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Energy beverages, vitamin pills, beauty drinks. We have swallowed bucketloads of “antioxidant-rich products” in a belief that the antioxidants they contain could improve our health and turn back the aging clock.能量饮料,维生素药片,美容饮品。我们吞下许多的“富含抗氧化物的产品”,相信它们所含的抗氧化物可以改善健康,延缓衰老。But sadly, researchers now say the antioxidant myth could be just another medical fairy tale.但遗憾的是,研究者表明抗氧化剂神话可能只是又一个医学童话。“There is little to no data supporting the use of antioxidants to protect against disease,” said Toren Finkel, a health professional at the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.“几乎没有什么数据可以撑使用抗氧化物来预防疾病这一说法,”美国国家心肺和血液研究院的健康专家托伦#8226;芬克尔说道。What’s even sadder, large doses of antioxidant supplements could promote the very problems they are supposed to stamp out.而更令人感到悲哀的是,大剂量的抗氧化物补充剂会反而会恶化它本应该解决的问题。A recent review of the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial showed long-term, regular use of Vitamin E supplements increase the risk of prostate cancer in healthy men.最近,一项针对硒和维生素E抗癌试验的报告显示,长期规律用维生素E补充剂会增加健康男性患前列腺癌的风险。However, antioxidants have long since acquired a reputation as miracle health supplements.然而,抗氧化剂作为一种神奇健康补品的名声在外已久。As long ago as the 1950s, scientists discovered that many diseases – including heart diseases, strokes and cancer – are linked to free radicals, destructive chemicals that can destroy cell membranes and disrupt crucial processes in the body.早在20世纪50年代,科学家就发现包括心脏病,中风和癌症在内的诸多疾病与自由基有关,这类具有破坏性的化学物质会破坏细胞膜,并扰乱对人体至关重要的生理过程。Then in the early 1990s, they noticed that people who eat foods rich in antioxidants, often found in fruits and vegetables, have lower rates of cancer and heart disease.后来,在20世纪90年代初,科学家发现那些食用富含抗氧化物(常常会在水果和蔬菜找到)食物的人患癌症和心脏病的几率较低。A hypothesis was thus born: antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and polyphenols, are a weapon against free-radical damage.于是一项猜想就此诞生了:包括维生素C、E,β-胡萝卜素和多酚在内的抗氧化物是对抗自由基损害的有利武器。Manufacturers have since emblazoned “antioxidants” on everything. Nestle’s Glowelle Beauty Drink connects to beliefs about antioxidants’ skin benefits with its message about being “the highest antioxidant beauty drink”. Coca Cola’s Vitamin Water-XXX boasts “triple antioxidants”. Even Starbucks introduced its “antioxidant-rich” Blueberries amp; Crème Frappuccino.生产厂商自此就将所有产品标有“抗氧化物”。雀巢公司就标榜其抗氧化美容饮品Glowelle是“最强抗氧化美容饮品”,从而将产品本身与抗氧化剂对皮肤有好处联系起来。可口可乐公司推出的维他命水饮料就夸耀自己含有“三倍抗氧化物”。就连星巴克咖啡也推出“富含抗氧化物”的蓝莓奶油星冰乐。Last year alone, hundreds of products with antioxidant claims were launched, said Carlotta Mast, editor-in-chief of Newhope360.com, which tracks the market in natural, organic and healthy products.Newhope360.com网站主编卡洛塔#8226;玛斯特说,单单去年一年,数百种声称富含抗氧化物的产品上市出售。据悉,该网站一直致力于追踪自然有机健康产品的市场情况。Advertisement campaigns aside, athletes have been driving the “antioxidant” bandwagon.广告大战也参与其中,运动员一直是“抗氧化剂”潮流的领跑者。Elite marathon runner Wesley Korir of Kenya swears by antioxidant supplements, which he believes have kept him healthy, allowing him to do faster workouts and recover more quickly.肯尼亚著名马拉松运动员卫斯理#8226;科利尔十分信赖抗氧化补充剂,他深信这类产品让他保持健康,帮助他在训练中取得更快的成绩,恢复得也更快。Korir, winner of the last two Los Angeles Marathons, takes several supplements, including a liquid product with acai, a fruit that contains antioxidants.科利尔是前两届洛杉矶马拉松比赛的冠军,他用多种补充剂,其中之一就是从富含抗氧化物的巴西苺果中提取出来的液体饮品。But experts warn that supplementing with antioxidants may blunt the beneficial effects of working out.但专家也发出警告,补充抗氧化物可能会减弱训练所带来的益处。“To fight oxidative stress, exercise. And eat your fruits and vegetables,” professor David Neiman at Appalachian State University, US gives his timeworn advice.美国阿巴拉契亚州立大学教授大卫#8226;雷曼还是给出他一贯的老观点:“想要打败氧化作用,那就运动吧。同时多吃水果和蔬菜。” /201301/218244。

John Rico is a self-quantifier and he says being one has improved his life.约翰#8226;里科是位;自我量化主义者;,用他的话就是做一个让自己生活更美好的人。Every one of us wants to live a better life, but what is a self-quantifier, exactly?我们每个人都想过得更好,但究竟什么才是;自我量化主义者;?Well, if you have a smartphone with apps tracking your daily activities like spending, exercise, or keeping a calorie diary to help manage your weight, then you might well be on your way to become a self-quantifier.好吧,如果你的智能手机安装了一些这样的应用程序—追踪你包括消费、锻炼在内的日常活动,或者记录卡路里日记来帮你保持体形的话,那你可能就离;自我量化主义者;不远了。Self-quantification is, at its most basic, maintaining performance statistics or data about oneself.自我量化,最基本的便是记录自身性能统计与数据。Rico, a US writer, takes self-quantification to another level that it almost has become an obsession.里科是位美国作家,对于自我量化,他已经到了痴迷的程度了。In a recent article he wrote for Salon magazine, Rico admits that he not only tracks both exercise and spending, but on his iPhone, he also has specific apps that track the water he drinks, sleeping cycles, moods, the last time he communicated with friends, and how much time he spends watching television. ;Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, my iPhone is pushing, fetching and recording data about myself,; he says.里科在Salon杂志的一篇最新文章中承认他不只记录锻炼和出状况,就连喝水、睡眠、心情、哪天和朋友聊了天、看多长时间电视他都记在iPhone上。他说:;一天24小时,一周七天,我的手机无时无刻不在记录着自己一举一动的每项数据。;;Indeed, I even go so far as to have a constantly running timer app that I have to click every time I change activities, with the app providing me with up-to-the-minute reports on how I#39;ve spent my time.;;实际上,我甚至还有一个永不停歇的计时应用程序,每次我该做其他事情时,我都必须要点开它,这样它就能随时报告我把时间都花在哪里了。;Sounds crazy? And what a waste of time tapping away on a phone to record trivial details while the important parts of one#39;s life pass by.这听起来很疯狂吧?在手机上点来点去记录鸡毛蒜皮的琐事,而错过生活的重头戏,简直是浪费时间。But Rico offers his defense. He points out that self-quantification is about trying to exercise a certain amount of self-awareness through data to become a better person. Data allows us to measure performance, to observe trends, and to inculcate new habits into our lives.但是里科也有自己的说法。他指出自我量化是为了通过数据形式,来锻炼自我意识,从而完善自我。这些数据有助于我们评量绩效、观察趋势、培养新习惯。Rico says that our perceptions of ourselves are far different from what actual data about ourselves might show.里科表示,我们的自我观念与真实数据所显示出的大不相同。His mood app is a good example in point. A while back, the writer considered himself to be somewhat depressed. But when he used an app to record his mood, day by day, it was almost always happy.他的心情应用程序就是个例子。前阵子,里科总感到莫名的抑郁。自从使用应用程序记录心情以来,一天天下来,他几乎每天都是好心情。It turns out that he was simply focusing more on the bad days, and ignoring the good days. The mood app helped him see and value the brighter side of life.原来里科是因为太在意坏心情了,好心情都被忽略了。应用程序只是帮他发现并珍惜生活中美好的一面。Self-quantification also helped increased Rico#39;s productivity as a writer. He believed he was hard working enough on his new book, but then he started tracking how often he wrote, and realized he was only thinking about writing. Further self-quantification of those periods when he did do writing allowed him to recognize what time of the day he was the most productive, which in turn allowed him to make adjustments that improved his productivity.自我量化还帮他提高写作效率。原来里科认为写新书已经够努力了,直到他开始记录写作频率,才发现自己只是在构思写作而不是付诸笔端。后来他将自己确实用于写作的时段记录在案,找到自己一天中什么时间效率最高,这使他可以依效率来做调整。His activity timer helped his life become more fulfilling. Rico says it revealed that no matter how busy he thought he was – work, writing, and friends, and the activities of taking care his family - he still had large unproductive pockets of time. Realizing that better management of this time meant he could take on a new hobby, he started applying to PhD programs.行为计时器令里科的生活更有成就感。无论他觉得自己有多忙——忙工作、写作、忙交际、忙家庭,计时器都告诉他还有大把可以利用的零碎时间。里科发觉对时间的有效管理可以使自己多发展一项爱好,于是就申请了士课程。The main criticism of self-quantifiers is that it#39;s a decadent indulgence of the self, Rico says.里科说对自我量化者批评的焦点主要集中在担心这是一种自我沉迷。Perhaps in a world of social networks which pay so much attention to one#39;s self, the last thing we need is to also record data about ourselves.或许在社交网络世界中,我们太过于关注自我了,而我们最不想做的也是记录下关于我们自身的数据了。But self-quantifying is anything but indulgent, Rico points out. Rather, ;it is about deflating the self, breaching the fantasy assumptions about ourselves by introducing disruptive cold hard facts, facts that often demonstrate we#39;re actually not what we thought.;里科指出,自我量化决不是放纵自己。;相反是要通过呈现一些严厉的事实来挫一挫自己的锐气,打消自我幻象,而这些事实往往说明这我们并非自己所想的那样。; /201208/196132。

Gemini双子座 (5月22日~6月21日)The Air element of Gemini brings communication, intellect and speed.风向星座的特质让双子座具有沟通能力,智慧和速度。TIPS: Your mutable motivation brings adaptability.学习相 你的多变使你能够适应事物。 /201210/206342。

1. Cats hide their claws.“猫藏利爪而不露”,意思是,告诫那些与人交往毫无戒备之心的人,意思与“知人知面不知心”差不多。2. The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream.这一句是嘲笑那些掩耳盗铃者。(猫咪喜欢偷奶油吗?这好像是老鼠喜欢做的事情哦。)3. The cat did it.做错了事情,用“这是猫干的”来推卸责任。可能是因为猫咪喜欢到处乱跑吧,难免会造成一点小乱子啦!4. When the cat#39;s away, the mice will play.猫是老鼠的天敌。没有猫,老鼠就会肆意妄为。在中世纪的欧洲,基督教徒曾认定猫是魔鬼附身的动物,数以万计的猫因此被处死。不料,猫的厄运招致老鼠的猖獗。很快,鼠害成灾,黑死病一波接一波的横扫欧洲大陆。这段惨痛的历史教训充分明“狸猫不在,老鼠闹债”——When the cat#39;s away, the mice will play.类似谚语也出现在其他欧洲语言中。在法国,人们说“只要猫上了房,老鼠就在地上忙”——When the cat runs on the roofs, the mice dance on the floors.德国人则说“家里没了猫,老鼠伸懒腰”——Cat outside the house, response for the mouse.5. A cat may look at a king.“猫也可以傲视国王”,意思是,“既然猫都可以傲视国王,那么人人平等更是理所当然,小小老百姓也应该有说话的权利。”这一成语来源于德国。据说16世纪巴伐利亚国王马克西米利安一世曾造访一家木雕作坊。作坊主的猫一直懒洋洋地卧在桌上看着这个国王,脸上满是猜疑的神情。这只猫能肯定想不到,一句谚语会因它而生——“猫也能傲视皇帝”(Darf doch die Katze den Kaiser ansehen. ;Even a cat may look at an Emperor.;)。到了法国,这句话成了“也能傲视主教”(Un chien regarde bien un eveque. ;Even a dog may look at a bishop.;)6. A cat has nine lives.英语国家的人相信,猫这种动物命大,福大,造化大。2001年,美洲动物医疗协会杂志刊登过一份研究报告,研究人员调查了132起猫从高空坠地的事件,坠地的平均高度是六层楼,结果百分之九十的猫坠地后都存活下来了。它们在空中灵活地翻转身体,四肢着地,爪子上的肉垫大大缓解了坠地时的冲力。古人对此肯定也有所了解,认为“猫有九条命”(A cat has nine lives.)。7. He#39;s like a cat; fling him which way you will. He#39;ll light on his legs.猫之所以摔不死,是因为它们高超的着地本领。过去形容一个人大难不死或逢凶化吉,就说“他像一只猫,不管怎么扔,都会以腿着地”(He#39;s like a cat; fling him which way you will. He#39;ll light on his legs.)。8. There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with cream.“杀猫的方法很多,不必非用奶油呛死它”,有点类似于中国的“不要非在一棵树上吊死”。 /201212/212151。

When people say they are overloaded or cannot keep up with their todos, it is usually the result of taking on too much. Most of the time, I advise people that they need to “Say No” more often. Being able to “Say No” is key to avoiding being overcome by obligations others ask us to take on.每当人们感到压力山大或事情总也做不完时,多半是因承受太多造成的。大部分情况下,我会建议他们多尝试“说不”。能够“说不”至关重要,可避免被别人要求帮忙的事情压垮。There is one exception… when it comes to saying no to yourself.但也有例外——就是千万别对自己说不。When the going gets rough and people start buckling down, they start saying no to themselves first. After all, saying no to others is hard, saying no to yourself is easy.遭遇困境时,人们首先会屈,对自己说不。毕竟,拒绝别人很难开口,否定自己可就容易多了。So, they begin denying themselves the things that keep them alive and energized. Leisure activities, sports, spending time with their family, are often the first things to go.于是,人们开始否定那些让自己保持活力四射的事情。首当其冲的便是休闲活动、运动以及与家人共度的时光。What is Your Hobby?你的爱好是什么?When people ask for advice because they are too busy at work, one of the first things I ask them is, “What is your hobby?” To which they respond, “Are you kidding? I don’t have time for a hobby!”当人们因为工作繁忙而向我求助时,首先我会问他“你的爱好是什么?”。结果他们会反问道:“开什么玩笑,我哪还有时间发展爱好!”I tell them, “you don’t have time not to.” In fact, spending more time on yourself will result in more time and productivity at work.我告诉他们:“时间有的是啊。”其实,多花点时间在自己身上还能提高时间利用和工作的效率呢。Huh? How can spending time doing something else result in more time to get your work done? It does. It seems to go against the time management proverb of “get more done by doing less.” However, spending time on yourself results in more time and more focus in your other endeavours.啊?花功夫做别的事情怎么可能有更多时间做好工作呢?千真万确。这似乎有违时间管理的谚语“事半功倍”。但是,多花点时间在自己身上确实能多出时间来,使你在其他事情上更加专注。Finding Productivity in Leisure休闲出效率So, how does working out or painting or ing, get more done? (Some people are y to clip this now and show it to their boss…“You want that report done? I gotta go to the gym, stat!”)那么,健身、画画或阅读怎么会让工作更有效率呢?(有人要把这段文字拿给老板看了:“希望我完成报告吗?那我可得去趟健身馆,走啦!”)People who are running ragged and cannot keep up with their commitments have often neglected themselves. You must keep your body and mind in top shape if you expect to perform at the top of your game.那些精疲力竭无法完成任务的人,往往都对自己不够照顾。如果你想混得好,就必须将身心保持在最佳状态。Here are just a few of the benefits of having a hobby:以下是拥有爱好的几大益处:1. Energizes You1. 使你保持活力A hobby brings you renewed energy and excitement. This will carry over to the rest of your activities.爱好带给你全新的能量和,让你在接下来的活动中精力充沛。2. Provides New Creativity2. 激发创新思维I find that when you are doing your hobby it sparks your creativity. You are more likely to have creative breakthroughs. Solutions to problems you are facing will come to you.我发现,当你做喜欢的事情时,灵感会突然闪现,你很可能取得新的突破。面对的问题也会迎刃而解。3. Prevents Burnout3. 避免殚精竭虑We know that anything, even a machine, doing the same thing over-and-over will eventually burnout. If you do not take a break to refresh yourself, you too will burnout. Interestingly, this is also true in our personal lives. It is equally important for our home relationships to have an individual hobby.我们都知道,任何东西,哪怕是机器,周而复始地做同一件事情最终也会崩溃。如果你不停下来休息休息,也肯定会垮掉。有趣的是,我们的个人生活也莫不如此。拥有个人爱好对家庭关系至关重要。4. Personal Growth4. 个人成长We all need to keep growing both professionally and personally. I don’t care if your hobby is gardening, weightlifting, or ing, you will grow from it.我们都需要获得专业与个人成长。不管你的爱好是园艺、举重还是阅读,你都能获益匪浅。Remember not to “Say No” to yourself. Invest in activities that lead to growth and renewal. Spend more time on yourself and you will have more productivity at work and all areas of your life.请记住:千万别对自己“说不”。去参加一些让自己成长、给自己充电的活动吧,多为自己花点时间,你不仅工作更有效率,生活中的其他方面也能做好呢!It just works that way.爱好的作用就是这么神奇! /201301/220276。

Once a beautiful and dissolute British actress wrote to propose marriage to Bernard Shaw. She said she did not mind Bernard Shaw’s old age and ugliness because he was a genius. And if they could combine the beauty of the woman with the talents of the great man,that would be greatly harmonious. “With your wisdom and my appearance,our children must be perfect.”英国有位美貌风流的女演员,曾写信向肖伯纳求婚。她说,因为他是个天才,她不嫌肖伯纳年迈丑陋。假如能使女郎的美貌和超人的天才结合,那该是多么协调啊。“咱们的后代有你的智慧和我的美貌,那一定是十全十美了。”Bernard Shaw answered,in a letter,that her imagination was splendid,“But,what if the children take my appearance and your wisdom?”肖伯纳给她回了一封信说,她的想象很是美妙,“可是,假如生下的孩子外貌象我,而智慧又象你,那又该怎么办呢?” /201301/220971。

Distributing chewing gum to the passengers, the stewardess explained it was to keep their ears from popping. When the plane landed, one of the passengers rushed up to her and said, ;I#39;m meeting my wife right away. How do I get the gum out from my ears?;当空中给乘客们发口香糖的时候,她解释说口香糖有助于他们防止耳鸣。飞机着陆后,一位乘客跑到这位空中面前,说道:“ 我马上就要见到我妻子了。我怎么才能把口香糖从耳朵里面取出来呢?”。