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襄阳妇保医院治疗小儿中耳炎多少钱襄阳哪家医院治耳病比较好Matt Lauer: On close up this morning, new hope in the fight against AIDS as we reported, the new study has some scientists excited and others skeptical. Doctor David Ho was Time magazine's man of the year in 1996 for his work on the treatment that has slowed the disease in millions of patients. He's a scientific director for AIDS Treatment at Rockefeller University. Dr. Ho, good morning, nice to see you.Doctor David Ho: Good morning, man.Matt Lauer: You were not involved in this study, the lead researcher which had it at the University of North Carolina. 4 patients over 3 months were studied in layman's terms if you can. What did this study accomplish that other studies haven't accomplished?Doctor David Ho: Well, first, that's began about ten years ago when combination or cocktail therapy came along which allow us to control HIV quite well. The actively, the part of HIV that's active in the body could be controlled a thousand times. But there was always a little bit left hiding out in certain cells. And this group of researchers address that hidden pool, so called the reservior, and in this study they were able to lower that modestly in four individuals, so we have to be, it's a very interesting observation, but we have to be cautious in token(not sure) in those results.Matt Lauer: You said uh lower that modestly, I've in some places, I'd say it could be reduced by as much as 75 percent. And is that an overstatement?Doctor David Ho: Ah, any word from about 20 to close to 80 percent, so, but the measurement of this test is not so precise. So we have to consider that modestly.Matt Lauer: The way has been described to me again in layman's terms is that the, the sleeping cells are activated by this drug and then knocked down, is that true?Doctor David Ho: That's the theory, now it remains to be seen whether the decrease is in fact due to the active drug valproic acid.Matt Lauer: So, it, it, again, researchers and scientists in this field are loath to word, to use the word cure,(Sure)but does this present or represent a step in the direction of a possible cure?Doctor David Ho: Absolutely, I think, now, this study will trigger further investigation into whether valproic acid indeed would turn on the cells so that the drugs could get at the virus.Matt Lauer: If, if you can eliminate or lower the amount of cells by between 20 and 80 percent as you say, does that remaining 20 percent that remains in the body still represent the risk of the AIDS does not go away?Doctor David Ho: It still does, but this is step forward in the sense that we now have a strategy to lower this pool if indeed the study is proven correct later on.Matt Lauer: Can you just explain a little bit ,doctor, as why, why scientists are so cautious and so careful to raise any hopes when it comes to research like this?Doctor David Ho: Well, HIV-AIDS has been a devastating disease and the virus insinuates itself into the chromosome of the cells in the body of the infected person, so in theory it's extremely difficult to get rid of, and so scientists do not want to raise false hope, and the disease has been devastating, so, too, so many raising false hope will only add insult to entry.Matt Lauer: As I've mentioned four patients study there. How large the study do you need before we know more about this particular technique?Doctor David Ho: I think this study will trigger many studies and some of which will reach 50 or 100 patients to see if this observation could be confirmed.Matt Lauer: Keep our fingers crossed Dr. David Ho. Thanks for joining us this morning. 200707/15398襄阳中医男科医院看鼻中隔偏曲价格 Now past and present members of the Royal Ballet have gathered to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary. The party at the Royal Opera House in London brought together hundreds of dancers including Alina Cojocaru and Antoinette Sibley, the 1960s' soloist. Our art correspondent Nicholas Glass went along.The Royal Ballet has been thinking about this for a while now, 75 years old this year, so why not have a party, and invite everyone who has ever been with the company. At Covent Garden this afternoon more Princess Auroras , exiled Ordets and Sugar Plum Fairies (上面都是皇家芭蕾舞团表演剧目中的角色, 都加s是因为来了很多演员嘛,这么多年了,他们都演过这些角色)than any self-respecting balletomane could count. It's something about the posture, the way they place the feet, that tells you these are or were dancers.The company, we always say it's like a family, more so than actors, we have a real closeknit family cause we are together 24 hours a day.It's something I haven't met before. It's completely wonderful, I mean there're so many people that I haven't seen in, maybe even 30 years. And of course I keep meeting people who're saying they've just met someone / they haven't seen in 40 years.This was a bit like a school reunion, lots of hugs and kisses, and occasional so looking about trying to see if she could recognize anyone from her year.This way...Are there any more oldies like me, anywhere?Uhm, well, you'll find them if there are...Downstairs, the bust of the formidable Dame Ninette de Valois, reminds us all who started the whole thing off back in 1931, upstairs books to be signed decade by decade. Remembering exact dates could be difficult."Was remembering your dates, was a hard trip?""Oh, yeah, I know, I could, really, I'm, I'm caught. I saw somebody there, that I, I 'd love to see, Judy Lerop, Do you know Judy Lerop?"The photo helps havn't found her yet."No, no, I havn't found her yet , but a man put on no his looks like, the 50 years, is something it's let.Inevitably the one many names in the book for the 1930s, but Madam De Valois was vividly remembered."So you both remember Madam?"Oh, hoho, who will forget her?We wouldn't be here without her. I mean, you know, that / she was / our lives.Can you tell me what she was like. Is that possible?Yes.Oh, she will be called, in so many ways you call, she was fantastic, she was impossible, she was, made you laugh, she made you cry, she did everything, she was everything...She could, she could be very irritating, and she could do us something that you totally unexpect, totally unexpected....I mean very, very kind and compassionate(Yeah.), complete mix, that's why, that's why, this is all here. Yeah.Another departed company member who had to be remembered was Sir Frederick Ashton. He gave the Royal Ballet much of its early repertoire.I remember, I knew him. It was 1938, he was very young, tough, wanted his own way, lovely, and, a man with, that had great humor, wonderful humor.Was he?Oh, very,always a little slight remark would be getting in somewhere.The Royal Ballet laid on the pretty decent 75th birthday sp. It goes with green tea and later champagne. The cake was created by a former dancer, decorated with characters from Royal Ballets, the Red King from Checkmate , the Zebra from the Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, who was cut by the youngest member of the company, 18-year/ old dancer with one of those interesting ballet names Demelza Parish. Unlike the Ashton centenary last year when some people were offended not to be invited to the celebration, everybody was included this time, and a good time, it's had by all.Onto the weather now.200805/39347Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 11...and marked the growing pains of a young ocean. 16 million years ago, North America and Greenland finally split apart from Europe. As the continental plates separated, the North Atlantic was born. It's a process that's far from over, now 5000 kilometers wide, this ocean is still expanding at the speed our fingernails grow. This is happening all along the mid-Atlantic ridge. Occasionally, eruptions here are immense. Volcanoes rise up from the abyss. Iceland is just the tip of one such volcano. Its violent volcanic history is written all across the island. New eruptions happen all the time, adding new territory to this isolated European outpost. These are some of Europe's youngest rocks. The events here in Iceland reflect the violent processes that have helped build Europe over the last 500 million years. Despite their violence and unpredictability, volcanic foundations do have advantages. The Icelanders put all these hot rocks to good use. A borehole sunk deep into the ground taps into all this heat and uses it to power much of the island. And a byproduct of this natural central heating is this—the Blue Lagoon, the biggest hot tub in the world. As the North Atlantic grew, Europe's northwest coast was taking shape. But in the south, the continent was still missing some key ingredients. 16 million years ago, the Alps didn't exist and the Mediterranean coastline looked very different. One last great push was needed to mold the continent, and it came from a neighbor to the south—Africa. words and expressionsabyss: (n.) An unfathomable chasm; a yawning gulf. 深渊outpost: (n.) A detachment of troops stationed at a distance from a main force to guard against surprise attacks. 前哨派borehole: (n.) A hole that is drilled into the earth, as in exploratory well drilling or in building construction. 钻孔tub: (n.) An open, flat-bottomed vessel, usually round and typically wider than it is deep, used for washing, packing, or storing. 盆take shape: (v.) Also, shape up. Turn out, develop, acquire a distinctive form 成形, 形成200809/47652襄阳哪里治鼻息肉治的好

湖北医药学院附属医院看鼻子疾病大概多少钱费用Obama Wraps Up Foreign Tour in London奥巴马访问英国会晤英首相布朗  Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, held talks with British leaders in London on Saturday as he wound up a foreign tour that took him to Afghanistan, Iraq, other parts of the the Middle East and Europe. 美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马星期六在伦敦与英国领导人会谈。与此同时,他此次出访也接近尾声。奥巴马这次的行程遍及阿富汗、伊拉克、中东的其它地区以及欧洲几个国家。Barak Obama met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for nearly two hours at number 10 Downing Street and then stepped outside to talk to the press, about what he said had been a "terrific conversation."  奥巴马与英国首相布朗在伦敦唐宁街10号举行了将近两个小时的会谈。会晤后,两人走出来与媒体会面,奥巴马说,他们的会谈“好极了”。"The prime minister's emphasis, like mine, is how we can strengthen the trans-Atlantic relationship, solve problems that can't be solved by any single country individually, climate change, the issue of international terrorism, some of the issues surrounding financial markets," he said. 奥巴马说:“布朗首相要强调的问题,与我一样,就是如何加强大西洋两岸的关系,如何解决任何一个国家都无法单独解决的问题,例如气候变化、国际恐怖主义,以及金融市场的一些问题。”He also thanked Britain for its contribution in Afghanistan. 他感谢英国在阿富汗所作的贡献。"I know the troops here in Great Britain have borne a heavy price for wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan and I think the American people are grateful," said Obama. 他说:“我知道,英国军队在阿富汗和伊拉克都担负了沉重的担子,我想,美国人民对此心存感激。”The presidential hopeful is on the final part of the European leg of his world tour that has taken him to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Germany, France and now Britain. 伦敦是奥巴马欧洲之行的最后一站。他这次出访行程包括阿富汗、伊拉克、约旦、以色列、巴勒斯坦地区、德国、法国以及英国。The low-key tone of this stop was in sharp contrast to the visit in Berlin where the Illinois senator addressed a crowd of over 200,000 enthusiastic Germans. 他在伦敦的低调与对柏林的访问形成鲜明的对比。在德国,这位来自美国伊利诺伊州的联邦参议员向20多万热情的德国人发表了讲话。"People of the world, look at Berlin where a wall came down, a continent came together and history proved that there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one," said the Democratic presidential candidate. 他说:“全世界的人民,看看柏林吧,一座墙倒塌了,一个大陆统一起来了,历史明,当全世界团结一致时,再大的挑战也可以战胜。”The high profile nature of Obama's world tour has led some pundits to question the appropriateness of the candidate being given what amounts to a presidential welcome. After the huge turnout in Berlin on Thursday, Obama stood side by side with Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris in the kind of photo op normally reserved for a head of state. 奥巴马所到之处令人瞩目的程度令一些学者不禁对奥巴马得到的总统般的待遇是否合适提出质疑。继星期四柏林市民几乎倾城出动后,奥巴马在巴黎与法国总统萨尔科齐肩并肩站在一起拍照,而这种机会通常只留给一国的元首。Analysts put the low-key nature of the London visit down to the British government's desire not to show favoritism to either of the two U.S. presidential candidates. 分析人士认为,奥巴马在伦敦的低调是由于英国政府不愿意显示偏袒两位美国总统候选人中的任何一位。In London, Obama was asked whether his foreign tour might not hurt him politically back home where people are more concerned about domestic issues. He said he would not be surprised if his opinion poll ratings dropped somewhat since he's been out of the country. But, he said, the visit was an important one. 在伦敦,奥巴马被问到他的出访是否会影响在国内的形像,因为毕竟美国人更关注国内问题。奥巴马说,如果他在民调中的持率在他出访以来有所下降,他不会感到吃惊。但是他表示,这次出访非常重要。"I am convinced that many of the issues that we face at home are not going to be solved as effectively unless we have strong partners abroad and unless we get a handle on Iraq and Afghanistan not only are we going to be less safe, but it's also going to be a huge drain of resources," said Obama. 他说:“我坚信,如果我们在国外没有强大的夥伴,如果我们在伊拉克和阿富汗问题上找不到解决办法,我们国内的许多问题都不能有效解决,我们不仅会越来越不安全,还会失去巨大的资源。”On this final stop, Obama also had private talks with former British prime minister Tony Blair and had talks scheduled with David Cameron, leader of the opposition Conservative party. 在他此行的最后一站,奥巴马还和英国前首相布莱尔举行了私下会谈。他还计划与英国反对党保守党领袖卡梅伦会谈。200807/44902襄阳妇幼保健中医院治疗鼻窦炎价格 枣阳妇幼一二医院看小儿中耳炎哪家好

中航工业三六四医院看鼻子疾病大概多少钱费用We're in the after-show, we are talking today about how our young girls are in crisis. How we are raising a generation of daughters with no self-esteem. The Dove campaign for real beauty launched a global study found that only 2% of women around the world will describe themselves as beautiful. And that's what we are teaching our daughters; we are passing that message on to our daughters. Earlier in the show we were talking about your young daughter, er, who is 3 years old and obsessed with being beautiful.(Yes) And you wanted to say what?My question to Dr Roben is, Phlisha S talked about that Mirror that, to look at your inner beauty but as a mother, I, I have failed to show my daughter that Mirror. So, what can I do when she comes out and says:I hate myself. I don't look beautiful.Phlisha also said that the beauty has to start from within. So to give your daughter that message that she's beautiful, you're gonna have to first see that you are.I've got something to say.(Yes)I kinda disagree with you.(Okay,good,so tell me)that because my wife is very beauti, beautiful and she said that she felt like that when she was younger. So, I have a 6-year-old daughter that she finds beauty in everyone. So, I, you know, I think she's felt..you know,her beauty for years now. So, if anyone, it would've been our 6-year-old daughter that would've felt that way instedad of my 3-year-old daughter.I, I hear you except for I listen to what your wife said about herself.(But she, but she said)I'm wondering, I'm wondering did you hear what your wife said?No,I heard her say when she was young. She had it ... and because we've been talked about it and she said, you know...So, let me just, let me ask you. Do you think you are beautiful?Right now where I'm in my life,yes.And tell me what's beautiful about you?I'm at professionally in a place where I help people. I, I um, give back to my church. I'm helping my community.Those are tasks.(Well, and)I wanna know what in your core do you celebrate everyday that you wake up?I'm raising children, which is a difficult task and I think I'm instilling in my children to be responsible and loving and caring and we have a nurturing home and so those...You don't sound to me that you feel like you are beautiful. I, I heard your list. Em, I hear what you are saying that you're doing and accomplishing. I also watch your daughter who is hating herself.But you also didn't see my 6-year-old daughter that is beautiful and loves everyone else.So, so this you know what I love about this Oprah? This is great. Because what is happening is that we are getting into this, I'm gonna protect my ego and the reason I'm gonna address this is 'cause your child's life is on the line. Your child is in trouble. She is in danger. It is not happening outside of your home, it is happening in your home. It is not to blame you. But when I hear parents say, and this is now for everybody 'cause part of what I wanna talk about on the after show is, the question for all of us is how have we injured our children? Not have we, how have we injured them? It's not a question about if we have 'cause we have. So, to you, and this is not for you to answer right now, your response was I disagree with you. We have a happy home. It would be our 6-year-old. I, I got all that. What I'm saying is there's a 3-year-old who you're getting y to lose. And so we can either focus on what's happening and what has she picked up that's making her so focused. You know, magazines and how have we not protected her spirit and her mind. Where did we fall short and if you can't answer that and all you can do is tell me what a great job you've done. And it's not just you,this is,this is...Yeah, but you know this is a classic thing that happens in families where you know, my generation we call them the black sheep, and you're headed for having what we call a black sheep. You have a child at three year old who's saying to you is in strong tantrums and saying I hate you. Wait till that child turn 13 or 10 or,you know what I'm saying? But I'm just ..let me finish (OK),and so, the mistake that a lot of people make that I've seen from interviewing over the years is, is..they will say,but I did the same thing with my other children. And my other children are perfect. My other children don't have, this isn't an issue. My other children are wonderful. We did the same thing. Every child needs something different and you can't do the same kind of parenting. The same kind of parenting doesn't work for every..if you have 2 children, you can not parent them the same. Yes or no? That is true. So it means, it means, what, what you are doing in the house for that one child and you all know this if you come from more than one person in your family. Your parents do the same thing and they say well how come you acted this way, (right) and she acted that way. Isn't that true?It is. That's true and the other thing is what we all... (Everybody does that)Right.My, my point is exactly what you said. I mean maybe we are doing something wrong and that if we could change it, we are all for it. But I'm saying you know, it seemed like it would happen with the older kid..Well,what I'm saying is...let's get rid of the,let's get rid of the "maybe".Can you answer his question, why didn't it happen to the older kid? That's what he's saying.Well,this is,yeah,well I wanna really address that because you don't know what your older child's feeling. This is very very important. Kids who don't open their mouth about how they are feeling, who say they're feeling great, who do really well, who itself. It does not mean, particularly in girls, that they are not struggling with other ways of self-hatred that you don't think so.(Not at all) Just, I love that you are asking because you are really gonna help educate all of us. (OK!) That just because one child(Looks perfect)looks like they escaped. (yeah!) They didn't... 200809/48658 Bush Prepares for Visit to Hurricane Victims布什:将尽最大努力帮助飓风灾民  U.S. President George Bush says the federal government is doing all it can to help the victims of Hurricane Ike. Mr. Bush will get a first hand look at storm damage along the Gulf Coast on Tuesday. 美国总统布什表示,联邦政府正在尽最大努力帮助“艾克”飓风的灾民。布什星期二将亲自前往灾区考察墨西哥湾沿岸一带的损失程度。The president says the impact of the storm is being felt far beyond the states of Texas and Louisiana, where the hurricane first made landfall. 布什总统说,“艾克”飓风造成的影响远不止飓风首先登陆的德克萨斯和路易斯安纳两个州。He says across the country, Americans are paying more for gasoline - the result of storm-caused disruptions in the operations of refineries and pipelines along the Gulf Coast. He says both of the main pipelines are back in service, but until the refineries are back in business, there will be supply shortages and higher prices. 布什说,“艾克”飓风使得墨西哥湾沿岸炼油厂和输油管道运转中断,造成汽油涨价,全国各地民众加油的费用因此增加。他说,现在两条主要输油管道已经恢复正常工作,但是,在几家炼油厂恢复正常生产之前,汽油供应仍然紧张,油价还会上涨。"And so there is going to be a pinch. I wish that was not the case. But it is," he said. 布什说:“因此,会出现困难。我希望情况不是这样,但是情况就是这样。”The president, who came under severe criticism three years ago for slow government response to Hurricane Katrina, is getting regular updates on storm rescue and recovery efforts. 布什总统不断听取有关飓风救援和恢复工作的最新汇报。三年前因为布什政府对卡特里纳飓风反应迟缓而受到严厉指责。After his latest briefing at the White House from emergency officials, he promised the federal government will do all it can to assist the victims of Hurricane Ike. 布什在白宫听取紧急救援人员最新情况通报之后承诺,联邦政府将尽最大努力帮助“艾克”飓风灾民。"We obviously watch this recovery very carefully because the federal government is playing a crucial role in helping the people of the devastated areas recover," continued Mr. Bush. 布什说:“我们显然非常密切关注飓风过后的恢复工作,联邦政府在帮助灾区人民抗灾过程中正在发挥关键作用。”Mr. Bush says he is looking forward to getting a first-hand look at the situation in the affected areas. He says he knows in some quarters, patience is running thin. 布什总统表示,他期待着到灾区亲自考察灾情。他说,他知道某些地方的人们越来越不耐烦。"I am confident there will be people that are very frustrated because their lives have been severely affected by this storm," he said. 布什说:“我肯定有些人现在非常失望,因为他们的生活受到这场飓风的严重影响。”Casualties from the storm were far lower than anticipated, but the financial cost of the hurricane is expected to be high. Power is still out to many homes and businesses, and flood waters are just beginning to recede leaving behind massive damage and debris. 飓风造成的人员伤亡大大低于预期,不过,风灾造成的经济损失预计非常高。许多住家和店铺仍然断电,积水刚刚开始消退,留下的却是满目疮痍。200809/48903湖北省襄阳市第一人民医院治疗斜视眼睛哪家好襄樊哪家医院治五官快速



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