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Now that spring is here, the days are longer, the sun is shining and youre itching to get out of the house. But beaches are not open yet, so why not visit one of America 58 national parks? They have always been the perfect cheap getaway families and adventurers.春天到了,白天更长了,阳光照在身上,出游的念头在心中酝酿可是海滩还没有开放,所以为何不去国家公园逛逛?对许多家庭和探险者而言,58处国家公园一直都是物美价廉的好去处While people still camp, hike, and enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and the wilderness, they have to be more careful. A total of 1,5 people died in national parks from to ; 5 fatalities in , up from 9 in . The odds may be in your favor, but some places pose real danger.不过游客们在公园内宿营、远足、欣赏自然界令人震撼的美景时应该更加小心从年到年,在国家公园内丧生的游客总数为人而年因意外丧生的人数达到了5人,比年多了9人也许你吉人天相,但有些地方确实是凶险异常Whether you are hiking, camping or simply taking a walk in the park, you must have proper gear — which includes a flashlight, matches, candles, extra batteries, and food — and be y the unexpected.不管是远足、宿营或者在公园中散步,都要随身携带各种物品--包括手电筒,火柴,蜡烛,备用电池,还有食物--而且要做好面临各种突发状况的准备Poor judgement is usually what gets people in trouble. Check the weather ecast bee heading out; it may be scorching hot in some places, like the Grand Canyon, with temps easily climb over 1 degrees Fahrenheit.游客之所以会陷入麻烦,通常是因为对当地情况缺乏足够的判断出发前要听天气预报,有些地方可能骄阳似火,比如大峡谷公园,那的温度极易达到1℉(约3℃)以上Pack your backpacks accordingly, depending on the nature of your trip. You can never be over prepared, especially if you plan a visit to one of the national parks on the following list.游客应根据目的地来置备行李,尤其计划去游览下列名单中的某个国家公园时,进行再多的准备也不为过1.Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park1.阿卡迪亚国家公园:Precipice TrailThe trail is very popular on the East Coast but it also one of the most dangerous in Acadia National Park. It not technically difficult but the steep drops and open cliffs make the walk very tricky. Falls are a real concern. A college student died four years ago after slipping. It not a surprise that people under 5 feet and inches are not recommended to try the hike. Dont ever take your hands off the metal rungs.这条小路在美国东海岸非常有名,同时也是阿卡迪亚国家公园中最危险的景点之一这段路走起来并不困难,但陡峭的山势和开阔的悬崖令这段行程颇需技巧四年前一位大学生便不慎滑入深渊官方建议身高不足5英尺英寸(约合7厘米)的游客不要踏上这段小路这一点不令人感到惊讶千万不要把手从金属护链上挪开!.Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona.亚利桑那州大峡谷公园:Bright Angel TrailIt tempting to want to climb from the rim down the river along the Bright Angel Trail, but you have to consider your realistic ability to complete the hike. It ,380 feet in altitude and can get scorching hot. This combination can easily lead do severe dehydration and heat exhaustion, and there are about 50 rescue operations a year. One of the better known incidents there was the death of -year-old Avik Chakravarty. He climbed in the heat and couldnt handle it. A Preventative Search and Rescue team (PSAR) was created afterwards to help hikers with whatever they may need.沿Bright Angel Trail一路跨过科罗拉多河欣赏沿途美景令人心生向往,但出发前应问问自己是否有完成旅程的本事Bright Angel Trail的海拔为380英尺,沿途酷热难耐,极容易导致脱水和中暑,每年都有约50起的救援行动很多人都知道这样一起事故:岁的年轻人Avik Chakravarty因难以忍受途中的高温而不幸丧命随后一个名为预防搜救小队的组织成立了,专门向亟需帮助的游客伸出援手3.Vernal Fall, Yosemite National Park3.约塞米蒂国家公园:Vernal FallThree people died in after slipping from the top of Vernal Fall. The distance to the river, which is famous its very dangerous current, is more than 300 feet. That year alone, people died in Yosemite National Park, six by falling off waterfalls. According to the book “Off the Wall: Death at Yosemite,” the total death toll stands at almost 900.年,有三名游客因跌下该瀑布而丧生瀑布的垂直距离超过300英尺,以其湍急的水流闻名于世同样在年,有人丧生于约塞米蒂国家公园,其中6人因跌落瀑布而殒命据《越墙而下:约塞米蒂亡魂录一书所述,死亡人数几乎达到了900人之多.Huckleberry Mountain, Glacier National Park.冰川国家公园:Huckleberry MountainBeware of bears; they may be everywhere. Experts estimate that there is a bear within a mile radius of every campsite. Sometimes in the spring, several hiking trails are closed days due to the potential danger of encountering bears hunting food. Avoid standing around food sources like carcasses and berry bushes.小心,熊出没!据专家估计,每个宿营点方圆1公里内都生活着一头熊春季的某些时段,一些路段将封闭数天,以免游客遭遇正在觅食的熊在当地游览时要尽量避免靠近动物的尸体或是浆果丛这样的食物来源5.The Narrows, Zion National Park5.锡安国家公园:The NarrowsIt easy to hike the park slot canyons – when it not raining. If a sudden storm hits the area, dont waste time and find refuge somewhere high. Unexpected and abrupt flash flooding is common year-round. Hypothermia is also a major concern hikers. That what happened to an experienced hiker less than a year and a half ago.在这座公园窄窄的峡谷中行走容易得很--不过下雨时就不是这样了如果暴风雨袭来,千万不要浪费时间,直接寻找高地避雨肆虐的洪水来得总是出乎意料,而且一年到头都极为常见体温过低同样困扰着那些远足客而这些都是一名经验丰富的远足客在一年半前的亲身经历6.Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada and Arizona6.米德湖国家休闲区,内华达州和亚利桑那州Lake Mead, a manmade reservoir, is popular unlimited and unrestricted watersports. But with that comes a lot of danger. In 1998, a person died there once a week on average. Most of them perished from a lethal combination of what park rangers call ;recklessness and cluelessness.; The various causes of death are drownings, boating accidents, and drug overdoses. In , Lake Mead National Recreation Area ranked fourth on the list of the most dangerous national parks, according to a survey by a park ranger group.米德湖是一座人工蓄水池,因无限制无约束的水上运动而广受欢迎早在1998年,平均每周就有一名游客丧生公园的管理员称大多数人死于自己致命的“愚蠢和冲动”游客的死因包括溺水,船难和过度嗑药等年,在一项公园管理员参与的调查中,米德湖国家休闲区在大最危险的国家公园中位列第四7.The Maze, Canyonlands National Park7.峡谷地国家公园:The MazeGetting lost here is really easy. Always be sure to have a map, a charged phone, a GPS, and a compass. Anything you need to figure out which way to go is a good idea. The canyons are connected in a way that is truly a labyrinth. Youre likely to hit a dead end anywhere you turn. The problem is that even if you can get in touch with people to come and rescue you, they may take days to find you.在这里非常容易迷路,要确保随身携带着地图,充满电的手机,卫星定位装置和指南针,带上任何能指明方位的设备都是个好主意这些峡谷互相连结,形成了一个大迷宫随便拐进一个峡谷,也许就进入了死胡同问题是即使和救援人员取得了联系,他们想找到你也要花上几天的功夫 355

A Chinese woman who noticed two sizable lumps growing on her stomach was shocked to find out that they were her breasts.一名中国女性前不久发现自己的腹部长了两个肿块,但当她发现这一肿块居然是自己的“胸”时震惊了The middle-aged woman was hospitalised after noticing that, as her breasts shrunk, two similar-sized mounds were growing on her stomach.这位中年妇女在发现自己的胸部萎缩后,腹部居然长出了两个类似大小的肿块,随后她去医院进行了检查Doctors discovered that a toxic hydrogel previously injected in the woman breasts was slowly pooling in her abdomen, the Shanghaiist reported.据《上海人报道,医生发现该女子之前隆胸注入的有毒水凝胶已渐渐沉入腹部The woman told doctors that she had a substance called Amazing Gel injected into her chest years earlier as part of a breast augmentation surgery.该女子告诉医生,多年前她曾做过一次隆胸手术,胸部注入一种“注射凝胶”的物质Amazing Gel is a semi-permanent cosmetic filler - once popular in China - that has been linked to severe and long-lasting health complications over the past decade.注射凝胶是一种半永久性化妆品填料,曾在中国风靡一时,但在过去十年间,它被发现与一些严重及长期的健康并发症有关Studies have documented how, in other patients, injections of the gel have migrated to the stomach, the armpits and even the back.有研究记录表明,在其他病人身上,注射凝胶有迁移至腹部、腋窝甚至背部的案例Doctors made an incision in the stomach to remove the lumps, which drained out as a yellow gel. It is understood that the woman has made a full recovery.随后医生切开其腹部移出肿块,它以黄色凝胶的形式流出目前该女性已完全康复In doctors told the South China Morning Post that Amazing Gel could cause women to lose their breasts or even develop cancer.年就曾有医生向《南华早报透露,注射凝胶可能使女性失去胸部,甚至患上癌症We see the urgency to give a health warning to those who plan to have the injection across the border bee more patients return with the side effects, Dr Ho Chiu-ming said at the time.何秋名士当时说道:“我们认为,给准备跨境做注射凝胶手术的人一个健康警示迫在眉睫,以避免他们回国后产生副作用” 87

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