secret and dress up with several clues of a famous person. They had to research and bring us 10 written clues and the rest of the class had to guess who these significant people were," says Kerr. "So the children do not simply do the same thing, the same work, sheet type of format every single time." 科尔说:“我让孩子们悄悄地进来,按某个名人的样子穿戴起来,但要有几条线索提示。他们得去做研究,然后写出10条提示,其他同学要根据提示猜出这位重要人物是谁。所以,孩子们不是简单地做同样的事,同样的作业,但不千篇一律。”Educator Martin Skelton, who co-authored the IPC eight years ago, says kids need a program that allows them to learn individually.教师马丁.斯科尔顿说,如今,全体通用型的教学方法行不通了。他8年前参与编写了国际小学课程。他说,孩子们要学有所成,就必须有一个可让他们个别学习的课程。"Our view is the teachers should be thinking about their kid in their class and why they are not learning and trying to work out what they are going to be doing tomorrow to help individual kids learn much better," says Skelton, who adds that another important goal is preparing today’s children to become 21st century leaders. "Most of world problems are going to be solved internationally now. I mean no single country is going to solve the environment or terrorism. It’s a multi co-operational activity."斯科尔顿说:“我们的观点是教师应该为他们班里的学生着想,他们为什么学不会,并且应该努力设想明天他们要做什么,来帮助每个孩子更好地学习。”斯科尔顿谈到,另一个主要目标是让今天的孩子做好准备,使他们成为21世纪的领导者。他说:“现在,多数全球问题需要国际社会通力合作解决。我是说,没有一个国家能单独解决环境问题或者恐怖主义问题。这是一个多方合作的行动。”201103/127744。
  • China has more plants than anywhere else in the temperate regions of the world. In fact, it has almost twice as many kinds of plants as there are in the ed States which is about the same size and about three times as many as there are in Europe. It’s a very wonderful wealth of plant species, many of which have contributed to our gardens, like rhododendrons, and azaleas, and forsythias, to our cultivated plants like soybeans. The reason that there’re so many plants in China is that they've survived there better. If you go back fifteen million years into the past, you find much the same kinds of plants and the animals in the ed States, Europe and China. They've survived in the warm temperate to subtropical forests that stretch right across the middle of China. In those forests of China we have surviving species like gingko, the maidenhair tree which has been in cultivation in Europe and North America since the 17th century. A wonderful relic in those forests is the dove tree, Davidia. It’s called the dove tree because the fluttering bracts that hang down from the clusters of flowers look like doves flying. Another example is the dawn red wood, metasequoia, which was described as a fossil in 1941. Forty million years ago, it was the commonest forest tree in Western North America, now it’s completely wiped out there, but it survives as about 6,000 individuals in China. The western half of China in the interior of Asia consists of very tough deserts. In the harsh landscape of Tibet there exist a whole series of herbs, sedges, grasses, saussurea, primroses that are found only there. Some groups of plants, like sorseria for example, have their buds protected against the low temperatures, they keep on growing. Another reason that there’re so many kinds of plants in China is that unlike the ed States or Europe, there’s real tropical forest in the south tropical rain forests in southern Yunnan, and in that tropical forest, there are many species that come up from the south. They give the province of Yunnan about as many species, one state of China, and in fact about as many species as there are in the ed States and Canada combined, about 15,000 kinds of plants. And it’s the melding of all of those regions, the survival of species from the past and the creation of many new species by the forces in evolution and the diverse topography of China that’s produced so much variety, so wonderfully pleasing and exciting to see. China is doing the best that it can to save its biological diversity including its floral heritage. Chinese officials are very concerned with this, but it’s very difficult to meet the needs of 1.3 billion people to allow them to consume more, to give them things that they want like automobiles and other imports from the west and still to preserve the natural landscape or even the quality of the air, the water. They’re fighting that battle, a battle with which we are all familiar well, but they're going to have to do a great deal more in the future as we all are. Notes:rhododendron: Any of numerous usually evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genusRhododendron of the North Temperate Zone, having clusters of variously colored, often bell-shaped flowers. azaleas rhododendron: Any of various shrubs of the genusRhododendron having showy, variously colored flowers. forsythias: Any of several shrubs of the genusForsythia, native to Asia and widely cultivated for their early-blooming yellow flowers. maidenhair tree : gingko.dove tree: The Dove tree (Davidia involucrata) is a medium-sized deciduous tree, usually placed in the tupelo family (Nyssaceae), but is sometimes included (with the tupelos) in the dogwood family (Cornaceae), and by yet others given family status of its own, as Davidiaceae. It is also known as the Handkerchief tree. The tree is native to central China, from Hubei to southern Gansu, south to Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunnan.sedge: grass-like plant growing in marshes or near water.saussurea: Saussurea is a genus of about 300 species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to cool temperate and arctic regions of Asia, Europe, and North America, with the highest diversity in alpine habitats in the Himalaya and central Asia.primrose: Any of numerous plants of the genusPrimula, having well-developed basal leaves and tubular, variously colored flowers grouped in umbels or heads with a funnel-shaped or salverlike corolla and a tube much longer than the calyx. bract: A leaflike or scalelike plant part, usually small, sometimes showy or brightly colored, and located just below a flower, a flower stalk, or an inflorescence.中国拥有的植物种类比世界上其他任何温带地区的国家都多。事实上,中国的植物种类是和他面积差不多大的美国的两倍,是欧洲的三倍。植物种类是非常丰富多的财富,他们装点了我们的花园,像杜鹃,连翘,给我们提供了种植作物,像大豆。中国植物物种如此丰富的原因是植物在那里可以更好的生长。如果时光倒转1500万年,你可以在美国,欧洲和中国发现很多相同种类的植物和动物。他们生长在中国跨越暖温带和亚热带的森林里。在中国的森林里我们可以找到银杏和孔雀草,它们从17世纪开始就在欧洲和北美被种植。在那些森林里很神奇的一个遗迹就是名叫Davidia的鸽子树。它被称为鸽子树是因为花簇上面摆动的花苞就像展翅欲飞的鸽子一样。另外一个例子是黎明红木,水杉,在1941年的时候被称为活化石。4000万年前,水杉是北美西部最常见的树种,现在几乎已经灭绝了,但是在中国却又6千株。中国的西部在亚洲的内部,有着条件非常恶劣的沙漠。在西藏的原野上,生长着一系列的药草,菅茅,雪莲,樱草,而这些植物只有在西藏才有。有一些植株,像sorseria,它们发芽来抵御低温,一直都保持生长。中国物种多的另一个原因是,和美国和欧洲不同,在南部的云南,中国有着真正的热带雨林。在那片热带雨林里,有非常非常多从南方来的物种。它给予中国这个南部的省份,云南,相当于美国和加拿大所有的物种,大约1.5万种,是其他所有地区的总和。从过去存活下来的物种,在进化过程中新产生的物种和中国多种多样的地质特征共同催生了这么多的物种,令人应接不暇。中国尽最大努力来保持生物的多样性,包括它的植物遗产。中国政府对此非常关注。但是要满足13亿人的消费需求给他们所需要的机动车,从西方进口产品来保护自然环境和空气,水的质量仍然是非常困难的事情。他们在进行一场保护环境的战争,一场我们非常熟悉的战争。但是在将来,他们需要做的更多。200811/56560。
  • European Markets End Week on Sour Note欧洲股市下滑弥漫负面情绪 Persistent fears of a deep economic downturn and deteriorating corporate performance are keeping the markets in Europe in a gloomy mode. 欧洲投资人持续担心经济严重衰退和公司业绩恶化,愁云惨雾笼罩股市。Lead by disappointing November U.S. unemployment figures, the European markets finished up the week on a downward note. Oil and banking shares on Friday were among the biggest losers. 美国11月令人失望的失业数据使得欧洲股市以跌势结束了这个星期。星期五,石油和类股的跌幅最大。The negative mood comes just a day after European central banks slashed interest rates in the hope of stabilizing the markets. 就在这种负面情绪弥漫市场的前一天,欧洲各中央削减利率,希望稳定市场。On Thursday, the Bank of England dropped interest rates a full point down to the two percent level.  星期四,英格兰下调利率一个百分点至2%。It is now up to the commercial banks to pass that on to their customers in the form of lower loan and mortgage rates but not all are enthusiastically willing to do that.  现在需要商业通过降低贷款和房贷利率来把降息的效应传导到它们的客户,但是并非所有商业都诚心愿意那样做。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he is doing his best to encourage the financial institutions to pass on the cuts. 英国首相布朗说,他正在竭尽全力鼓励金融机构把降息的效应体现出来。"We are talking to banks. Remember the last time and interest rates came down 1.5 percent, we had to talk to the banks before things moved forward," he said. "But things did move forward and we will be talking to the banks again." 布朗说:“我们正在和各对话,还记得上次利息下调1点5个百分点吗?当时我们不得不和对话,才使得信贷市场出现好转。但是这种对话的确生效,所以我们将再次和对话。”Philip Booth from the Institute of Economic Affairs says banks in Britain that have been recapitalized by the government are trying to strike a balance between retaining some of those funds while also loosening up lending to help the economy in general. 经济事务研究所的菲利普.布斯说,接受了政府注资的英国正在试图寻找平衡,在保留部分政府资金的同时,也在放松银根,帮助整体经济。"The banks are desperate not to make the same mistakes again and at the same time they want to try to rebuild their balance sheets so that the banking market, the markets for savings and lending, can get back to normal again," he said. 布斯说:“极力避免重犯相同的错误,同时他们也希望争取重建它们的资产负债表,从而使储蓄和借贷的金融市场能够重新恢复正常。”In the auto sector, carmaker BMW has announced that November sales were down 26 percent compared to a year ago. 在汽车产业,汽车制造商宝马公司宣布,11月份的销售量比去年同期下降了26%。Honda car sales in their key U.S. market meanwhile were down 30 percent last month. And that steep downward trend for the manufacturer has forced it to pull out of the glitzy world of Formula One racing. 与此同时,本田汽车在其关键性市场美国的销售量上个月也下降了30%。销售量的严重下降已经迫使本田公司退出了享誉全球的一级方程式汽车大赛。Unless a buyer for the Honda team is found by the end of this month, its racing operations in northern England will cease with the loss of over 700 jobs. 除非在这个月底找到买主接管本田车队,否则它将终止在北英格兰的赛事,结果将使700多人失业。Honda's Formula One technical manager Ross Brawn concedes it is a difficult time for his staff. 本田一级方程式比赛的技术经理罗斯.布朗承认,对于他的雇员来说,现在是一个艰难的时期。"It is a great shame because this is a team that was coming together well with a plan that we are on schedule with," he said. "We had three-year plan. This year's results were poor but I would not say that was part of the plan but that was understandable what we were trying to achieve next year and the third year." 他说:“这真令人遗憾,因为这是一个按计划及时组建的赛车组。我们制定了三年的规划,今年的结果不好,但我不认为这是我们规划的一部分,这种结果是可以理解的。我们将争取在明年和第三年实现既定目标。”Brawn says his number one priority now is to work to keep the team alive by finding a buyer that would secure as many jobs as he can at the Northamptonshire base. 布朗表示,他目前的首要目标是找到一个买主,使本田车队得以幸存,这将使他能够尽可能多地保留那些在北安普敦郡基地的工作人员。Racing enthusiasts fear that Honda might just be the first of a number of teams that will be forced out of the sport due to the current tough economic times. 赛车迷们担心本田可能只是第一个在当前经济困难时期被迫退出比赛的车队。200812/58066。
  • March is Women’s History Month in the ed States, an opportunity to examine how far women have come and the areas where there is still work to be done. One of these areas is employment and income, according to a recent report released by the White House.在美国,3月是妇女历史月,这是一个检验妇女状况有多大进步以及还有那些方面有待改进的机会。据白宫不久前发表的一份报告,一个有待改进的地方是就业和收入方面。"Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being" offers a look at the full measure of a woman’s life.这份报告的题目是《美国妇女:社会和经济福祉指标》。报告对妇女的生活做了一个全面展示。"It’s the first comprehensive federal report of this nature since President Kennedy appointed Eleanor Roosevelt in the early 1960s to do a report on women," says Rebecca Blank, undersecretary of economic affairs, adding the new report covers five main areas of women’s lives. "It brings together data focusing on families, education, income and employment, health, and crime and violence, and really highlights the trends of what’s happening in women’s lives across all of those domains over the last 20 to 30 years." 主管经济事务的副部长吕贝卡.布兰克说:“自从肯尼迪总统1960年代早期委派埃里诺.罗斯福起草一份妇女问题报告以来,这是第一份这种性质的全面的联邦报告。”布兰克介绍说,新报告涵盖妇女生活的5大方面,“它汇集了关于家庭、教育、收入及就业、健康、犯罪和暴力。报告并且突出了过去二、三十年在所有那些领域妇女生活中出现的趋势。”Compiling data from a variety of federal agencies, Blank says, revealed both positive and negative trends. Women are less likely than in the past to be the victims of violent crimes, including homicide. Women are marrying later and having fewer children than in the past. They make up 51 percent of the general population, and 57 percent of Americans over 65. Women are more likely than men to face health problems such as arthritis, obesity and depression… and are less likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes. The report highlights significant improvement in the field of education.布兰克说,汇编来自各联邦机构的资料显示了正反两面的趋势。妇女不像以往那样易于沦为谋杀等暴力犯罪的受害者。妇女现在结婚较晚,生孩子较少。妇女在总人口中占51%,在65岁以上美国人口中占57%。妇女比男人更可能有关节炎、肥胖症和忧郁症等健康问题。她们患心脏病和糖尿病的可能性比男性小。201103/127940。
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