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Dialogue 1Jingjing: Hey Mark, do you know next week well have a holiday?京晶:嗨,马克,你知道下周我们要放假吗?Mark: Another one? That cool if well have a day or two off.马克:又放假?不错呢如果我们能放一两天假Jingjing: Yeah, well have Monday and Tuesday off. Tuesday the actual holiday.京晶:是呀,下周一二休息,周二是正节日Mark: Hold on, Im looking it up on my phone. Youre right: it the Dragon Boat Festival May 30th.马克:稍等,我正查手机(日历)呢你说得对,那天是5月30日,端午节(龙舟节)Jingjing: Do you know why the holiday is celebrated?京晶:你知道为什么要庆祝这个节日吗?Mark: Yeah, so we can get out of the city a day or two and enjoy the great outdoors bee it gets to be too hot every day.马克:嗯,在天越来越热之前,我们能够有一两天的时间离开城市,去享受美好的户外吧Jingjing: Hey, are you looking that up on your phone too? Im trying to give you the scoop on Chinese culture.京晶:这也是你在手机上查到的吗?我这是在带你了解中国文化呢Mark: I found something about Qū Yuán. Isnt that the poet who killed himself more than 00 years ago?马克:我找到了一些关于屈原的东西这不是那个两千多年前自杀的诗人吗?Jingjing: What do you need friends when youve got Wikipedia? But yeah, it was during the warring states period, around 300 b.c. Do you know why he killed himself?京晶:你都有维基百科了还需要朋友干嘛但确实,事情发生在在公园前三百年的战国时期你知道他为什么要自杀吗?Mark: Is there ever a good reason? Well, it says here he drowned himself in a river because he was depressed about having been exiled. But bee that, he had written a bunch of folk tales and poems.马克:这还需要理由吗?这里说他是溺水而亡因为对流放的命运感到绝望但在那之前,他创作了不少民歌和诗句Jingjing: Where does the tradition of dragon boats come from then? Any ideas about that one?京晶:那赛龙舟的习俗又从何而来呢?知道吗?Mark: Some people wanted to rescue Qū Yuán. So, it a tradition, now, to go out on the river in dragon-shaped boats.马克:有些人要去把他救起来,所以,这就成了一个传统如今,人们就在水上划着龙形的小舟Jingjing: Are you going to try to find a dragon boat next weekend?京晶:下周末你会想办法找一条龙舟吗?Mark: Maybe Ill rent a kayak at Beidaihe—and, if not there, then just Houhai.马克:也许我会去北戴河租一艘皮划艇吧如果不去那儿的话,就在北京的后海吧New words: 习语短语get out of the city走出城市透透气(go on a trip pleasure and relaxation, to a quiet town or scenic spot) Ive got to get out of the city a while, or else Ill be depressed.the great outdoors户外,自然景点(a natural scenic spot) Spring is a good chance to see the great outdoors.give you the scoop on给某人有用的信息(give you useful inmation about something, what most people should know) Let me give you the scoop on my new colleagues bee you meet them.exiled 流放(punished by not being allowed to enter a citycountry, usually one own citycountry)kayak 皮划艇 (a long, narrow boat, with a seat one or two people in the middle, usually propelled by a double-bladed paddle)Dialogue Jingjing sees Mark one more time bee the holiday.假期前,京晶和马克又见面了Mark: This year feels like it flying by. I remember the Dragon Boat Festival being closer to summer every year.马克:这一年感觉时光飞逝如电啊我还记得端午节每年不是靠近夏天的时候到来吗?Jingjing: It been in June the previous several years.京晶:之前都是在六月份Mark: Is that because of the lunar calendar?马克:是农历吗?Jingjing: Yep. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.京晶:是的端午节是在每年的农历五月初五Mark: Yeah, in America, some cities have a festival. But I dont think they set the dates the same way.马克:是呢,在美国,有的城市也过这个节,但我不认为他们这样的方式来安排节日Jingjing: Really? Does your home town have one?京晶:真的吗?你的家乡也有一个这样的节吗?Mark: Yeah, itll be on September 9th and th this year. My dad used to do a dragon boat race, competing with his company against other companies that sponsored boats.马克:是的今年是在9月9日与9月日我父亲过去还参加划龙舟比赛呢,和他的公司一起与龙舟赞助方公司之间进行比赛Jingjing: That must have been quite a sight.京晶:那一定相当夺眼球哦!Mark: Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Hed train it with his co-workers, and then came the big day of the race every year.马克:嗯,很棒的他还要和同事一起训练,然后参加每年的这个大日子大活动Jingjing: Did his company win?京晶:那他的公司赢了吗?Mark: What do you think? He worked as a computer systems engineer in a company that did medical databases large hospitals. Portland is also home to Nike.马克:你觉得呢?他是公司里的一个电脑系统工程师,他们公司是为大医院做医疗数据库的我们波特兰也是耐克的总部哦Jingjing: Um, well, Im glad he got involved in that. It cool to hear how Chinese traditions are being adopted around the world.京晶:还是很开心知道他参与了这样的活动,听说中国的传统被全世界采纳还挺酷的Mark: Yeah, Im looking ward to going boating this weekend. Ill be thinking about tradition while I bask in the sun.马克:是啊,我很期待这周末去划船,我沐浴在阳光下的时候会记得这个传统的Jingjing: That cool. I got you something. It a stuffed dragon that you can put on the head of your boat.京晶:酷!我给你带了个东西,是一个龙玩具,你可以挂在你的船头Mark: Wow, it super cute! Thanks, Jingjing!马克:哇,太萌啦!谢谢京晶New words: 习语短语flying by 时间飞逝(time passing by quickly) This weekend is flying by so quickly that I havent caught up on work yet.lunar calendar农历(a calendar based on the phases of the moon)quite a sight 特别夺眼球的景象(something that looks impressive, especially a public spectacle or a piece of architecture) When the glass bridge was opened to the public, it was quite a sight.home to总部,大本营 (the place where something originates or is headquartered)New York is home to the Yankees baseball team and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.bask in the sun 阳光浴(sunbathe, or enjoy a day out in sunny weather) 58英国每日邮报:老板是否应该鼓励员工在工作间隙拿起手机刷个朋友圈或者玩个游戏呢?有研究人员称,这样能让员工在工作中更高效.The Daily Mail: Should your boss give you a SMARTPHONE break? Scientists claim employees are more productive if they have time to text and play Angry Birds.Next time your boss moans about how much you use your phone during the day, tell them it making you a better employee.Research has found that people who take smartphone microbreaks at various times throughout the day are happier and more productive.Breaks of just one or two minutes, playing Angry Birds or using Facebook, can also help employees recover from stressful situations. 599  Do Actions Speak Louder than Words?  Our society is fast paced. We are all rushing from one place to the next. Honking our horn at slow drivers... people who may be singing songs in the car with their children or pointing out some interesting sights. We dont have time that silliness today. But we try to convince ourselves that we will make time ;fun; tomorrow. Our children say, ;Mommy watch me!; over and over again just to get our attention. It is time to take a few deep breaths and think about actions and our words. Do they display the attitude that we want to convey?  Have you ever really thought about the phrase -- ;Actions speak louder than words;? Think about it now. I have and dont agree with it 0%. If you say one thing and act in an opposite way, ill the words be ignored and just the actions remembered? I dont think so. It is important to have your words match your actions. It is also equally important to use words to show appreciation, love, approval and happiness and then follow those words with a hug, pat on the back or smile. There is the impact. The action reinces the words.  The pen is mightier than the sword. What about that phrase... true? Yes! Words carry a lot of weight and will be remembered years to come especially when they are written down. The words are permanent. Mean words can hurt that moment and a lifetime. I am sure that each of us remembers a time when a sibling, a teacher, or a friend made an unkind comment. Those words did lasting damage to you, the relationship or both. Let not be a member of that club. When was the last time that you hid a ;love; note in a lunch box or in your spouse coat pocket? If you want to see a bright smile, that will do it! The power of this written note will be savored many days... even years.  Do what I say, not what I do. How effective is that? NOT!! We are role models in everything. It is really hard a child to believe that it not OK to do something that you do. Take smoking. Most children who smoke at a young age know a parent or close friend who smokes. Isnt it strange that a parent who swears a lot usually has a child who swears a lot too? ;I dont know who taught her those words?; Parents are powerful beings and it is important to value that power and pass on positive role modeling through action and words.  I can live two months on a good compliment -- Mark Twain. Children thrive when they feel appreciated and understood. Dont be afraid to shower your child with encouraging words all day long. A perfect way to turn a bad day around is to compliment your child. ;I noticed that your hair looked very nice today.; ;Did you hang your coat up all by yourself?; It is amazing how those few words can change a child outlook... almost immediately. Dont stop there... give your spouse words of appreciation too. While you are sping words of joy, call your parents, a sibling, and a friend? One of my siblings ended a phone conversation with 3 words -- ;I love you;! Boy, did that put a spring in your step? Mark Twain is right, it has been a month and I still feel the positive effect of those 3 little, but very powerful words. 187

Keep the change零钱不用找了One sweltering day, I was scooping ice cream into cones and told my four children they could ;buy; a cone from me a hug. Almost immediately, the kids lined up to make their purchases. The three youngest each gave me a quick hug grabbed their cones and raced back outside. But when my teen-age son at the end of the line finally got his turn to buy his ice cream, he gave me two hugs. Keep the changes, he said with a smile.有一天,天气酷热难当,我一边把冰激凌盛进锥筒,一边告诉我的四个小孩,他们可以从我这里用一个拥抱“购买”一个圆筒于是孩子们马上排起了队来购买较小的三个孩子每人很快地抱了我一下,抓过冰激凌圆筒就又跑到外面去了最后,轮到排在最后的十来岁的大儿子来“买”冰激凌了,他拥抱了我两下“零钱不用找了”他笑着说 9

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