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哈密市脸部去痣价格乌鲁木齐市友谊医院祛眼袋多少钱新疆省激光点痣多少钱 “Three-miles” Seasoned Rice Vinegar“三公里”的丽江头醋Hundreds of vinegar jars were lining up in Zhang Sui#39;s backyard, a manifesto of his family#39;s devotion to vinegar making which lasts more than one hundred and fifty years. Among six generations, women instead of men were in charge of vinegar making. The name of the vinegar ;Three-mile; might seem confusing and irrelevant, but it embodied profound meanings.Above all, when Zhang Sui#39;s ancestors made the vinegar for the first time, they were told by the neighbors that the odor could be smelt beyond three miles. As a result, residents who were fascinated by the scent flocked to his ancestor#39;s house and enquired if they could take a bowl of vinegar home. In addition, virtually the name indicated Zhang Sui’s family’s long-lasting love for vinegar making which Zhang Sui#39;s mother, a lady of sixty years old, exemplified. “Those vinegar jars are part of my life. I cannot imagine a life without them. My mother#39;s mother can lift them up even when she was eighty years old.”She said with excitement. To the family, perhaps, making vinegar had aly become a way of life.“三公里”丽江头醋由玉米和大麦纯粮酿造的,但是“醋根”是张家的。当家的叫张岁,他家是制醋世家,男的行医,女的做醋,六代人150多年衣钵相传。张岁的母亲说舍不下那些酿醋的老坛子,它们釉厚胎薄,翻糟轻便,她说:“我婆婆的婆婆80多岁时还能搬动它们”。可见他们对酿醋的感情深厚。 /201505/375882乌鲁木齐天山区做鼻尖整形多少钱

新疆整形医学美容医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱阅读提示: 对照中文翻译在上,英文原文在下。我最反感的就是打折销售:眼见四个月前全价购买的衣,如今掉价掉得已所剩无几,内心哪有快乐可言?尤其是同样的衣买来后挂在衣柜里压根没穿过,全价标签仍完好无损时。但也不尽然,打折季唯一的福音是它宣示了新时装季的到来————因此,我唯一喜欢的购物场景就是打折货架与一排排光鲜亮丽、之前从未见到的装现货比肩而立。I hate sales shopping: there is no pleasure to be had in finding things reduced to a fraction of the full price I paid four months previously (especially when that same unworn item is still swinging its full-price ticket in my wardrobe). No, the only good thing about a sale is that it announces a new season — and the only ones I like, therefore, are those in which the sales racks sit alongside rails of shiny, previously unseen stock.说起从未见过的货物,真的是实至名归。如今店铺里上架的很多装既未在T型台上亮相,也未曾在时尚刊物上大肆报道。与T型台上亮相的时装相比,它们往往价廉物美、薄利多销,它们就是季前装————整个流行时装周期中的“珍珠”。When I say unseen, I mean exactly that. Many of the clothes in store now have neither graced a catwalk nor featured in much editorial. Slightly more commercial and often less expensive than their catwalk counterparts, these are the pre-collections: the pearls of the fashion cycle.季前系列每年通常推出两次:早秋季从现在(六月)一直持续到九月,届时正好与拥趸们耳熟能详的秋季装接上茬(秋装请参看今年2月的时装秀)。另一季前系列(也称作resort或cruise季,称呼容易让人晕菜)从每年11月开始推出,直至与春季装对接上。季前系列不同于主流时装秀:色调与剪裁风格更为朴素,装也不追求标新立异,设计风格更显含蓄。它们通常更为耐穿。因此,它们如今占到各大公司年销售额70-80%的份额也就不足为奇了,它们贡献了各个品牌销售额的十之八九。There are two “pre” collections; pre-fall will trickle in store from now until September, when the clothes will be joined by the more familiar autumn pieces (seen on catwalks in February). The other “pre” collection (confusingly known as resort, or cruise) goes into shops from November in advance of the spring collections. Pre-collections are a different beast from the main shows: the palette and cut are sober; the clothes are less distinctive; the styles more subtle. They are typically more wearable. No surprise, then, that they today account for 70-80 per cent of a house’s annual sales; the vast majority of a label’s turnover.鉴于这些季前系列贡献的真金白银,那么对于在主时装季上费心费力持怀疑态度也就情有可原了。这似乎是个怪异的讽刺:我们买的多数装与T型台上秀的时装风马牛不相及。那么时装秀真的就是鸡肋吗?Considering the financial might of these collections, one would be forgiven for wondering why we even bother with seasonal fashion shows. It seems a bizarre irony that most of the clothes we buy have nothing to do with what we see on the catwalk. So is the fashion show redundant?多数时装权威人士坚称:若要提升品牌知名度,唯有T型台一条路。从经济层面看,时装秀仍是买家出手前衡量各大品牌热度的最佳平台。在时尚专家看来,时装周仍是实现媒体关注度最大化的最好舞台;而从创意层面看,时装秀仍是体现设计师理念精髓的最佳场合。Most fashion insiders insist there is no other option. Financially, the show is still the best forum for buyers to gauge the heat of a design house before they make their orders. Editorially, a fashion week is still the best arena in which to maximise media attention. And, creatively, the show is still held as being the most pure distillation of a designer’s vision.因此,季前秀俨然就是时装界的“工兵”,它就好比突然出现在舞台剧中、主演家喻户晓角色的知名性格演员:兢兢业业、不受赏识,但作用巨大。Hence, the pre-collections exist to do fashion’s donkey work, just like those great character actors who crop up in dramas starring bigger household names: never out of work, barely recognised and terrifically good value.但此一时、彼一时也。Miu Miu如今在巴黎推出自己的resort季前系列,算是拉上了非正式“时装季”(越来越多的季前系列亮相于T型台)的帷幕。过去六周里,香奈儿(Chanel)、古驰(Gucci)、路易威登(Louis Vuitton)和迪奥(Dior)分别在韩国、纽约、美国加州棕榈泉(Palm Springs)以及法国戛纳举办了季前秀场,更绝的是:J#8226;W#8226;安德森(JW Anderson)在英国剑桥艺术馆、已故馆长吉姆#8226;伊德(Jim Ede)的故居Kettle’s Yard举办了季前秀。这些季前秀往往会同台举办多场其它品牌的发布会,更多关注是否成系列。与此同时,各种季前系列层出不穷地推出。曾几何时,它们的款式屈指可数,如今俨然已是“千军万马”之势————往往有成百上千种款式。过去一年中,时尚界的“丑小鸭”已蜕变成时尚宠儿,各种季前秀把时装秀档期安排得满满当当。But things are changing. Next Saturday, Miu Miu will present its resort collection, in Paris, drawing to a close an unofficial “season” in which pre-collections are increasingly being staged. In the past six weeks, Chanel has shown in Korea, Gucci in New York, Louis Vuitton in Palm Springs, Dior in Cannes and, rather wonderfully, JW Anderson in Kettle’s Yard, the Cambridge gallery and former home of the late curator Jim Ede. These have been accompanied by myriad other presentations to put more focus on the lines. At the same time, the collections are mushrooming. Where once they amounted to a few looks, they are now massive — often numbering hundreds of pieces. Over the past year, the fashion donkey has metamorphosed into show pony, and the fashion calendar become an endless carousel of shows.CEO们声称这些计划外的秀场专注于主流时装周外的品牌。我觉得爽呆的是推出的新款不胜枚举。但设计师们如何应对这种无休止轮番上演的季前秀?要知道,很多设计师如今每年至少得观六场季前装发布会。Chief executives claim these off-schedule shows focus attention on the label outside the noise of fashion week. And I think it’s terrific there are so many new things to buy. But what do the designers — many of whom are now looking at a minimum of six collections a year — make of this hamster-wheel rate of productivity?“这让人心力交瘁。”在自己门店举行季前秀的设计师罗兰#8226;穆雷(Roland Mouret)说。“太疯狂了。”来自奥斯卡#8226;德拉伦塔(Oscar De La Renta)的设计师彼得#8226;柯平(Peter Copping)补充道。“工作量超人。”维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆(Victoria Beckham)一边带我参观她伦敦芒特街(Mount Street)门店的季前装、一边对我说。维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆还推出了价格便宜点的二线品牌Victoria,她先费尽心思预选出约500件,然后逐步淘汰,直到选出自己最心仪的款式:“我们店面空间有限。”对于那些未上架的衣,她这样解释道。季前装通常两次交付,所以新货往往每三个月上架一次,这与繁华商业街的店铺并无二致。“It’s exhausting,” said Roland Mouret at his store presentation. “It’s crazy,” added Peter Copping, of Oscar de la Renta. “It’s a lot of work,” said Victoria Beckham as she walked me through her pre-collection at her London Mount Street store. Beckham, who also offers a broad diffusion line (Victoria, by Victoria Beckham) had wrestled with an estimated 500-piece edit before whittling it down to her favourite looks: “We ran out of space,” she said of the clothes she had kept back. The collection will be delivered in two lots, so new stock will arrive in store every two months, not unlike the high street.尽管如此,她竭力避免举办resort季前秀。但诸位注意她的这家门店,露天市场的印花图案在她的季前系列贯穿始终。季前系列甚至有望变成时尚宠儿的意味……As yet, she has avoided staging a resort show. But watch this space. Fairground prints were a recurring motif throughout her collection. It even had a hint of show pony#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; /201507/385276阿拉尔市做处女膜修复多少钱 Everywhere one ventures in cities, skyscrapers are being built or planned. Even Paris is getting one. The French capital last week backed plans for a 180-metre high triangular tower by Herzog amp; de Meuron of Switzerland, its first in four decades.无论你去世界各地哪座城市,都可以看到那里正在建造或规划天大楼。甚至连巴黎都将拥有一座天大楼。日前,巴黎当局40年来首次批准了一个高楼项目,建造一座由瑞士赫尔佐格-德梅隆建筑公司(Herzog amp; de Meuron)设计、高180米的三角形塔楼。There may never have been a better time to be an ambitious young architect. For an office skyscraper at the World Trade Center site in New York, James Murdoch, scion of the media dynasty, has just replaced a design by Britain’s venerable Lord Foster with a jazzier idea by Bjarke Ingels, the 40-year-old Danish architect.对于一名雄心勃勃的年轻建筑师来说,生在这个时代可谓正逢其时。对于将在纽约世贸中心遗址建造的一栋天办公楼,世界最大传媒帝国接班人詹姆斯#8226;默多克(James Murdoch)刚刚否决了英国建筑大师福斯特勋爵(Lord Foster)的设计,转而采用40岁的丹麦建筑师比亚克#8226;英厄尔斯(Bjarke Ingels)的前卫创意。There is plenty of work to go around for any global “starchitect” who can produce an iconic museum, office or residential tower from London to Chongqing. Mr Ingels is building a campus for Google with Thomas Heatherwick, the UK designer; Herzog amp; de Meuron are to remodel Chelsea’s football stadium; Rafael Vi#241;oly is finishing an apartment block at 432 Park Avenue that is New York’s second-tallest building.从伦敦到重庆,对任何能够设计标志性物馆、办公楼或住宅大厦的全球“明星建筑师”来说,都有大量业务可供争取。英厄尔斯正在与英国设计师托马斯#8226;赫斯维克(Thomas Heatherwick)一起为谷歌(Google)打造一个校园;赫尔佐格-德梅隆建筑公司将改造切尔西的足球场;尔#8226;维诺里(Rafael Vi#241;oly)即将完成纽约第二高楼——位于派克大街(Park Avenue) 432号的公寓大楼。Every first-tier global city, and many a second and third-tier one in Asia, wants to put itself on the map with an iconic tower, or several. This creates plenty of strange shapes on the skyline — a firm of architects in Melbourne has just unveiled plans for an undulating 68-storey apartment and hotel block inspired by the fabric-clad dancers in a Beyoncé .每个全球一线城市以及亚洲许多二、三线城市都想拥有一幢或几幢标志性大楼。这使得城市天际线出现了大量奇奇怪怪的轮廓——墨尔本的一家建筑设计公司刚刚公布了一栋68层波浪形公寓和酒店大楼的设计方案,其灵感来自碧昂斯(Beyoncé)视频中穿着紧身衣的舞者。Such expressions of architectural individuality have the paradoxical effect of making cities look more and more like each other. Once upon a time, Chicago and New York were skyscraper-villes, while European capitals such as Paris and London had muted streetscapes. Now, many are converging on what Rem Koolhaas, the avant-garde architect, dubbed “the generic city”.如此表现建筑个性产生了矛盾的效果:使城市看起来越来越千篇一律。曾几何时,芝加哥与纽约是天大楼的聚集地,而欧洲国家首都(如巴黎和伦敦)的街貌看起来更加平缓。如今,许多城市在迈向先锋派建筑师雷姆#8226;库哈斯(Rem Koolhaas)所称的“泛化城市”。This worries some designers. Moshe Safdie, the Israeli-American architect who has designed towers in cities including Chongqing, says some skyscrapers are “objectified, branded ego trips” that are more like giant sculptures than buildings forming parts of a public space. In Asia, “hundreds of towers are being built but you do not get a city from it, just individual pieces”.这让一些设计师感到担忧。在多个城市(包括重庆)设计过高楼的以色列裔美国建筑师萨夫迪(Moshe Safdie)说,一些天大楼是“物化的、追求个人虚荣的旅行”,它们更像是巨型雕塑,而非构成公共空间一部分的建筑物。在亚洲,“数以百计的天大楼正在建设中,但它们不会形成城市,而只是一栋一栋的高楼”。The advantage is that the best new towers are superior to what came before — an era of second-rate modernism in which skyscrapers were designed by the large, anonymous architecture firms that still build most offices and infrastructure. The centres of many cities are stuffed with buildings designed mainly to hold bank trading floors.如今的优势在于,最优秀的新天大楼胜过之前那个平庸现代主义时代的产物,那时的天大楼由不知名的大型建筑公司设计,这些公司仍在设计大多数办公楼和基础设施。许多城市的中心都挤满了主要设计用作交易部门的高楼。The City of London’s skyline is sprouting unusual shapes, from Lord Rogers’ “Cheesegrater” Leadenhall Building to Mr Vi#241;oly’s “Walkie Talkie” at 20 Fenchurch Street. But both beat the mundane blocks that dominate Canary Wharf and other financial hubs. The rapid expansion of global finance in the two decades up to 2008 created many boring monuments.伦敦金融城的天际线正在涌现不规则的形状,从罗杰斯勋爵的被称为“奶酪刨”(Cheesegrater)的Leadenhall大楼,到维诺里的位于芬丘奇街(Fenchurch Street) 20号的“对讲机”(Walkie Talkie)大楼。但这两栋天大楼使占据金丝雀码头和其他金融中心的普通高楼相形见绌。2008年之前,全球金融业20年的快速扩张造就了许多乏味的建筑物。One symbol of changing times is Two World Trade Center, Mr Ingels’ design for 21st Century Fox and News Corp’s headquarters. Lord Foster’s tower, topped by diamond-shaped panes, was designed with banks in mind. Mr Ingels’ replacement is a stack of cubes mirroring Tribeca’s streets while offering a smooth face to the memorial site.时代变化的一个标志是英厄尔斯为21世纪福克斯(21st Century Fox)和新闻集团(News Corp)总部设计的世贸中心二号大楼(Two World Trade Center)。福斯特勋爵菱形屋顶的顶部设计是为设计的。英厄尔斯的替代方案是一堆可以反射翠贝卡街区(Tribeca,纽约市曼哈顿下城的一个街区——译者注)的立方体,同时为纪念遗址留下平滑的一面。Media and technology companies — the city’s rising forces — are more imaginative clients than banks. They do not want a plain skyscraper but something smarter that they can show off. The pioneer of this trend in New York was Frank Gehry’s curvy IAC building, and Mr Ingels says such buildings “must accommodate diversity, so a single extruded form does not make the cut”.这座城市正在崛起的力量——传媒和科技公司——是比更富有想象力的客户。它们想要的不是一座普通的天大楼,而是一座可以炫耀的、更智慧的大楼。在纽约,这种趋势的先驱是弗兰克#8226;格里(Frank Gehry)设计的曲线形IAC大厦。英厄尔斯称,这样的建筑“必须包容多样性,因此单调的挤出形状是达不到要求的”。Another set of demanding clients are high-end property developers, who can secure higher prices if an apartment block has been stamped by a “starchitect”. Mr Gehry and Mr Vi#241;oly have designed such blocks in New York; while Herzog amp; de Meuron’s new Paris building, with its glass triangle echoing IM Pei’s Louvre pyramid, will hold office space and a hotel.另一群高要求客户是高端房地产开发商。如果一幢公寓楼被贴上“明星建筑师”的标签,就能确保较高的定价。格里和维诺里已经在纽约设计了这样的楼群;而赫尔佐格-德梅隆建筑公司为巴黎设计的新大厦将包括办公空间和一家酒店,其玻璃三角形设计呼应了贝聿铭(IM Pei)设计的卢浮宫玻璃金字塔。The proliferation of skyscrapers has its problems. One is that many are being built but only a small number by the most thoughtful architects. Many Asian and Middle Eastern cities are filling with what Mr Ingels calls “perfume bottle” designs — flamboyant towers intended to attract attention rather than to respond to the local setting.天大楼的大量出现也带来问题。其一是,许多天大楼都在建设,但其中只有少数出自最有思想的建筑师之手。亚洲和中东的许多城市都布满了英厄尔斯所称的“香水瓶”设计——夸张的外形旨在吸引注意力,而不是适应周边环境。Mr Koolhaas celebrated the notion of cities being “liberated from the captivity of identity”, but that looks better on paper than set in concrete. There used to be no difficulty in knowing whether you were in London or Paris, or which continent you were on, but many cities now resemble a mash-up between Hong Kong and Las Vegas.库哈斯赞同将城市“从身份桎梏中解放出来”的理念,但将这一理念付诸实践的效果不怎么好。过去,很容易就能知道你身处伦敦还是巴黎,或者哪个大洲,但现在许多城市都像是香港与的混合体。The second problem is the one identified by Mr Safdie: that towers are individual sculptures rather than buildings that form part of a streetscape. The best-loved urban constructions are often terraces and rows of houses not single buildings.第二个问题是萨夫迪所指出的:天大楼成了个别的雕塑品,而非构成街景一部分的建筑物。最受欢迎的城市建筑往往是排屋和成排的房子,而非独栋的大楼。This may be inevitable — attempts at central planning of cities in the 1960s and 1970s by razing streets and building towers mostly turned out to be a disaster. For better or worse, this is the era of individual patronage, of tenants commissioning their own fortresses.这可能是不可避免的——上世纪60和70年代实行城区中央规划、推倒街道建造高楼的尝试,最终成为一场灾难。无论是好是坏,当今是一个注重个性的时代,房客委托建造自己的堡垒。Yet the best architecture is often the quietest, taking what is there and knitting it into a public space — from the High Line park in New York to the restoration of King’s Cross station in London. You would not notice either from a distance, but they matter.不过,最好的建筑往往是最不显眼的——从纽约的高线公园(High Line Park)到整修一新的伦敦国王十字车站,它们都无缝融入公共空间。从远处,你不会注意到它们,但它们很重要。 /201507/385733新疆鼻头缩小多少钱

阿拉尔市脸上祛斑多少钱The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.教训:不要请微用户帮你P相片。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look more dangerous.;求P得更危险些。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like the son of a powerful politician!;求P的像某位政治权贵的儿子。Photoshop Request: ;Make me look like hot shit, please!;求P成暴帅的“热翔”。Photoshop Request: ;My friend behind me looks a little dull. Can you make him more dramatic?;背后的朋友看上去有点呆,大神能把表情P生动点吗?Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like a hero with courage!;求P成勇敢的英雄。Photoshop Request: ;This is me celebrating my graduation. Can you make it look more like a celebration?;这是我庆祝毕业的照片,求P得欢乐一点。Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”求P得没那么疲惫。Photoshop Request: ;Lose the clothes, more tattoos, and I want a knife. Make me look like the kind of person who would take all your money and your life.;求P掉衣,P多点纹身,再P把刀,P成有能力杀光抢光那种。Photoshop Request: ;I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?;求P成个英雄,顺带P条女。Photoshop Request: ;Dear artisans, please make this background more powerful.;各位大神们,求把背景换得强大点!Photoshop Request: ;That kid walked into the shot. I don#39;t want any kids in this photo.;有个小屁孩闯入我的相片,求P掉。 /201502/357985 乌鲁木齐哪家整容医院较好图木舒克市奥美定取出多少钱



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