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Despite what happened and the horror and the loss除了那天的灾难 恐惧以及损失kind of amazing that Americans could rebound我很惊讶美国人能够重新振作and you know, they came back to New York,他们回到了纽约America came back to New York,不少美国人都回到了纽约and helped New York,并帮助纽约spent money in New York and visited New York.在纽约消费 游览We were able to do something so quickly,我们能够快速迅捷地so expeditiously in terms of getting back to order after the travesty of the World Trade Center when it came tumbling down.采取措施 来恢复世贸大厦倒塌后的正常秩序To have done that so quickly, it#39;s amazing.办事效率如此之高 令人惊讶不已You have the worst attack in the history of the country in the small little tip of the island在这个岛上的一小块地方遭受了史上最可怕的袭击and ten years later you go back and it#39;s filled with people.十年后你回到这里 发现依旧人山人海More people have moved there than ever in the history of that neighborhood.更多的人来到了这里 比附近地区历史最高人数还多Certainly it didn#39;t have that many families.很明显 那里原本没有那么多人Now the playground is right around the spot where the planes hit, are filled with kids.现在 一个操场就建在飞机失事的地方 很多孩子在那里玩耍And so there#39;s kind of this sense of like ;Yes, try it,fine, you can fly planes into our buildings,因此还有这种感觉 比如说;好啊 有种来啊 你能让飞机撞我们的大楼but, you know, we#39;re going to go back and build a new life for ourselves there.;但我们还会回来 在这里开始我们的新生活;America rebuilds and looks to the future.美国修复了伤口 继续展望未来400 years ago, adventurers crossed an ocean400年前 冒险家们远渡重洋and began an experiment that would become the ed States.并启动了一项后来成就了美国的伟大尝试They saved up every penny they had,他们省吃俭用so they could take treacherous ship ride to the ed States就为了能搭上危险的海船来到美国and then come to a country where there was nothing here.然后来到了一个一片荒芜的国家They had to make everything themselves,他们不得不白手起家build everything themselves.自食其力America was born out of adversity.美国诞生于逆境It#39;s like in our DNA.这一点好像就写在我们的基因里At the start of new millennium,在新千年伊始the American experiment is still under way.美国的尝试仍在进行中This is an unfinished country.这是一个尚未成熟的国家We#39;re not fully completed and settled and settled down.我们还没有完全完成使命并安定下来There#39;re still opening new space, new territory and we#39;re still incorporating new people仍有开放的新空间 新领域 我们仍然在不断吸纳新人who continually transform the very DNA of our society.他们会持续改变我们这个社会的基因The last decade of the 20th century20世纪的最后10年saw nearly 10 million new Americans welcomed into the country.近一千万的新美国人来到这个国家More than in any other decade of the country#39;s history.这个数字超过了美国历史上任何一个十年I think the unsung heroes, began with the first people with the courage to get on those very small wooden ships in 1607无名英雄不断涌现从1607年乘坐小木船来到这里的第一批勇敢的先辈们开始and have continued up to today.直到今天 仍是英雄辈出I always tell people, you just walk down the cab rank at National Airport我总是跟别人说 只要走到国家机场的出租车停靠站and list where people come from,记下人们都是来自哪里you realize that the spirit of immigration and the spirit of better future hasn#39;t disappeared at all.就会意识到移民精神和追求美好未来的精神根本没有消失 /201305/238068

What#39;s on your playlist?你的播放列表里有什么歌Uh, you know, definite, techno, the usual.你知道的 电子舞曲之类的Before Steve Jobs did the word play list exist?在史蒂夫·乔布斯之前有;播放列表;这个词吗When I was a radio DJ we used play lists.我当电台DJ那会儿我们就用播放列表All right ,never mind.好吧 不说这个了He did gave us an entirely new way to listen to music.他的确让我们以一种全新的方式来听音乐He didn#39;t invent the MP3 player.他并没有发明MP3播放器He just saw possibilities in it that others had overlooked.他只是发现了那些被别人忽视的可能性He made it simple, sturdy and sexy.他让它变得简洁 坚固和漂亮Look at this thing.看看这小家伙And he didn#39;t just change the way we listen to music他改变的不仅仅是我们听音乐的方式he changed the entire music business.而是整个音乐产业He changed...well everything.其实他改变了...一切Steve Jobs came of age in the heyday of rock n#39; roll史蒂夫·乔布斯经历过摇滚乐的全盛时期and he was a music junky.而且他自己也是个乐迷He was a fanatic about Bob Dylan and the Beatles.他是鲍勃·迪伦和披头士的粉丝And I think that love for music really shaped some of his interests as he returned to CEO of Apple and thought about he could revitalize the company.而且我认为他对音乐的那份热爱在他重回苹果CEO之位后影响了他复兴苹果的决策As Jobs#39; begins his second tour at Apple in the late #39;90s,当乔布斯于九十年代末回归苹果后he fuses his two lifelong passions music and computers to created a revolutionary new gadget.他将人生中的两大最爱 电脑与音乐融合到一起 创造了一个革命性的新产品This amazing little device holds 1,000 songs.这个神奇的小设备可以储存一千首歌It fits right in my pocket.刚好可以放进我的口袋In October of 2001, Apple launches the iPod,苹果于2001年10月推出iPodthe rock star of all music players.它立刻变成音乐播放器中的超级明星This thing was not just a music player.这不仅仅是个音乐播放器It was a sculpture.简直就是一件艺术品It was something that you wanted to touch it and interact with it.你会情不自禁地想触碰 想使用The latest fruit of the apple tree immediately becomes an object of lust.;苹果;树结出最新果实立刻变成人人向往的单品You didn#39;t know you wanted it until you saw it in your friends#39; hand你不知道你想要它 直到看见你朋友拿着它and all of a sudden you realize how great it was.然后突然间你意识到它真的很棒How exciting.令人兴奋It#39;s so convenient to have all of your music in your pocket.很便捷 可以把所有歌曲放到口袋里Just crazy.太神奇了It was great.太厉害了Like the coolest thing, I don#39;t Know,to hit my pocket in a while.可以说是我口袋里装的最酷的东西 /201305/240461

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